The *RANDOM* MYTHIC BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!
New random mythic boss challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Today we randomize the 5 superheroes with mythic weapons currently in the game and try to win the game using them to get 5 eliminations. Wolverine, Iron Man, Black Panther, Doctor Doom and Storm - let's see who we get!
Music by Epidemic Sound:

  • Thario Mars
    Thario Mars

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    Caca Cheto

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    Guest Guest

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    Alexia G.

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    the gamer

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    Georgia Lumley

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  • Valentina San
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  • Haley Poore
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  • Dustin Vanover
    Dustin Vanover

    I started crying when I was watching this cuze I burnt my hand

  • Samantha Marinaro
    Samantha Marinaro

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  • ZAINJR _ 7
    ZAINJR _ 7


  • Gina Spellman
    Gina Spellman

    I’m doin everything, I have not is and I used ur code 100000000 times at this point

    • Gina Spellman
      Gina Spellman

      I used the code Srry

  • Donna Montoya
    Donna Montoya

    Black ⚫

  • Landen Schaick
    Landen Schaick

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  • Landen Schaick
    Landen Schaick


  • Pei Li Chou
    Pei Li Chou

    Tg is better then Ninja

  • Dylan Stubbs
    Dylan Stubbs


  • Angie Smith
    Angie Smith


  • Luka Dragič
    Luka Dragič


  • Bethany Soper
    Bethany Soper

    The like button is already white it turns black

  • Xd Jdarmanin
    Xd Jdarmanin

    10:51 Zisc killed someone

  • one click
    one click

    10:49 Look at the kill feed, it's zisc

  • Emily Duff
    Emily Duff

    My like button type like this time

  • Delaney Robinson
    Delaney Robinson

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  • NolyPlaysGames Pro
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  • i drop me ice cream
    i drop me ice cream

    Me: hitting wolverine for 100 Wolverine: im coming for you boi *running toward me* Me: OH nUh oH *dying Tg vs wolverine: tg: easy peasy

  • Eyoab Tesfaye
    Eyoab Tesfaye


  • Katherine Eastwood
    Katherine Eastwood


  • Katherine Eastwood
    Katherine Eastwood


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  • Carlyle Jimenez
    Carlyle Jimenez

    what about black pather

  • Playhouse

    My like button turns white

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    • ImortalDragon456

      EXACTLY. he is a dumb dumb with the colour of the like button once u pressed it.

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  • Cupid

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  • dar zohir
    dar zohir

    Hold up why is tg using other gun's i thought he said this was a mythic only challenge

  • Taja Burks
    Taja Burks

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  • Rodney Pineda
    Rodney Pineda

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  • Rodney Pineda
    Rodney Pineda

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  • Saffron B
    Saffron B

    TG: I hit Wolverine, not a real Wolverine, The kid he hit: 👁👄👁

  • Jacqueline Chavis
    Jacqueline Chavis

    My turn black 😍

  • Jacqueline Chavis
    Jacqueline Chavis

    Tristan is the I used to brew a game in the ice

  • Jahzekiel Morton
    Jahzekiel Morton


  • Jayvian Jayvian’s univers
    Jayvian Jayvian’s univers

    I got a win only using doctor doom weapons

  • tyshawn walker
    tyshawn walker

    My like botton terns black

  • Evan loves Luka 2020
    Evan loves Luka 2020

    There isn't a black panther🤦‍♂️ and notice how he didn't get it ONCE

  • Matthew & Michelle Smith
    Matthew & Michelle Smith

    It was black

  • Tiana Taylor
    Tiana Taylor

    Chad wild clay????? Or black panther chad

  • Serena Lundelius
    Serena Lundelius


  • Diondra Staggers
    Diondra Staggers

    Im a boy an this is my mom old phone i got mad when that dude on the zipe line took tgs kill

    • one click
      one click

      Typical gamer do you know that when you when you use the important thing to fly away meeting to another weapon and it won’t let you jump

  • Victoria Diaz
    Victoria Diaz


  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith


  • Alicia Garcia
    Alicia Garcia


  • Stephen Cable
    Stephen Cable


  • Wei Huang
    Wei Huang

    Do you know you look at McNichols landmark in Enders showman the game update to your thing but still dare you didn’t bother dad

  • Khamir George
    Khamir George

    Black and White

  • Louis Loolio
    Louis Loolio

    It was dark

  • shazan chaudhary
    shazan chaudhary


  • Max-Unlimited2013

    Eg was i by his wife in law and his father in the state 🧑🏾‍💻

  • Okami Ui
    Okami Ui

    Where is storms And black panthers boss because i do no9t know where it is

  • darielle


  • GalaxyGalaxyy

    Rip black Panther

  • The 2 Buddy's
    The 2 Buddy's

  • The 2 Buddy's
    The 2 Buddy's


  • The 2 Buddy's
    The 2 Buddy's


  • Ayden Patat
    Ayden Patat


  • Max Munoz
    Max Munoz

    I did

  • Max Munoz
    Max Munoz

    Did I wach this already?

  • Mahdi Aljanabi
    Mahdi Aljanabi


  • Slava Truskovskis
    Slava Truskovskis

    i deon 28 kills

  • Slava Truskovskis
    Slava Truskovskis

    black blue

  • caroline njoroge
    caroline njoroge

    Mine went white

  • Krishna Joshi
    Krishna Joshi

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  • marvin toledo
    marvin toledo

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  • nabila shukoor
    nabila shukoor

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  • Deb Jessen
    Deb Jessen

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  • Jc Simón Nabor
    Jc Simón Nabor

    why you didnt do black pather and storm

  • G Walks
    G Walks


  • James Malo
    James Malo

    Coler wite

  • Amanda Fitzgerald
    Amanda Fitzgerald

    do more

  • Zinxo

    Did anyone here the dude say “you suck!” When he started buildfighting as wolverine the first game?

  • Soul Sniper
    Soul Sniper

    11:11 he swore

  • Wolf Pups
    Wolf Pups

    Black for me

  • Mila Hewitt
    Mila Hewitt

    I have only got 8 kills in a match 😶😶😶

  • Jessica F
    Jessica F

    I cant beat wolverine can anybody help me

  • Jeremiah and the Boyz
    Jeremiah and the Boyz


  • Jayden Moctezuma
    Jayden Moctezuma

    So every time when I’m playing battle lab everytime I have every mythic when i jump using iron mans gotlends it doesn’t let me jump and when I use doctor dooms gotleands it doesn’t let me jump or with the Wolvering claws I’m glad they removed the charge shot gun it sucks

  • far amen
    far amen

    Typical gamer do you know that when you when you use the important thing to fly away meeting to another weapon and it won’t let you jump

  • Tyson Cox
    Tyson Cox

    it is blue for me

  • Brett Callison
    Brett Callison

    4:55 i thought carges were gone excuse me

  • Emilio Hernandez
    Emilio Hernandez

    yeah mine is black

  • Adrian Carter
    Adrian Carter

    13:43 why did you not use the unibme

  • Cian James Claude Stewart
    Cian James Claude Stewart


Gold AG - Tornado
348 tis.
Gold AG - Tornado
348 tis.