KSI is *REALLY* sad...
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Some of my favorite reactions:
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  • RandomRohan

    This guy WOULD brag about being selfish and spreading a virus

  • call me stevenPlayZ
    call me stevenPlayZ

    im a ksi fan. and ur video almost got more dislikes more than da likes in da video

  • Composed

    Only here to drop a dislike

  • sonnie goodchild
    sonnie goodchild

    Do his knew song

  • Zyxlex

    20 million subscribers, 20 million idiots

  • GamingGremlin

    First vid I ever disliked... lesgoooooooo me!

  • Philip Andersson
    Philip Andersson

    Give him more time then

  • Tyler 27
    Tyler 27

    But you know what is weird, what’s weird is you have dropped heaps of songs and they all suck and get worse and worse. Then you drop this song and it is fire, bit suspicious Maybe ghost writer

  • AWC QrtX
    AWC QrtX

    Jake paul is worser than ppl playin among us.

  • Benji Yang
    Benji Yang

    How is this guy getting views?

    • Raze Shrir
      Raze Shrir

      Ppl hatin

  • Play boi rara I
    Play boi rara I

    First of all I know you didn’t write it down

  • Alice Cooper
    Alice Cooper

    Man jake you're so cringe 😬😬

  • Abdullah Alhabsi
    Abdullah Alhabsi

    Ur locked away with distractions

  • Ellis Cowl
    Ellis Cowl

    I came her because of a Kai post on Instagram and this clow actually think he’s a boss

  • Ben Grillo
    Ben Grillo

    literally stfu telling someone that the “only thing they have going for them” is being in the nba

  • Maria Hlif Einarsdottir
    Maria Hlif Einarsdottir

    jake paul used to be more fun now he sucking even more :/

  • AmrPlayZ

    BUDDY u never played whne he said someone wrote ths fir u

  • RGS_Legendary

    I liked my bro's reaction: THIS IS TRASSSSHHHH!!!!!

  • King Mamba
    King Mamba

    10:46 there ft dumbass

  • Dillon jelly
    Dillon jelly

    “No creativity” raps about feds and guns like every other American artists

  • Mr Cell
    Mr Cell

    Well if you wrote fresh outta London then you did good writing that song but you fell so bad bad cuz your new song was just trash

  • poo boy
    poo boy

    The dislikes lmao

  • Dave Zhang
    Dave Zhang

    Lmao 115k dislikes

  • Annalese Jacobson
    Annalese Jacobson

    You will never be taken seriously.

  • Conan Rafferty
    Conan Rafferty

    Jake Paul ur a bully

  • Matt Hannon
    Matt Hannon

    Who else here after jacks new song called dummy that just proves he wrote none of those two songs and is the knock off 6ix9ine

  • Maximus 8137
    Maximus 8137

    No one likes you

  • Francesca robInson
    Francesca robInson

    Ok brits vs Americans-

  • Yip / Neville
    Yip / Neville

    The like button on this video is useless

  • Demented Dinosaur
    Demented Dinosaur

    bruh i feel like whatever u di is because ur tryna impress only ksi to get a reaction outta him then call him out -_- also i get how u n ksi r competing for which song gets more views, but u know what u got more than him... dislikes, literally u almost have as much dislikes as likes

  • Joshua Jonkers
    Joshua Jonkers

    Yo this guy is stupid

  • loreto burrito
    loreto burrito

    Lol stfu

  • Nitro

    I like KSI

  • Devin Jetski
    Devin Jetski

    "me and my friend were in the studio going bar for bar over the beat to make this song"

  • TBH_ Nachos
    TBH_ Nachos

    This video makes me sad

  • SniiKz

    Void on top

  • Tasi Raps
    Tasi Raps

    Whos here after listening to that trash song “dummy”

  • Toby Jorg
    Toby Jorg

    imagine being Jake PAul lol

  • Gamemaster99

    Everyone clicks this video to dislike including me

  • Zach Fadhel
    Zach Fadhel

    Jake paul has to be one of the dumbest people on earth to fight ksi I’m pretty sure that even jake Paul fans know jake will lose

  • ThE PeTs Reef
    ThE PeTs Reef

    Bro so many dislikes why

  • ThE PeTs Reef
    ThE PeTs Reef

    Yea bro

  • 1000 subscribers no video challange
    1000 subscribers no video challange

    23 vs 10 mil plays nice

  • SNF Alex
    SNF Alex

    10:58 something good? Haven’t heard anything good.

  • OGRebirth

    What boxing ability. Your trash... Low-key looks like the crimson chin

  • Benjiಠಗಠ

    Stop the cap

  • Benjiಠಗಠ

    11:32 is how we know he didn't write his own lyrics.

  • Fahmy Hussein
    Fahmy Hussein

    Is jake dumb ahahahahahhahahaha

  • Fahmy Hussein
    Fahmy Hussein

    Nah man but u actually didn’t write it ?????

  • James Wratten
    James Wratten

    But Ksi charted you didn’t

  • Charlie Cotterell
    Charlie Cotterell

    Ahh yes, lighter was bad but number 2 in the uk

  • Maguire Sjogren
    Maguire Sjogren

    😂 Goof

  • Aussie Mindsets
    Aussie Mindsets

    Lol Jake talking about egos

  • dømmy12

    you cant rub it in his face when you have ghostwriters..

  • TheGreenOreo 123
    TheGreenOreo 123

    Giant party during a pandemic

  • Rodney chagonda
    Rodney chagonda

    Your bars are weak and your vids are weak

  • Links ZA
    Links ZA

    Pin my previous comment

  • Links ZA
    Links ZA

    Every one in comments hating yet y’all straight KSI fan boys and all are nobodies

  • Boxiestfalls57

    f jake

    • Wes Wilks
      Wes Wilks

      Seriously you can't even say fuck

  • HuskyGuitar9712

    10:30 Honestly, how dumb can you possibly be 🤦‍♂️

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei

    This guy said SLtoos is a dead end and he still upload trash

  • sid's mail
    sid's mail

    Bro you are racist for making fun of Ksi's actual name as well

  • Magnus Kose
    Magnus Kose

    This is so funny how he try to let his viewers think that KSI sad it was a gud vid

  • Hashi Chan
    Hashi Chan

    Well you wear a rolex cap but no watch...what's the point...

    • Wes Wilks
      Wes Wilks

      It doesn't matter

  • Myzt

    Who came here just to dislike his vid

  • Romek Kuusk
    Romek Kuusk

    Jake: says that he doesnt have a ghostwriter Also Jake: admits having a ghostwriter on Impaulsive

  • Aksel Budal
    Aksel Budal

    I watched this and i have 2 puke

  • Matty Harper
    Matty Harper

    Your sad

  • Lyrical Juice
    Lyrical Juice

    jake Paul has one hit and he's acting like this lmao

  • Sebastian Javier
    Sebastian Javier

    Jake Paul probably has the iq of a muffin . No actually the muffin is smarter than him.

    • Sebastian Javier
      Sebastian Javier

      Miguel Villanueva lol

    • Miguel Villanueva
      Miguel Villanueva

      Bruh comparing his intelligence to a muffin is insulting to muffins

  • silverfox hd silverfox hd
    silverfox hd silverfox hd

    Your trash

  • Abhay Kashyap
    Abhay Kashyap


  • Felicia Omoediale-Samuel
    Felicia Omoediale-Samuel

    Dear Jake paul Ur a bellend

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan

    Jake litteraly showed on spotify that the writer is only him(which he can write it whoever he want) 9:29 but he said "me and one friends" on impaulsive and still doesnt admitted that he had a ghostwriter, like wth is that?!!

  • Phantomsemaj

    The way he cuts out the rest of the stuff jj says 😂

  • A_Beats


  • Antman Games
    Antman Games

    Nobody is hyped for this fight

  • Antman Games
    Antman Games

    And Jake Paul is gay

  • Big Babatunde
    Big Babatunde

    Imagine getting 114k dislikes

  • lyrfo

    Your song falls flat for me

  • Shane Ladd7
    Shane Ladd7

    As jj says jake ‘let’s check his monthly listeners then🤣’

  • Critical 0
    Critical 0

    “Me and one friend”

  • chazzys Gaming11
    chazzys Gaming11

    Title ksi is really sad *cough* Jake Paul is really sad


    20 mill idiots i guess volt was right

  • Blem Ben
    Blem Ben


  • Destiny Norman
    Destiny Norman

    Your sad jake

  • Dulle_iTzaa

    Lmaooo he doesn’t even know what Apple Music is... Even tough he has got music there 9:47

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson

    Jake only beat ksi on views on youtube jj won in everything else

  • ussop the hisoka fan
    ussop the hisoka fan

    Fresh out london I gave so many people CARONA man

  • FredTheBread

    Funny how Jake put his profile picture as an anime character

  • self servis
    self servis

    Yo Jake remember to thank KSI for the views cause without him we wouldn't be here to dislike your vid .

  • MixerLM 321
    MixerLM 321

    jake doesn’t get it , it’s litro uk music like grrr

  • aistis

    its almost 1 like to one dislike

  • kobecornflakes

    Jake paul is dumb

  • Odhran Donoghue
    Odhran Donoghue

    Jake starts talking :everyone disliked that:

  • The Gaming Towell
    The Gaming Towell

    By having that banner you have ruined dragon ball z

  • DarkDrifterk921

    BRING BACK Jake paul 2018

  • Ultra

    Quit disrespecting gohan

  • Nanamanboi

    Lmao yea KSI copyrighted him for the song haha

    • Nanamanboi

      @EXOTIC check the description he gay Paul got copyrighted

    • EXOTIC


2,7 mio.