Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]
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  • Jennifer Larrabee
    Jennifer Larrabee

    what i love is how he is angry he still picked up his guitar and played it angrily then peacefully places shows how much he loves his guitar more then anyone :P

  • خالد عوض7
    خالد عوض7


  • Hidden Squid
    Hidden Squid

    Old mgk fans are crying right now

  • Jovanna Shummon
    Jovanna Shummon

    MGK really doesn’t sing well. Halsey does though! The song is reminiscent of the 90’s bubble gum BLINK 182 pop- punk for sure, which I used to like a bit. Travis may be trying to recreate the old days with MGK but it’s just not that good. Sorry.

  • navY

    eu e o batata na escola!

  • Steven Moulson
    Steven Moulson

    My 16 year old daughter has no idea why I jam so hard to this. She also was born in the wrong era bless her 🤣

  • Nick Roatch
    Nick Roatch

    Mgk is where he belongs now

  • Nick Roatch
    Nick Roatch

    I gotta say from rap to rock he really brought back the 90s

  • [Redacted] Г
    [Redacted] Г

    Wanna be green day garbage lol, guess this is what happens when you can't rap anymore.

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Lmao found a bitter hating Em stan talking out his ass most likely. He's been rapping all year and 2019, you're a clown if you think he can't rap my guy. You probably listen to far less lyrical rappers like Post Malone, Travis Scott, Juice wrld, lil baby, ybn youngboy and lil uzi tho.😆

  • Lee Gillies
    Lee Gillies

    He was gd at rapping but he suits this style music better and too top it off Travis barker on drums

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      Na he's better at rapping but this is cool too. He should combine both genres next album like Linkin Park.

  • Saint ITG
    Saint ITG

    сру под этот трек, чувствую себя отлично.

  • Thuật Nay
    Thuật Nay

    It,s okay I always waitin For yoU #999 #911 🥳😈🖤

  • Deuce

    No one gonna' mention how this is definately a break up song surrounding him and Megan fox? Halsey is even dressed to look like her, the girl on the picture is her, the lyrics. It all adds up.

    • wiseguy 26
      wiseguy 26

      They're still dating tho.😆

  • Firefox Focus
    Firefox Focus

    Jeez eminem really did change this guys whole career



  • Leisurely Lisa
    Leisurely Lisa

    Dramaticccc. Just the way I like it

  • DeAndre Walker
    DeAndre Walker

    I know all the bisexuals are just dying watching this

  • Matthew Matt
    Matthew Matt

    I thought Blink182 broke up!,.

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor

    Great song!!!!!

  • Yo Gen
    Yo Gen

    Mgk and Halsey Fighting and suddenly of nowhere a drummer pops out playing 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Martell
    Anthony Martell

    You know for all the corporate and formulaic music that came out of pop punk in the early 2000s , I still miss that era of music. This song did such a good job of bringing back that vibe and energy I thought this song came out in 2002.

  • Aaron Dunne
    Aaron Dunne

    Mgk took playing Tommy in the dirt to seriously 🤣

  • Zayan Gaming
    Zayan Gaming

    Mgk is 100 more times better than some gangster rapers

  • Josh paul
    Josh paul

    sooo mgk is punk singer now?

  • Chris Andrade
    Chris Andrade

    I like the good vibes of this song. Dunno why I've been playing this track for an hour already. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Richard Haas
    Richard Haas

    Mgk the only time hes gotta L is when he's throwing one up with a gang sign

  • River Black
    River Black

    holy shit halsey, with rock behind her

  • NL Hit hit
    NL Hit hit

    Wow 1 crore gone 😍😍1️

  • Maya Stuttard
    Maya Stuttard


  • Vlad

    U never see Green day, Three Days Grace, Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, going rap! Let's don't mix up the genre. Look.. I know....Eminem.... ...but still. Peace

  • Joy Postema
    Joy Postema

    This needs over a million likes for Travis Barker alone.

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith


  • Official._. Floof
    Official._. Floof

    Must’ve been fun doing this justice video lol Totally not have pansexual panic rn....

  • Billy Bimantoro
    Billy Bimantoro

    Change genre from rap to punk rock? Damn Em you really end him.

  • Cristian De Leon
    Cristian De Leon

    I don't like metal or whatever genre this falls under but this song slaps 👌🔥

  • Indra

    I'm just glad he change genre, it's so good

  • Michael McCann
    Michael McCann

    wow mgk is hot

  • NotQuiteWhite CC
    NotQuiteWhite CC

    Omg that’s Halsey!!! I didn’t even recognize her - or her voice! Holy sh*t :D

  • Agrimn Bura
    Agrimn Bura

    he fucked up with em his albums are flop now

  • Laura D
    Laura D



    If you like this you here to hear rap js tho ain't haten wtf dewd where's the fuckin rap tho?

  • Luan Cafi
    Luan Cafi

    ichigo kurosaki

  • matt garner
    matt garner

    Can we talk about how absolutely incredible MGK sounds punk??? Like he was killin the rap game but I've always been more of a punk fan and he's slayiiiiing

    • Berend De Jong
      Berend De Jong

      If you were a fan of punk you would know this is not punk but pop punk or maybe even pop rock

  • Sam

    It’s crazy how I used to listen to this man songs 8 years ago of him rapping in Cleveland on the block and now he a rock/rnb artists.... a big change but ion know how much I dig it, it’s fye but his old music slap ngl

  • Taylor Bee
    Taylor Bee

    Kind of glad he started doing some rock and roll music

  • Snowy2020


  • Rob Brooks
    Rob Brooks

    "We all know your salty cuz young Gerald's ballz deep inside of Halsey" XD

  • Dragon Bravo
    Dragon Bravo


  • David Soto
    David Soto

    Me: I am gay Halsey: *sings punk rock* Me:.... okay maybe I am lesbian

    • Berend De Jong
      Berend De Jong

      If you are a eoman thats the same thing????

    • Berend De Jong
      Berend De Jong


  • Elements

    Nice shirt Halsey! #45 Trump 2020!!

  • Immary Mendoza Chua
    Immary Mendoza Chua

    You have to admit this is the best song of all 🥺🥺🥺

  • arc angelz
    arc angelz

    lol,lol,lol,lol the Ramones are rolling in there graves.

  • Jes Lozano
    Jes Lozano

    Lowkey want them two together 😍

  • Vincenzo Mingione
    Vincenzo Mingione

    Oh men...i love this band!!!😍😍😍

  • Aj Baker
    Aj Baker

    Yes bitches

  • 태태V

    i fucking love this song

  • Lee Knight
    Lee Knight

    This HAS to be one of Travis' creations; neither MGK or Halsey are capable of a pop punk banger like this by themselves.

  • Lee Knight
    Lee Knight

    Why the F@%! do I like this? I hate MGK...

  • J.D. Piland
    J.D. Piland

    Taking nothing away from the song (it's much better than I expected), but, damn, Em really did a number on him, huh?

    • J.D. Piland
      J.D. Piland

      @Jonah Valdovinos Fair enough. I can't say I'm terribly familiar with him, but just noting the genre switch and timing.

    • Jonah Valdovinos
      Jonah Valdovinos

      J.D. Piland I prefer this mgk

  • Miranda Billings
    Miranda Billings

    The pink and black guitar for his daughter

  • Brandon Harrelson
    Brandon Harrelson

    Go to the time 1.25 me when my cousin leaves

  • Karl_Drogo55

    2:18 her back up vocals sound so good

  • Valerie

    Halsey comes in with a Bratz walk

  • Orias X
    Orias X

    This album slaps harder than Vasiliy Khamotiskiy

  • Samuele

    Pop punk is back.

  • MoreDanFilms

    Halsey just completes this song!!!!

  • Maxime Vermeulen
    Maxime Vermeulen

    What is she throwing away?

  • Desiree Smith
    Desiree Smith

    people are actually surprised that halsey sounds good???? she always sounds good

  • Desiree Smith
    Desiree Smith

    it's weird watching this knowing my brother in law has met Travis barker and had a kick back with him lmao

  • Isabella Papalia
    Isabella Papalia

    Halsey gives me Paramore vibes here. Anyone else get that?

  • Christos Spirou
    Christos Spirou

    Anyone remember when he dissed Eminem and then he turned into this

  • Ruan Kirsten
    Ruan Kirsten

    This is literally the Emo of 2020.

  • K. Sajak
    K. Sajak


  • LCF Motion
    LCF Motion

    Is MGK having a seizure 1:27

  • funkadiktou

    What is Travis doing here? Drums on this track are fake and sound like ass... if you're going to sell rock, record a fucking real drumset for fuck sake.

  • Laiba Imran
    Laiba Imran

    can we talk about how much angry chemistry these two have?

  • charles torres
    charles torres

    I think its awesome that they used to date


    Buenardo Travis Barker en la batería

  • Cold Thoughts
    Cold Thoughts

    Did I come from a paralel universe or weren’t they exes

    • Bethany Harrington
      Bethany Harrington

      For a short period of time

  • Joseph Toohey
    Joseph Toohey

    This is my favorite song ever I feel happy

  • Karik permeh
    Karik permeh

    Big fan bro mgk ❣️

  • Kyouko Wonderland
    Kyouko Wonderland

    omg i like MGK sing this more than he rap, he looks like an pop rock star. well im gonna start remember BMTH

  • Андрей Рогачев
    Андрей Рогачев

    Не,ну это жиза пацаны )


    Dude go back to rap man..heck is this stuff..

  • vin griz
    vin griz

    from rapping to pop rock, hey hey not bad

  • Jess Raspberry
    Jess Raspberry

    This song makes me wanna dye my hair black and bring back the thick black eyeliner....

  • flyingfish

    this is so good you just don't her songs like this simple but so complicated at the same time.

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Gotta love the sound of her voice

  • velli payne
    velli payne

    Came in winning off black culture, now he's pure rock N roll. Get a name through using blacks, then take the money and success fill in the rest.

  • せっしー

    802聴いて知ったけどめっちゃかっこいい! 流れる度にめっちゃリズム刻んでしまう👏

  • Mo Moghaddasi
    Mo Moghaddasi

    Hahahahah eminem hit him so hard he changed genres

  • ScumbagDan

    What happened after rap devil?

    • odvedokikrema


  • Sarah Wheatley
    Sarah Wheatley

    Just had a flash back of Green Day times!🤷‍♀️ I love Hasley just not this one

  • Miss Hayley
    Miss Hayley

    Best collaboration of 2020

  • Benno Kreher
    Benno Kreher

    Spotify said this my favorite Song 2020 and i must say this is true

  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of MGK and Halsey must comment this video:

  • fiki rudin
    fiki rudin


  • kazu bem
    kazu bem


  • Слава Никакая
    Слава Никакая


  • Corti Beats
    Corti Beats

    I love Halsey so much on this one, she fits this rock-punk shit so good.

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