I made your dumb Ideas in Minecraft again...
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So I made your dumb Ideas in Minecraft again... I thought it couldn't get worse from the previous one. I was wrong.
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So I made your dumb twitter ideas in Minecraft. This was absolutely hilarious and funny and horrible all at the same time. It featured Minecraft SLtoosrs from the Dream SMP such as Tommy, Tubbo, Quackity, but not Dream, George, Wilbur, Ranboo, or any of those guys. Maybe if you guys enjoy in the next one I can feature them :] Enjoy the video!
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  • Fundy

    hey you're a day late with watching this this legally means youre forced to subscribe. I dont make the rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • TC-lunello

      hey fundy! how are you? id like to gve you an idea, could you code minecraft in a way that when you hit a hostile mob it changes into another random hostile mob?

    • Rob Hebbard
      Rob Hebbard

      ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    • Leon und so
      Leon und so

      Well I have a dog, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (And actually I have already subscribed at the beginning of the year, but hey)

    • Edin’s Minecraft stuff
      Edin’s Minecraft stuff


    • Caelyn Olivier
      Caelyn Olivier

      im technically 6 days late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Lasse Henriksen
    Lasse Henriksen


  • E M
    E M

    Subscribed to funny and tecnoblade BRUUUUUUUUUUH

  • OkaPoka Pro
    OkaPoka Pro

    Hey fundy what is that music name what was playing on those moon boots thing

  • Emily Tian
    Emily Tian

    End of Honey Sponsor 5:28

  • deo lucky
    deo lucky

    Is fundy a furry

  • ⟭⟬Srushti Bhagwat
    ⟭⟬Srushti Bhagwat

    when @SAD-ist comment gets more likes than fundy's comment

  • Miquo Alexander Calma
    Miquo Alexander Calma

    Make Kirby in Minecraft


    Hey I seen your video

  • Void oblivion
    Void oblivion

    you think my ideas suck? YOU SUCK!!!

  • Luke Summers
    Luke Summers

    if you dont mind another idea, add some more villager types, and buildings/structures

  • Luke Summers
    Luke Summers

    gravel didn't fall when you switched gravity.... some things wrong here, I can feel it...

  • Ken tanujaya
    Ken tanujaya

    are fru on dream smp bkas my brothor tell me

  • Khrizeff Asce Oyos
    Khrizeff Asce Oyos


  • epic fundy
    epic fundy


  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    the way he laughed at 0:36

  • anime boy
    anime boy

    add beef jerky to the game

  • covenant bricks Razon
    covenant bricks Razon

    im a memeber of fundy

  • Amari Minecraft
    Amari Minecraft

    Minecraft but you can eat flowers and you die then you get op items like thorns 1000 or sharpness 8-8-hundred

  • Minecraft but you can do the jeb_ thing to everything

  • The Crazy Creeper
    The Crazy Creeper

    Am i tha only one triggered by the parrot dying once it delivers the message? R.I.P. messager parrot reply f

  • Bentlee Patterson
    Bentlee Patterson


  • TheDarkForce

    Minecraft but u wear clothes

  • Queen Peaches
    Queen Peaches

    Hey can you make another video

  • Paige Scott
    Paige Scott

    there should be a sugar cookie in minecraft. Recipe: 2 wheat, and one sugar How yo lay it on the crafting table: wheat, sugar, wheat.

  • CyberLocky

    10:01 sounded like a zombie Technoblade = Zombir

  • Lesbian POGGERS
    Lesbian POGGERS

    Nyaa -Fundy

  • Silas Jordan
    Silas Jordan

    Cats say Baba booey when you kill them

  • Will yass
    Will yass

    Lol love that dream not found pic hehe

  • kinda dream
    kinda dream

    fundy x dream

  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
    Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    Could you make a 3rd or 4th vid where Ena is a mob you can befriend in the game cuz she’s cute UwU. Make her help you find locations and she can randomly spawn with Mooney in the game like the wandering trader, however they can’t help you fight at all, and you get achievements depending on whether you’re a good friend to them. TLDR; please make an Ena mod and make it for forge 1.16.5 and 1.17 cuz I wanna play it UwU. Also make the anti gravity thing an enchantment.

  • halfway_bunny5

    drink a cow and kill a milk

  • {•Tally_ZøspahRøse_TheIdiøt_Fnaf_Playz_OwO •}
    {•Tally_ZøspahRøse_TheIdiøt_Fnaf_Playz_OwO •}


  • halfway_bunny5

    minecraft but there is enderdragon rain happy to crash the pc

  • X3Golden

    I think I actually could have a really good idea. Keyboard shortcuts in minecraft such as Undo, Cut, Copy and Paste. Like this comment so Fundy sees it, that is of course if you like this idea and would like to see how this would work/look in minecraft. Please..🥺👉👈

  • Erica Lozano
    Erica Lozano

    or poop the MOON

  • Tabitha Hylton
    Tabitha Hylton

    Now boy u keeping my cat bc if u are... UR DEAD

  • Nie Mam Pomysłu Na Nick
    Nie Mam Pomysłu Na Nick

    3:00 *DNF shippers joined chat*

  • Tomato

    Make pigeons in Minecraft...

  • Tomato

    Can you make a video on this: **HotIceCubes**

  • Game Up
    Game Up

    Hi fundy

  • Liam Lara
    Liam Lara

    “ oh my god look at the little parrot what kind of lady do you have for me”

  • Daniel House
    Daniel House

    The great bruhaning

  • Sillouette Glitch
    Sillouette Glitch

    By the end I was crying because I laughed too hard

  • Sillouette Glitch
    Sillouette Glitch

    "A lot of people are shopping online, you probably are too" Me being a pre-teen: I don't shop.

  • Ananthan Nair
    Ananthan Nair

    Mincraft but you are in space

  • Games Player
    Games Player

    Kill george 1000 time becuse of this 3:03

  • Whxmsical


  • Justin Cecil
    Justin Cecil


  • Chrisol Capuno
    Chrisol Capuno

    I don't have a cat lol

  • Zula Rose
    Zula Rose

    Racoon eggs

  • Bravely Tyson
    Bravely Tyson

    Minecraft but some trees come to live and op item's


    minecraft but everytime you jump you teleport to mars :P

  • Jermaine William
    Jermaine William


  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee

    catsatlweldesesoru nou

  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee

    nou nou nou nou nou

  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee


  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee

    wehrter nou

  • Cyan

    Holy shit the parrot turned into a paper!

  • Wan Aqib
    Wan Aqib

    i don't have a cat

  • Lois Baldwin
    Lois Baldwin

    Create Beyblade’s in Minecraft mod

  • Lisa Victoria But Bee Swarm Simulator
    Lisa Victoria But Bee Swarm Simulator


  • Toby _
    Toby _

    4:00 i Can now do dreams boat clutch lol

  • PSK

    pls make it that the whole world is made of the racoon pictures u used

  • palak chand
    palak chand

    Finally two things we can make by our self

  • H I ,.,
    H I ,.,


  • 1822woodey

    Make a world that's the hole dreams amp sever

  • spoopy boi
    spoopy boi


  • nielmer carmicoros
    nielmer carmicoros

    Wtf guys did you see that in 3:13 i am so freaking eyes

  • Thom Tran
    Thom Tran

    ahhhh, WhAt A gReAt DNF vIdEo Of YoU

  • Nugget the Floof
    Nugget the Floof


  • •Mei Mei
    •Mei Mei

    The racoonsssssasss nooooo

  • Miku -chan
    Miku -chan

    3:05 Fundy: no... no... no... no... NOOOO... me: YESSSSSSSSSS, F0CK! YESSS

  • Point 0
    Point 0

    i don't have a cat.

  • wings of fire
    wings of fire

    3:13 im laughing so hard right now

  • Phoenix adam
    Phoenix adam

    Minecraft, but if u die u get coffin danced

  • Iffah Faiqah Binte Muhammad Imran
    Iffah Faiqah Binte Muhammad Imran

    1:28 the way he laughs made me laugh so hard xD

  • SplendidJamesStudios

    Watch gravity falls

  • Shadow Lion
    Shadow Lion

    Can you make a part 3 plz, if you do: Minecraft but the wither is retextured as technoblade and spawning it will have the quote, “wanna be a hero tommy, then die like one!”

  • Logan True
    Logan True

    I really just want to see a Dwarf or Goblin mod. I miss the days of Disney Fairy Tales.

    • Logan True
      Logan True

      Or a Tomba adventure map.

  • S Levine
    S Levine

    Minecraft but you have all Herobrine, Entity 303, Null, and Dark.

  • Melina Murillo
    Melina Murillo

    Minecraft but you find out tthat dream is chiting on you

  • Roob e
    Roob e

    2:42 Luckily for me I DON'T HAVE A CAT! AHAHAHAHHAHAH

  • Penut

    Fundy makes our dumb ideas in minecraft. (It is literally in the thumbnail/title)

  • sophia challoner
    sophia challoner

    2:50 both of my cats are right next to me.

  • UserUnknown14

    As someone who knows both I agree

  • Esme Ridley
    Esme Ridley

    Does anyone know what the song in the intro is called?

  • Waterhorse6646


  • june tube
    june tube


  • Giovana Hadinata
    Giovana Hadinata

    Me seeing the dream kissing George photo My mind : my ship had sailed Fundy : no no no Me : yesh Fundy : nooo

  • MrEzwinner Zborovskiy
    MrEzwinner Zborovskiy

    Complete minecraft with ful zoom

  • Entity 303  ·¬·
    Entity 303 ·¬·


  • Jakub Sobczak
    Jakub Sobczak

    Siren head

  • Insanely awesome517
    Insanely awesome517

    Minecraft but you can become spongebob

  • Monky

    I can see alot of really good parkour levels with the inverted gravity one.

  • Susanne

    That's not the famous "bruh"

  • uwe tech
    uwe tech


    • uwe tech
      uwe tech


  • jdog

    Fundy code Minecraft so that hostile mobs are friendly but still spawn in the dark and drop the same items. Also friendly mobs attack, spawn in the day still, and drop the same items


    MINECRAFT but if u die everything will explode...

  • Ender _Dragon10
    Ender _Dragon10

    fundy you should add skeppy twerking