Why Are There Only Two CPU Companies?
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Why are AMD and Intel your only options?
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  • Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury
    Zulfiker Ali Khan Chowdhury

    Did you know, Motorola wanted a piece of that market.... & created a few chips...

  • Shetu Raj
    Shetu Raj

    You forgot ARM

  • Fire Gaming
    Fire Gaming

    Apple M1: Let me introduce myself

  • Adeeb Shahriar
    Adeeb Shahriar

    Nice vid

  • Adrian LeDeaux
    Adrian LeDeaux

    there is a Broadcom processor. it only runs Linux, though. I guess this is talking about Windows compatible CPUs.

  • AOE2 Nerds
    AOE2 Nerds

    Why are there only 2 CPU companies? The fk? There are more than 2 AMD Intel Apple Qualcomm ARM Raspberry Pi CPU Runs on Arm Architecture which is technically running on a 1.6 Ghz CPU which is not intel or amd. There are also some russian CPU makers and chineese CPU makers. You don't hear about them because these CPUs are designed for IOT products, are much more efficient at doing 1 task.

  • CryAlone

    Im waiting for a Tesla CPU

  • Allan Cameron
    Allan Cameron

    There are actually 3 right now with Apple making their own silicon with the M1 chip. That will greatly evolve over time and even outperform the competition in a lot of ways as it’s already doing. Yes they do not manufacturer for others but regardless they still are a CPU/GPU chip manufacturer

  • Alex

    Apple will start selling Macbooks with a separate cpu

  • legend ary
    legend ary

    It's been 40 years, you can't just enter the market....

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9

    Why can't i use Gpu only as a processor

  • Tim Longson
    Tim Longson

    Why don't NVidia and AMD just take the insane money they are making from these miners buying everything, and speed up the development of their own microchip foundries? Get 5nm plants built THIS YEAR! The ONLY thing stopping them producing more graphics cards and CPUs than even all the miners could buy, is the speed that they can get their hands on the chips to make their stuff. If they poured in a few million into faster foundry production, not only would they be able to take FULL advantage of the demand NOW, making more money than they could dream of (which should be a good enough incentive for them to do it), they would also make us happy, and spank the scalpers by flooding the market with so many devices that the scalpers are left with stock they cant sell, and a lesson learned about being greedy! The games industry would also be grateful to stop the devolution in hardware that people are currently having to settle for, which stops them making better games! Its a win for everyone except the flaming scalpers! Use you influence and lean on AMD and NVidia - it just makes sense NOW!

    • Tim Longson
      Tim Longson

      It's an "accepted" idea that it takes maybe 3 or 4 years to plan, develop, design, & construct a foundry. But the foundry talked about in this link, for AMD & NVidia, has already finished all but one of those steps - they are in the construction stage, which has already started! According to this article it will be ready by 2024, so why could't they just bring in more people and make it faster? www.pcgamer.com/uk/tsmc-in-the-desert-with-the-silicon-wafer/

  • Lemon Lyle
    Lemon Lyle

    Snapdragon be like: 👁 👄 👁

  • Alex Skarlatos
    Alex Skarlatos

    ahhh, papa linus taught him that 4:00

  • Progamer DGD
    Progamer DGD

    ask americans why they just have 2 parties

  • Federico Riggio
    Federico Riggio

    The cruel reality is that microelectronics was invented in Italy and USA at the same time; and was developed and produced only in the USA in a first phase. Since it was a great revolution, it was used since the beginning as a weapon to simply strike the global market and prevail in the international scenery. Prevail economically doesn't differ much from prevailing militarily. Therefore, it was basically used as a terrific weapon. In fact, most electronic standards and Internet itself are from the USA (ex.: ASCII --> American Standard Code for Information Interchange). This also explains the actual tensions within the relationships between the USA and China (Huawei is a good competitor).

  • Pratyush Mandal
    Pratyush Mandal

    You exactly look and talk like Steve Carell.... LoL

  • Matt Gleason
    Matt Gleason

    who else here RISC-V gang

  • Doby Adoby
    Doby Adoby

    because amd is better

  • Scott Grammer
    Scott Grammer

    Riley: Why are there only two cpu companies? Apple: Who said there were only two?


    Brendon O Connell is the special on Intel Vs AMD 😁😁😁

  • R.Esakki Muthu Lokesh
    R.Esakki Muthu Lokesh

    Hey you forgot mediatek , exynos , hisilicon. If I'm wrong correct me.

  • TheBinarydeity

    um arm?

  • IQ250

    Because those are the companies which killed the rest of the CPU companies

  • Jemerson Canaya
    Jemerson Canaya

    It's a coincidence that Team Blue (Intel) and Team Red (AMD) is like american politics

  • Link1565

    1: There isn't. 2: Duopoly on who is allowed to make x86 processors.

  • kook ming
    kook ming

    Can M1 count ?

  • Yan Moura
    Yan Moura

    It's not true that are only "two" companies which makes CPU. In fact there are several other companies that does that for instance ARM, Nvidia, Qualcomm etc. Sure these are dedicated processors to be used in equipments other than computers mother boards but these still can be used as CPUs. There are even gaming PCs projects based on ARM processors.

  • Montajcı Reiz XxX
    Montajcı Reiz XxX

    ahh.. BAD times when everyone says to amd is sausage cooker

  • Shawn Sabbini
    Shawn Sabbini

    IMO you understate the significance of the M1 Processor. It’s the new kid on the block sure, but it seems to have the likely potential to sink x86 processors. It is already posting impressive x86 emulation scores. We can only expect it to improve. While having such power and heat benefits it’s possiable that x86 has started its end of life.

  • CaptainDangeax

    Fun fact, Cyrix made faster FPU than Intel at the 387 and 487 time. When they release their pentium compatible CPU (the 6x86) they integrated the same FPU than before, except Intel reviewed its architecture in the same time

  • Safi Rafsan
    Safi Rafsan

    I used to know there is just Intel for the CPUs till 2019

  • The Spark
    The Spark

    Because I never started one, too lazy.

  • Jason Kaler
    Jason Kaler

    Why are there only two... as long as you don't take into account any other company that makes cpu's. i don't think either intel or amd made the cpus in raspberry pi, or the upcoming macs there are also Chinese and Russian cpu's

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • Gabriel Freitas
    Gabriel Freitas

    ARM joined the chat

  • Augusto Galindo
    Augusto Galindo

    *Apple has entered the chat*

  • Earl Francart
    Earl Francart

    wow, integer and floating point, trems i havent heard in decades

  • Epic Music
    Epic Music

    Well actually there are more than 2 nvidia tegra is a cpu, and what of all the mobile phone cpus

  • Malva Halva
    Malva Halva

    2 exept quantem comuters

  • Exiiko


  • holy cash cow why?
    holy cash cow why?

    Good bad bad good

  • lonelyPorterCH

    well, with GPUs its the same^^ Good GPUS are NVIDIA or AMD ;P

  • Sweet List
    Sweet List

    He sounds like Linus th

  • Cheese 1
    Cheese 1

    Time for a third....

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Because you can only have two people that can see you while peeing "See Pee You"

  • Busi Xnesse
    Busi Xnesse

    They killed the competition 🤯

  • Arjun bhosale
    Arjun bhosale

    this guy looks like Tom cruise who felt this leave a like

  • 0pTicaL

    Anyone remember Cyrix?

  • Noodle Danger
    Noodle Danger

    Chinese computer geek that creat his own cpu and gpu: 👁️👄👁️

  • Ricky Young
    Ricky Young

    Cyrix: Our Processors are great! id: Here's Quake

  • Omar Attawneh
    Omar Attawneh

    I hope apple will start producing a desktop m1 compatible chip it will blow intel upp

  • Dylan Archer
    Dylan Archer

    *Apple entered the chat*

  • debendra gurung
    debendra gurung

    Now there's Apple Silicon, Qualcomm and soon enough Exonys...

  • KEX CZ
    KEX CZ

    I dont care. If there are at least 2 companies which have rivalery between them, thats only what matters....

  • GRBTutorials

    For now... get ready for ARM suckers!

  • Liel

    why does it have to be so cringe :(

  • ribis

    why does he sound like linus and austin had a child

  • piyush

    Canada run TechQuickie throwing Indian Express screenshot. 😮

  • Uwuwewewe onyetenweweugweyhem osasify
    Uwuwewewe onyetenweweugweyhem osasify

    I have an nvidia cpu

  • Lorcan Flahive
    Lorcan Flahive

    What about the macbook M1 Might not be a cpu so sorry if I’m wrong

  • Lee Myers
    Lee Myers

    IBM chose the Intel chip because it was the least powerful chip, and IBM didn't want the PC to compete with their mainframe business.

  • idris boulette
    idris boulette

    I thought Linus had a haircut

  • Methosu

    is that linus tech tips but with mustach and glasses?

  • Ben Featherstone
    Ben Featherstone

    Riley's my next favourite presenter, after Linus shout out to Anthony

  • Tarun Kumar Gupta
    Tarun Kumar Gupta

    But what about Apple's M1 chip ?! 🤔

  • Lil Skely
    Lil Skely

    So qualcomm,apple,samsung are companies who dont produce cpu for their phones?

  • popopapi


  • Wycliff Studios
    Wycliff Studios

    LTT is just salty that there's no Canadian Chip Maker yet.

  • Skunk McFunk
    Skunk McFunk

    RVB reference, noice

  • TapCrackLab

    Fun Fact: IBN 5100 is needed when creating a time machine.

    • Micil Joran
      Micil Joran


  • Zenkai76

    my first PC was a 150mhz cyrix...

  • Reality

    plot twist: the guy is Linus in disguise but more chill

    • stvn

      same script style

    • Windows 7
      Windows 7


    • LongLostSouls

      It’s Linus but in the 90’s and funny

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt

      and funny too

    • Red Pyro
      Red Pyro

      You can tell by the LTT sweater

  • ApolloFR Waran
    ApolloFR Waran

    Why're there only two CPU companies? There isn't. Such CPU companies include: Samsung, Nvidia, Apple and Qualcomm. Via, once direct competitor to Intel and AMD, still sells CPUs as well. There is also IBM who makes POWER and Sony who spun that off to make Cell. ... At the smartphone level you now have non-intel CPUs like Apple's or Qualcomm's.

  • Mark

    No worries. Arm will blow them out of the market.

  • Adrian Kotkowski
    Adrian Kotkowski

    Amd i red amd is an communist

  • Just a guy that watches Youtube videos
    Just a guy that watches Youtube videos

    wait aren't apple making their own cpu's now?

  • wEIrD gUy
    wEIrD gUy

    Qualcomm Snapdragon has left the chat

  • Sandor Alpar Szekely-Kiraly
    Sandor Alpar Szekely-Kiraly

    Who else has Intel Pentium?

  • Steve Sether
    Steve Sether

    Before the IBM PC, there was another CPU manufacturer maker that was in just about all the computers people were able to afford. In the early to mid 80s this chip vastly out-sold the IBM and clone machines. Yes, it was the 6502, and variants from MOS technologies. The 6502 was in the: Commodore 64 Commodore PET Apple II series Atari 8 bit line Atari 2600/5200/7800 Nintendo BBC Micro So the early history is quite a bit more complicated. In the early days in the 80s the 6502 machines vastly outsold the IBM clones. PCs won the war for a variety of reasons, but if history had worked out a bit differently, we might all have had ancestors of the 6502 in modern computers rather than ancestors of the 8088.

  • yoshiclaps

    whats the point of dislikeing a video

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Me living in Brazil: Why is there (basically) only one CPU company? There is only Intel here. Amd is rare and I have never seen it here

  • peter shuker
    peter shuker

    My PC is powered by hamsters

  • Christina Andwena
    Christina Andwena

    What about apple?

  • Rustic Shine
    Rustic Shine

    You only need two teams for a competition and to prevent a monopoly!

  • Sausager

    There is another

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      3:14 proud to be malaysian

  • Daniel Berthellemy
    Daniel Berthellemy

    Clean your glasses you embarrass me.

  • Artronics

    What about apple M1 ?

  • NightSkyACC /\
    NightSkyACC /\

    Amd also has gpus 😉

  • Just Another Caio
    Just Another Caio

    Me living in Brazil: Why is there (basically) only one CPU company? There is only Intel here. Amd is rare and I have never seen it here

  • Daniel AMG
    Daniel AMG

    People That Buy Pc Products From Wish HOLD MY BEER

  • Robeight

    I miss cyrix

  • Wot Wot
    Wot Wot

    "Please colonel, I'm married" ?

  • Eric Hagen
    Eric Hagen

    does it not concern ppl that a 2nd-3rd world country like malaysia makes our cpu's? i dont mind long as they are treating the employees fair.

    • I'm noob
      I'm noob

      Wanna see Malaysian make own cpu that can compete with red and blue.Maybe it will be team white

  • Caje-Nater

    Their is only two because they dont want be ohone do u dont have fight over with is a better or faster

  • Nogardtist

    cause no one would trust an Aliexpress or wish CPU

  • Ghost Coffee
    Ghost Coffee

    Apple now makes CPU chips now, so technically it’s now AMD vs Intel vs Apple

  • RF07

    3:13 yoooo I got a athlon 64 x2!

  • Phát Lâm
    Phát Lâm

    Apple ?

  • fiyan khs
    fiyan khs

    3:14 proud to be malaysian

8 mio.
8 mio.