Luka Doncic Postgame Interview | Mavericks vs Nuggets | January 7, 2021
Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | January 7, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    Awesome video!

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou

    “Luka donnitch”

  • The HunterX
    The HunterX

    “Luka Donich”

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    When i was 21 i was doing a chicken mcnugget challenge and this kid played in euroleague at 16 the fk

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    Such respect for our leader Vassilis Spanoulis! Thanks Luka keep doing what you doing

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    Such respect for our leader Vassilis Spanoulis! Thanks Luka keep doing what you doing

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Greeks that day.

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    Such respect for our leader Vassilis Spanoulis! Thanks Luka keep doing what you doing

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Luka is so good at hiding his next move. His change of speed is amazing. He’s playing chess out there.

  • Ernesto Calvani
    Ernesto Calvani

    Addio 🇮🇹

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui

      Luka is so good at hiding his next move. His change of speed is amazing. He’s playing chess out there.

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    who let this subpar ernie substitute in here to disrespect the man Luka! "donnitch" lmaooo

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      fast ties at ridgemont high hahahahahah

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    Without his second best player this man makes everyone better MVP coming his way!!!🔥

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Luka Donut itch

  • Jesse Clifton
    Jesse Clifton

    The lack of respect for Lukas background is honestly annoying & pure fucking cringe. First they haven't pronounced his name correctly in THREE YEARS, they ask about him a dumb question about being a Real Madrid fan. Its like they make fun of his accent & speak down to him because he's not fluent in english.

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      The cultured law oceanographically waste because wire industrially remove amongst a jaded bucket. mindless, nonchalant dessert

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi

    Three years in and still can’t get the man’s name right! SMH

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      This is Vasilis Spanoulis

  • naruto goku
    naruto goku

    Dirk watching this: "Good Job, my child"

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Spanoulis!!! Wow! 💯

  • alina al_05_09
    alina al_05_09

    lm from slovenia. I can translate what you want from English to Slovenian.

    • alina al_05_09
      alina al_05_09

      @chding zuure u need translate?or?

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      i remember when i was young. the moves,the scores and even the looks we are both the same luka doncic

  • Killa Brin
    Killa Brin

    Luka Dončič is diffrent type player than any other player in the nba

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Greeks that day.

  • Pacy Jimmy
    Pacy Jimmy

    Luka is from Slovenia same as me

    • sannio komi
      sannio komi

      I just say hala madrid.

  • Kaine Asotilla
    Kaine Asotilla

    This 21 year old guy is the best,actually he is my idol of playing lots idol😊

  • Fidel Montaner
    Fidel Montaner

    Tribute to Rudy, Llull and reyes, the best players in Europe during 20 years like Gasols, Navarro, Calderón, Rodríguez...

    • SpartanHl Lacedaemon
      SpartanHl Lacedaemon

      @Fidel Montaner 3 titles, 3 times final 4 mvp,1 time season mvp. He did that with 3 times less the budget of Real madrid. Are you sure you don't know him??

    • Fidel Montaner
      Fidel Montaner

      @SpartanHl Lacedaemon not is true. Is your opinion. They are players of the best team of basketball in the last 20 years in the world, and with real Madrid. Spanoulis? Hoy many titles?

    • SpartanHl Lacedaemon
      SpartanHl Lacedaemon

      @Fidel Montaner Do not compare him to them. Spanoulis is by far the greatest among them.

    • Fidel Montaner
      Fidel Montaner

      @George Byztorian have you listened? Thanks to Rudy, Llull and reyes.

    • Fidel Montaner
      Fidel Montaner

      @George Byztorian hahahshahahahahaha

  • David Mitnick
    David Mitnick

    Question: do most foreign players get English tutors to help them learn the language? I know most Europeans have some baseline of English but it seems like if you're Luka, you have an incentive to learn English well to market yourself as a star.

  • Črtomir Štrucl
    Črtomir Štrucl

    They don't know Spanoulis but they should, he was part of the Greek team that beat USA in the semifinals of the 2006 world championship. In fact he was the top scorer for the Greeks that day.

  • Pamplona Christian
    Pamplona Christian

    i remember when i was young. the moves,the scores and even the looks we are both the same luka doncic

  • Pamplona Christian
    Pamplona Christian

    Luka is so good at hiding his next move. His change of speed is amazing. He’s playing chess out there.

  • Fijiboi

    fast ties at ridgemont high hahahahahah

  • Somos de Amstrad !
    Somos de Amstrad !

    Luka Donut itch

  • T.A.J GAMING Greece
    T.A.J GAMING Greece

    Sir Charles ,Spanoulis is the first all time scorer of Euroleague,nuff said.

  • Φωτης Καρπαθιου
    Φωτης Καρπαθιου

    This is Vasilis Spanoulis

  • Avednico Mateo
    Avednico Mateo

    Spanoulis!!! Wow! 💯

  • Chad Hayashi
    Chad Hayashi

    Post game interviews should be simplistic and congratulatory from the hosts. The interviewee can say whatever they feel necessary. I wish the inside the nba crew would show respect to every person they have on the show. Post game isn’t a time for a big discussion, from a player’s perspective.

  • Rafael Jiménez
    Rafael Jiménez

    I just say hala madrid.

  • Philippos Sotiropoulos
    Philippos Sotiropoulos

    What did Barkley say?

  • John Christou
    John Christou

    Charles.. Spanoulis #7 is your daddy!

  • Zach S.
    Zach S.

    no diversity on the panel

  • allen907

    If you can't pronounce the name, how the hell are you considered a professional? There are many independent basketball analysts who show respect and don't push lameness, this is why I am always seeking fresh insights, these dudes are dinosaurs

  • sfugarise

    making a joke that he doesn't know (or actually doesn't know) the all-time leading scorer of Euroleague, and calls himself a sports analyst?? What a joke....

  • Zeekay Sniper
    Zeekay Sniper

    Lmao wheres all the haters now calling this guy fat?? Dude had 1 or 2 bad games and people started callin him fat lol he shut em noise real quick💯

  • N Key
    N Key

    Besides his basketball skills, this man has a great personality

  • Jimmy Sambuca
    Jimmy Sambuca

    New podcast ! come listen to us !

  • R L
    R L

    spanoulis is rockets player before

  • Chuck Hauser
    Chuck Hauser

    Once KP is back providing 20/10 3 or 4 blocks, rim protection & floor spacing this team is going to take off

  • Juan


  • nukesnipa1

    Jokic or Luca for MVP

  • oscar Ramirez
    oscar Ramirez


  • Γιαννης Μπαλτατζης
    Γιαννης Μπαλτατζης


  • Alex Nego
    Alex Nego

    Barkley μαλακα σεβασου εναν ευρωπαιο θρυλο. Αν δεν τον ξερεις ρωτα lebron και Howard να σου πουνε τις εμπειριες του απο το Τοκιο

  • Gabriel G
    Gabriel G

    Ofc shaq hatin On him again😂

  • Tobija Kunej
    Tobija Kunej

    Adižo adižo 😂 Kings Shaq and our Luka 👑🇸🇮

  • Mr. Moe
    Mr. Moe

    Them haters quiet now lol

  • Gabriel Resendiz
    Gabriel Resendiz

    Luka 2021 MVP

  • Phaedon Lomis
    Phaedon Lomis

    Spanoulis the goat of europe

  • NJK 20
    NJK 20

    Go Mavericks!!!

  • FWP30

    Πάμε ρε Βασίλη

  • Andrea

    His english is so much better already

  • Brandon Wiley
    Brandon Wiley

    White people are making a comeback in the NBA! Yay! But they're all from other countries. Nay.

  • Massiah San
    Massiah San

    I love how Luka rattled off all these international legends from Europe! I bet Shaq was hoping he’d be saying all these American players 😂 and he only rolls out LBJ of course but he really looks the type of Dirks mold so everyone who says he’ll leave keep dreaming! And sorry to say Shaq and Barkley’s jokes make em look like idiots 🤦🏽‍♂️ on a side I bet Paul Pierce was dying to hear Luka say his name as well 🤣

  • Ghyulane Hydroxenn
    Ghyulane Hydroxenn

    Real Madrid pride let's goooo

  • TheRealUcanUwill

    As a Euroleague fan, I still waiting that apology from Chuck, he said that if 18 year old is MVP in your league, that leagues is total crap, and altho Euroleague is far from NBA, its really far from crap, Luka was just this good. he is like a sunset, we Euros just got to experience him first.

  • Nolan Novotny
    Nolan Novotny

    Who else feels like his european accent is slowly turning american?

    • Nolan Novotny
      Nolan Novotny

      @Yarp Yarp jesus i just said european bc i didn’t know what exact country dont be a karen my guy

    • Yarp Yarp
      Yarp Yarp

      slovenian accent. we euros are not 1 country

    • Wonderlandian

      Not really

  • Brookes D
    Brookes D

    fast times at ridgemont high

  • Austin Mills
    Austin Mills

    777 likes lol

  • Luis Pomareç
    Luis Pomareç

    Y decían que estaba gordo. hace fácil lo difícil.

  • M P
    M P

    jokic and luka in one team would crush other super duos dont change my mind

  • ožbej 11
    ožbej 11

    kje smo slovenci?

    • ožbej 11
      ožbej 11

      @Timotej Ian Poljak ola

    • Timotej Ian Poljak
      Timotej Ian Poljak


  • Eli Acosta
    Eli Acosta

    The redundant deficit anatomically realise because snowstorm unprecedentedly whip down a unaccountable edger. ragged, spectacular booklet

  • Raion Kazutrash
    Raion Kazutrash

    He getting fluent 💯

  • unbreakbledreams

    Meant to be great.

  • Marko Nikolic
    Marko Nikolic

    Luka the best. Ernie was missed today badly.

  • Denis Zupan
    Denis Zupan

    "Luka Donič"? The guy still didn't learn how to pronounce Luka's surname?

    • Kinidios Odlosios
      Kinidios Odlosios

      Nobody did in America they always pronounce first tree letters like Don Corleone

  • Winged hussar
    Winged hussar

    adijo adijo adijo madam


    MAVERICK team the Best! We are waiting for PORZINGIS back in the game!!!

  • George Polychronopoulos
    George Polychronopoulos

    Anyone know of this luka donich?

  • hejasou


  • The Bone
    The Bone

    they just made a european call football 'soccer' what the fuck

  • Dimitris S
    Dimitris S

    Spanoulis is probably the clutchest player in euroleague history and pretty much holds every record there is, for a guard.

  • Fine Sin
    Fine Sin

    Wow, a league nvp candidate grew up watching spanoulis. I'm panathinaikos fan but that made me proud for some reason.

    • dalibor stojanovski
      dalibor stojanovski

      Cause he played also for pao??

    • sWho?shing

      Not just watching. He admires him and talks about him as one of the main players he looked up to when playing in Europe.

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey

    Luka is that dude.

  • Bosnian 23
    Bosnian 23

    Balkan basketball 💪

  • x munki
    x munki

    Lol the ending was awkward 😭

  • Ray Archangel94
    Ray Archangel94

    Pinkish Luka

  • Klearhos Ke.
    Klearhos Ke.

    September 1st 2006 22 points. 🇬🇷

  • Kevin Keegan
    Kevin Keegan

    Luka at 21 better than Mj at 21.

  • I luw sandwich
    I luw sandwich

    omg he got so fatt

  • VOH Basketball
    VOH Basketball

    Luka has a slight Paul Pierce kinda vibe. His pace and ability to get to his spots remind me of Pierce #VohBasketball #NeverTuckYourTown

    • VOH Basketball
      VOH Basketball

      @E Ryan can't argue that!

    • E Ryan
      E Ryan

      That's true. I also see a lot of Lebron on those post move fadeaways.

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels

    No way any of them knew who Spanoulis was

    • Somos de Amstrad !
      Somos de Amstrad !

      They should as he played for the Rockets

  • adavos7


    • Somos de Amstrad !
      Somos de Amstrad !

      you exaggerate a little bit .... Gallis was greater than Spanoulis just to mention another greek player

  • Κώστας Παπανικολάου
    Κώστας Παπανικολάου

    Such respect for our leader Vassilis Spanoulis! Thanks Luka keep doing what you doing

  • Carles F
    Carles F

    If Doncic was a FC Barcelona fan he would be perfect. I guess everyone has a flaw... xD

    • Ka74Ever

      Hahaha! Good one :D From a Real Madrid fan. Bon dia!

  • Άκης Σκευούλης
    Άκης Σκευούλης

    Spanoulis,Doncic ,Diamandidis, Papaloukas, Nowitzki ,Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Who you pick?

    • Timotej Ian Poljak
      Timotej Ian Poljak


    • thesarantis

      Nick Galis

    • Agrinddandi


    • Jānis Roga
      Jānis Roga

      Sabonis too

  • Kois Rojas
    Kois Rojas

    Great game Luka 👏👏👏

  • Kois Rojas
    Kois Rojas

    Great game Luka 👏👏👏

  • Nestranačka Demokratija
    Nestranačka Demokratija

    Kakav crni spanulis, Luka je Dejan Bodiroga na steroidima.

  • Tadej Božičko
    Tadej Božičko

    You can see that he doesnt want to be here lol

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez

    Barkley is such asshole , the disrespect on spanoulis....


    Just call Luka "LD" because LEGEND starts with L and ends with D. 😁😁😁

    • Verity

      "PN" starts with P and ends with N.

    • David ESTILLORE
      David ESTILLORE

      @mihnea adrian stoian MJ never had a triple double at Luka's age - he was a ball hog. Started winning championships only when he teamed with Scottie Pippen and coached by Phil Jackson with his triangle offense.

    • Colton M
      Colton M

      That’s lilDickys nickname, you can’t forget about the fourth ball brother

    • jst sm
      jst sm


    • mihnea adrian stoian
      mihnea adrian stoian

      Legends starts with M anf finish with J. ,😁🍾😉

  • Kirby Vera Cruz
    Kirby Vera Cruz

    What could have been if Sergio Llull played in the NBA.

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen


  • Emre Bilge
    Emre Bilge

    Much respect to Doncic giving the bigger credit to the European players whom he learnt the most from. And Barkley thinks he's funny not knowing of and making fun of European players, but he only happens to display his ignorance.

    • Oh No
      Oh No

      Calm guys, he's just making fun as usual, it's typical Barkley on the show. I'm greek too and support Olympiacos BTW.

    • john fafoutellis
      john fafoutellis

      He should have been more knowledgeable :)

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment

    respect for acknowledging his past teammates by name for an audience who may not know who they are

    • davinnicode

      Remember these are all players that easily could have played in the NBA. Some of them actually did but choose to go back to europe.

    • Roman Marolin
      Roman Marolin

      I also love the way he praise the team and his teammates 👍. True leader.

    • Mankut

      true NBA fans 20+ should now who is Rudy Fernandez

  • PennyRice YT
    PennyRice YT

    luka donkeytch

  • Tmonshpud

    Charles Barkley is the best! 😄

  • Aniket Karmkar
    Aniket Karmkar

    More highlights and long ones please