How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris
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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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  • uamee

    Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood

    • Mr. JSAB
      Mr. JSAB

      Слыш я руу


      support my channel too please🤗

    • whittney shackleburst
      whittney shackleburst


    • TronMxd


    • RF _N
      RF _N

      Ayyy uamee the slav music man

  • Gian Magro
    Gian Magro

    Click bait: I thought this video was making an ak 47

  • sravanthi thotakura
    sravanthi thotakura

    Boris at 1:01 in jaiden animation video i can see you is it true or have i been drinking too much vodka

  • Janitortech


  • Asphyxiety

    "Because it turn the milk into small bits of what the fuck" Wait i thought we were makin cheese...

  • ShadowWolf

    Boris, I'm here to remind you that your Polish subsribers still waiting for another polish lesson ^^ (Also I want to suggest one thing: when people write words for you to pronounce they should also write english translation. I think that would be a lot easier for you and other non-Polish people) Okay, I'll be first: > Cześć, nazywam się Boris. - Hello, my name is Boris. > Witajcie w kolejnym odcinku o Polsce. - Welcome to another video about Poland. > Proszę jedno piwo, kiełbasę i dwa słoiki majonezu Winiary. - One beer, kielbasa and two jars of Winiary mayonnaise, please. Also: Epic video! But... I won't make that cheese, because I hate cooking XDDDDDD

  • Кортошкин Вова
    Кортошкин Вова

    я тут один русский??

  • DIO, Gone To Heaven
    DIO, Gone To Heaven

    *26 More days.*

  • 幽靈之子

    how long can it keep in refrigerator?

  • Vtuberシンプ

    If I eat this... Will I become a German?

  • Jacob

    2:36 "Agry" Damn Boris where do you keep inventing better words?

  • Sabil Fattah
    Sabil Fattah

    Make soup without fire next time

  • Breslyn Lassiter
    Breslyn Lassiter

    Blyat your camera is 💩

  • kolop kolop
    kolop kolop

    Blyat make polish subltiliesb im from Poland blyat!!!!

  • Uncle billy wants your toes
    Uncle billy wants your toes

    "i will not sell you to happy owner... you will go in meat grinder.." camera: oh ####

  • Batkovics Erik
    Batkovics Erik

    Jako su dobri tvoje ideje. Samo tako dalje! Samo slavenski 😅🤣💪🇦🇱🇧🇦🇭🇷🇭🇷🇷🇸🇸🇰🇷🇺

  • James Rainville
    James Rainville

    Hey Boris I am an American who loves America! Can I still be like a slav and drink vodka, while squatting in Adidas?

  • ابراهيم خديش
    ابراهيم خديش

    Previet comrande 🖐🖐

  • Chris Cupido
    Chris Cupido

    Anatoli fighting war??

  • Luca Mazo
    Luca Mazo

    why youtube recomend this at 2:42 am?

  • shreya prabhulkar
    shreya prabhulkar

    5:53 😂😂

  • Josiah De souza
    Josiah De souza

    literally know one America 0:51

  • Top

    I had to replay the intro because I missed what was being said over my laughter

  • Parkman29

    Русский сыр | Pyccnn cbip | Pecin sebip

  • Salad lad
    Salad lad

    Just built a new house with the cheese and sold it to a homeless person. I forgot to fill the fridge and let’s just say that that they are now homeless again

  • Joker Fa
    Joker Fa

    *Sigh* Where is the vobka

  • carl Wheezer
    carl Wheezer

    can somebody tell me what type of beyonet is this??

  • Fadhil I.R
    Fadhil I.R

    Indonesian subtitle pls 🙏

  • youraccxount1 1
    youraccxount1 1

    boris has become boris ramsay

  • youraccxount1 1
    youraccxount1 1

    western cheese is strong but RUSSIAN CHEESE IS VERY STRONG

  • Aaron Steele
    Aaron Steele

    What is the green drink boris drinkd

  • James T.
    James T.

    Instructions unclear: turned my cat into Russian cheese.

  • stuff I guess
    stuff I guess

    Didnt boris make cheese once before? we still speak of that? No?

  • Alk Dom
    Alk Dom

    I like how Boris is semi a cooking channel

  • Cestarian Inhabitant
    Cestarian Inhabitant

    How dare Boris insult blue cheese? Get him uncle Vadim! Ruin his fucking day!

  • FBI


  • wesleythomasm

    The Cheeseman would like to know your location

  • Nayuk2010

    "crumble like western economy" LOL

  • LeXmen

    Any plans on playing more tactical games like SQUAD, Project Reality or similar? I would love to hear Boris try to say 'tactical stuff' but his slav genes wont even let him say the the distance (in close or far).

  • neely ferguson
    neely ferguson

    I just found this channel. What the everloving f*** is this


    Wow delicious looking v awesome recipe 🤗😍 support my channel too please🤗...everyone


      @bouytt guyt support my channel also🤗🤗

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      your cheese will be 👌

  • TheNikoNik

    8:36 instuctions unclear: the egg floated even before adding salt

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      "you get cheese, or starvation" what about the 3rd option, garbage food?

  • Foggy Forest
    Foggy Forest

    now i want chernobyl green water...



  • Bill Geo
    Bill Geo

    MIGs! LOL

  • un known youtuber
    un known youtuber

    1:45 **breathing**

  • The Clumsy Cooking Mexican
    The Clumsy Cooking Mexican

    People: the perfect youtube channel doesn't exist Life Of Boris: exists

  • Adagon

    Holy fuck, they weren't lying. SLtoos might just unsub you from people. I'm so sorry boris

  • RamSLade On Blitz
    RamSLade On Blitz

    Your camera looks like it tries to focus on the nearest thing instead of focusing on what thing you want it to. _panasonic git gud ffs_

  • Cyan Was Not The Imposter
    Cyan Was Not The Imposter


  • Lars-Erik Ryd
    Lars-Erik Ryd

    Boirjis, need more black sqautsuit, cant attract gopnitsa with only doctors sausage. And for firstborn preicius son. Can note give him adibass, say bad copy of weslaw. Cyka blin!

  • Kristian.9009

    Hahaha, I know your secret. You are actually polish spy.

  • chivi

    The video Boris was cool 👌🏻❤️🧡🧡💛💚💙💜 ♥ ️💘💝💖💗💓💞

  • Michael Geraghty
    Michael Geraghty

    boris: definitely not above 25c me: laughs in 42c

  • l0seR

    Please play very slav driving game Mudrunner it is very fun and is going free on the epic games store on 26 November. I would love to see your opinion on it.

  • Random rush
    Random rush

    Why talk about cheese, got some vodka and you done man.

  • Owen Myers
    Owen Myers

    "you get cheese, or starvation" what about the 3rd option, garbage food?

  • Keegan Oosthuizen
    Keegan Oosthuizen

    Who else remembers the first attempt to make cheese like 3 years ago?? Just shows you, if you fail blame it on Vadim and try again. Remember comrades believe in Boris and your cheese will be 👌

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM

    WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO BEFORE READING MY COMMENT, I'M SERIOUS. When he said "mix" and something flew across the screen, it took me a full 9 seconds before I realized he made a "MIGs" joke. Also I just ruined it for everyone.

  • Абдулла Омаров
    Абдулла Омаров

    приготовь русскую пиццу

  • EvanG YT
    EvanG YT

    not even wensleydale?

  • Karliah Cyrodilian
    Karliah Cyrodilian

    Could you make those Russian marmalade candies next please? Awesome vid btw

  • Mikail Ahmed
    Mikail Ahmed

    "You do not want to add too much culture inside. Do not want to start building theaters inside the cheese." Did... Did he just make a dad joke!?


    Can I be your cameraman? I promise I am not western spy.

  • red army rasmus
    red army rasmus

    Ayy blyat Boris nows how to make everything but Only with a ak47 beyonat

  • QsemYT

    russian cheez is like bulgarian кашкавал

  • Александр Черепанов
    Александр Черепанов

    Чувак .... это не смешно

  • The gentleman cat
    The gentleman cat

    Спасибо, Борис. Теперь я знаю как готовить чисто русский сыр!

  • ZeNDa


  • Zsombor Honti
    Zsombor Honti

    Meanwhile in hungary "Medvesajt" wich is means "bear cheese"

  • littleswaghere

    I love русский сыр щеы еру ьуын

  • BrickMaster SK
    BrickMaster SK

    3:50 *because it turn the small milk into bits of, What the fu-*

  • TrippaMazing87

    "Crumble like western economy" Aw blyat that cheese is weak af

  • Alex vw 2005
    Alex vw 2005

    i have the same bionete as u that ak 47 one

  • gt flex
    gt flex

    Boris a have the same knife

  • T3L4M0N

    we make some, issss boris!

  • Emir Batak
    Emir Batak

    Damn remember when this guy used to be funny the good ol days.....

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines

    For me this channel was a 3:00 find

  • kirmizi tozbiber
    kirmizi tozbiber

    hey boris please make a video about how to slav our kitchen !

  • Chill outer
    Chill outer

    Boris please moschisch ti "how to slav your room"??

  • Casper the not so friendly ghost
    Casper the not so friendly ghost

    This is the kind of crackhead energy I need in my life right now. Cuz life is boring atm 😭

  • Blocki

    Constructions unclear - I have now joined russian mafia

  • Saber Alcatraz
    Saber Alcatraz

    for the first 2 mins I thought he's speaking in other language lols😂😂

  • Dávid Kulifay
    Dávid Kulifay

    Boris Orosz?

  • Kuro CK
    Kuro CK

    I kind of remember the last time you make cheese

  • Андрей

    охуенный рецепт

  • Prod.Veilkan

    "Migs" **Cyka Jet flys by**

  • Prod.Veilkan

    Pierdolony cholery! Boris is Polish spy!

  • Yew Bowman
    Yew Bowman

    can you melt it tho?

  • Frost_ R*I*P
    Frost_ R*I*P

    Перфихт Сука Иннглиш !!!!! Лондон из зэ кепитал оф Греат Британ !

  • Goliath-6 Scythe
    Goliath-6 Scythe

    i have all notifications on and never get recommended your vids. WTF

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Where is Vadim

  • Tony P
    Tony P

    You should put doctors sausage in cheese wax and many other things? sounds like great video

  • Pedros OfRoblox
    Pedros OfRoblox

    1:36 my dad after no nut november

  • diegosanchez926

    Jajajaja 😂😂😂 👋

  • White gunner
    White gunner

    Imagine him with radal

  • Jominny Ramos
    Jominny Ramos

    I dunno why but every time I saw his setup it looks like his making meth

  • anni sky
    anni sky

    0:56 pulls out my favourite cheese (wensleydale) 👁👄👁😡

  • Yaroslav Trotskij
    Yaroslav Trotskij

    U know why is russian cheese looks like a block? CUZ ITS EASTERN BLOCK BLYAD

  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas

    Русские есть?

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