Awkward Divorce Drinking Game
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  • Sara Jane Stevens
    Sara Jane Stevens

    why the fuck do they need the shield between them they share a bed

  • brad noneya
    brad noneya

    This made me uncomfortable af

  • Joshua Mathew
    Joshua Mathew

    you should do another "googling myself"

  • Thomas Ngo
    Thomas Ngo

    maaaaaan, missed the opportunity to say “Sex Games Mode”.

  • chelsea pearce
    chelsea pearce

    Cody reacting to cut gotta be one of the best

  • Frank Ortiz Jr
    Frank Ortiz Jr

    i need the timestamp for when they kiss

  • Austin Whatley
    Austin Whatley

    this video killed me bro, so funny!

  • Tyler Marquez
    Tyler Marquez


  • Angel angulo
    Angel angulo

    You should bring back that’s cringe with Noel 👍

  • Omar Ahmad
    Omar Ahmad

    Dude I love how Cody mimics the person “trying to do his job”

  • B-riley

    I’m kind of disappointed in cody for not saying “seX games”....😕

  • Gilly Mc
    Gilly Mc

    Have u reacted to kaitlyn Bennett? Love to see that

  • Srk

    Wtf? They didn’t make eye contact during sex? Yikes

  • Tristen Lay
    Tristen Lay

    when did cody turn into the thing he hated most? a reacting channel

  • Colin Donnelly
    Colin Donnelly

    Cut your hair

  • Julie Sprauer
    Julie Sprauer

    did you ever fart in front of eachother hahahahahhaha

  • Julie Sprauer
    Julie Sprauer

    this video sucked, but you made it funny. lol love ya dude

  • The invisible Girl
    The invisible Girl

    Why the fuck did he grow that long ass hair what the fuck did I mis😭😭

  • O K
    O K

    That girl is literally so frickin pretty to me

  • Montag Skyrunner
    Montag Skyrunner

    This is a great video Cody.

  • wannabebritt

    "how do they find these people?" it's shot in seattle. these people are everywhere.

  • olivia karl
    olivia karl


  • Bec

    ur imitations of the host has me literally ded

  • Reagan Shelton
    Reagan Shelton

    Cody is secretly working for cut undercover

  • Shyla Margaret
    Shyla Margaret

    "ex-babe" T.T I'm dead lol

  • Sabine Paz-LeDraoulec
    Sabine Paz-LeDraoulec

    why was this video just a sequel to "a marriage story"

  • Reagan Koliha
    Reagan Koliha

    1:58 he said that exact same line in the video where people did live skits and tried to get peoples reactions and he talked about being allergic to horses.

  • Xiao Mei
    Xiao Mei

    eughhh the interviewer was a creep

  • Heather Ganuelas
    Heather Ganuelas

    When you sign up for the casting call and you end up separating before they call you back... AND YOU SAY “fuck it” AND STILL GO! Haha

  • Br00tal Cabbage
    Br00tal Cabbage

    It’s a spouse, Cody. Spouse.

  • Jada Carter
    Jada Carter

    Let's make "ex-babe" every time you talk about your ex a thing

  • Alisa Smith
    Alisa Smith

    “babe i-....ex babe, sorry.”

  • Dillion Johnson
    Dillion Johnson

    Pls talk about whistlingdiesel

  • Mcz

    review living the dream from five finger death punch its fucking poop shit fart.

  • Charlee Fearn
    Charlee Fearn

    You need to review Living the Dream by five finger death punch its fucking dumb

  • Briar Cochran
    Briar Cochran

    if you and kelsey ever get married and divorced, will u promise me that you guys will go on this? pls.

  • Mia Hubbard
    Mia Hubbard

    I just flung a stink bug across my room

  • Taylor Saye
    Taylor Saye

    This just makes me want to drink a lot

  • Noah Harris
    Noah Harris

    2:05 I like ya butt g "smacs it"

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes

    I’m the guy in the CUT video lol AMA

  • Drucilla DeVille
    Drucilla DeVille

    For anyone wondering “thinking of cheating” most likely translates to “the opportunity was there” meaning he had developed an intimate relationship outside of his marriage and was likely hiding it from his wife. It’s called emotional cheating and can do more damage than physical cheating because of how much more effort and time goes into it.

  • Nav

    @2:30 LMAO

  • Sebastijan Nađ
    Sebastijan Nađ

    With that hair, Cody looks like a homeless version of Conan Gray

  • Hayden Pike
    Hayden Pike

    It’s so weird how they seem to get along really well, like with the stereotype of divorced people hating each other.

  • Isabella Petrillose
    Isabella Petrillose

    i feel like thinking about cheating is worse than like accidentally cheating

  • Pomuiri 494
    Pomuiri 494

    The host is down astronomically!!!!

  • Alexia Vakarian
    Alexia Vakarian

    When they were talking about the almost cheating she was SO upset like holy 😳 I get it but clearly she's VERY hurt and needs healing

  • Corn Corn
    Corn Corn

    Love the hair my man :)

  • Rygeritan

    Cody, you got your spunk back. I like it.

  • Fletcher Falvey
    Fletcher Falvey

    Frictionless video man

  • Victoria Baker
    Victoria Baker

    Can’t wait to see you at UNL bestie ☝️😏

  • Imaad Hakim
    Imaad Hakim

    Thank for for calling out the creepy ass camera man 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Lainey Surzhko
    Lainey Surzhko

    episode 92733 of cody trying to get the cut to invite him on the show

  • Izzy S
    Izzy S

    "it pops up once in a while" Why he talking abt her butt like it's the apple software update notification??

  • Josephine Buckland
    Josephine Buckland

    Cody marry Kelsey you 30 year old wimp

  • Jovial Jared
    Jovial Jared


  • SparksTheDarks

    Dude this is terribly good, I was cringing so bad.

  • Taryn Rice
    Taryn Rice

    When Cody doesn’t know what bashful means. Has this man never seen Snow White

  • eli ross
    eli ross

    Bro get a damn haircut 😂

  • Inovis _HD
    Inovis _HD

    This level of cringe should be illegal

  • Mo 676
    Mo 676

    This is the laziest video cody could have possibly made

  • Kevin Ghost
    Kevin Ghost

    They’re still fucking

  • Demris Jada
    Demris Jada

    "Sorry ex babe"

  • Maddie C
    Maddie C

    Do a video on Married At First Sight from Netflix, it's ridiulous

  • Kody Spishock
    Kody Spishock

    She got "revved up" riding on that motorcycle with him.

  • larissa rocha
    larissa rocha

    im dead asf

  • Julie M
    Julie M i in a cult now? cody is this jonestown? cody plz i dont want to put the nikes on....

  • Walker

    opie from soa?

  • Jackson J
    Jackson J

    I watched 3 Cody Ko videos in a row and now I'm gay. Don't believe, try it.

  • Autumn Krenik
    Autumn Krenik

    Watched this while piercing my nipples. Thanks homie

  • Greg Noroian
    Greg Noroian

    “WELCOME TO HOLLYW” has me literally dying

  • Certified Bop
    Certified Bop

    Cody’s forehead is HUGE

  • Jenny-Lynn-Rose

    "Yeah I thought about cheating on you" Wtf how did they end up getting married. I'm not trying to judge but Jesus that poor girl

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz

    The horny interviewer must return in the sequel. You ever wonder if they ask the couples that they bring on the show anything besides sex? Like, I get it. Sex sells. That’s what’s the most juicy part of a relationship is, but I would like some more variety please. Then again, that might just be asking too much of The Cut. Edit: I swear I made this comment before Cody said the same thing. What are the odds of that? Literally right after Cody made the joke about the interviewer’s weird questions, I wrote this comment.

  • saks 04
    saks 04

    i tried watching a "the cut" video and their so trashy but somehow watching Cody watch them is just quality content

  • Meenakshi Gour
    Meenakshi Gour

    The host try to extract a lot of content from the couple

  • Lynzee

    The dude asking the questions gives me porn director/casting couch interviewer vibes

  • Haley Bartel
    Haley Bartel

    6:21 my dad's name is gary i flinched

  • joseph skrezyna
    joseph skrezyna

    Why are they like perfectly matching like a couple?

  • BMass TV™
    BMass TV™

    How to divorce, in a God honoring way.

  • Klara

    Why have I watched this before ?

  • Iris Lovett
    Iris Lovett

    He should do the Twins one

  • YMF_Brit

    Missed opportunity to call it the Sex Games

  • isabel lilly
    isabel lilly

    i love your humor 😂

  • Tiffany Adams
    Tiffany Adams

    holy SHIT i laughed so hard when he would imitate the host

  • heartless hamster
    heartless hamster

    why is nobody talking about how he says "the cut" instead of "cut" GIRL IT'S JUST CUT

  • Flo

    who came up with this idea and why? this is so uncomfortable to watch.

  • n_k

    Cody’s face journey LOL 9:32-10:00

  • Sophia Reacts410
    Sophia Reacts410

    Cody i’m 3 minutes in and i can’t handle this

  • BB Online
    BB Online

    Cody, he was dying inside for sure.

  • TJ666gunshot54

    Someone drop her twitch

  • canadianguy34


  • 1nto The Fray
    1nto The Fray

    Cody: “why are we watching this?” Me: lol idk it’s your vid but of which I clicked on soooo🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Anna Kiser
    Anna Kiser

    the best part of this video was Cody having to google what bashful meant

  • Sameer Hussein
    Sameer Hussein

    Cody looks like Roaring Kitty.

  • Alexia Valadez
    Alexia Valadez


  • Max Minichiello
    Max Minichiello

    All fun and games and then all the sudden she just started DRILLING into him halfway through

  • Emilie V
    Emilie V

    Wow I’m the latest Chodester :/

  • Ertzu zubo
    Ertzu zubo

    how expensive were your teeth bro?

  • Orion Samson
    Orion Samson

    New Tatt?