Are we dating again?
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  • Cloudy love
    Cloudy love

    I am dumb i thought this was for erika

  • NiGhtMaRe YT
    NiGhtMaRe YT

    Yo can you shave you look more cringy

  • Juanzy

    Imagine tydus watching lol

  • Good Vibes official
    Good Vibes official

    The banana microphone though really looking tough

  • Diepoo Gaming
    Diepoo Gaming

    I just dislike you.

  • boy boy
    boy boy

    dangit 2016 2017 ad 2018 jake is back

  • Robert Karnick
    Robert Karnick

    Yet the muuuuuusic video never came.. lmao

  • Cliff James
    Cliff James

    You went to 740k likes to 200k likes to 75k likes dang...

  • NightBlade

    man put unbeatable for pauls IM SLEEP 💀

  • EllieMarieTV

    Jake just seems to be copying everything KSI does but terribly... KSI: Knowledge Strength and Integrity Jake: Powerful Animosity Unbeatable Legends KSI: Started Boxing Jake thinks he's the first youtuber to do so KSI: Makes banger music Jake: Makes dead tunes

  • EllieMarieTV

    Jake's Content and Style: TRYING TO BE KSI

  • EllieMarieTV

    Jake is becoming a beta KSI more and more everyday

  • Anvul Lemfunz
    Anvul Lemfunz


  • Sheila Brooke
    Sheila Brooke

    How can Cathrine Paiz be your side chick Jake paul??? She has three kids and and a husband

  • Manope Thebyane
    Manope Thebyane

    Why do you have dots on your back

  • Donovan zzstu Gomez
    Donovan zzstu Gomez

    nate got taller sawg

  • 30fps King
    30fps King

    Yo where the built in camera in your arm? Lmfao

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez

    Bruh remember the camera in the forearm 😆 🤣

  • Eric Verduzco
    Eric Verduzco

    Yo when u gonna fight KSI

  • hisu

    2020 is really a year for the reasons u listed

  • Marshall Nicholson
    Marshall Nicholson

    Ayo first video back baby face has gone

  • TheBushwadiBeast

    Bro this kid is just throwing random crap

  • Yup Sup
    Yup Sup


  • diamond minors
    diamond minors

    why does this have more likes than dislikes?? I'm done

  • htbl

    I swear ever since dis dude got a bearded he changed

  • team fn
    team fn


  • The Southern Racer
    The Southern Racer

    this guy got roasted by ksi so he should shut up

  • Addi Piel
    Addi Piel

    Who else misses the old Jake Paul

  • Sherika Mighty
    Sherika Mighty


  • Fresh Gamer
    Fresh Gamer


  • ZiairraVN

    No way you could get catherine mcbroom she's way out of yo league

  • The Pokemon Dudes
    The Pokemon Dudes

    Looky I love watching his vids just so I can make the fuck out of him 😂

  • Dustin Hill
    Dustin Hill

    Love live serve

  • Stephen Spires
    Stephen Spires

    Good for you

  • Tommy Ramirez
    Tommy Ramirez

    It’s funny y’all Jake Paul haters still hating on Jake while he succeeds and y’all still at home having parents pay for y’all bills like stfu and gtfo

  • Bruh_Julian

    I just wanted how jake Paul was doing after a couple years and I’m embarrassed I used to like his content😐

  • Billy Kessler
    Billy Kessler

    U have been training hard for this is fight week

  • Jose Ventura
    Jose Ventura

    He has a hi key on his back

  • pi tub zoo xiong
    pi tub zoo xiong



    at 4:21 hi im jake paul and at 18:35 bruh and who care...........................No one

  • Linda Hollingsworth
    Linda Hollingsworth

    Hi jack paul can i join one video

  • Payton Willits
    Payton Willits

    He’s talking about getting demonized and I got 8 ads on this vid

  • Julian yeet
    Julian yeet

    Jake Paul where's all the boys at remember whenever used to do kid videos bro

  • d1sv _90
    d1sv _90

    Friend can’t even write break up smh

  • AJ on da BeAt
    AJ on da BeAt

    I miss the old jake paul

  • 제이

    Girls date that...

  • iiSimplyPineapple


  • Scott Mercer
    Scott Mercer

    Dye the beard black it will look better than what’s on your face now

  • KS I
    KS I

    Jakes t shirt really tells the truth

  • Teddy And mocha
    Teddy And mocha

    Yo I haven't been here in like 5 years and he looks like a cave man

  • Ghosty1x

    I can’t believe ppl still watch him and say “ yes this good content I luv jake Paul WALMART “

  • MoonJelly

    Ar3nt you a kids channel?

  • Moulton_Nitro

    I only need one Beyblade and thats twisted time

  • Joevany Trad
    Joevany Trad


  • Adri_offical 11
    Adri_offical 11

    You guys look good together jake you guys should actually date

  • Evan Ockert
    Evan Ockert

    Poops hi

  • AdrienPlays

    he be looking like santa tho

  • Blanca Torres
    Blanca Torres

    So you're talking about dogs now

  • Ryan Bull
    Ryan Bull

    i miss old team 10

  • Noah Ruttoh
    Noah Ruttoh

    Your videos are so weird

  • Stumps

    Go ksi

  • Lovish Maan
    Lovish Maan

    wow that was fucking boring

  • Paulson Family
    Paulson Family

    Is that his house

  • MrSmith

    Really wish we had more haters in the comment section

  • ROBLOXfans TV
    ROBLOXfans TV

    Of the hot tub

  • Polar Pablo
    Polar Pablo

    Why does he have 20 mil subs?

  • Alone Man
    Alone Man

    I just clicked cuz of the thumbnail

  • kesh hd
    kesh hd

    Nigga send austin wife is his side

  • Brian Hubbard
    Brian Hubbard

    Paul Paul "PP" TF!

  • Ossian G
    Ossian G

    Im elven tear old

    • Ossian G
      Ossian G


  • landon cole
    landon cole

    what happend to its evryday bro

  • Marta Rownicka
    Marta Rownicka

    Why did you break up

  • Jarle Leo Nagel-Alne
    Jarle Leo Nagel-Alne

    what happend to john and emily willies?

  • Dripsetjames

    Literally 99% won’t see this but GOD BLESS you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 5k subs with notis 💜 - my dream is to become SLtoos famous

  • mr dipshit
    mr dipshit

    ThIs vIdEo gOt dEmoNiTizEd i WonDer wHy

  • big gamer. 1
    big gamer. 1

    Thats erica costel

  • Iulia Busuioc
    Iulia Busuioc

    Pe tiktok vorbiți în romina


    real ones remember team 10

  • lord Bąk
    lord Bąk

    Oh are you Mosiny vievs

  • Luke Play's
    Luke Play's

    Came for the thumb nail and left with no brain cells

  • Kerine Toby
    Kerine Toby


  • Kerine Toby
    Kerine Toby

    G hhjj

  • Magic_ Vibes シ
    Magic_ Vibes シ

    My god team 10 now it’s team losers

  • Jadenson lopez
    Jadenson lopez

    Jake paul gonna WIn

  • Jadenson lopez
    Jadenson lopez

    Jake paul gonna sin but Jake paul 23 or 22 or 21

  • Levi Wanet
    Levi Wanet

    im clearing ymhistory this is dumbbbb

  • Game team ten
    Game team ten

    You're terrible

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul

    "4:46" this is a jake paul giveaway iphone12 , only use 𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐞𝟏𝟐𝐩𝐫𝐨.𝐟𝐮𝐧 a great giveaways for you guys! ଏତେ ଖୁସି ଯେ ଏହା ଏପର୍ଯ୍ୟ

  • Alex Tinoco
    Alex Tinoco

    He is scared to fight ksi so he is settling for nate robinson

  • Sachin Shrestha
    Sachin Shrestha

    I am your biggest fan sir

  • Froggyplays 55
    Froggyplays 55

    Yay jake is back

  • vehicle technology
    vehicle technology

    Sssniperwolf get a picture of you and make a picture of you looking like a girl 🌺😂

  • Jay Marlow
    Jay Marlow

    I swear to god this guy has new friends every video smh

  • rishi mallela
    rishi mallela

    says alot abt ur character when no one actually wants you to sponsor their company as an influencer

  • Federal Beuru of Investigation Official
    Federal Beuru of Investigation Official

    Who is this guy? Why the hell is he on this platform?

  • Kacey Bell Rose
    Kacey Bell Rose

    *I find this very...*

  • Ms. Lollipop
    Ms. Lollipop

    I hope ur videos get demonized

  • Ms. Lollipop
    Ms. Lollipop

    The hell would u pur a girls butt on the thumb nail

  • Josh Argrave
    Josh Argrave

    Wtf is this thumbnail