I had to go to the hospital...
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I'm heartbroken so I linked up with my brother Logan Paul and Tanner Fox to race cars, do man shit and prank Blu as he broke the house rules again... I also had to go to the hospital for my brain problems
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  • Isaac Drouin
    Isaac Drouin

    i was really hopeful that jake was dead but alas he isn't...

  • Fidget Spinner Guy41
    Fidget Spinner Guy41


  • EpicUnitel

    Jake Paul shooting his friend because he left the house...

  • Nemesis Claps
    Nemesis Claps

    You should cut your beard

  • omg • a d a l y n •
    omg • a d a l y n •

    who else is watching him in quarantine? Just me okay!

  • United states Marine corps
    United states Marine corps

    Jake Paul you should enlist in the marines that's my best advice for you

  • Kostadin Kostadinov
    Kostadin Kostadinov

    The editing is exellent

  • oktaviani

    Jake : Telling his friend he need some change bcause of his condition his friend : "let's take a shot"

  • Misuki

    my grandmother felldown the stairs andliterally died. like if you agree

  • darren cyy
    darren cyy

    i'm so confused.. when such a scan is possible, why can't we detect CTE. does anyone know?

  • Sonny White
    Sonny White

    What is that song he plays in the vlog

  • Sir Bonk
    Sir Bonk

    I am so glad that there is a dislike button

  • Elle Johnson
    Elle Johnson

    am i the only one concerned that he (and just people in general i guess) shoots guns to feel better? like i don’t think anyone’s response to feeling depressed should be to go shoot guns idk

  • DMD. YYoda2
    DMD. YYoda2

    You can’t imagine how happy I am

  • South Texas Fail
    South Texas Fail

    His last few brain cells are fighting for a victory royal.

  • Marcus Boy
    Marcus Boy


  • mohith sai
    mohith sai

    guys what song is this>> 0:34 can someone help me out??

    • mohith sai
      mohith sai

      never mind

  • Sumaira Mushtaq
    Sumaira Mushtaq

    Hi Jake I'm a fan of you

  • A White Person
    A White Person

    Am I supposed to be surprised that he has brain damage?

  • sxappyy

    Title: I’m going to the hospital.. Me: uhm.

  • Shanette Barnes
    Shanette Barnes

    Jake how old are you

  • JustJake

    Jake Paul: I had to go to the hospital Me: *Everyone liked that*

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    I love you and your brother so much. Can you please bring your brother here in. Washington please pretty please

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson

      I’m a girl that’s why I said that so bye

  • Zoe Ballow
    Zoe Ballow

    You smoke now

  • Alex Voak
    Alex Voak

    Who would trust them with guns...

  • LucasIGuess

    I read that thumbnail and went “Good 💖😳😎🥺🤩😊✨❤️”

  • BV flfoeodoefeodo SDckekcek
    BV flfoeodoefeodo SDckekcek

    1:08 that is offensive my last name is Frisby

  • Suzy Standish
    Suzy Standish

    No don’t do it you will haft to go to the hospital

  • Gracie Mckay
    Gracie Mckay


  • EzR NiCu
    EzR NiCu

    0:06 nice joint 😂😂😂

  • Xd tactilechip .96
    Xd tactilechip .96

    Why did Jake look like someone out of war zone lol

  • Hamilton Shumba
    Hamilton Shumba

    He's behaviour is getting out of hand

  • Ariel Franco
    Ariel Franco

    Jake Paul that’s true I wanna win $5000 I really want it please

  • Memes Saturados
    Memes Saturados

    why that guy have 20mi .-.

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis

    go back to rell jack

  • Shadøw Lysså
    Shadøw Lysså


  • Sadra Sharifi
    Sadra Sharifi

    i wish you stayed there

  • blood blood
    blood blood

    Im hapy you have pain🙂

  • Lookin Grimm today
    Lookin Grimm today

    You should've stayed there

  • Kaioen

    Jake= I had to go to the hospital Also jake = I had to go to prison

  • Lemieux Lime
    Lemieux Lime

    I don't really care that he went to the hospital, tbh he kinda deserves it.

  • Shrekasaur TV
    Shrekasaur TV


  • Ryan Nunes
    Ryan Nunes

    100% weed ain't the only drug he uses.

  • Divine Drift
    Divine Drift

    Lambo still says Alex choi? Haha

  • Kaitlynn Blogs
    Kaitlynn Blogs


  • swati krishna
    swati krishna

    Bad influence to the society

  • pee


  • Tumbleflop


  • FaZe X
    FaZe X

    Since when u smoke

  • Burt P
    Burt P

    ATTENTION SLtoos Demonetize Jake Paul on this platform.

  • Joe Magalhaes
    Joe Magalhaes

    Scumbag looter

  • Ward Frances, PhD
    Ward Frances, PhD

    Looter, caught red-handed.

  • Money Man
    Money Man

    Jake Paul is going to get demonetized have uchitel

  • Erika M.
    Erika M.

    You've been stupid

  • Fishy.Boi. Clan
    Fishy.Boi. Clan

    Can I join pls

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson

    i don’t stay at home i go on walks with my dogs and me my mom and dogs go to the park and bike ride,s with the dogs and now i have a pool

  • Ricki Dziedzic
    Ricki Dziedzic


  • Slushy Plays
    Slushy Plays

    Sooo You Have No Brain?

  • Xxshift _ KeyxX
    Xxshift _ KeyxX

    Everyone: Me: uses nasas solar panel to find who the fuck asked

  • Sienna Clarke
    Sienna Clarke


  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    I like watching Jake Paul, because he makes me feel rich. And I only have 50 dollars on my account.

    • izuku midoriya
      izuku midoriya

      Stop watching him

  • She Love
    She Love

    I am

  • Hanan Agyilirah
    Hanan Agyilirah

    Jake smokin now?? Things have changed A LOT from the past 2 years..

  • Sara Prins
    Sara Prins

    I can run 5.57 in my Junior dragster. I’m fucking 13.

  • 6379sonofsam

    Yas stay 🏡 every day the corona is coming fast 💨 😷🤒🤕👍

  • Snake that likes tf2
    Snake that likes tf2

    the brain problem being you doing all this stupid shit

  • neo polaris
    neo polaris

    I hope you go to jail

  • Charlene Dibden
    Charlene Dibden


  • Salomé Salazar Cardona
    Salomé Salazar Cardona

    And that’s why some people don’t deserve to be rich 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S

    Hopefully it’s cancer

  • Kathleen Foster
    Kathleen Foster

    Jake yes I'm a kid thats my mom on pic jake I'm your biggest fan and now you smoke its ok my mom and dad dies its ok

  • Meme Unicorn
    Meme Unicorn


  • Lashell Russell
    Lashell Russell

    😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 Coronavirus you going to stay home for the rest of your life

  • Lashell Russell
    Lashell Russell


  • Kayla_ Cookie
    Kayla_ Cookie

    100000 💔

  • hannah mc
    hannah mc

    the fact he has younger viewers and is smoking weed, doesn’t really show a good example

  • Dwy dwy the great
    Dwy dwy the great

    I'm glad this happend. That's what you get for being STUPID

  • Axvrry

    The thumbnail looks like you put a printer on each side of his head

  • Bradley17

    Jake why u shooting guns while your high!!

  • Bradley17

    6:10 it could just be all the weed you’ve been smoking

  • George Curry
    George Curry

    Stay safe best SLtoosr ever Ok

  • LydiaBisland

    Damn. I’m a girl, and I’d love to go to “highest” point and shoot guns! Legit!

  • charles kemp
    charles kemp

    yeah thats my boy jake keep up with the bro stuff i wish that i was there to do some of that stuff but im stuck n a house all the way across where you are

  • sad boy
    sad boy

    I feel bad for you I mean Julie was a nice girl and I got my heart broken too

  • i like dick
    i like dick

    Jake smokes weed

  • Earl Elizalde
    Earl Elizalde

    i can't believe he is smoking now

  • Conner C
    Conner C


  • Isaac Vasquez
    Isaac Vasquez

    Stay depressed

  • YueMan


  • Stick man fights
    Stick man fights

    Jake really higher than the sky

  • Areya Pongsak
    Areya Pongsak


  • Lulu Parham
    Lulu Parham

    Hey At least he didn’t marry her

  • Sam Moren
    Sam Moren

    I think your having memory issues is because of the boxing and because you do drugs

  • vector on the moon
    vector on the moon


  • Lil Oof
    Lil Oof

    jake you have a tumor

  • jenlinscomb

    Jake do you no that smoking 🚬 is bad for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TrackXD

    Yay he went to the hospital

  • cara wyman
    cara wyman

    That thing that the "docter" put around his head was a fucking rolled trash bag and that stuff he would have had to go in a full body scanner and that stuff is no joke so.

  • Alex Luna
    Alex Luna

    Don't do drugs kids don't want to lose a nother legend

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez

    One day I got sick very very very very sick 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒 and I cannot go to school 🏫 and i was 🏡 very very very sad.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭