Jake Paul - 23 (Official Music Video) Starring Logan Paul
Jake Paul
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Save "23" to your music library 👉🏼 lnk.to/JP23
Save "23" to your music library 👉🏼 lnk.to/JP23
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Directed by: Jake Paul
DP/Edit: Logan Meis
Steadi: Aser Santos Jr.
1st AC: Chris Pinto
2nd AC: Donald Turner
G&E: Special Purpose Lighting & Grip
Producers: Nolan Riddle & Marcos Guerrero
DP: Logan Meis
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)
This years in the makin shit why would I lie
Dreamed of the whip now I don’t even drive
I got a chauffeur
She told me I’m drivin her crazy
She hate what I’m doin online
10 in a week and I’m just not suprised
I had to take that one home to the guys
I got the feds watchin
Haters watchin
News watchin that’s a whole lotta eyes
I went and Flooded my wrist
For the fuck of this shit
While these rappers just run out of time
I’m here forever
This lives televised
Ain’t no way they could take none from any of mine
That boy a vette
And he still on the rise
Rolls or the Bentley shit I can’t decide
I got the paparazzi at the front of my door
I can’t leave shit I need a disguise
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)

  • Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids
    Challenge to get 15,100 subs with no vids

    I’m I the only one who’s starting to like his new songs?

    • Ice K
      Ice K

      @Axnw why do you think?🤣

    • Moncreep

      Well yeah cause he got ghostwriters

    • Saj

      Bunch of 5 year olds here

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki

      Did he write it tho?

    • Thanos is bae
      Thanos is bae

      He pinned a bots comment 🤣

  • Tw1st.

    Looks like jake has been playing with louigi board cuz this song got ghosts all over it

  • D4NIEL Animations
    D4NIEL Animations

    2x try it

    • Insanity0

      Or mute it's even better

  • Scott Voak
    Scott Voak

    Everything Erika Costas in walking around she's nice you can see Erika Costa really good on SLtoos

  • Maniac

    I love the jake paul woke up and people are outraged like that's too true

  • Firas Atieh
    Firas Atieh

    As a basketball Fan, This is a disgrace to the Jordan name

  • superollie lucky to listen to me
    superollie lucky to listen to me

    At least he believes in global warming I guess

  • Isaiah Atkins
    Isaiah Atkins

    who else ain no he smoked 😂

  • Zack Djaroudib
    Zack Djaroudib

    This comfy is very good

  • Brandon Cole Minyen
    Brandon Cole Minyen

    23 is the most fire song out right now compared to any rapper no cap

  • -_PERSEUS _-
    -_PERSEUS _-

    Ten pocit že to je Čech a má 20 mil subs

  • Project Phantom
    Project Phantom

    i see jake paul is now dropping music made by his ghost writers

  • black milkjizz
    black milkjizz

    This song is actually good

  • Sp4wn



    It's fresh outtta London part 2

  • Akashdip Singh
    Akashdip Singh


  • staring at things
    staring at things

    why he dancing like that🤭😂

  • Tragik Mango
    Tragik Mango

    Imagine clamming so much money and you can’t even afford a original MJ Jersey? Foulllll

  • DowelFuRY 09
    DowelFuRY 09

    Welp that is a lot of 💰 did you accidentally broke your piggy bank???

  • Tipi YT
    Tipi YT

    Who else misses old jake

  • aparecida ribeiro
    aparecida ribeiro

    why nsp bixweir pokerface hurricane idolroom

  • Sanitized - Roblox & More
    Sanitized - Roblox & More

    most rappers rap about sex money drugs murder , but jake paul raps about a giant money bag

  • Probelix

    Dumb fact: he copied the music from Itune and musicologists


    Wanna be rapper

  • juan garcia
    juan garcia

    Hey Jake I like your songs

  • Kevin Skatez9
    Kevin Skatez9

    on god a other wanna be

  • Mario Fils
    Mario Fils

    23 vs Really love??? Reply with your answer

  • ryan clune
    ryan clune

    i love this

  • Elijah Scott
    Elijah Scott

    Jake Paul is a great Rapper Like!! If you disagree.

  • Elijah Scott
    Elijah Scott

    give it a week and he will have more dislike then likes i think he would have got the point by now.

  • Jennifer Gomez
    Jennifer Gomez

    Uhhhhhhh, its actually okay??!

  • Angel M Mulero Fontan
    Angel M Mulero Fontan

    yo youre new song its lit

  • CraksFN

    D'anglelo Wallace Anyone??

  • xskengzzz _
    xskengzzz _

    Jake Paul the type of guy to try and drown a fish

  • Manni Films
    Manni Films


  • Beulah Boshoff
    Beulah Boshoff

    The songs good

  • snap- stray
    snap- stray

    I hear your music on ps4 spotify

  • evan

    21 wannabe

  • Sophia Tehehe
    Sophia Tehehe

    Ngl this fire its catchy like fr I listened to this 6times and honestly it's good

  • Pejkov

    Bruh this music is TRASH GARBAGE 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️ Of course its all about money, girls, expensive cars At least KSI music is way better because there is no expensive cars,girls and money just a good music video. But this is just 🤮

  • Lexi :]
    Lexi :]

    Let's get this to more dislikes Than likes

  • oscar rivas
    oscar rivas

    he probly said the n word because of his ghostwriter lol

  • Chase Ok
    Chase Ok

    Producers: you just wanna say the f word 30 times? Jake: 💯%

  • Mr Future
    Mr Future

    Who else want’s ksi to beat jake paul .

  • Metadragon

    This song isn’t even 2 minutes long and it’s still the most repetitive song I’ve ever heard.

  • 9999

    no way mans went from its everday bro and ohio fried chicken to fresh outta london and 23 jake paul: *choughs in ghostwriter*

  • fazal qazi
    fazal qazi

    he literally stole a drake lyric for his chorus

  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee

    Isn’t this the song that hits hard on mute? 🥶

  • W Miller
    W Miller

    It was actually pretty good!

  • Predayed

    Bruh fresh outta London 2.0

  • SamsZUP

    Whos here after dummy

  • pilyliney

    Jake paul slapsss jheeeeez💨

  • Samuel Edwards
    Samuel Edwards

    He hits different on mute

  • Sean Govaerts
    Sean Govaerts

    Maybach price be droppin after you by it waste of money, everybody know it, you out here acting dumb, every girl that see your face run.

  • Dian Chente
    Dian Chente

    I got y’all 2:06

  • Omar Almutairi
    Omar Almutairi

    Keep the Songs Coming 🔥

  • Deepak Iyer
    Deepak Iyer


  • Regular Remmzy
    Regular Remmzy

    Ok ok ok, so i came to hear the music because i was watching a keemstar video and bruh.. i might actually add this to the playlist

  • WeeZ Repz
    WeeZ Repz

    You know what, this isn’t bad, 7/10 🙂👍🏼

  • Kaydan Whiteside
    Kaydan Whiteside

    I'm a KSI fan but this is good.... its a shame its an obvious ghost writer.

    • Marsel J
      Marsel J

      Who was the ghost writer?

  • ezmonaik commander
    ezmonaik commander

    Its everyday bro wit the disney channel flow

  • Tate Pack
    Tate Pack

    The new ones are good but they’d be better if you were honest

  • Angela Patterson
    Angela Patterson

    Boooooo. Stop making music please!!!!!!!

  • retr0seesyo u
    retr0seesyo u

    stop please

  • TJSlickKid

    1:31 when a white kid thinks he 1% black

  • TJSlickKid

    the way this dude said "no cap" lmao

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    When designer writes his songs: fire 🔥 but when jake paul writes it own songs ITS EVERYDAY BRO WITH THE DISNEY CHANNEL FLOW

  • ItsNot - Jeff
    ItsNot - Jeff

    Remember when he said he has better songs than fresh out of London.... well that was a lie

  • Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Robinson

    This song is awesome 😎

  • Chubz 2 Goated
    Chubz 2 Goated

    When the sidemen 24 hour song challenges slap way harder than this

  • Jacki Bellard
    Jacki Bellard


  • ELIEZER THE BEST Kirishima
    ELIEZER THE BEST Kirishima

    So fire

  • Kader Samb
    Kader Samb

    Deeeaaaaamn bro ,you're a very rapper man, god daaamn

  • Polzk Playz
    Polzk Playz

    When you find out your 1 percent black

  • Luka Hines
    Luka Hines

    this guy made a whole song to victimize himself hahahaha

  • Ninja 901 master
    Ninja 901 master

    It lit

  • X.Y Gaming
    X.Y Gaming

    Everyone thinks they can rap Nowadays I can't even rap the first 5 words.

  • Jerri 0000
    Jerri 0000

    The best part 2:06

  • Kate C
    Kate C

    how are you 23 sitting on 23? probably bc you scammed children out of their parents money 🤔

  • NASCAR Bros
    NASCAR Bros

    This is so bad

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee

    The thing is his songs are decent when they're written by ghost writers, his new song flopped big time

    • HajijasReacts

      if the rapper gets ghost writers for 2 of his 3 songs and writes the last one lmao

    • Shadow II
      Shadow II

      I'm using your logic btw, if a rapper makes 2 good songs then the next one is bad. = Ghost writer??

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    Definition of letting fame change u

  • Raul Vazquez
    Raul Vazquez

    Say the same thing too kuch

  • Snowblind Beats
    Snowblind Beats

    this beat goes hard, idc what anyone says

  • Samah Kamal
    Samah Kamal

    It's so bad🤫🤫🤫

  • Bota Hillis
    Bota Hillis

    jake there’s a global pandemic put yo mask back on

  • Ghouley

    Am I the only one liking hes new songs 🤤❤🔥

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor

    Such a wasted beat


    19 years old

  • Sargent Savage
    Sargent Savage

    No no no no no no no no😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Brayant Ndefua
    Brayant Ndefua

    The song is good and I do like it, but please never say "no cap" again. You didn't even use it right, no disrespect tho

  • Cherice Young
    Cherice Young

    This song lit ass f***

  • mr. name
    mr. name

    Omg do hear shake sauce

  • Francisco Garza
    Francisco Garza

    Bro this is the sickest song I’ve ever heard

  • Kgotso Mphela
    Kgotso Mphela

    No cap

  • xby

    See the difference beetween this and his new one is just major im just saying i went to his new song cuz of this one and that ones traaasshhh

  • Hope Chinwuba
    Hope Chinwuba

    the "NO CAP" in the beginning sent me

  • Ay Yoo
    Ay Yoo

    My mans was smoking weeed😂😂😂

  • villiankiller 200
    villiankiller 200


  • vapids

    Dislikes are insane