Feeding a City in Need
THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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  • kyd barba
    kyd barba

    50 cent a like

  • Randy Cole
    Randy Cole

    Love your videos, When are you going to tell everyone you are doing the, Color the Spectrum with Mark Rober

  • Aynnara Quintero
    Aynnara Quintero

    Your doing alot and it's amazing but maybe just saying try helping other countries and states!

  • magma sqush
    magma sqush

    when Jimmy dies he's gonna have a Viking funeral or something

  • Seamus Powning
    Seamus Powning

    Mr. Beast could lift Thor’s hammer

  • Sebas Animations
    Sebas Animations

    Just wanna say, God bless you mate 😊

  • maria gomez
    maria gomez

    I love u beast

  • Kennedy Bristo
    Kennedy Bristo

    Where the bread at man? How you gonna give people peanut butter and jelly and no bread ;-;

  • TheBackBois SQUAD
    TheBackBois SQUAD

    I love you mr beast

  • Matthee Hernandez
    Matthee Hernandez

    I have a question what inspired you to do this?

  • Lia Guajardo
    Lia Guajardo

    Hi peeps I’m trying to watch every single mr beast video

  • XlusfferX

    اخ بس لو كان مسلم كان باخذ اجر اكثر من وقت الكون

  • LCRob

    Man bill is a good guy

  • Daniel Ogaz
    Daniel Ogaz

    Philanthropy for the win💪🏽

  • sanita ellie
    sanita ellie

    am I the only one who just found out about this channel?

  • Deku fanboy ;-;
    Deku fanboy ;-;

    Dislikes came from satans alt accounts

  • Tyber_Den

    tareqq: How much food are you eating! jimmy: *that was a little mean*

  • EG - 06BK 847671 Glenhaven Sr PS
    EG - 06BK 847671 Glenhaven Sr PS

    When people go to mars - “today I will be buying all the food on planet earth and giving it to poor people in mars” Comments: u have the biggest of the hearts u helped my family a LOT ❤️ ❤️

  • Nazario D Luna
    Nazario D Luna

    Love all the great moves you make with helping the people in need, along with the fun other videos you make Jimmy, I mean bill. Keep doing you and ill keep supporting when i can!

  • Shuuush

    If u disliked ur truly the lowest scum in history

  • rip robbie wahh
    rip robbie wahh

    Hey is new

  • Gini Sue
    Gini Sue

    I’m subed to all of your channels

  • Nighthickory


  • lorik rexhepi
    lorik rexhepi

    Just think this is the small mrbeats acche have almost 3 mil and is the smallest acc he have

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer

    SUB TO MR BEAST Philanthropy

  • Rockthunder30 Locher
    Rockthunder30 Locher

    me waiting for the vide on himdoing the autism thing markrober is doing: AHHHHHHHH CMON GET GOOD

  • Kelly

    The man has a heart the size of a planet.

  • Johnny Moose
    Johnny Moose

    You just became a legend, congrats

  • Kickstartmy bff
    Kickstartmy bff

    Jimmy Donaldson a nice guy..maybe able to help someone real need link on my video

  • Amir Prince
    Amir Prince

    i love beast's.

  • Niko

    Mr beast next video tie: Feeding a country in need

  • Sami Yeet
    Sami Yeet

    :people: FFFFOOOOOOOODDDDDD :MrBeast: yea

  • Craig Unger
    Craig Unger

    Mr. Beast is living the dream. @mrbeast If you are looking for people in South Carolina to expand I would be honored

  • The Tola Show.
    The Tola Show.

    Well done jimmy

  • sis team rule
    sis team rule

    I sub and make more vids #charitymrbeast

  • weimer s
    weimer s

    Make a donation to cancer research

  • Xavier Castaneda
    Xavier Castaneda

    spam this to everyone and every mr beast chanel it is for Mark rober who helped ALOT with team trees and he is doing a fundraiser for people with autism @

  • RedJay

    I don't understand how there are people that dislike this

  • Sylvia Schubring
    Sylvia Schubring

    So many times I’ve seen people saying that Mr Beast could solve world hunger… This is the first step I guess ❤️

  • TJ Rex
    TJ Rex

    Im still questioning why "Beast Philanthropy" stole this video from "Bill Philanthropy" like, wtf, this is Bill's video

  • 089roblox1

    MrBeast does more than the US government lol

  • i legit don't know or care
    i legit don't know or care

    ur a good man bill and jimmy

  • szialoo

    Most of the billionaires are rude, and just show off, but you, your kind, help people in need, your a good person MrBeast, a good one.

  • william smith
    william smith

    totally awesome, great job, congrats,, god bless........

  • King Castillo
    King Castillo

    I don’t like adds

  • Poodle Life
    Poodle Life

    Do a Holmes Shelter

  • Jan Rylan Castro
    Jan Rylan Castro

    If MrBeast wasn't born the homeless be like: NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO NOTHIN'

  • Literally An Egg
    Literally An Egg




  • pugotron09

    petition to get darron his own channel

  • Gacha Meme YT
    Gacha Meme YT

    1000000 million points in heaven

  • Peter


  • roshan kumar
    roshan kumar

    Watch irfans view SLtoos channel

  • Julian Casale
    Julian Casale

    I have a fun idea for a video, for 3 weeks do what CGP Gray says in this video: sltoos.info/for/sYBn07Z5gqabm6Q/video

  • MademoiselleRia

    Proud to live here

  • Jurassicgamer

    one question how many times has people said god bless you to you

  • jason brilliant
    jason brilliant

    SLtoos should remove the dislike button in this video

  • Beth Mayer
    Beth Mayer

    I'd like to know why people disliked this video I mean if they think mrbeast is annoying I can understand that but any other reason doesn't make sense to me.

  • Oliver Nagle
    Oliver Nagle

    Is it me or I’m still wondering what philanthropy is

  • Imthisan

    Keep up this Great work Jimmy !

  • PREM

    I Love him untill last breath

  • Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat
    Itssupercalafrajilisticgetsmealidocious trysaythat

    Who dislikes this ??

  • D3M0L15H3R

    Bro please lrart how to drive a truck

  • Souless Reaper 70
    Souless Reaper 70

    I wonder how many play buttons he has

  • Ks johnson
    Ks johnson

    I just found his another yt channel

  • Ignacio Molina Pico
    Ignacio Molina Pico

    we need more people like this than a president saying things he never does

  • Harith Danial
    Harith Danial

    Love how he use the money like how it suppose to

  • pat polglaze
    pat polglaze

    i watch ur ads all the way thru

  • Fhoel Justine Coleta
    Fhoel Justine Coleta

    I don't skip ads on Mrbeast, watching ads can contribute much to what he's doing.

  • Fall :D
    Fall :D

    Ew my dad kill a man

  • Goku Saiyan
    Goku Saiyan

    Where’s Chan Chan

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    Make sure to not skip ad or anything , we are helping him lets be a party of history!

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Don’t you do this everyday?

  • Izuku Midoriya fan
    Izuku Midoriya fan

    It this real Mr beast

  • Hitesh Mohapatra
    Hitesh Mohapatra

    Make this Chanel more subs than Jimmy’s main chanel

  • how to parody
    how to parody

    @Narker Bros i deleted my ad blocker

  • Freya Alexander
    Freya Alexander

    every friday before covid we did that.

  • Freya Alexander
    Freya Alexander

    more than oncec!

  • Freya Alexander
    Freya Alexander

    I wonce helped feed the homelees even on thankgiving!!!!!!!!!

  • itsmeChase

    i turned my adblock off just so he could earn more revenue from this vid

  • Monster game play
    Monster game play


  • daIQgamer

    to ppl who dis like. WHY JUST WHY

  • Jesintha Charles
    Jesintha Charles

    God bless him for his good heart

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum

    This guy is a genius, he gives away all the revenue and keeps the button. Free button

  • MrBeast IQ
    MrBeast IQ

    #in one day 100K subscribers

  • MrBeast IQ
    MrBeast IQ

    #in one day 100K subscribers

  • Psycho Boy
    Psycho Boy

    my sub is only for u

  • Solomon Johnson
    Solomon Johnson

    You're a good man beast. Keep up the God's work.

  • iPhone UsR
    iPhone UsR

    *casually turns off Adblock *

  • Ann Magondu
    Ann Magondu

    I love all your channels..Am subscribed to them all..From Kenya Africa with love

  • Kyle Ha
    Kyle Ha

    only if jeff bezos had a heart like MrBeast, then the world wouldn’t be starving

  • PinoyFunny Videos
    PinoyFunny Videos

    i always watcing you video,hope u can visit here in my country philippines and hope you can help here


    Always buy his merch not the one at best buy


    Guys i am saving money to buy mr beasts merch

  • Richard Emmanuel Garme
    Richard Emmanuel Garme

    Hi! Bill!

  • I live on earth zr
    I live on earth zr

    The dislikes are those who don’t have food to eat


    Mrbeast: feeds a city Me: cant even feed my chickens in minecraft

  • Alhassan Bangura
    Alhassan Bangura

    Keep on doing this it is a good deed god blesses you

  • Mukti Kumar Rana
    Mukti Kumar Rana

    But I like your videos

  • Mukti Kumar Rana
    Mukti Kumar Rana

    I am from India

3,6 mio.