Food Theory: Captain Crunch is an IMPOSTOR! (Cap'n Crunch Cereal)
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Disclaimer: At 3:25, our editors accidentally used a military uniform that is not a U.S. Military Uniform. This was not intentional, and we acknowledge we should have caught this sooner. The LATER images ARE in fact US Navy.

We all know the mouth scraping-ly good cereal known as Cap'n Crunch. What you may NOT know is that the good ole "Cap'n" is no captain at all! In fact he is nothing but a LIAR! You see, this well loved cereal mascot has been masquerading for YEARS as an honorable captain but today, Loyal Theorists, we are pulling back the curtain on this so-called captain!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Tom Robinson, and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Tyler Mascola, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • BAKA

    Cereal mascot... More like serial killer!!!

  • Tania Frometa
    Tania Frometa



    Anyone a against mat pat should not go on Twitter

  • Greenyumy Coria
    Greenyumy Coria

    Love this channel, though I would like a theory on the fact that chip bags are mostly air and have about a few chips to eat.

  • Darkness Destroyer
    Darkness Destroyer

    He is a literally a cereal mascot I don’t eat the cereal but still he is a mascot who cares

  • Jaiden Tova
    Jaiden Tova

    My captain crunch went soggy in 5 min

  • Shadowkiller 420
    Shadowkiller 420

    Commander Crunch if he was in the US Navy

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy

    Your right he isn’t a captain he is a capn

  • Garth Ettienne
    Garth Ettienne

    He's not guilty of anything. He is a Cap'n, NOT a Captain.

  • Erika Rosengren
    Erika Rosengren

    Good thing I have never eaten Cap’n Crunch. I would have been literally MISERABLE if I ate the cereal of a Criminal.

  • Beth Lombardi
    Beth Lombardi

    I just gave bright cellars to my dad as a b-day 🎁

  • Tina Hudson
    Tina Hudson


  • Mush microwave Man •15 years ago
    Mush microwave Man •15 years ago

    Dude it’s just cereal..

  • Ink!sans Squid
    Ink!sans Squid

    There is one imposter among Us

  • The cool kid five Nights at freddys
    The cool kid five Nights at freddys


  • Mr. Gibberish
    Mr. Gibberish

    When the captain is sus:

  • Sherif Abdalla
    Sherif Abdalla

    We are talking about a cartoon character right?

  • Jayden Scott
    Jayden Scott

    Still gonna eat them

  • Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
    Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief

    Hi, how are you? A good video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day!

  • Greyson Lester
    Greyson Lester

    this supid is just food eat it not make a cearl therisres

  • John Coutu
    John Coutu

    nobody gonna mention that his insignia makes him "commander crunch"? edit: he mentions this, but im keeping this because screw it, too lazy for deletion lmao

  • Dan Greaker
    Dan Greaker

    You could've also mentioned the "PACT Act" which makes animal cruelty a federal felony, and is punishable up to seven years in federal prison.

  • AngelStar Future 311
    AngelStar Future 311

    You should do Tony the Tiger next. I hate Tony the Tiger with a burning passion! Also, I never had the captain’s cereal before.

  • Jellyman

    Never realized Cap’n Crunch had so much lore. 🤯

  • TBNREnder

    MatPat, Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch is not a real person, which is why he's not in military records in our world, and his world is a made up world in which he lives in, complete at the control of his creators and advertisers, so maybe there's alternate realities or something, since the creators could very easily add in time travel and alternate realities and make it cannon to counter this video, also, in Cap'n Crunch's world, 3 stripes could very well mean Captain, and if not, he would eventually assume the title seeing how he's been moving up the ranks, so unless you can get some proof that nothing supernatural is gonna show up and be made cannon, this video is just speculation, except the murder part, the Jean Lefoot thing was messed up.

  • Mr Gus Epic Gaming
    Mr Gus Epic Gaming


  • galaxydemoncat_2009 :3
    galaxydemoncat_2009 :3

    im never eating "captain" crunch again ._.

  • Comrade Bred has found the horny
    Comrade Bred has found the horny

    Cacpten cruch is sus????? 😳😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Itz_winterthesnow

    Other places: has cereal with backstories Me: my place only have 5 cereals and none of them own their own story;-;

  • goldo boldo
    goldo boldo

    but... its a cartoon

  • sharp teeth
    sharp teeth

    i thought that you are saying captain crunch is a commander

  • Debayan Pathak
    Debayan Pathak

    PLEASE MATPAT PLEASE thiz iz a joke captain crunch is a cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  • Reilly Bibeau
    Reilly Bibeau

    F in the chat for my dog, sea dog

  • High Fivers
    High Fivers

    Commander Crunch doesn't sound like that bad of a name, honestly.

  • Try 5 Try 6?
    Try 5 Try 6?

    I am giving him win

  • Cian


  • Marina EGR
    Marina EGR

    I love the intro

  • I like to draw
    I like to draw

    Commander Crunch 🤔

  • Friday night with Sahai
    Friday night with Sahai


    • Friday night with Sahai
      Friday night with Sahai

      @Reyes AMONG US!!! :DDD DD DD

    • Reyes


  • alolanraichu

    if they wanted to they could just change his design alittle to make him a real captain,but I guess it's not a huge issue for creator of the mascot to change the design,give mr crunch a promotion dammit XD and wow I don't even remember the dog or the kids,they clearly grew up and bailed

  • Levi Gainer
    Levi Gainer

    Come on it’s a cereal mascot

    • alolanraichu

      so true

  • TheDankKnight

    So no one's gonna mention the blue Luftwaffe uniform? 3:30

  • Shelbi Wallace-Nunery
    Shelbi Wallace-Nunery

    I still like Captain crunch cereal but when I eat it with milk it’s not even crunchy anymore

  • macavelli 11avelli
    macavelli 11avelli

    Looks like Captain Crunch is a serial killer get it serial killer serial

  • Wolf Player
    Wolf Player

    How dare you I was just loving Captain crunch (except when It got soggy)

  • Luis López
    Luis López

    He has cereal and has camited three crimes so do dud dat make him a cereal killer

  • The Alien Queen
    The Alien Queen

    Looks like Cap'n Crunch might be a *cereal* killer!

  • Professor Dumbledore
    Professor Dumbledore

    I think almost everyone who went through a Sssniperwolf-Azzyland-ReactionTime-Kyutie faze knew the fact that Cap'n Crunch isn't a captain and is in fact commander crunch

  • David Patrick
    David Patrick

    Long live the King Vitamin

  • free headd
    free headd

    Jesus loves you

  • Anouchka1025

    This is all to prove that Cap N, Crunch is not a captain.

  • Gergely Budai
    Gergely Budai

    I love and prefer soggy cereal

  • Colin Draws
    Colin Draws

    Maybe capn just didnt wanna tell everyone that sea dog died dogs and maybe the kids just grew up maybe capn tweeted it before he knew he was dead/dying

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson

    I just noticed that it says “matdonalds” in the intro and I’m here for it

  • official_glichtrap

    #Whereseedog?? I smell cap

  • chloe _playz_gamez
    chloe _playz_gamez

    I knew it it's Blue i told ya

  • Mac Turner
    Mac Turner

    The intro happened so fast I couldn’t process it

  • Green Panther
    Green Panther

    This ruined my childhood

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    hes a commander not a captain

  • FoxCannon the fox
    FoxCannon the fox

    Horatio is kinda sus, let's vote him out.

  • Matthew PLAYZ
    Matthew PLAYZ

    ✝ 👇🏼

    • Matthew PLAYZ
      Matthew PLAYZ


    • Matthew PLAYZ
      Matthew PLAYZ


    • Matthew PLAYZ
      Matthew PLAYZ


    • Matthew PLAYZ
      Matthew PLAYZ


  • VeeloIsGud

    Captain Crunch has the texture of very malleable gravel but I love it

  • Howto Tf2
    Howto Tf2

    When captain’s sus 😯😯



  • Sbx Dotcom
    Sbx Dotcom

    Lmao omg I live for this

  • Landon Duhaime
    Landon Duhaime

    If he has owns a boat he is considered a captain just not military

  • Ash& HisWeirdVideos
    Ash& HisWeirdVideos

    SLtoos Recommends: People theorize over an innocent cereal mascot

  • Sean Onam
    Sean Onam

    Serial mascot

  • Krishna B
    Krishna B

    no offence but this is the sans is ness of food theory

  • Mr. P
    Mr. P

    when the captain crunch is sus!!!1!!!1 😳

  • Mister Keisha
    Mister Keisha

    Can we cancel "captain" haratio magellan crunch

  • K4L

    Step aside Crunchy boy. I'm invested In jean LaFoote’s cereal

  • Delta air001
    Delta air001

    It should be commander crunch

  • Tim Stoffers
    Tim Stoffers


  • BRYCE00 Row
    BRYCE00 Row


  • Holly Becker
    Holly Becker

    everyone in the comments:captain crunch sucks

  • Sander Eilmann
    Sander Eilmann


  • David Haldeman
    David Haldeman

    He's a commander

  • The Offical Ob'yekt148
    The Offical Ob'yekt148

    captain crunch isn't even a captain, since of the lines on his uniform

  • Gunnar Kulak
    Gunnar Kulak

    i mean commander crunch does sound more cachty

  • Galactic Wolf Girl and Friends
    Galactic Wolf Girl and Friends

    This is for you sea dog wherever you are hope your tail is still wagging HOooooooooooooOoOoOoooOOOOooOooOoOoOOOoooOwwwWWWwwwwlllL

  • Lion Guardian
    Lion Guardian

    guess commander crunch is a cereal killer.

  • KingJ Gamer
    KingJ Gamer

    I like the idea, but I know that it's not true because otherwise every single dead body on NCIS would be stolen valor

  • ZTX Studios
    ZTX Studios

    He’s a commander

  • PlaceSinister

    I used to love capten crunch ;-;

  • Elvie Bautista
    Elvie Bautista

    Ok game theory was good film theory is also good but food theory wth

  • firenationnn

    'Cappin' Crunch.

  • DR. Rebeka
    DR. Rebeka

    He is a "Cereal" Killer

  • A very bored Humanoid
    A very bored Humanoid

    This is why I only eat colossal berry crunch 😤 nunna dat glass shard nonsense

  • A very bored Humanoid
    A very bored Humanoid

    This Cap’n’s 🧢’n

  • Delete sniper bots - Brawl Stars
    Delete sniper bots - Brawl Stars

    I like soggy cereal i didn’t know everybody hated soggy cereal

  • Nuha Sparkle
    Nuha Sparkle

    *3 strips I mean

  • Nuha Sparkle
    Nuha Sparkle

    When I see captain crunch has like 1,2 and 3 strips on his shirt and then another year he has 4 strips because why because people keep saying his not a captain should we change captain crunch into commander crunch because he has 4 strips at his shirt

  • david macko
    david macko

    Why is this a thing there not even real

  • I have come to make a announcement
    I have come to make a announcement

    I can see why commander crunch is lying, Captain crunch sounds way better than commander crunch

  • Cristina Gomez
    Cristina Gomez

    the voice acting of captain crunch was so WHOLE back in the day also, i'm pretty sure jean lafoot has either a Russian or German accent

  • ** {Fukuro Sama } ** Animation and art
    ** {Fukuro Sama } ** Animation and art

    Ummm maybe Jon le foot has just lost his phone or just forgot the password for his account

  • Douglas Mulkey
    Douglas Mulkey

    (8:42) Shouldn't have said hit the waves.

  • crystalpie

    He’s not a captain, he’s a cap’n

  • Troy Gilmore
    Troy Gilmore

    I’m if they really shut the feral down for this that would be kind of stupid