Breaking Fortnitemares 2020...
Fortnite memes are back for Fortnightmares 2020 and they sure are spicy!
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  • mark joe mak
    mark joe mak

    Mom: “If your friends where to jump off a cliff would you follow them?” Me: 7:45

  • Antonini Morini
    Antonini Morini

    I know this is gonna sound like bragging but I thought this was a cool experience for me. In fornitemares 2020 if are a zombie you can turn invisible, i used this to my advantage and took out an entire squad all by myself, it was really fun dodging their bullets as they all fell one by one until the last one standing just emoted to his grave!!! I know it sounds like bragging but it was sooooo cool. Did anyone enjoy fortnitemares 2020? I know a lot of people hate it.

  • Ray Mo
    Ray Mo

    On the first game do u know how he died from a zombie it was x2twins

  • Rychon

    I hope yall are doing good. Couse I am:)

  • Hazard plays
    Hazard plays

    are you watching this in fortnite season 4

  • Casey Riseden
    Casey Riseden


  • Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson
    Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson

    A meme in the morning makes the tears stop pouring

    • Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson
      Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson


    • Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson
      Rainah'jo Lange-Dawson


  • Abe Peress
    Abe Peress

    Someone did that to my friends when they were ghost then I saw this vid then I was like omg muselk did it holy

  • DaxTheAxe Does Stuff
    DaxTheAxe Does Stuff

    DaxTheAxe Does Stuff is a great canall

  • Brentley Dear
    Brentley Dear

    4:07 do u guys realize they have 42 kilos

  • Emmett Fluffalufagus
    Emmett Fluffalufagus

    Me in November *ghost hoard flashbacks*

  • stopgororo

    Can you stop sayin bad words plz

  • Thomas Graham
    Thomas Graham

    6:46 you got knocked back on your feet.

  • Marley Fearon
    Marley Fearon

    Who’s here after Biden won???

  • Travis Donnelly
    Travis Donnelly

    8:36 the ghosts are destroying Tony Stark's house!!

  • some random dude yes a random dude
    some random dude yes a random dude

    I was in your game muselk

  • CodyJaco

    mobile graphics right there 7:27

  • Lana Diamondwood
    Lana Diamondwood

    I was there! One of my matches. God, my teammate was so mad about that skybase! We thought its easy zombies win :/

  • Lauri Gayer
    Lauri Gayer

    7:56 naruto run 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jake Animation Studios
    Jake Animation Studios

    I like food

  • Max4Million

    Mom: “If your friends where to jump off a cliff would you follow them?” Me: 7:45

  • Sbdall

    Are you Elon Musk

    • Tyler Smith
      Tyler Smith

      Yes he is

  • Oliver Chang
    Oliver Chang

    Love how he calls then zombies LOL

  • Keelyn Jacobson
    Keelyn Jacobson

    Ah yes. Legal teaming. Just what content creators need.

  • Dimitri Stefanis
    Dimitri Stefanis

    Is no one gonna talk about the Xbox in the background

  • Jennifer Parsons
    Jennifer Parsons

    what ever happened to Muselk death run videos

  • Jayden Monaco
    Jayden Monaco

    On fortnite I saw a skybase and I hate the people that did it it's not fare

  • FPS greedy gaming
    FPS greedy gaming


  • Sigrún Ágústa Erlingsdóttir
    Sigrún Ágústa Erlingsdóttir

    nice idea colebro gamez

  • MiniViking

    I was in a game, it was me and my friend vs 39 ghosts. I think when we died there were 25 not including us.

  • Tactical Gamer
    Tactical Gamer


  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore


  • Reyes Pelayo
    Reyes Pelayo

    Muselk: AND TECHNICALLY thats not teaming

  • Haden Boyer
    Haden Boyer

    Do a mine craft series


    i love muselk

  • Joseph Said
    Joseph Said

    wow h

  • ForgeConway

    I’m still laughing that he said number 2

  • Mr Squid
    Mr Squid

    video idea: eat as much as possible as a ghost the full game then die to last guy and see if your or his computer breaks.. like so muselk can see

  • gigiHHT

    Hi Muselk, I hope you see this comment. I just wanted to say that my fortnite account got hacked by my richer friends telling me that they were gonna give me a bunch of skins but now they deleted it. I only had the female B. R. U. T. E. Gunner skin. I would really appreciate if you gift the battle pass to me since I am going into a deep faze of depression and that would cheer me up a little. My epic is gigiHHT and I hope you do. Thank you.

    • Gummibearz :D
      Gummibearz :D

      @gigiHHT no need to get so serious m8

    • gigiHHT

      Gummibearz :D not all of us get daddy’s money you spoiled brat

    • Gummibearz :D
      Gummibearz :D

      Lol get ur own money

  • Parmesan James
    Parmesan James

    4:20 “I’m not angry I’m disappointed”-Muselk 2020

  • whoopthereitwas

    Epic loves to copy other games there's more than I can count by now, first started from around season 5 with some apex and sot mechanics so on so forth anything to keep up. Now it's Why not add the zombies mechanic like in war zone where u die and come back as one lol.

  • Jwarrior plays
    Jwarrior plays

    Meme idea:eat as many weapons as possible then go up to people and confuse them when you die as a ghost and spew out loot like a tap

  • Zeus_1508

    Meme idea: do this in solos (understand my pain).

  • Stacey DeFrain
    Stacey DeFrain


  • Hectorm_ gamemaster_47596
    Hectorm_ gamemaster_47596

    Bro this is the first thing I thought about the day of fortnitemares, the skybasing. I thought this first no cap. Trust.

  • Mixz

    Don’t worry bout the fact when they first got up on the sky base that they had 36 kills

  • Joppe Cardoen
    Joppe Cardoen

    Aim dit it in a real game end aim dit it befor you vedeo

  • Augu Tas
    Augu Tas

    Pls gift me name is bugas12345

  • m f
    m f

    Hey muselk talk through the in game chat when you are a ghost your voice will change

  • FH Ellielf
    FH Ellielf

    I did a sky base on my very first game in fortnite mares and I ended up getting the win

  • Aditya Harikrishnan
    Aditya Harikrishnan

    I personally hate and like this years fortnitemares. The concept is great, but the ghosts are just annoying as f.

  • Eli Vaughn
    Eli Vaughn

    not in a rude way

  • Eli Vaughn
    Eli Vaughn

    fresh has the biggest army

  • Raiding Pheonix
    Raiding Pheonix

    You're all sweats man. Wait then what are you lol

  • electric rhino
    electric rhino

    people still play this game lol

  • Princess Lazy
    Princess Lazy

    Muselk “ do you see anyone?” Doctor x2Twins “i SeE a MuShRoOm”

  • Akhil Kancharla
    Akhil Kancharla

    dude i never get bored of skybases

  • _Rustless


  • Kamal Johnson
    Kamal Johnson

    I know it may not be that insane anymore but Jordan was an absolute unit in the beginning being an attack dog against a trio of humans and squad of ghosts

  • Nasir brooks
    Nasir brooks

    Meme idea vs 100 ghosts also I got that idea from fresh

  • Duncan S
    Duncan S

    Bruh this mode is an EXACT copy of the apex legends shadow royale

  • Harper Bunce
    Harper Bunce


  • Shajijan Narendran
    Shajijan Narendran

    4:24 When the teacher comes back the day after we weren't listening to the substitute


    Funny Idea: Go into a squad fill and say i am groot the entire time. you can only use wood to build and only green weapons

  • The Darkness
    The Darkness

    I love you, but you REALLY need to learn how to shut your mouth

  • Fake Jules
    Fake Jules

    you got 50 elims!!

  • Patric

    poor tony stark it was his house in end game

  • vincent anilist
    vincent anilist

    play beyblade

  • john rester
    john rester

    Did anyone notice how he wasn’t even aiming at the person in the beginning he was just hitting them

  • Astraヅ

    party trooper looks alot like purple skull troper

  • ADiehardSavage Gaming
    ADiehardSavage Gaming

    Yikes, I was just enjoying some memes, BUT CAN SOEBODY EXPLAIN HOW THE FRICK SOMEONE CAN SPOT A MUSHROOM FROM 210 METERS AWAY?!?!?!?!?!?! XD

  • sam belyea
    sam belyea

    3:00 that's the music that plays when u have heat stars in just cause 3!!! I remember that game lol

  • Łøs Shadow blade
    Łøs Shadow blade

    I did the sky base the first day I got like 30 more wins

  • Katherine Parker
    Katherine Parker

    I thought three zombies were a lot

  • Joshua bassler
    Joshua bassler

    I love your videos

  • Zane Gaming
    Zane Gaming

    I did the sky base as soon as you posted the video

  • Gumaro Guerrero
    Gumaro Guerrero

    Again dumb stuff with music



  • Ossprey11

    fortnite really sucks now wow

  • z Svihel
    z Svihel

    You guys should have all hid in a bush then jumped the final player

  • Zander

    You should go check out my SLtoos if you would want. Might put a smile on your face


    I did built a skybase with my cousin for the first time with someone and he enjoyed it and he said he wants to do more fortnite memes

  • diego salazar
    diego salazar

    i watching this in school

  • Shady Dylarn0
    Shady Dylarn0

    Wtf how do you get the WHOLE LOBBY to work with you 😐😂 i want to know how you do that

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez

    On the last guy it would have been funny if all the ghost got in a line left to right and just stare at him the last guy has to be fresh so u can see his reaction

  • Manavjeet Singh Sandhu
    Manavjeet Singh Sandhu

    Man that off-white jacket is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  • Sebastian Van Andersson
    Sebastian Van Andersson

    Would be so fun to make a warzone zombie army!!!!

  • Jayden David
    Jayden David

    Everyone is calling them ghosts thay are shadows

  • SNipZy

    teaming!!! lol jk

  • Blabla Th
    Blabla Th

    Why did y’all swarm me 😭😭😭😭

  • Connor Kent
    Connor Kent

    That’s what me and my friend did


    I did this since day number 1 or the first hour it was released and it was fun ;)

  • Mason Laudy
    Mason Laudy

    Yesterday they were the kids sky basing And I knocked him down

  • Kewin Gbyl-Kowalski
    Kewin Gbyl-Kowalski

    Not 100% win cuz they can heal faster than you


    Love your Skybus

    • Logan Gamings 〤
      Logan Gamings 〤



    Meme Idea: Get a lot of ghosts and Stan still to turn invisible then attack

    • Logan Gamings 〤
      Logan Gamings 〤

      Big brain

  • Dontetofun

    50v50 ghost versus players

  • Diahna Atwood
    Diahna Atwood

    Muselk I have a challenge for you have to kill all the ghosts as a Ghostbuster skin and only the ghost

    • Logan Gamings 〤
      Logan Gamings 〤

      He did

  • Mr. Hippo Productions
    Mr. Hippo Productions

    At this point it should be muselks revenge not Midas revenge

  • Sarah Warren
    Sarah Warren

    X two twins aimbot at 2:19!