KSI is *REALLY* sad...
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Some of my favorite reactions:
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  • Mr Potatoe man
    Mr Potatoe man

    Look at the amount of makeup on him

  • Jackson

    Jake Paul said he has "talent", Incredible.

  • The Child Prodigy
    The Child Prodigy

    Lol the likes are equal to the fucking dislikes..... Also who is he calling our fatneek a kid, have you seen yourself? Lmao

  • ThePhantoMMaster

    Ok, if they have to list somebody's legal name, why doesn't it say Gazzy Garcia, instead it says Lil Pump.Every time he writes a song.

  • Neel Manoj
    Neel Manoj

    Jake u shud fight ksi bro, cuz u about to get DESTROYED

  • Limpi


  • Lukas MTB
    Lukas MTB

    i cant believe youre still getting any views

  • Lauro Zamarripa
    Lauro Zamarripa

    My mans finally gets good reviews from one of his songs and now he thinks he’s Ice Cube

  • Clutxh

    i agree then right after that i disagree then agree lmao

  • Clutxh

    look at the views of the songs again lmao

  • Fnjacobb

    Ong this video is about to have more dislikes than likes

  • Uddhav Pai
    Uddhav Pai

    Lmao Ksi writes his own lyrics unlike Jake. Jake caps too many times.

  • Hehe Bum
    Hehe Bum

    Man this man tryin to act like Ksi in wrong the man made a whole diss in both of the vids like the fuck 😂

  • Robinson Huynh
    Robinson Huynh

    i only come here to dislike so...

  • Oscar Walsh
    Oscar Walsh

    I’m sorry to ever one watching this because everyone’s eyes will melt

  • Paul Curtis
    Paul Curtis

    Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh stop Jake just stop.

    • Paul Curtis
      Paul Curtis

      Ksi is sssoooo much nicer.

  • Ebenezer Manube
    Ebenezer Manube

    Broo the like-dislike ratio is mad

  • Canoz Icy
    Canoz Icy


  • Unknown ZR
    Unknown ZR

    ''hustling in my basement'' that could go 2 ways

  • Abdul Raafay Malik
    Abdul Raafay Malik


  • Ranger SOLTI
    Ranger SOLTI


  • Koy koy Momoy
    Koy koy Momoy

    Bro you have one good song stop being a prick

  • Davinder Singh Kaur
    Davinder Singh Kaur

    Sucker you have goast writer

  • adam lam
    adam lam

    i think we all know that the reason why jake got more views is cause everyone came to dislike the video

  • Donald Trump's ugly wig that flaps about awkwardly
    Donald Trump's ugly wig that flaps about awkwardly

    mans dates ksi is *REALLY* sad. u sure ksi the one that's sad? like... u genuinely sure?

  • Mr. oga Travi paddy
    Mr. oga Travi paddy

    Look at all the Jj fans thinking that they’re doing something 😂😂😂

  • Mr. oga Travi paddy
    Mr. oga Travi paddy

    I smell ksi fan boys

  • Redx_Gamer

    :/ but you do have a ghost writer though :/

  • Kain Stellitano
    Kain Stellitano

    14:20 thank me later

  • Da Crew
    Da Crew

    Ur channel is washed up

  • Jenson K 12
    Jenson K 12

    This guy made a song a few years ago saying that he stopped depressed fans killing themselves... he doesn't has fans, and he has probably caused multiple suicide attempts from this bullshit he projects to the internet.

  • What gucci
    What gucci

    This guy is using KSI a lot fo views...

  • johntae

    hello king of dislikes

  • People who Use youtube
    People who Use youtube

    3k likes more than dislikes

  • Logan Morrison
    Logan Morrison

    I usually come to Jake Paul’s videos just to dislike them

  • Brooklynn Landers
    Brooklynn Landers

    Giiive upppo

  • Ishraq Bhuiyan Araf
    Ishraq Bhuiyan Araf

    Mans back let’s goo

  • Ackers _6
    Ackers _6

    3:20 Ksi was blown away because that for once you made ALRIGHT music.

  • julian romero
    julian romero

    He didn’t write this song stop lying he probably helped but we all know it was kill jasper wrote most of the song

  • The GaBsTer
    The GaBsTer

    Jj beat him on Apple Music,Spotify and iTunes

  • Top Percentage Ratata
    Top Percentage Ratata

    No u

  • Bob Tommy
    Bob Tommy

    Jake:"Olatunji Oochie Boochie Woochie or whatever his name is. That killed me 😭😂

  • Naresh Govindarajan
    Naresh Govindarajan

    You big baby ksi music more suscribers than you

  • llxifan

    Jake no one cares about you leaveeeee

  • Josh.Thompson

    You have a ghost writer

  • Im-A-Pleb

    Jake you didn’t write Fresh Outta London and everyone knows it and that screenshot was on Spotify u dint

  • Jonathan The goat
    Jonathan The goat


  • John Masterson
    John Masterson

    Man ksi is better than you

  • Dinosaur Default
    Dinosaur Default

    Nice like to dislike ratio

  • Adam Cooke Taylor
    Adam Cooke Taylor


  • Vaibhav Sinha
    Vaibhav Sinha

    Did this man just pronounce JJ's name "Olantunji Goochie Coochi Boochie"???? This man is TRIPPIN

  • Darren

    hahaha, ive never been to a channel where the dislikes are so close to the likes!

  • Yung Treezyy
    Yung Treezyy

    This guy is cringe, i almost hung my self from this video

  • ASTRX -_-KSR
    ASTRX -_-KSR

    bruh this guy had to use tv shows to start his life!

  • Santiago Munoz
    Santiago Munoz


  • david riley
    david riley

    he paid people to0 say that

  • Augustya Dev 20
    Augustya Dev 20

    Jake Paul actions are gayer than 90% of the gays.

  • DonutFlyte

    Your thumbnails are almost as trash as your videos

  • Alan Raul
    Alan Raul

    2021 :,)

  • Alan Raul
    Alan Raul

    ksi love jake paul :,)

  • niko hooper
    niko hooper


  • Evren Bryce
    Evren Bryce

    Shut up

  • Bradley Morrow
    Bradley Morrow

    Ksi got less views but more likes

  • M. Haz1
    M. Haz1

    Alternative title: Jake was soo sad

  • Gaming Scoote
    Gaming Scoote

    The most unsuccessful SLtoos ever in the SLtoos history.good luck

  • Olivera Obeng
    Olivera Obeng

    You’re are literally telling lies in your videos 😂😂

  • Olivera Obeng
    Olivera Obeng

    You have so many dislikes 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Quentin Leslie
      Quentin Leslie

      and so many likes

  • Talha Hossain
    Talha Hossain

    I’m surprised Nate Robinson actually did better than gib

  • Lord of Cockies
    Lord of Cockies

    2:44 Jake is bad at making any videos.

  • Taisty Bread
    Taisty Bread

    Imagine carrying a baby for 9 months and then finding out its Jake 😖😭😱 bro that would suck


    I was going through my liked videos and I saw a jake paul video. I came here and disliked it after. I think most of the likes are misclicks

    • Quentin Leslie
      Quentin Leslie

      no they arent, no one in america likes ksi

  • khaled aldoraee
    khaled aldoraee


  • Shalom Lutete
    Shalom Lutete

    Jake best music video yet 🤑🤑🤑🤑👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Floris de Jong
    Floris de Jong

    It’s just pathetic that he makes this kind of video’s

  • mrsusbanana

    3:59 yes Jake noticed artofkickz


    Why dose Jake sound gay

  • Adriana Verdugo
    Adriana Verdugo

    i trust you

  • Nodeo TV
    Nodeo TV

    I just came here to leave a dislike

    • Quentin Leslie
      Quentin Leslie

      bc ur gay and obssesd and u watched the whole video

  • lukas fredborg
    lukas fredborg

    Jake has a ghostwriter 👻 and his name is designer👴🏿

    • Quentin Leslie
      Quentin Leslie

      what proof?

  • Theelio 41
    Theelio 41


  • skipp t
    skipp t

    welp, let’s see your monthly listeners

  • Simon J
    Simon J

    I mean he didn't lie about Nate Robinson. It ended first round

    • Big Behz Cr1tic
      Big Behz Cr1tic

      Second round

  • Mr. Hot dog
    Mr. Hot dog

    Well that aged fast 1:12

  • Thomas

    8:43 desiigner do something good :)

  • Astraestus

    Insolent child

  • uhm hi
    uhm hi

    just go play among us

  • o yeah
    o yeah

    Your gay

  • Itz J J
    Itz J J

    6:05 lol 😂 that’s how we would’ve all felt lol

  • Bill Metz
    Bill Metz

    Jake is growing on me man

  • Graciella Ligorie
    Graciella Ligorie


  • Dhanraj bhatiya
    Dhanraj bhatiya

    2.8 M views 1.2M will be Ksi's audiance I'm one of them 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Ggogle AI
    Ggogle AI

    Petition to remove Goku from there I like Goku very much

  • Ayvree Soliz
    Ayvree Soliz

    Ksi is way better

  • Xprt _Scepy
    Xprt _Scepy

    Ksi is talking facts

  • Xprt _Scepy
    Xprt _Scepy

    Guys he’s only doing good in SLtoos 😹😂😂

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith


  • darragh mc guinness
    darragh mc guinness

    3:12 just shows Jake liked his own video

  • MrZaloko

    we all know you have ghost writer but KSI rite his own music

  • Shenal Dhavamurukan
    Shenal Dhavamurukan

    jake is such a clown bro atleast jj said that his song banged and jake is here saying the song that number one in the charts is trash like bro you only have one (two if you count 23) that are good you cant critic songs when you barely have any

  • Marshinit

    Jake doesn't fucking understand writing credits

53 tis.