i won.
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i won.
and this is why.
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  • Rawnak Rafiq
    Rawnak Rafiq

    love u jake we got ur fucking back

  • The bloody Wolf
    The bloody Wolf

    Why does jake remind me of six nine in the thumbnail

  • HALIL Fazlijaj
    HALIL Fazlijaj



    Zero skills

  • Tako’s Lifestyle
    Tako’s Lifestyle

    If jake wins ima cry!😢

  • Rodolfo Jr Tovar
    Rodolfo Jr Tovar

    Why jake got 69 teeth

  • samnoah jones
    samnoah jones

    Rest in place Kobe

  • SuperJa Jack
    SuperJa Jack

    Good Job Jake

  • Swagsy:\

    Jake is new conor macregor

  • HarviK


  • sarah rimmer
    sarah rimmer

    stop swering



  • nalupe ageshe
    nalupe ageshe

    who is watching this in 2020 when

  • Winston Dinh
    Winston Dinh

    I see Tanner and I saw this video on Tanner channel

  • Hareem Ahmad
    Hareem Ahmad

    Jake outfit is dope

  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez

    You won yeah right

  • Annonymous Annonymous
    Annonymous Annonymous

    If u have guts have a match with Khabib. will fucking vanquish you.

  • Commanderfoz

    Ngl the meditateing segment it felt like a cult that was praying to there god

  • Simon Pierre
    Simon Pierre

    Ksi Will destroy jake paul

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores

      😂😂ok buddy

    • CH1MXK


  • Carl James
    Carl James

    anybody peep wen he stopped at kobe’s memorial. lowkey almost cried I didn’t know they had that.

  • aqua hyper
    aqua hyper

    Cringiest thumbnail EVER

    • CH1MXK

      The most cringe comment ever

  • Mezzy One nation
    Mezzy One nation

    Jake was blessed to have Sugar Shane Mosley in his corner, what a legend

  • Jenny Jones
    Jenny Jones

    Too bad Izadi was as dirty as we all knew!

  • Coffin Man #1
    Coffin Man #1

    I know his oufitt is sick and cool

  • Aneta a Tomas the stalker
    Aneta a Tomas the stalker

    good yoop jake paul nice :)

  • Alanna Rose Rodriguez
    Alanna Rose Rodriguez

    Good job jake you knocked him out yaya

  • Alanna Rose Rodriguez
    Alanna Rose Rodriguez

    Goood job jake yayay

  • Midnight.Plushies

    Armani is the only Team 10 Og Member and has never left Jake side since the beginning. Now That’s a Real Friend to Jake. 🥺⭐️

  • Juju LS
    Juju LS

    Jake if you get into any other boxing fights always go for the liver and the left side of the head because it will knock down your opponent


    Philippines fans here

  • J s
    J s

    When my sons get older, I hope this channel still exists. Im going to have them watch it and encourage them to be the exact opposite of you. I hope you find some peace man.

    • Bᴏᴏᴍᴇʀ

      Why do u want to torture ur kids?



  • Sadio Mane
    Sadio Mane

    Did Shane mosely train him against Nate as well

  • nalupe ageshe
    nalupe ageshe

    who is watching this in 2020 december

  • Tocsnipezz

    When the Z Fighters were making Goku become Super Saiyan god 3:30

  • Patrick Sassi
    Patrick Sassi

    Lose the beard

  • m0k is sus
    m0k is sus

    gib would have won if he stopped doing crab dance and jake didnt do one knock downs just gib kept going so low so when he punched he fucked up his blance

    • Steven Vang
      Steven Vang

      You can't say gib would've won when jake already had the edge the whole entire fight

  • joel Arberto
    joel Arberto

    Who is here after Jake paul vs nate Robinson.😁😁

  • king drippin
    king drippin

    Nate Robinson 9 months later got knocked out by Jake Paul. 😂😂😂😂

  • Gustavo Olivera
    Gustavo Olivera

    Fox like what the fuck

  • Wajahat Moledina
    Wajahat Moledina

    Love jakey being rich and icy

  • Wajahat Moledina
    Wajahat Moledina

    The nose was bleedin but still won

  • Malik Kumisbayev
    Malik Kumisbayev

    anybody here after jake knocked out Nate?

    • LaZy Cruze
      LaZy Cruze


    • Emeraldstar716


    • True content Yea
      True content Yea

      Yep very sad

    • Ulysses Eria
      Ulysses Eria


    • dakidjj _
      dakidjj _


  • I would suck 1000 dicks for a can of spam
    I would suck 1000 dicks for a can of spam

    Who's here after Nate talked to Kobe

  • Jamal Awil
    Jamal Awil

    I’m here after the Nate fight

  • Aukele

    I’d fyu real quick lmk...

  • christian flores
    christian flores

    Who's here that jake won again

  • Connie Harrison
    Connie Harrison

    Can I ask how tf the Paul brothers and KSI started fighting as an actual question tf started this mess

    • Connie Harrison
      Connie Harrison

      @Jael Rosales thanks

    • Jael Rosales
      Jael Rosales

      Joe Weller had beef with ksi they fought ksi win ksi called out the Paul brothers they decided small brother with big brothers then ksi said my friend gib will beat u up and they had beef and fought and Nate called jake out and said u never fought a athlete and started beef and here we are today

  • Jael Rosales
    Jael Rosales

    Who here after he won agian?

    • christian flores
      christian flores


    • FNS Electric
      FNS Electric


  • YouTube Pro_ Snipe z
    YouTube Pro_ Snipe z

    Did anybody else see TannerFox?

  • JTP Gaming
    JTP Gaming

    Jake weight 191 pounds now he 189

  • DLion 10
    DLion 10

    You gotta give Shane Mosley some credit, he’s a legendary boxer training the hot head some sick skills

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin

    You really think you stand a chance against Ryan Garcia

  • ez game
    ez game

    Wtf i watched this many times then i just realized that supreme patty is there.

  • JJjosh Pawlyn
    JJjosh Pawlyn

    Didn’t ask

  • Anadeli Lopez
    Anadeli Lopez

    Gib:I’m finally ready to win A fight His legs:In your dreams

  • Nuda Nation
    Nuda Nation

    ..........did i ask

  • Mikel Rowland
    Mikel Rowland

    Jake predicted first round

  • he sus
    he sus

    Jake Paul needs to shave LOL

  • Royce Vailan Dsilva
    Royce Vailan Dsilva

    Bro Sad to See Armani Go Man Fuck Hope He Can Change And Come Bac

  • Motheo Plata
    Motheo Plata

    Knock the f out of nate

  • Elliott Coller
    Elliott Coller

    Why is he so easy to punch

  • Brittany Capron
    Brittany Capron

    Man he is a beast I mean like he is a beast

  • Rap \\ Hip-Hop // Trap Reacts
    Rap \\ Hip-Hop // Trap Reacts

    4:26 - 4:27 - 4:28 *****jake (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh)***** ********look behind him...sum1's lookin' tireeeed********

  • Baby Boy Sinclair
    Baby Boy Sinclair


  • Baby Boy Sinclair
    Baby Boy Sinclair


  • AlexGaming 5463
    AlexGaming 5463

    Anyone who likes this vid is gay

  • Rip

    Celebrate While you can Jake Your Finished Mate.

    • CH1MXK


  • zdenekm zdenekm
    zdenekm zdenekm

    I love you jake poul

  • Sam Khafaji
    Sam Khafaji


  • TSG Ghost
    TSG Ghost

    Can I train with you jake I want to be a fighter

  • Enzo Cabrera
    Enzo Cabrera

    Let’s goooooo jake

  • Zeus Gaming
    Zeus Gaming

    Who else misses putting the vlog belt on

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones

    That’s my boyyyyyyyy

  • Charlotte Holder
    Charlotte Holder

    Y’all should’ve dropped his ass!! 😂 “ we mutha fuqin luv yew jake” lame

  • adrian gonzalez
    adrian gonzalez

    joyner lucas

  • Retsu

    Why is your profile is gohan?

  • 365 Label
    365 Label

    Bal cher sala!

  • Sabitha Jinu
    Sabitha Jinu

    Jake is clapped

  • Dayy London
    Dayy London

    He look like a cerial killer

  • Vlogger Andrew
    Vlogger Andrew

    Nate Robinson Vs Jake Paul If Jake Win KSI Vs Jake Paul

  • Anas Shahid 224
    Anas Shahid 224

    Congrats on the win Jake,happy for you :D

  • Jerry Dale
    Jerry Dale

    First fight

  • Thenew Man
    Thenew Man

    Ksi is next let's go jake paulers

  • Devansh Gaming
    Devansh Gaming


  • saluka ranapura
    saluka ranapura

    What's that song ? Its hyping the fuck out of me

  • liu liaua
    liu liaua

    Is this video reedit

  • Fatema Jannati
    Fatema Jannati

    Tittle: I won

  • Natnael Tekali
    Natnael Tekali

    are you sure about that

  • Karmyn King
    Karmyn King

    i believe with every part of my being the jake paul is a warlock.

  • Daggs 187
    Daggs 187

    Why was George there?!?! 😂😂4.00

  • Elson Vega
    Elson Vega

    KSI would give Jake an even bigger challenge than gin and deji

  • Griffith Casuse
    Griffith Casuse

    Lil uzi very the goat

  • Radient YT
    Radient YT

    Me and My brother are freinds with manny pacquiao's son and manny would Fucking destroy you

  • D3VAN

    why he had the MVP clock tho

  • Jump Jump
    Jump Jump

    Was that Taylor Holder?

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray

    Gib Could Have Won This Fight...But Unfortunately My Man Gib Got Way Too Excited When In The Ring And That Was His Downfall...

  • Tyler Beshears
    Tyler Beshears

    Jake is an amazing fucking fighter all he needs to do is work on doing different jabs so he can’t be predictable and Then I bet he’ll win against ksi

  • Cai Martin
    Cai Martin

    No one cares

  • ItsShift

    Jake you have yes man

  • Cameron Sheehan
    Cameron Sheehan

    I got to admit he is going to beat KSI.

    • Cameron Sheehan
      Cameron Sheehan

      @The Beast22 he will he's faster throwing punches than JJ

    • The Beast22
      The Beast22


    • christian flores
      christian flores

      Same here bro i really hope jake wins

    • Qt Jaremy
      Qt Jaremy