Famous Singers RECORDING in the Studio (NO AUTOTUNE)
Let's find out what these singers voices sounds like RAW
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Edited by Joshua Fish

  • Sun Storm
    Sun Storm

    I wish someone had told you about the Katy Perry clip being simlish because I think it makes her more impressive to have to sing in a made-up gibberish video game lyrics.

  • Christopher Han
    Christopher Han

    me: dosent care that much of music Joel: very strict in music

  • 10б Ариунзул
    10б Ариунзул

    Yeah that Jennifer Lopez's song's word was weird more like lame i did think if she was making that right on the spot(?is that right)

  • Cess Yu
    Cess Yu

    I was hoping Hayley Williams was here. Thank god she is

  • Nate Cox
    Nate Cox

    Ya I gotta have my Roomie

  • username 2177
    username 2177

    You should see Jungkook from BTS recording “Euphoria”, it’s really good!🥰🥰

  • Rollin Spot
    Rollin Spot

    Omg I'm so hate this videos because not jessie j in there

  • Shauni

    lol Shawn needs to start working on getting his fanbase back, because there's almost no one left xD

  • Sude Naz Bayrak
    Sude Naz Bayrak

    Wich song does kesha sings

  • Pol Hi
    Pol Hi

    why cant you compliment my girl taylor without saying a shady comment after 😭😭

  • hayleynzlive

    Celine Dion is the best! Incredible talent

  • Alaina Holycross
    Alaina Holycross

    whenEVER i hear or see taylor swift sing i always think of that lady pig in the movie Sing NO OFFENSE TO HER LITTLE MONSTERS me:......

  • Alana Houchens
    Alana Houchens

    3:23 If you're wondering, here's Taylor Swift

  • H Jurassic
    H Jurassic

    Celine Dion!!!

  • Kwasant Burgla
    Kwasant Burgla

    i’m not a big taylor swift fan but she makes me wannabe when she sings like that

  • Ray Hope
    Ray Hope

    Roomie needs to look at Heart. He willl love their amazing talent!

  • Claudia Mejias
    Claudia Mejias

    OK. JLO keep dancing please


    Me: *see’s Ari* CLICKATY CLICK CLICK!!

  • TheGirliegirl1998

    Roomie still has a chance with her

  • Ray Hope
    Ray Hope

    Fun fact: Christina Aguilera's dad ia Ecuadorian.

  • ana samsudin
    ana samsudin

    Joel is cute

  • micha-estla

    I can’t tell if I hate or love this guy. He’s funny but ignorant at times 💀

  • demisaysstuff

    You were very gentle with JLo

  • Evan Hamre
    Evan Hamre

    This video should be famous female raw recordings cause its like just all female. Not hating just saying it that the title should be different

  • RICKO_music

    Charlie puth could have been added 😕😕

  • Noémie Gingras
    Noémie Gingras

    René is dead, you can have your chance 😅

  • • Mary_xyz •
    • Mary_xyz •

    Joel: *does intro 2 minutes in*

  • Starburstnova

    You do realize Kesha is in fact a songwriter and writes most of her own stuff, as well as writing for other artists like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Miranda Cosgrove, and more...right? Her mom is a songwriter who wrote for artists like Dolly Parton too. She might be putting on a bit of a show for the camera (although that was filmed by her brother) but she absolutely does have a huge hand in writing her own material. In fact, in that documentary, she was frustrated because her producers kept rejecting her songs.

  • shelby hawkins
    shelby hawkins

    Hey Joel can you make that deep dive into bts video you talked about in the boy bands vs girl bands video please?

  • Jess kamanari bro kamanri Hi
    Jess kamanari bro kamanri Hi

    I love roomies videos he sounds so great and amazing love his voice and so talented

  • minhenleah

    If you want to look at someone that is incredible live and uncut, listen to Amy Lee from Evanescence. I have heard her multiple times sing live on radio shows and honestly can’t tell the difference between live and studio

  • Aleyo Fernandez
    Aleyo Fernandez

    I like J lo as an artist, but let's be honest, she does not have a good singing voice.

  • Tori Tellini
    Tori Tellini

    Celine is now a widow, so you still have a chance and Fergie is pronounced with a soft g like girl.


    Morissette Amon: 👁👄👁

  • Elijah Gadiano
    Elijah Gadiano

    Singer back then was pure talent But some singer now a days mostly using autotune

  • Jay Mark
    Jay Mark

    mariah: *holding lyrics* joel: memorize it already beyoncé: *holding lyrics* joel: understandable, have a nice day

  • Amy Ellen
    Amy Ellen

    I was watching on full screen and with the britney one, I was wondering why tf my mouse wasn't getting off the screen

  • 미와 Miwa.
    미와 Miwa.

    JLO sounded so offkey- just.. fuck no..

  • green shadow
    green shadow

    Joel mind: man i want to kiss Selena so bad

  • Ana Laura Limeira
    Ana Laura Limeira

    I feel sad when I hear people saying that selena gome can't sing. She don't have a vocal range like Jessie J, Demi lovato, but on concerts her voice is not that bad

    • Ana Laura Limeira
      Ana Laura Limeira


  • Pedro Neto
    Pedro Neto

    I guess it is a Brazillian video...🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Hans-Henning Terp-Hansen
    Hans-Henning Terp-Hansen

    Hi Joel. Notice the production in the videoclip of the track I Will Be There with Britney turned out to be the basis of the smash hit breakthrough single ...Baby One More Time. The track for I Will Be There was redone in a more pop/soft way but the vocals were used as they were, being a bit overdone/aggressive to fit the original production. Btw Cheiron/Maratone/Martin Sandberg is probably the single largest contribution to modern pop-music within the last 30 years or so. I REALLY admire Martins skills and his marvelous songwriting and production. Did you ever meet Martin? Thanks for good videos!

  • littlemouse91019

    So Beyonce beats everyone?

  • Scott Lemay
    Scott Lemay

    I have way more respect for Carrie underwood after this. 🤔❤️

  • rEaR vIeW
    rEaR vIeW

    I need to see more of Zayn in these type of videos. He’s a vocal king

  • Taali

    Im with you joel... Jlo is a better actress/dancer.. she shoudl have stuck to those things. Its a typical situation where an actor or singer has resources to cross over into the other space, and they are just meh.

  • Lizzy Bear Crossing
    Lizzy Bear Crossing

    Hi Roomie nice to see you today... *again*

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin

    How dare you say the Barbara Streisand was a little off! That is a legend( this fake anger). I get it though she is not for everyone.When she did movies she would never sing playback. She always sang live vocals so she get the true emotions of the song. They would then mix it in post.

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin

    I am so glad those Mariah and Brittney were early clips. They don't sound that good anymore. Just too much smoking.

  • MyFantasticNails

    I used to love Jlo back in the day. Her songs were amazing and the way she acted seemed so real to me... knowing what I know now.... I really cannot be a fan anymore. She literally cannot sing and steals other female singer's voices. She literally doesn't sing 'I'm Real' in her song. How fake can someone be. So, that this studiorecording was no surprise either.

  • Caterina canzano
    Caterina canzano

    you have to react to Ariana Grande recording No Tears Left To Cry, it's just perfect

  • Mr Monkey
    Mr Monkey

    Skeeba deeba in a yard.

  • Sileara Mel
    Sileara Mel

    Beyonce 🏆

  • S Edits
    S Edits

    Stop hating on JUSTIN BIEBER.. He's bigger and more loved that you'll ever be

  • antoine marcotte
    antoine marcotte

    René angelil has been dead for like 5years

  • Joanna

    That Taylor clip was so fire

  • Erazem Ajig
    Erazem Ajig

    Jennifer Lopez had some nice songs, but not the voice

  • BasicallyIRush

    You should do a rappers singing review. Such as, Trippie Redd.

  • davud.

    who clicked this because they though Ariana Grande looked like Talia Mar in the thumbnail

  • Niamh Duggan
    Niamh Duggan

    imma say it, Beyonce made this video

  • real belieber
    real belieber

    Joel : Bieber uses live autotune Me : but every singer do

  • Megan Oettlé
    Megan Oettlé

    Joel, I get the vibe you aren't the biggest Hayley Williams/Paramore fan... She's an incredible vocalist and should get some respect as one of the few female leads in Rock bands...

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Joel: Is she married? Say she’s not married Me: she’s widowed Joel: Nooo, René! You stole her! Come on, René, give her up! Me: well he died 4 years ago, so I guess he did

  • dawidwsmole

    What's the song by Celine Dion in the video?

  • Sne

    That was the We Belong Together Remix that Mariah was recording !!!!

  • TechBaffle

    Joel on a Gardening Show: 12:15 AHHHH that GRAVEL

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Shawn Mendes was out of breath

  • TechBaffle

    0:28 Thought I left Cities Skylines open


    HI ROOMIE!!! please react to Taylor Swift's 2018 AMA Performance " I Did Something Bad" TY

  • Arvind AnilKumar
    Arvind AnilKumar

    oh my gosh,jennifer lopez is the best 1!!!!!!!

  • Marife Ibarra
    Marife Ibarra

    even without autotune their voices are beautiful but they are really singers😄😘😘😍

  • putera haziman
    putera haziman

    am I going crazy or is katy perry not in the video..?

  • putera haziman
    putera haziman

    oh my gosh, jennifer lopez is the best1!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Prevo
    Amanda Prevo

    Joel, Celine’s husband passed away in 2016. It’s been 5 years. I’d say it has been long enough for you to make a move. 😉

  • adamp108

    Joel - you're a cool tone.

  • XxSimbaM321xX

    When you only do your intro 2 minutes into the video lol

  • Erin Weeks
    Erin Weeks

    cmon joel how comes you don't know fluent simlish!!! ahahha

  • Akun Spammers
    Akun Spammers

    2:23, well i thought you're forgot the opening tho😂

  • Tiger Lillie
    Tiger Lillie

    Roomie has made me way more cynical about peoples vocal takes.

  • Živa Pogačnik
    Živa Pogačnik


  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Joel: Is she married? Say she’s not married Me: she’s widowed Joel: Nooo, René! You stole her! Come on, René, give her up! Me: well he died 4 years ago, so I guess he did

    • Chemeleon15

      Why copy paste?

  • Ladinette Charm
    Ladinette Charm

    Shawn Mendes was out of breath

  • Ladinette Charm
    Ladinette Charm

    Ari sounds better without auto tune . Taylor Swift 's voice is perfect. It's so high

  • Raynicah Fernandez
    Raynicah Fernandez

    it always triggers me that he does his intro in the middle of the video auhauahjuiajid

  • Baerno

    I notice you're pretty quick to pick out auto tuning in your videos. I've never messed with it being that I suck. I was wondering though, is that producer ear from having played with it a lot?

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      why is Chris Brown never added in any of these kind of videos ?

  • EXO Mekhi
    EXO Mekhi

    How many subs can i get from this comment

  • EXO Mekhi
    EXO Mekhi

    How many subs can i get from this comment

  • Jyderne

    Roomie actually Celine Dion's husband died so ig she's free

  • Julie Zaagsma
    Julie Zaagsma

    I just really want to buy Joel a chapstick, those cracky lips are all I can focus on after binge watching all of his awesome videos hahahah

  • ToadsworthLuigi

    Ooof Jennifer Lopez that is not the way to go for your voice stop that *wack*

  • Maurice Nguilok
    Maurice Nguilok

    I was just watching that video

  • NiceBowser

    Let’s be honest, roomie is all making us a little less depressed, amirite? -MH prof

  • Kelly Hazelett
    Kelly Hazelett

    Celine is the Queen. Her husband died.

  • Kelly Hazelett
    Kelly Hazelett

    Jennifer Lopez voice sucks.

  • seniorenyore

    Roomie.... your chance is still open. shes a widow now. (Sorry thats in poor taste). Rene died like.. 4 years ago.

  • sky cloud
    sky cloud

    I am hoping Brendon Urie is in here but seeing as how he isn’t in the thumbnail, guessing right now he isn’t

  • Seth Bender
    Seth Bender

    Celine is the best their ever was.

  • Cristina Chichi
    Cristina Chichi

    Ariana has some recording performances way better than this! For example she doing the ad Libs for her back to you... she sounds so amazing that even the producer is shocked

  • Jules

    Please react to Taylor’s song writing videos when she was writing for her album Reputation !!!

  • Ferdnand Kunda
    Ferdnand Kunda

    why is Chris Brown never added in any of these kind of videos ?

  • Louise Kanon
    Louise Kanon

    Selena Gomez crew claims she's so good that she nails it the first time she's recording at the studio. But when you listen to her live performances she uses autotune, lip-syncing and sounds really awful. She's stunning but.....😖

    • Pranjal Giri
      Pranjal Giri

      Her most of live performances are amazingly good,there was only one or two songs she used to lip sync one of them being come and get it which was written for rihanna,she even said that thats why it difficult for her to sing that song, though her recent ama performance was just straight up bad