Dallas Mavericks vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season
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    LBJ: Dallas is a trash team🤣🤣🤣

  • Eddy Loki
    Eddy Loki

    How comes gobert was defending finney smith?

  • Erik

    Last 25 Games Luka has been 43% from 3...

  • Amir Kovac
    Amir Kovac

    Luka is fucking BEAST💪💪💪

  • Dewa Game
    Dewa Game


  • Youtube Compte
    Youtube Compte

    4:00 wow 😮

  • Youtube Compte
    Youtube Compte

    Doncic johnson

  • a a
    a a

    MLG is speeding up the play rate. Matches looks like Charlie Chaplin movie. Pls dont do it!!!

  • ytu kontrol ve otomasyon bekle beni
    ytu kontrol ve otomasyon bekle beni

    melli üzümlü kekim

  • Jonah Zephir
    Jonah Zephir

    So nobody noticed the heave Conley threw up that splashed 😳 3:57

  • Jeffrey Mensah
    Jeffrey Mensah

    The f**k is wrong with Luka mehn,is he a 2k career player or something

  • Hisoka Morrow
    Hisoka Morrow

    Luka should be in the MVP convo. He elevates everyone on the floor. He's already a superstar and brings more excitement to the NBA internationally.

  • Cosas que van juntas
    Cosas que van juntas

    This year, being 8th or 7th in the WC, is going to be better than being 4th, 5th or 6th. Lakers will be a pseudo 5th, 6th, and Mavs will be a pseudo 7th, 6th. Dangerous...

  • Andy

    I hate Luka

  • Yvzcn Club
    Yvzcn Club

    Utaha da boyle koyarlar

  • Nikola Krstic
    Nikola Krstic

    Nobody wants to see Dallas or Denver in the palyoffs lol they all scared

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


  • Victor Sales
    Victor Sales

    Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how perfect was Dorian Finney-Smith game last night defensively and offensively? And the team effort left the Jazz with no answers to stop them.


    I dnt know but i see some conflict on bronzon and Luka? every game

  • Massiah San
    Massiah San

    I think the play in is stupid, it should really only be played between the 8th seed along with 9th and 10th! Dallas could stay at 7 and say they have a big lead over 8th at the end of the season, that means Dallas would have to play the 8th seed to see who gets 7? Seems unfair tbh cause if 7th has a big margin in games over the 8th there’s a possibility of the 7th seed dropping to the 8th in a winner take all game and then have to play the play in with the winner of 9 and 10?! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Dallas could move up to 6th and higher but there’s a good chance they don’t and stay at 7.

    • Tripystix

      I completely agree with you it doesnt make it fair.. i have no clue as to why 7th seed needs to play in.There could be a 10 game win difference between 7th and 10th at the end of regular season. + what happens if 6th and 7th seed are tied ? They gonna play in to play in to get to playoffs ? 😄

  • Gozilla

    Dallas is the best defensive team in the league right now over the last 15 games (OPP FG%, OPP PTS) !!

  • michael hinds
    michael hinds

    Great win

  • Dimitris Prog
    Dimitris Prog

    For those who put excuses for the Jazz loss , Dallas played without Porzingis .

    • jebestakonesto

      looks more like that is an advantage, at this point, at least...

    • Amazing-Grace Olutomilayo
      Amazing-Grace Olutomilayo

      And Maxi and Melli with 0 points

  • F. M.
    F. M.

    Jazz are overrated. It's not like they were totally off last night, they just didn't have any answers to this Mavs team without KP. Shocking to see that the #1 team gets schooled by a 23 year old kid lmao. Also, the East is a joke.

    • Ah Fei
      Ah Fei

      @F. M. Mavs can be a unpredictable (who knows how they would have played if KP was in tonight?) but they're definitely a playoffs team, and the West is actually very competitive. Mavs are able to beat any team in the top tier, that doesn't mean Utah is overrated. Actually a lot of people don't rate them, but their record still says otherwise.

    • kafka talmud
      kafka talmud

      @PG trojka No, he just turned 22 at Feb

    • Domen Koračin
      Domen Koračin

      @PG trojka he is 23 lol

    • F. M.
      F. M.

      @Ah Fei seeing that the 7th seed in the West would probably be #2 in the East just reminded me again of how weak the East is.

    • PG trojka
      PG trojka

      Actually Luka is 21.

  • pgeo999

    Dallas is the team that was hit the hardest by covid in the entire league. After they got their sh@t together they look damn good. Luka shooting the 3ball like he does recently is a different animal.

    • Norjihad S.
      Norjihad S.

      I think miami was the most affected but the mavs are on a roll

  • Burak Kaya
    Burak Kaya

    Shaq was right about Spider Mitchell. Not a superstar

  • Giovanni Stignani
    Giovanni Stignani

    Bold opinion: if these two teams meet in the playoffs, the Mavs will either sweep the Jazz or win 4-1. They have floor spacing bigs who bring Gobert to the perimeter, freeing up the paint. Snyder put Gobert on Finney-Smith tonight and he had 23 points.

  • This world is ours
    This world is ours

    For the Jazz...Its just happens 😅

  • Martin Pytlík
    Martin Pytlík

    No Kristaps no problem

  • Doggo

    tough lose for jazz

  • Love is My way
    Love is My way

    Diffence 0 😱 P Utah sorry 😞

  • T. Gattusdo
    T. Gattusdo

    MVP 2021

  • Kk 23
    Kk 23

    Luka magic🔥

  • Thomas Sokolis
    Thomas Sokolis

    it shouldn't be called NBA anymore it should be called 3pt contest

    • King Shango Sound
      King Shango Sound

      go watch ufc

    • Tripystix

      So.. it takes more skill to hit a 3pt and stepbacks look better than dunking in my opinion. Im glad we are over the big's era.

    • Leo B
      Leo B

      You're salty because you can't shoot

  • Jose Paolo Liwag
    Jose Paolo Liwag

    Luka already in playoff mode

  • Fredilly

    who can stop Dallas? Seriously

  • Ghost Flossy
    Ghost Flossy

    Jazz only lost cuz they were just cold that night , Doncic the real deal

  • Tsvetan Bliznakov
    Tsvetan Bliznakov

    WCF with Jazz/Nuggets or Maverics vs Lakers/Clippers mark my words Dallas Denver or Utah will knock out Lakers or Clippers. All of those teams can beat the Clippers or injured/compromised Lakers and Suns/Blazers can pull out a shocker as well. This is forming to be one of the most interesting playoffs for a long time now and I believe Nets will see alot of competition on their road to the Finals and if someone disrupts them mentally and chemistry wise might even upset them and send them Home with a team that will break up faster than they formed.

  • anonymous

    where's the defense from both teams? wtf

    • Norjihad S.
      Norjihad S.

      This is only a highlight ...if you wattched the actual game you would see that they both played decent defense that cannot be seen on stats most of the time

  • Noplay

    Porziņģis out again?

  • Nikola Doncic
    Nikola Doncic

    Trade Porzingis please, with his contract Mavs could acquire some valuable piece for championship team.

    • Nikola Doncic
      Nikola Doncic

      @Marchel Sugi not much spacing when he's injured 60% of time, Mavs could use less money to hire Gallo or Bojan, I like them better and they are more reliable.

    • Marchel Sugi
      Marchel Sugi

      and leave Mavs with no defender and floor spacer big?

  • AnnoYouLater

    Suns and Clippers dont wanna see this MAVS team in the 1st round

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    How are Mavs beating these teams.. Doncic must have several herniated disks.

  • brillyanse

    Was Shaq right about Donovan Mitchell??🤔🤔🤔

    • Bondinho

      Absolutely, he is not a superstar, just a very good player on a very good team... nobody would talk about him if he played in houston

  • Ghedneil Dagalea
    Ghedneil Dagalea

    Underrated match-up: Clarkson vs Brunson

  • Andrey Obukhov
    Andrey Obukhov

    Luka for MVP

  • Andrey Obukhov
    Andrey Obukhov

    Jazz just showed they are regural season team. 2nd round is their max. Period. Dallas letsgooooooioi

    • Gashosh

      From one game you get all that? Any team can have an off shooting night.

  • Andrey Obukhov
    Andrey Obukhov

    Ez W for Dallas, destroyed the best record in the league without KP. LMAO

    • Andrey Obukhov
      Andrey Obukhov

      @elthon ngandji my bad, marked

    • elthon ngandji
      elthon ngandji

      hardaway jr played wdym

  • stupendousA

    If I was the Jazz I'd run the pick n roll with Rudy all the time until the game settles then start attempting 3 pointers.

  • mr lotto
    mr lotto

    "Luka got voted by the whole continent, that's why he was the allstar starter" - stupid people

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro


  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    Burger 👑

  • Hello

    Suns fans are glad

    • Andrey Obukhov
      Andrey Obukhov

      They are going for Dallas now in PO, so they are not LMAO

  • Guy Hanoi
    Guy Hanoi

    Where is KP? Broken again?

  • Anpan Man
    Anpan Man

    Like I dont wish it on the man but if Luka were to get injured the mavs would just fall apart come playoff time u gotta have an all around roster the jazz look like solid contenders but it's still gonna be a hard western conference playoffs

  • AllWin BTC
    AllWin BTC

    Trade Conley and JC must be in the first five

    • Jim Lahey
      Jim Lahey

      @Sci-fi Knight he meant jc should be starting but ya he chattin, they shouldn’t do anything but what they’re doing now

    • Sci-fi Knight
      Sci-fi Knight

      @Jim Lahey this dude is chattin, dude said trade JC and Conley

    • Jim Lahey
      Jim Lahey

      conley was splashing 3s? bad defense?

  • dzony nawiedzony
    dzony nawiedzony

    Doncic mvp

  • Joy Abole
    Joy Abole

    Luka > top 3 mvp candidate Mvp joke

  • ele fana
    ele fana

    Jazz really struggling in scoring 3pt, when mavs is on fire, their defense improve a lot..

  • marjan mitkovski
    marjan mitkovski

    i hope MAVS vs Clippers in first round.

    • dmking26

      @Norjihad S. We talking about the same Chris Paul who’s only gone beyond the second once in his career & that was with Harden doing the heavy lifting? If that’s your “point god” then I’ve got some bad news.

    • Ah Fei
      Ah Fei

      @Norjihad S. Yeah you're probably rightv although they had close games with the Suns, they seem struggle against them and the Suns usually find a way to win; and healthy Lakers would be the most difficult for them

    • Norjihad S.
      Norjihad S.

      @Ah Fei hard to face point god chris paul in a playoffs series...he is clutch

    • Ah Fei
      Ah Fei

      That's their best chance. Suns could be OK too but they seem hard to play for Mavs

  • adingdingdiiing

    Other the Doncic, Cuban has to make sure that Brunson gets paid! Super steady and effective player.

    • Berry Mckockiner
      Berry Mckockiner

      @adingdingdiiing oh perfect

    • adingdingdiiing

      @Berry Mckockiner they already did. 4 year $35mil. I'm actually glad they offered him something long-term. We need that dude. He's become a great shooter too.

    • Berry Mckockiner
      Berry Mckockiner

      Also Maxi needs to be paid.

    • carlos christopher
      carlos christopher

      @ele fana Luka is a PG / SG / SF hybrid, what a player he is

    • ele fana
      ele fana

      Yes brunson improve a lot, luca is complete player more than traditional PG so they can complete each other

  • Vinicius França
    Vinicius França

    Fire JJ Redick, we're better off without that snake

    • Vinicius França
      Vinicius França

      @Ni Ño You're delusional. He hates Texas and hates being in Dallas. I don't think you're well informed...

    • Ni Ño
      Ni Ño

      🤣🤣🤣 Pelicans fan

  • Fist Full Of Java
    Fist Full Of Java

    Dallas just ended the win streak of team #1. Not on a back to back situation either. No excuses and no KP tonight. Utah just got outplayed.

    • Norjihad S.
      Norjihad S.

      @L.M so as the mavs in the last minutes

    • L.M

      @DreamyWolf Defense was good but the Jazz missed alot of open 3s at crucial times in the game

    • DreamyWolf

      @L.M Against a suffocating defense.

    • L.M

      They just missed their 3s

  • 허걱

    Doncic could make it to MVP If KP plays full season

  • Joseph Velasco
    Joseph Velasco

    This Mavs team is dangerous.

  • Bingo Bingo
    Bingo Bingo

    LUUUUUUKKKKKKAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angelo Coloma
    Angelo Coloma


  • Ложная Девятка
    Ложная Девятка

    🇫🇷 < Porz

  • Chris Lim
    Chris Lim

    Chill..it doesn't take one game to win the finals bruh. 😒

  • Bronze One
    Bronze One

    Jazz peaked to early... They should just worry about having legs come playoff time.

  • Felipe Berlinck
    Felipe Berlinck

    Mavs 47% 3 PT Jazz 27% that's the game summary right there

    • Goh yi qi
      Goh yi qi

      That’s basically the game summary for every game. You are basically saying Mavericks win cause they score more baskets 🧐

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      @F. M. Yes, I think Melli is a great addition. The iq and hustle from him is great on defense

    • F. M.
      F. M.

      @Felipe Berlinck you don't seem to understand much about Basketball since all you do is compare two percentages. While it's true that the Jazz scored below average from 3 (eventhough it wasn't as bad as you may think, they had 12 or 13 threes while averaging 17, so it wasn't totally off), they scored above average in the paint. The jazz had less turnovers, more rebounds and more free throws (shot at a higher percentage than the Mavs). Saying that the 3point percentage is the reason they lost just shows that Jazz fans are worried. We all know they over performed the entire season so far and their record doesn't really reflect how dangerous they really are. They lost today because the Mavs (without KP) did the same thing they did in the last 4 games and it was clear that the Jazz can't put up with this. Overrated and probably leaving in second round....

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      True, defense was a joke. Mavs played great defense, even Doncic

    • Jn Mc
      Jn Mc

      That could be related to defensive effort too.

  • Angelo Bautista
    Angelo Bautista

    utah collapses their defense.

  • Felipe Berlinck
    Felipe Berlinck

    The jazz just couldn't hit anything tonight except for Conley. They played ok defense but kudos to the mavs, gg

    • F. M.
      F. M.

      That's not true. They lost because the Mavs outplayed them in every aspect. It wasn't just about not hitting threes. Jazz should be slightly worried....

    • Joseph Velasco
      Joseph Velasco

      Credit that to good defense, not a bad night. Utah will come out smoking next game...then lose again.

    • Bronze One
      Bronze One

      No legs when you're the one seed... They shouldn't worry about loses. Just getting their legs back for the playoffs.

  • EihcChiE92


  • Dusaetoire !
    Dusaetoire !

    All this without Porzingod! Wow

    • Harris 05
      Harris 05


    • Gerrard Israel Laraga
      Gerrard Israel Laraga

      More like Porinjuries

    • jebestakonesto


  • PhD in Paradise
    PhD in Paradise

    When i saw a 51 quote to win championship on dallas yesterday i put money to work. I think they are far better than 51.

  • Ball Don't Lie
    Ball Don't Lie

    El Niño Maravilla

  • Mark John Calamba
    Mark John Calamba

    who ever match with Mavs in the playoffs cant take it for granted to win. Luka might make miracleShow

  • Alexander Pomeroy
    Alexander Pomeroy

    That is a good basketball games

  • Guy Bartlett
    Guy Bartlett


  • Verigan Gaming
    Verigan Gaming

    Luka has to be top 3 in MVP rankings after this game

    • Dylan Jones
      Dylan Jones

      Curry should defo be in MVP convo without him the warriors would be worst team in the NBA. He has no real support but he is bombing

    • dmking26

      @Hugy the Gamer Easy to look good when you’re playing on an all star team. Rockets were 2-6 with him in the lineup. Tells you all you need to know about this front running bum.

    • Oscar Owens
      Oscar Owens

      @dmking26 idk if thats a joke, when kyrie or KD are on the floor with him harden literally leads the league in ast per game, when they arent hes able to carry the team scoring wise that seems pretty impressive to me

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      Giannis too

    • Hugy the Gamer
      Hugy the Gamer

      @dmking26 go watch horse race fam have you seen hardens game man is good and makes everyone good

  • Pirnipoles Blog
    Pirnipoles Blog

    Utah perdeu mas que maravilha! KKKKKKKKKKK

  • Tamimy Sampani
    Tamimy Sampani

    Luka has been utilizing the fadeaways and also Melli was a good addition

    • Black Dynamite
      Black Dynamite

      Melli has done nothing tho

  • Korgoth Of Barbaria
    Korgoth Of Barbaria

    Excellent team effort from Dallas. They fight for every possession and played solid defence. I had fealing like I'm watching playoff game. Luka composed and deadly.

  • adingdingdiiing

    The frustrating part is KP was out again, with a different injury this time.🤦🤷 Good win though.

    • Harris 05
      Harris 05

      @Marchel Sugi nah mavs are hiding porzingis from being exposed

    • Marchel Sugi
      Marchel Sugi

      @MarKus Batt Made up injuries by the team I believe so Mavs will have healthy KP in post-season. Just look at that every game he mostly only plays 3 quarters, only play in 4th if it is deemed necessary (to stop bleeding when opponents make late runs, rebound for late FT, etc).

    • MarKus Batt
      MarKus Batt

      This fragile unicorn costs too much for dallas organisation). He is always injured

  • Dana kaleb
    Dana kaleb

    Luka is slow? Doesn’t stop him at all!

    • jo man
      jo man

      @Ari RietFat hahahaha, maybe the 30+ years old super athletes needs a burger lol

    • Ari Riet
      Ari Riet

      He is fat, no speed, no athletic but MVP! Luka is not at 100%? Then tell me how bad is the rest of the League? At the moment there was only Simmons who stops Luka?

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      Luka will always be faster because he thinks ahead

  • Dindo Tabon
    Dindo Tabon

    The DonDoncic=Wonderboy=MVP💪💪💪

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon

    Thanks for the amazing infographic at the end of the game! Luka doing it all!

  • ᜐᜓᜌᜈᜓ ᜋᜓᜇᜒ
    ᜐᜓᜌᜈᜓ ᜋᜓᜇᜒ

    Let's Gooooo!🔥🔥🔥

  • G T
    G T

    beating the number one team on west

  • jebestakonesto

    This means Jazz chokes again in a playoffs???

    • jebestakonesto

      @Blender Wiki u right, but I think Nuggets, Lakers, and maybe even Clips are too strong of a match-up for them,... but all shall depend much on health of the players,...

    • Ni Ño
      Ni Ño

      if you compare the stat of Utah and Sixers not too far now Utah is Jazz a simple good team not a superteam ykwim

    • Blender Wiki
      Blender Wiki

      Weak logic. Dallas play very good but everything went wrong for Utah. Never judge a team for a L after a 9 W streak.

    • Bronze One
      Bronze One

      Thought the same... It takes alot of energy to be the one seed. They peaked to early.

  • şeytanın avukatı
    şeytanın avukatı

    Doncic is rising in the mvp race

    • Ah Fei
      Ah Fei

      @Joan Vila Giannis or Harden I can understandm but Dame? Steph?? Come one...

    • Jim Lahey
      Jim Lahey

      jokic was on pace to break the PER record this year

    • Hainebo

      @Joan Vila how the f u have steph, dame and harden over jokic? Xd. Crazy dude.

    • Blender Wiki
      Blender Wiki

      @Joan Vila you must know very little about basket if you ask, watch few Nuggets games and may you learn something.

    • Joan Vila
      Joan Vila

      @dmking26 people really want to see bigs take over again, I think it has a lot to do with that. I have Giannis Harden Steph and Dame all ahead of him.

  • Trevor Rogert
    Trevor Rogert

    HA HA! The Jazz fans be talking like they is da best in the whole universe. The lowly Mavs did a ninja breakdance all over they heads.

  • Re Creation
    Re Creation

    No KP, no problem. Luka GOAT will erase the number 1 in the west. Dallas is a sleeping dragon. By the way GOAT(Genius player of the Year)

    • Re Creation
      Re Creation

      @NBA Insighter yeah i know. Greatest is for all the old.. Genius is for only luka..

    • PhilMcHawk

      MRAOTY award goes to you. Have fun with it. By the way MRAOTY (most retarded abbreviation of the year)

    • NBA Insighter
      NBA Insighter

      that is a weird acronym tho ..

    • Andrey Obukhov
      Andrey Obukhov

      Facts, bro

  • Bruno almeida
    Bruno almeida

    Donavan Michell 6/23 Fg 0/8 from deep😤😤😤

    • TheProfyx

      he was feeling hot tonight :)

    • Bruno Vieira Fairas
      Bruno Vieira Fairas

      He got himself one of those nights haha

  • Виктор Вик
    Виктор Вик

    Knock,knock Lakers,Blazers:who is there? It is 5th Who's 5th? 5th seed Dallas Mavericks

    • D Plutonium
      D Plutonium

      Yea Po lppp I was in a second room room

    • Mr.E

      @man man sus

    • Dfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf
      Dfsfsf Fsdfsdsdf

      yeah lakers are chokin

    • man man
      man man

      @Margaret Zaine Bahia i am fouling in love with you 😍😍😍

    • Margaret Zaine Bahia
      Margaret Zaine Bahia

      @Rosenskarm Nestorson which part of ur comment should i laugh?

  • Ruminating 15
    Ruminating 15

    Mavs have been cooking since they got Nicolo Melli. His defense paired with Maxi is top tier. Top 5 defense in the league for the past 10 games I believe. He just needs to hit those open 3's when Luka finds him open

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      @Marcianus ValeriusThat's what this post is about... His defense. New Orleans, that's not really an organization you should refer too.

    • oBadGuy

      @Marcianus Valerius Melli as a defender makes it easier for our offense. we would score 110+ but still lose, this happened many times. It shows we have a great offense but a weaker defense. Melli helps greatly.

    • Marcianus Valerius
      Marcianus Valerius

      @Dead Giveaway He is solid on D but these guys act like he's a difference maker. Dude got shipped to Dallas as a supplement to JJ Redick😂 That's how much New Orleans valued him. I watched yesterday's game and Melli wasted 4 open looks in a row provided by Luka, costing him 4 assists. Smh

    • Dead Giveaway
      Dead Giveaway

      @Marcianus ValeriusIf you watch highlights i'm sure you don't see him as much, try full games and you'll learn something about defense

    • Marcianus Valerius
      Marcianus Valerius

      LMFAO yeah sure it's because of Mello😂 Bruh please..it's because Luka got in shape, started shooting better and the team started clicking. Don't overrate Melli. He can't shoot for sh!t..

  • Bankroll Pino
    Bankroll Pino

    The JAZZ has few things to fix I hope they take notes

    • F. M.
      F. M.

      Scary how they just didn't have any answers today....

    • L O
      L O

      BA DUM TSS!

  • You Mad Bro
    You Mad Bro

    No teams wants to see Dallas in the first round.

    • Edward Hans SAWOTI
      Edward Hans SAWOTI

      @The humble guy Oki let's see then

    • The humble guy
      The humble guy

      @Edward Hans SAWOTI he also getting older.. Just remind u

    • The humble guy
      The humble guy

      @JK this is why nba does everything to not match lakers vs daļas in 1st round. But hold my beer... XD mavs getting their revenge.

    • Edward Hans SAWOTI
      Edward Hans SAWOTI

      @jo man Hhhhhhhhh hate everywhere Bron play different in playoffs m telling u all

    • Andrey Obukhov
      Andrey Obukhov

      @DemonicBiggz Luka> old po LeBron, Porzi better shooter, Dallas depth, LA literally has 2 players, who are broken BTW xDDD ez w

  • Kanye Rae Jepsen
    Kanye Rae Jepsen

    and I thought having no KP would be an issue. heh.

    • Joseph Velasco
      Joseph Velasco

      I think Nico is a good sub for KP. He may not be a scorer but he can defend and rebound.

    • jebestakonesto

      @Kanye Rae Jepsen yes, looks like Rudy has problem against smaller and stronger defenders, no real post-up game, Mavs‘ defence was stellar, looked almost like Jazz had a night off, for Kris I hope he peaks up his performance

    • Kanye Rae Jepsen
      Kanye Rae Jepsen

      @jebestakonesto I was talking about for height and athleticism against bigs like Favors and Gobert. but DFS did great with Gobert guarding him.

    • jebestakonesto

      more like a relieve, I think he is psychologically under a lot of pressure, signed a max contract before the season, fingers start to point at him, while he‘s drowning in dollars,... pressure is big on him, and he is not the most patient of a guy to handle it