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  • Jayden Branch
    Jayden Branch

    this was 2 days before my bday

  • Ryan Dolan
    Ryan Dolan

    Why he should run it

  • Harchand singh
    Harchand singh

    dude i wish jake is still like this. :(

  • Guillain Mudilo
    Guillain Mudilo

    Yo I was crying so hard

  • Guillain Mudilo
    Guillain Mudilo

    I was crying

  • SinPrince

    disliking every video of yours

  • Floreen Graves
    Floreen Graves


  • Fares Khankan
    Fares Khankan


  • Cant touch
    Cant touch

    Thats a L

  • Carmine Rabinowitz
    Carmine Rabinowitz

    it is 2021

  • Erik Penabella
    Erik Penabella

    My food said mavd8ck

  • Tru WarChild
    Tru WarChild

    Deestroying Destroyed you


    there is fucking sumaray

  • Matt25

    Jake Paul’s profile looks like that 12 year old kid that likes anime

  • Aubrielle Stewart
    Aubrielle Stewart

    If isn't the number I'm going to be very upset.

  • Lauren Ralls
    Lauren Ralls

    Ronit I think you should run it

  • Dimpho Makou
    Dimpho Makou

    Hehe I saw Bryce, Taylor and Ben I only noticed them now

  • Daphne Macias
    Daphne Macias

    I like your videos And I love your videos And there great 👍

  • Daphne Macias
    Daphne Macias

    Jake Paul you are the best

  • Big_PP_Tucker !!
    Big_PP_Tucker !!

    Deestroying wit the dub💪🥇🏈🏈

  • Goshu Player
    Goshu Player

    4:44 That is Brit hertz

  • Destroyer 35
    Destroyer 35

    Run it

  • Ronald Roque
    Ronald Roque


  • A Sleeping Kid?
    A Sleeping Kid?

    23:28 FaZe Jarvis is gonna wanna fight Jale Paul and Jarvis is really mad seeing this since Sommer is his crush

  • Rebecca Baseley
    Rebecca Baseley


  • Linda Pennington
    Linda Pennington

    Spell Jake

  • Pam Kigham
    Pam Kigham

    Jake is the way to get your time off and make young day and Time day is the Joel

    • KSI VS Jake Paul
      KSI VS Jake Paul


    • Stephanie Cupp
      Stephanie Cupp


  • Gaming Fun
    Gaming Fun


  • Quality Vids
    Quality Vids

    You did good jake your lit

  • Angeline Vasquez
    Angeline Vasquez

    I just to run fast but in 2020 the quarantine I stop 😔 now I'm slow as heck

  • Olly Pascoe
    Olly Pascoe

    I lo

  • Mikey Enright
    Mikey Enright

    Love you jake

  • Fake cm Punk
    Fake cm Punk

    Destroying just went off baby

  • Kate Craigie
    Kate Craigie

    You go jake Paul

  • Kate Craigie
    Kate Craigie

    My heart is racing just watching this

  • Szymon Jenczek
    Szymon Jenczek


  • Beata Wisniewska
    Beata Wisniewska

    You did really good

  • Clayton Dominy
    Clayton Dominy

    u can do des

  • The Bro’s
    The Bro’s


  • Lee Box
    Lee Box

    So cute

  • Ayden Jenkins
    Ayden Jenkins

    team jp

  • Amanda barney
    Amanda barney

    Vote jake

  • Shwe Yi
    Shwe Yi

    I am a bit relax of my spending by watching this.

  • Alanna Rose Rodriguez
    Alanna Rose Rodriguez

    I feel sad for jake give me a 👍if you feel sad for jake

  • Kolt Spears
    Kolt Spears

    summer ray

  • aaron riddle
    aaron riddle

    oh no Jake

  • S&Q TV
    S&Q TV

    Your mum said that you are going to win but she doesn't

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes


  • Jaxon Buchanan
    Jaxon Buchanan

    15:00 that’s sommer ray

  • Todd Speck
    Todd Speck

    That amazed me you can run that fast. Good job Jake.

  • Chels Ride
    Chels Ride

    you suck jake go logon


    Want to



  • Caleb Rivard
    Caleb Rivard

    Run it

  • James Gwinn
    James Gwinn


  • Hebert Kiddos
    Hebert Kiddos

    Come on Jake Paul come on Jake Paul

  • Nathan Serrano
    Nathan Serrano

    jake paul

  • Nathan Serrano
    Nathan Serrano


  • Zaydn Payne
    Zaydn Payne

    You’re the best SLtoos or ever

  • Zaydn Payne
    Zaydn Payne

    You’re so fast

  • Phantom

    Who misses the old jake 🥺

  • Marieta MARTE
    Marieta MARTE

    2 00 m its fanny haou he sade the is Alexander

  • Luca Feliciano
    Luca Feliciano


  • zachary De Los Santos
    zachary De Los Santos

    before fucking covid i miss it

  • Louis Vazquez
    Louis Vazquez


  • josh the best
    josh the best

    I was crying jake paul but good race 🏁

  • Rehan Muhammad
    Rehan Muhammad

    20:42 bro stop the cap

  • Malisa Myers
    Malisa Myers


  • Alexander the great
    Alexander the great

    Yeah OK Jake Paul it’s OK ❤️

  • L Wolverine Gaming
    L Wolverine Gaming


  • andre montes
    andre montes

    9:38 my dumbass responded : yes ?

  • Sean Anthony
    Sean Anthony

    Wasn’t 10 seconds but okay, track people u know this, 10 and 12 are VERY far apart in the 100m

  • Vedant Vohra
    Vedant Vohra


  • Vedant Vohra
    Vedant Vohra


  • Durham Dudes
    Durham Dudes

    This day is my birthday July 27th

  • Samantha Bassett
    Samantha Bassett

    Run it

  • lmao omg
    lmao omg

    2:04 gets me every time lmao

  • Angel Wanoa
    Angel Wanoa

    Bro just do this

  • Hsbah Hhshs
    Hsbah Hhshs


  • GhOztUchiha_

    Deestroying craped on your forehead

  • Ravi Austen
    Ravi Austen

    Why did i kinda like this video of jake paul?

  • Jesse Bobadilla
    Jesse Bobadilla


    • Jesse Bobadilla
      Jesse Bobadilla

      333333.,333333333,333333333,3333333333,33333333333 ,90

  • Jesse Bobadilla
    Jesse Bobadilla


  • the savage kid
    the savage kid

    My birthday is on July 26

  • Arturo Chavez
    Arturo Chavez

    run it

  • Darin Taylor
    Darin Taylor

    @ 2:21 face of betrayal

  • Rod Jacob MANALO
    Rod Jacob MANALO

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo Jake if I compete I will do this for you I will do anything to win for you if I could compete

  • Hussain Sama
    Hussain Sama

    3:41 varun sood

  • Nathan Exelby
    Nathan Exelby

    little baby boy scared

  • Nathan Exelby
    Nathan Exelby

    wa wa wa

  • Amir Howe
    Amir Howe

    So slow I would beat him in a race

  • Allen Robertson
    Allen Robertson

    I do Erie special olympics

  • Scarlett Williamson
    Scarlett Williamson


  • Blessed-Gamer

    Jake:Give me a pep talk Austin:Listen....Just run. Jake:...Dope pep talk. Austin:Thank you Had me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Dewar
    Charles Dewar

    I pulled my ham string to

  • Ashiv Chand
    Ashiv Chand

    i feel bad for jake but i am a bigger destroyer fan

  • Will Gameing
    Will Gameing

    Is Jake Paul’s real name Joseph

  • Aaron Varghese
    Aaron Varghese

    Happy birthday to your mom jake

  • Phillip McCalla
    Phillip McCalla

    This is so sad to watch but idc

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez