Dudes who are down bad.
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  • Kvng Percy.
    Kvng Percy.

    you look australian for some reason

  • Marilyn Carrizosa
    Marilyn Carrizosa

    I come back to this video every time

  • Haddon Coe
    Haddon Coe

    6:42 the music in the background haha

  • Aussie Aussie
    Aussie Aussie

    Drew isnt down bad, Drew is smart.

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones

    Hey sorry lol

  • Annika Boone
    Annika Boone


  • Rain Love
    Rain Love

    7:10 what was that from?

  • Ian Joseph
    Ian Joseph

    What’s the sketch of him at the photo shoot from?

  • TraxiPad Gaming
    TraxiPad Gaming

    My friend invited me to his birthday and then changed his mind... I'm pretty down bad 😔

  • Classy Coronas
    Classy Coronas

    Literally just coming back to watch this hilarious ass video again 😂😂😂

  • El professor A a a a a a a
    El professor A a a a a a a

    Dude why don't you look at the camera?? It's annoying 🙏

  • Brycen Hixon
    Brycen Hixon

    you miss all of the shots you dont take

  • ya boy
    ya boy

    hey sorry lol

  • TurViper _
    TurViper _

    why does cody look like marshall from ice age (search it)

  • 7c7c7

    Once, a crush of mine asked me if I had any hot friends to introduce to her. I responded that I got some, but unfortunately, I'm the hottest among them, so I might have a better deal for her. She didn't have a quick response to this. We never dated, but worth it :D

  • Kangarooster

    Dammit, I was hoping we were gonna look at some dudes! Fool me once...

  • Samsaranian Supreme
    Samsaranian Supreme

    Oh my god that hot friends run was like a uppercut from the ground up.... I KNOW it KOd that dude...damn

  • Yasmin Prosser
    Yasmin Prosser

    Dunno why my first thought was Mr Struggle

  • Aaron Serrano
    Aaron Serrano

    The “can I come?” had me dead 😂😂😂😂

  • Amber Johnson
    Amber Johnson

    I would never want to be a dude. Ever. My god.

  • Mon2soon

    So.... If guys are down bad... Are the girls that rejected them... Up good? And vice versa?

  • Beam BOYZ
    Beam BOYZ

    I would have stopped after the first at

  • Lucas Morton
    Lucas Morton

    This is just the entirety of r/sadcringe

  • Emmy JR
    Emmy JR

    That airport one.. my god 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21

  • Patrick Dunlap
    Patrick Dunlap

    4 months ago this video came out in the same day my girlfriend broke up with me. It made me feel better so thank you for that.

  • sh0tar1s


  • nick kirstine
    nick kirstine

    Bro I know you been watching dude where’s my car on Hulu cuz you just used a music tone specifically from that movie

  • gianna z
    gianna z


  • sophie karpowicz
    sophie karpowicz

    how to tell if someone is a millennial: if they read “lol” as “lul” and not “el-oh-el”

  • Anna Peeler
    Anna Peeler

    My favorite part😂😂 9:34

  • ellie 215
    ellie 215

    i think cody might be down bad just a bit with the amount of ads in this vid

  • [blank]

    cody: "if they don't read your private message just instantly cut them from your life" me: "but....what if....and hear me out here.....what if my girlfreind is just driving? or in the shower? or they're in danger? or kidnapped?"

  • MsHelloWorldtv

    I am confusion right now 😂. Where im from down bad means Im broke/ have no money. Went out sad means you got played by a guy/girl or embarrassed.

  • Lil Package
    Lil Package

    Actually, down bad from the root term downus baderacious, is a term coined for the elite and most aristocratic members of society.

  • Joel Deakin
    Joel Deakin

    The like:dislike ratio. Wow.

  • ftyropek

    Cody used that organ sound like 15 times

  • halo

    hey sorry lol

  • Andromeda.rose

    cody please let kelsey give u a half up half down

  • Luke Van Ginkel
    Luke Van Ginkel

    me laughing at this silently so my parents think im doing my homework

  • Luke Van Ginkel
    Luke Van Ginkel

    ah yes, a video about people like me

  • 2bfrank_art

    The 5'7 dude one hit me, and man im 5'5 so it hurt WORSE

  • Evan Maydew
    Evan Maydew

    so no one else recognized the real bros of simi valley clip?

  • David Lafaye
    David Lafaye

    So u paid $150 for the wallet or did u send the shit for free..yea I'd buy it but than wouldn't have any cash to put in it..sheesh

  • Kayla

    The tall one fucking killed me.

  • Branflakes 3000
    Branflakes 3000

    abahahah bro i’m dead

  • Will Reed
    Will Reed

    if i was that photographer I would never have replied after

  • Drummerkid2006

    I needed this advice thanks Cody your awesome

  • Dorothy Aragonés
    Dorothy Aragonés

    Kelsey should have been in that skit 🔥

  • Isabelle Burdge
    Isabelle Burdge


  • Alina Villanueva
    Alina Villanueva

    3:32 not relevant but me and panda express chick have the same name 🤭

  • Noah ツ
    Noah ツ


  • Alaina Wheeler
    Alaina Wheeler

    a fallen short king 😔✊

  • Forine

    Can't get rejected if you never talk to girls B-)

    • itachiツ

      i live by this😤

  • RingTossPlays

    bye. sorry. lol.

  • Jacob blue
    Jacob blue

    Sometimes i look for this video just to hear the intro

  • Klep TV
    Klep TV

    He really couldn’t be fucked with that beginning ad

  • Nicholas Mendoza
    Nicholas Mendoza

    You should react to the “dudes posting their W’s” Twitter account

  • Lula Wilson
    Lula Wilson

    Those “hey” “hi” “how are you” “hey beautiful” messages every few months over the span of a few years is actually extremely common for women. Even if you politely let them know you’re not interested and they act like they understand, another month later they’re back at it with the same messages again.

    • Tyron Twigs
      Tyron Twigs

      it's so creepy this guy who I turned down on Google Hangouts is practically talking to himself I rejected him in 2019 and this shit wont stop

    • Evan27

      I fucking know, I’m not a lass myself but I’ve got a fair few lass mates who always say this, honestly you lot just need to be honest and tell them to fuck off if they don’t get the hint the first time, or better yet just block them, stop feeling sorry for these weirdos

    • I am Toast
      I am Toast

      BUMP THIS !! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • WhosStal?

    Cody rocking the Sam Winchester cut

  • Holly H
    Holly H

    Was once on a date with this guy when a girl from my spanish class saw me and asked me about homework. As soon as she left, the guy asked me if I could help him hook up with her

  • C h i l l - V i b e s
    C h i l l - V i b e s

    Racism............knock it off

  • Jimena Kalloi
    Jimena Kalloi

    neta te amo

  • Nate Everest
    Nate Everest

    watching cody’s videos drunk is like 10 times more funny but even sober its funny. makes my bad days better (:

    • My Big Year
      My Big Year

      A smiley face should be done like this :)

  • sol kai
    sol kai

    hey sorry lol

  • Dustin Lester
    Dustin Lester

    The last one was Cody, wasn't it? 😂😂

  • C Ford
    C Ford

    Lol nice eyebrows

  • Jillian McGauley
    Jillian McGauley

    “It’s so hot that you watch the news” No but actually every guy in my town is a conspiracy theorist so watching the news is very sexy

    • Johnathan Korkie
      Johnathan Korkie

      Hey, I listen to Joe Rogans podcast... Whats up

    • Bald Lesbian
      Bald Lesbian

      And you believe the news?

  • bella

    lets be real tho what girl with any taste who is attracted to men would reject cody ko

  • rye bread
    rye bread

    istg ive watch the first 4 seconds of this video 20 times at LEAST

  • Froyo Rex
    Froyo Rex


  • toastmalone

    İbrahim bizi rezil ettin kardeşim

  • Meredith Mitchell
    Meredith Mitchell

    7:31 this man is either bi or a level 100 simp, but my money is on him being bi

  • MaNuLaToR Official
    MaNuLaToR Official

    00:26 LOL what a sellout look at the shame on his face while he reads his little rehearsed do da good job colby good job

  • Angie love
    Angie love

    I’m currently down bad w drunk text

  • Kilometers Da Kracka
    Kilometers Da Kracka

    Hey sorry lol

  • Fernando Robinson
    Fernando Robinson

    hey sorry lol

  • Corpulent32

    I’ve DM’d Andrea Botez every day for months and you’re telling me I’m pathetic??? Bullshit!

  • Vasuta Changthong
    Vasuta Changthong

    this is reminding me of the things I've done im cringing so badd. I wanna erase those memories

  • garri b
    garri b

    7:22 was a w

  • Veronica Cabrera
    Veronica Cabrera

    Idk why but I wanna see Cody wear a bandana with his long hair

  • Sue C
    Sue C

    Okey but cody at 07:11 💖

  • Doodly Doo
    Doodly Doo

    how is the dude down bad in the last one ?

  • Riley Lucht
    Riley Lucht

    Hey sorry lol

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards

    I think “Hey no” was the merciful approach, she put him out of his misery nice and quick

  • Eddy Isaula
    Eddy Isaula


  • Angelina Gomez
    Angelina Gomez

    Funny asf 😂😭

  • Erika

    Cody looks like big Ed with a chin :)

  • Differ

    the string of hey's takes me back to a time I will never forget but don't want to remember. I was down bad.

  • casey brune
    casey brune

    Some of these are straight up harassment

  • Abigail Julia
    Abigail Julia

    Hey great video

    • Abigail Julia
      Abigail Julia

      Hey sorry lol

    • Abigail Julia
      Abigail Julia

      Hey Cody I thought the video was cool

  • Christina Nelson
    Christina Nelson


  • River

    "Sorry, I'm a sapiosexual so i dont think it would work out"' is pretty good lmao

  • ThisCouldBeNick

    Thanks Cody for making me realize how much of a loser I am

  • Shayla Carey
    Shayla Carey

    is it only me who took this long to realize his background looks completely different

  • Rakoon

    Poor Mr. Gooden

  • JefftheSizzler

    You gotta be down bad to be up good

  • Private Account
    Private Account

    5:35 uhhmm😅

  • mæ x
    mæ x

    Try being a girl with tits on instagram lmao the dms i get are horrendous its too funny

  • Queen Strawbz
    Queen Strawbz

    Im 5 foot 4 Anything above that is giant territory Give me that 5 foot 7 mans