i won.
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i won.
and this is why.
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  • Sam Khafaji
    Sam Khafaji


  • Trent Scheely
    Trent Scheely

    Can I train with you jake I want to be a fighter

  • Enzo Cabrera
    Enzo Cabrera

    Let’s goooooo jake

  • goh chuen sheng
    goh chuen sheng

    but are u bullet proof?

  • Zeus Gaming
    Zeus Gaming

    Who else misses putting the vlog belt on

  • StepSis Pizza
    StepSis Pizza


    • StepSis Pizza
      StepSis Pizza

      @DeepBlue that doesnt make any sense

    • DeepBlue

      You are going to get the surprise of your life when Jake fights Jake

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones

    That’s my boyyyyyyyy

  • Charlotte Holder
    Charlotte Holder

    Y’all should’ve dropped his ass!! 😂 “ we mutha fuqin luv yew jake” lame

  • adrian gonzalez
    adrian gonzalez

    joyner lucas

  • Robe karl Benamir
    Robe karl Benamir

    Why is your profile is gohan?

  • 365 Label
    365 Label

    Bal cher sala!

  • Sabitha Jinu
    Sabitha Jinu

    Jake is clapped

  • Dayy London
    Dayy London

    He look like a cerial killer

  • Vlogger Andrew
    Vlogger Andrew

    Nate Robinson Vs Jake Paul If Jake Win KSI Vs Jake Paul

  • Anas Shahid 224
    Anas Shahid 224

    Congrats on the win Jake,happy for you :D

  • Jerry Dale
    Jerry Dale

    First fight

  • Thenew Man
    Thenew Man

    Ksi is next let's go jake paulers

  • Devansh Gaming
    Devansh Gaming


  • saluka ranapura
    saluka ranapura

    What's that song ? Its hyping the fuck out of me

  • Winston O'Boogie
    Winston O'Boogie

    Is this video reedit

  • Fatema Jannati
    Fatema Jannati

    Tittle: I won

  • Natnael Tekali
    Natnael Tekali

    are you sure about that

  • Karmyn King
    Karmyn King

    i believe with every part of my being the jake paul is a warlock.

  • Daggs 187
    Daggs 187

    Why was George there?!?! 😂😂4.00

  • Elson Vega
    Elson Vega

    KSI would give Jake an even bigger challenge than gin and deji

  • Griffith Casuse
    Griffith Casuse

    Lil uzi very the goat

  • Radient YT
    Radient YT

    Me and My brother are freinds with manny pacquiao's son and manny would Fucking destroy you

  • D3VAN

    why he had the MVP clock tho

  • Jump Jump
    Jump Jump

    Was that Taylor Holder?

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray

    Gib Could Have Won This Fight...But Unfortunately My Man Gib Got Way Too Excited When In The Ring And That Was His Downfall...

  • Tyler Beshears
    Tyler Beshears

    Jake is an amazing fucking fighter all he needs to do is work on doing different jabs so he can’t be predictable and Then I bet he’ll win against ksi

  • Cai Martin
    Cai Martin

    No one cares

  • BNE Shift
    BNE Shift

    Jake you have yes man

  • Cameron Sheehan
    Cameron Sheehan

    I got to admit he is going to beat KSI.

    • Cameron Sheehan
      Cameron Sheehan

      @The Beast123 he will he's faster throwing punches than JJ

    • The Beast123
      The Beast123


    • christian flores
      christian flores

      Same here bro i really hope jake wins

    • Qt Jaremy
      Qt Jaremy


  • Tonnnix

    gib do be pressing l-ctrl tho

  • Tiffany Olivet
    Tiffany Olivet

    You did a good job I'm proud

  • Itz Yellow
    Itz Yellow

    I miss the old team ten

  • Jrdyn

    i’ve watched this almost 20 times already😭 inspiration

  • Nadine Mallah
    Nadine Mallah

    It’s everything that is a big one

  • Anthony Trujillo Figueroa
    Anthony Trujillo Figueroa

    this is old man

  • Bad V!bezXxX
    Bad V!bezXxX

    Why is Julia there

  • YGX

    the guy in the first clip that sparred jake hurt him more than gib did

  • aileen sugiarto
    aileen sugiarto

    Tayler Holder was there...

  • allie plays roblox
    allie plays roblox

    good he did a good job

  • Khawsy

    yo stop shaming jake, i mean like the kid is growing up tryna find himself . you can't really expect someone to remain the same forever. some of y'all need to grow up

  • Adrian Holley
    Adrian Holley

    KSI can’t punch

  • Joshua Tobiasz
    Joshua Tobiasz


  • TheOfficialBoiGamer

    I like how he put a period at the end of the tittle

  • Bryan Berryhill
    Bryan Berryhill

    Tf is supreme party doing there 😂

    • B Furey
      B Furey

      Ikr lmao

  • Kerise Potter
    Kerise Potter

    I Love you Jake

  • gavenplay 1234
    gavenplay 1234

    My dad can beat you very easy becuse he won 50 trophies OK no second place

  • Leo Bridges 06
    Leo Bridges 06


  • jaydin and rusty yeet
    jaydin and rusty yeet

    Get it Jake I believe in you

  • Dustin _
    Dustin _

    Your ego is higher than Mt. Everest

  • Ernest Italia
    Ernest Italia

    Tayler holder is there if u can see wtf

  • RedRazor19

    Man gib really messed up what was he thinking

  • Michael Mendoza
    Michael Mendoza

    Why jake is so different then the normal jake paul

  • Krishna Viswanathan
    Krishna Viswanathan

    Am I the only one who noticed Armani yawning, while jake was shouting? @4:25

  • Nicole Tashdjian
    Nicole Tashdjian

    was I the only one that saw tayler holder and daisy Keech?!

  • Tarz

    I feel like Nate Robinson is just going to get dropped by jake Paul on September 12 Like if agree

  • Mencia Medina
    Mencia Medina


  • Jesusa Calalang
    Jesusa Calalang


  • MrDuction


  • Mikey Dodszuweit
    Mikey Dodszuweit

    Let’s go jake you inspired me to stark boxing

  • Viktor Len
    Viktor Len

    letsss go

  • Viktor Len
    Viktor Len

    letsss go

  • miss maya love
    miss maya love

    Go JAKE YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • ياسر القحطاني
    ياسر القحطاني

    احنا نبقى عيال سلمان

  • Sub POPPT1-ON-YT •
    Sub POPPT1-ON-YT •

    Now u did lose

  • Yazeed AlAssiri
    Yazeed AlAssiri

    I hope KSI beat’s you

    • u wot meme 2004
      u wot meme 2004

      he wont tho

  • redx

    I wonder why jake Paul bleeds from he's nose every figth Who else wonders why 👇

  • Samurai Will07
    Samurai Will07

    Yes you won unfortunately

  • Anany Ranjan
    Anany Ranjan

    Armani just like Julia is there for clout and money

  • X2 rezXヅ
    X2 rezXヅ

    video idea:reacting to people who think i will get knocked out in jake paulvs naterobison fight

  • Victor Fajuyitan
    Victor Fajuyitan

    why tf is supreme patty there lmfao

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    Man Julia looked amazing like nice in the ring when they were medicating.

    • Zeus Gaming
      Zeus Gaming

      Cobra kai never dies

    • kirito


  • Echo _
    Echo _

    His whole comment section is full of haters, he gets the views from KSI supporters, sad boi x

  • ccangel gaming
    ccangel gaming

    the nightmare vs the child problem Champion vs champion Both fighters undefeated.. The final chapter Jake Paul v KSI

    • Psd Coak
      Psd Coak

      Random videos I wish jake beats nate so he could fight jj

  • Møurn Reaper
    Møurn Reaper

    When u take drugs The thumbnail:


    Am I the only one who saw lil Mosey

  • Bearus

    im gonna come back to this comment when jj beats you up

    • Bearus

      @BLACK EAGLE did i ask dor your opinion?


      Everyone said the same thing with gib

  • juice

    Tanner Fox in the background

  • victor piedra
    victor piedra

    Dude jake did pretty bad considering that the kid sucked at fighting

  • Gaming With jaden
    Gaming With jaden

    Brooooooo omg

  • Amari Gordon
    Amari Gordon

    why supreme patty there?



  • Daniel Moody
    Daniel Moody

    Who’s here after jake beat ksi

    • Christian Flores
      Christian Flores


    • VNB6 Vinilla latte B6
      VNB6 Vinilla latte B6

      Daniel Moody gringe

  • Adam Bhimani
    Adam Bhimani

    Fight Ksi ur just scared cause he will destroy u

  • Daniel Ambarsumyan
    Daniel Ambarsumyan


  • Mario's World plushy
    Mario's World plushy


  • Chung Kha Huy
    Chung Kha Huy

    Yoooooo Jake won OMG😮😮😮😮😮

  • Asha Biju
    Asha Biju

    You are the best💯

  • jay carlos
    jay carlos

    Manny pacquao is better

  • Cjprodigy

    The most cringe vid I ever seen you don’t see boxers posting shit like this after they won😂

    • Cjprodigy

      RijeyProGamer I’m just saying this because gib had no skill so all this just got a knockout in 1 round is cringe

    • RijeyProGamer

      Cjprodigy that is what sells the fight

  • Oden Gotsbacher
    Oden Gotsbacher


  • Jefferson Cookie
    Jefferson Cookie

    yo I’m scared for jake Paul

  • Jax Claps
    Jax Claps

    When Jake fights He has fans on SLtoos and friends and family like if I am right good job jake

  • Connor- Jumpman
    Connor- Jumpman

    Just remember don’t underestimate babatunde he will ruin you

  • Engoy with Mickele
    Engoy with Mickele

    We alllll love Jake If we do hit like 👇 👇

  • mobile man
    mobile man