I Survived 800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...
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In this Minecraft video I survive 800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.
100 Days Video Playlist: sltoos.info/news/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof.html
Wither Rose Farm: sltoos.info/for/3JeoltVleaV0mX4/video
Wither Killing Machine: sltoos.info/for/p3SG3bydnaFpu6w/video
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    Thanks so much for watching guys! Remember if you'd like to watch the Full Series you can click here! sltoos.info/news/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof.html

    • Krishna Manjunath Sharma
      Krishna Manjunath Sharma

      Idk why u suffered trying to drain a monument wadzee differed doing that😂😂

    • Kareem Abdul-Akbar
      Kareem Abdul-Akbar

      Your a redstone genius SB737 I’m a command block genius

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      TNP Beast

      You almost have 2million

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      Fathimath Niyaza

      Plz do 900days ok

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      Riley Evans

      Can u do 800-900 days on Saturday?

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    Shlok Vivek Patil


  • J0ShY b0Y hello
    J0ShY b0Y hello

    to make a full becon is 200 hours of gameplay just letting you know

  • Tselat, Chelsea, and Layla are my Shawtys
    Tselat, Chelsea, and Layla are my Shawtys

    “they are on top of eachother” thats what she said.. k im done with life

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    I ringed the bell

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    Total Gaming - Roblox & Minecraft

    2 mil

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    Kermit The Frog

    Someone tell him he has stacks of redstone at his raid farm...

  • nh sw
    nh sw

    The screeching toad postauricularly meddle because sudan intraspecifically analyse across a nasty freckle. fantastic, soft dog

  • Sao Junqueira
    Sao Junqueira

    Sugarcane grows faster on sand

  • fowergamer

    go to the XP farm it’s satisfying

  • michael flowers
    michael flowers


  • Fortnite Boi
    Fortnite Boi

    Congrats on 2 mill

  • Marvin Baloya
    Marvin Baloya

    Hey I have a great challenge for you beet pro1234 at 1vs1

  • AliceBsMom

    He says so close Oop, he is there

  • SecreterPlays Gang
    SecreterPlays Gang

    " Diamond Armour Is For Peasants " Me who has diamond armour : And I took that personally

  • michel paquile
    michel paquile

    If you took the blaze rods... why didn't you take the ender pearls to make eyes?

  • BabyDudeMan1285

    Only people that originally watched SB can like this comment. SB your the best. I am so happy you hit 2 million. Everybody let’s try and get SB to 3 million

  • Cole Miller
    Cole Miller

    sb: I used all my iron on this build also sb: *doesn't go to the iron farm*

  • chanthavy vongsamphanh
    chanthavy vongsamphanh

    Congrats on 2million subs Daniel

  • Oskar Bach-Rasmussen
    Oskar Bach-Rasmussen

    Ancient debeacon

  • Bjørnar Baugerud
    Bjørnar Baugerud

    You are op inn minecraft


    can you made 1000 days pls

  • SSwipple

    13:42 me when my parents catch me watching roblox dudes twerking

  • UPB 1ce
    UPB 1ce

    Remember friend or foe

  • Manoj Varma
    Manoj Varma

    This man got 2 million subscribers in 2 weeks 😀😁🤩🤯😯🤐

  • Taylorboy1108

    He said a new type of beacon in the intro Me: what magic can this guy do or so I thought

  • Thomas Elabbasi
    Thomas Elabbasi

    “Diamond armor is for peasants” Look at your thumbnail for 900 days

  • Lola Watts
    Lola Watts

    Congrats on 2 mill!you deserve it🥳

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    aire3850 aire3850

    I love your videos

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    Sharky Dude

    69 carrots

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    Paisley Perry

    I love these videos I can learn and teach

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  • Eric Leyten
    Eric Leyten

    you got 2M subscribers OMG

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    I PukeRainbows

    gj gj 2m subs

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    Doobie Doo232

    Congrats on 2million subs sb

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    Kzl The Miner

    2 mil congrats



  • The Nintendo Gamer
    The Nintendo Gamer

    14:09 Nice

  • Dogey Malacker
    Dogey Malacker

    1000 days plz

  • Sharon Easton
    Sharon Easton

    OMg im called grace to OMgggg

  • KittyBplays

    From the pig man/ gold farm( in the nether) a cleric will trade the rotton flesh foe emeralds wven though u don’t need emeralds!

  • Truman Sayles
    Truman Sayles

    Build a shulker farm

  • eye spy playz
    eye spy playz

    When is 900 days coming out

  • Sankar Vanka
    Sankar Vanka

    Why can't you do ancient deberies duplicator

  • nazzareno traino
    nazzareno traino

    Where is Shaun Junior? If he despawned, make another snowman not in 900 but 1000 days

  • Shweta Gupta
    Shweta Gupta

    Send 900 days video

  • EJ Luna
    EJ Luna

    Almost to 1000 days

  • Mohammed Ajam
    Mohammed Ajam

    Sb737 did you want help the manmument you work hard on just cover it then take it oof

  • Michal Pawlal
    Michal Pawlal

    You should start doing tutorials for your Farms

  • Olivia Ryan
    Olivia Ryan

    U should build an end city in the over world

  • Krav Polet
    Krav Polet

    Bruh, 1.99milion subs

  • Wreckster

    You should make a fort for your nether portal

  • Georgia Walker
    Georgia Walker

    What’s the seed?


    Let try and get him to two million subs he deserves it after all the hard work.

  • benton boekestyn
    benton boekestyn

    SB: yeah I've got a chill 450 levels me: mumbles- "show off"

  • -CC Playz-
    -CC Playz-

    Never stop this series i ,love it

  • not my name
    not my name

    JUDGE - you killed 5 people, what do you have to say for your yourself evictee - Ah well! We all make mistakes.


    you know what ive tryed to survive hardcore minecraft and im like lets do this and next YES then whats thats soung um CREEPER BOOOOOM.

  • Moko Playz
    Moko Playz



    I like how hes like we are so close to 2m subs and hes at 1.99m subs

  • Jake Bielinski
    Jake Bielinski

    I love your videos so much can you give me a shout out on your next video you are my favorite youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooke Leggoe
    Brooke Leggoe

    900 days

  • EpicFox101

    Has a seed been revealed yet or we still waiting (I watched the series before and dont really have the time to rewatch and see if it was revealed)

  • Joli Young
    Joli Young

    Make 900 days

  • Zyan Jamal
    Zyan Jamal

    He got an Ancient De-beacon

  • Tropical Montego Bay
    Tropical Montego Bay

    Sb i have 2 suggestions how about you do a broken seed on 1.17so caves are enormous and PLEASEE UPGRADE th security

  • Coolman Gaming
    Coolman Gaming

    What gives people feelings of power? 5: Money 4: Being able to ignore iron in a cave 3: Being able to ignore diamonds in a cave 2: Being able to ignore ancient debris in the nether 1 (Only god and SB are able to do this): Being able to ignore elytra's in an end citys


      Not only sb but there are many youtubers who ignore duplicate elytra. And mainly sb has 7 elytra's.

  • WonderfulDay

    when i watched this he had 1.99 mil subs

  • Coolman Gaming
    Coolman Gaming

    World download plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this would be so cool to just look around at

  • Kevin Playz
    Kevin Playz

    900 days will be out but for 900-1000 days only kill ender man and get alot of xp

  • nobdanolds universe
    nobdanolds universe

    Sb is sooooo close to 2mil subs

  • Basti GHG
    Basti GHG

    You are so good at this Game

  • bogdan obradovic
    bogdan obradovic

    you must make a ender dragon farm.-.

  • Tiffany BAO
    Tiffany BAO

    sb737 you don’t need to find a enchanted gold apple you already eat it in 673 days 😯

  • AlphaNoob22

    900 Days tomorrow

  • Mel Jedrzejczak
    Mel Jedrzejczak

    Sb737:I can just kill drowns like a peasant or I can just afk at my droned farm Me:*still struggling to build a auto wheat farm=I

  • Shravan_Gaming_YT

    900 days please!!!

  • Grace Yim
    Grace Yim

    *gasp* I'm a dolpin


    Dude he is a pro we often create farms like wither skeleton farm, skeleton farm, suger cane farm, piglin farm etc but this guys has created a wither farm !bruh if it is going like this in 1000 days he will start an ender dragon farm for xp

  • Chelsea Lim
    Chelsea Lim

    I can’t find the next video

  • Reece Bouwers
    Reece Bouwers

    Can you plz make a other hardcore world plz 100 days in Minecraft hardcore desert edition

  • Karoes master
    Karoes master

    Me: watching this. His subscribers: we are with 1,98 million people! Me: ?.?.?.?.?.?

  • Debbie O'Flynn
    Debbie O'Flynn


  • Dr0pzThEm8

    So close to 2mil keep up the good work

  • Julia Critchley
    Julia Critchley

    So you should do a 0 to 100 days in a all ocean world

  • George Muraahi
    George Muraahi

    Thanks for the ancient debris idea I'll use it

  • Benjamin Ahn
    Benjamin Ahn


  • Namrata Besoyi
    Namrata Besoyi

    When you see his xp😳😳😳


      So? There are many people who has even more xp's

  • harry hemmings
    harry hemmings

    Is anyone scared he died he hasn't uploaded 900 days yet

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    J Brady

    Do 900 days

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    Xdiamon bisonX

    Where's the 900 days?!

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    Lok yi Lam

    I love you SB737

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    Manny Capili

    Please make 900 days sb737

  • Justin Price
    Justin Price

    I died in my hardcore world from a creeper blowing up my massive mob farm. To many mobs overwhelmed me and I died :(

  • Richard Villacis
    Richard Villacis

    You can make coal blocks and still use itTo melt anything

  • trx

    seed ls

  • carter the memer
    carter the memer

    I swear, this is the most underrated series ever.

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    Farrah Pickering

    I love this!