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  • Nightrunner15 6
    Nightrunner15 6

    I didn’t even know This existed

  • Mejona Anderson
    Mejona Anderson


  • kevin Vasquez
    kevin Vasquez

    You fought when one day after my birthday

  • Da Savage
    Da Savage

    Jake speaking faxs do

  • rafsun touhid
    rafsun touhid

    team edge

  • Apple Slisez
    Apple Slisez

    Jake “ my mommy got more followers than u”. Also jake “ I don’t care about views and clout

  • Jaetyn Clarke
    Jaetyn Clarke

    12:54 jake cunddent say enything he was washed 😂😂😂😂😂

  • عبدالمحسن العنزي
    عبدالمحسن العنزي

    ولله اندعسنا

  • niraj punjabi
    niraj punjabi

    Gib wanted this fight so badly and became the biggest meme

  • Jack Lacroix
    Jack Lacroix

    i didn’t know they fought

  • Ron Jacob Causo
    Ron Jacob Causo

    Gib buuuuuuuuuuu 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Ron Jacob Causo
    Ron Jacob Causo

    You like a boss

  • Ron Jacob Causo
    Ron Jacob Causo

    Go go jake paul you wan woho 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Young Jaxx
    Young Jaxx


  • Matthew Male
    Matthew Male

    When you realize that the press conference was longer than the fight......

    • Dark RH
      Dark RH

      Matthew Male Bruh Of Course the press conference is going to be longer than the fight 😂😂😂. Press conferences are usually 20 minutes long and the longest the fight could even last if it went The Whole 6 rounds is 18 minutes

  • Kayla Caldwell
    Kayla Caldwell

    Spoiler alert Jake wins first round 😂


    Jake are you still a youtuber??


    Who laughed when viddal shut down Jake's class

  • Robert Laieta
    Robert Laieta

    Gib moved further back when pushed Jake than Jake did lmao

  • slh2006


  • Mohini Lata
    Mohini Lata

    Who the hell is gib

  • Cools

    Mad bro

  • Raghav Garg
    Raghav Garg

    Lol Gib fans deleted their comments. 😂

  • Janicirra Stphens
    Janicirra Stphens

    Sounds like there's a solid ten people in the room lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂 like is love tubes you

  • Ethiopian roots America tree
    Ethiopian roots America tree

    I’m just focus on the guy in the middle with them reactions 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • عبدالله

    فشلنا الله يفشله🤓

  • rory earnshaw
    rory earnshaw

    Who da heck is this fooooll

  • Zeth

    16:50 well gib predicted his loss

  • Paul A Yaroschak
    Paul A Yaroschak

    he looks like penokeyo

  • عبدالله الفغم
    عبدالله الفغم

    عز الله انه مب سعودي فشلنا

  • Gabriel Aledo
    Gabriel Aledo

    Gib cant even reach the floor

  • Laurie Dickson
    Laurie Dickson

    When gib said hi no one said anything and said boo

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown


  • Andrey Cheshmedzhiev
    Andrey Cheshmedzhiev

    2:03 that doesn't sound well now does it, Gib?

  • Mr Hai Lua
    Mr Hai Lua

    lets go jake

  • SubduedVlogger

    Why do they make it sound so Gay!! .

  • L Ramirez
    L Ramirez

    How many times Jake said uh👇

  • Rokuro Enmado
    Rokuro Enmado

    Like how everyone who supported big nose Gib deleted their comments and are silent now. Pretty hilarious that they talked shit and now they realize that the person they supported IS shit.

  • Yali And Elian
    Yali And Elian

    For some reason I think Eddie her doesn't even care he just wants the money


    fight ksi your done lad

  • Avery Weber
    Avery Weber

    This was my little brothers birthday

  • Sid

    Gib on fire

  • constance Whealton
    constance Whealton

    *download the download* 0:19

  • Thomas Roney
    Thomas Roney

    Adam22 at 19:11 bottom left

  • Milk

    Jake thought he was going to be just like his brother

  • Lacey Oakes
    Lacey Oakes

    He has a big ass nose (gib)

  • Jazmin Castillo
    Jazmin Castillo

    Gib has a big nose

  • Jazmin Castillo
    Jazmin Castillo


  • Kyle Don’t mess
    Kyle Don’t mess

    I went

  • Angie Army
    Angie Army

    All the gib fans are quite now 🤣

  • Ray_Aditiya 1234
    Ray_Aditiya 1234

    Poor aneson gib

  • KirohFN

    gib looks like squidward

  • Joe Stylez
    Joe Stylez

    You could hear chad Tepper keep laughing 😂

  • Claire Decoteau
    Claire Decoteau

    Jack will beat Big nose GIb

  • ツCaptin-Kron1k

    Jake shouldn't be looking for fights, when a real boxer can be looking through twitter, and will ask and start beef with jake, and jake I'll get recked.

  • Skyla Nash
    Skyla Nash

    You are so right jake your way better then gib bc all he is caring about SLtoos you were caring about the actual fighting ur awesome

  • Spencer VanOchten
    Spencer VanOchten

    "I've never taken an L, and I plan to continue that." -The final words of Viddal Riley

  • My 2acc
    My 2acc

    gib excuse the gravity pulled me 3 times😂🤣😂🤣

  • Lion Jam
    Lion Jam

    I don’t was Jake Paul lol The Chiefs won

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    Y'all finna kiss or something? Wth

  • Chicken nuggets Lover
    Chicken nuggets Lover

    Where’s your robot arm🙄🙄

  • Tristan Alexander
    Tristan Alexander

    Why does he look like faze rug

  • mikeyo76 boy
    mikeyo76 boy

    Bro gib needs to shut up jake can roast onhonestly jake has some many views that gun needs to quit youtube period.

    • Professional Critic
      Professional Critic

      Wtf is wrong with your spelling stay in school kid 😂😂 rather watching boxing

    • mikeyo76 boy
      mikeyo76 boy

      I ment to say gib

  • Russel Angutikjuaq
    Russel Angutikjuaq

    That thumbnail be looking like they’re gonna makeout

  • Adrian Carranza
    Adrian Carranza

    Sounds like chad laughing

  • Right Half forward
    Right Half forward


  • moms fav
    moms fav

    Who is gib random people jake is fighting


    18:59 is when I knew jake was going to win

  • SubduedVlogger


  • albertfan 127
    albertfan 127

    My JAKE win

  • Mathew Gonzalez
    Mathew Gonzalez

    Nobody: Gib loses:nooooooo😂😂😂 Tbh thank god jake won Gib:u won’t outwork me Now:lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vɪɴ Sʜᴢɴ
    Vɪɴ Sʜᴢɴ

    well played jack

  • Bi L
    Bi L


  • Dark RH
    Dark RH

    I like how he says jake has fallen off but if u check on social blade gibs statistics sky rocketed the month of the fight while jakes were actually flatlining

  • Evie Aliqu
    Evie Aliqu

    Goo jake

  • Ciaran Finnegan
    Ciaran Finnegan

    The fat Paul brother ahahahah Ksi whooping ur ass be making my 2020 and it’s only February

  • Jazzmeyn Barnett
    Jazzmeyn Barnett

    Gib sounds like scooby doo

  • Kevin Gutierrez
    Kevin Gutierrez


  • نادر Gamer
    نادر Gamer

    اذا انت سعودي لايك

  • Rachel Tavares
    Rachel Tavares

    lmfao everyone here so mad.... 2:18..lol nice fight ..

  • Dano2kk

    That’s why you knocked hem out in 40s

  • MR Call Of Duty
    MR Call Of Duty

    KSI is kind of scared of you

  • Toxic FN
    Toxic FN

    5:48 I bet he wish he never said that now

  • Witch Inspired
    Witch Inspired

    Who tf cares who has more followers than anyone? Is that really a thing? Most ppl who follow you are below 10 years old.

  • Blurh _
    Blurh _

    I can hear chads laugh from a mile away

  • Zam Johnson
    Zam Johnson

    I think gib was in he feelings coming to the end of the video 😂

  • Theofficial_cg Xx
    Theofficial_cg Xx

    Lmao everyone in the comments against jake are quiet now

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @Witch Inspired woman, dontchu have grandkids to be taken care of? Bounce off from youtube. Lmao

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @JD’s Exotics nOni

    • JD’s Exotics
      JD’s Exotics

      @King Kong non u

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @JD’s Exotics stfu

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @Marilou S who's more rich than your whole family combined

  • Gammmerrr 2017777
    Gammmerrr 2017777

    Gib: “u got out worked by deji” Jake: beats gib in one round and gib had a camp

    • King Kong
      King Kong

      @Dodge Gaming i rate that

    • Dodge Gaming
      Dodge Gaming

      No disrespect to Jake he still has a big ass ego but he’s a lot more funnier and a lot more laid back then he was and his music is better then what it used to be yeah he may have had a ghost writer but he’s a lot more mature then he was when he was living with the OG team 10

    • Paypal Me
      Paypal Me

      Gammmerrr 2017777 factss💀💀

    • Emeraldstar716

      Gammmerrr 2017777 the thing I never understood was so did gib jay litterally almost dropped out

    • Angie Army
      Angie Army

      @Emeraldstar716 he is horrible

  • Zam Johnson
    Zam Johnson

    Jake was literally the 1st one to start stuff 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  • Zam Johnson
    Zam Johnson

    Jake Paul in a t shirt Gib dress appropriately 😂 who jake trying to be

  • Liam Eriksson
    Liam Eriksson

    I got your nose

  • Sujal Katoch
    Sujal Katoch

    No one: gib I am doing squarts

  • Quil

    gib looks dumb asf now💀

  • Ashlee's Life
    Ashlee's Life

    And Jake Paul's outfit looks U.G.L.Y. looks like you didn't even wash your shirt

  • Ashlee's Life
    Ashlee's Life

    Jake Paul's Content is kinda boring if he doesn't wanna be a SLtoosr then don't post at all dUH!

  • Odalys Canales
    Odalys Canales

    And if y'all don't have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all

  • Odalys Canales
    Odalys Canales

    Y'all just jelly that's all am going to say

    • Odalys Canales
      Odalys Canales

      @Abc CbaI bet Jake Paul is going to win. I'm on Jake Paul's team all the way

    • Odalys Canales
      Odalys Canales

      @Abc Cba you don't know that. He can probably win ksi

    • Abc Cba
      Abc Cba

      Odalys Canales everybody that he’s versed has been terrible fighters, as soon as he goes into the ring with Ksi, he’s dead

    • Odalys Canales
      Odalys Canales

      @Abc Cba I think Jake can beat him

    • Odalys Canales
      Odalys Canales

      @Abc Cba and he is the best fighter now

  • Odalys Canales
    Odalys Canales

    Y'all just be hating

  • Odalys Canales
    Odalys Canales

    Y'all just haters and you guys don't have nothing to do in your life

  • Tejas Singh
    Tejas Singh

    Who’s here after Gib got embarrassed?