Doctor Reacts To Absurd Facebook Health Posts Ep. 2
Last summer I reacted to some bizarre health posts I’d found on Facebook. I logged back in to see if I could fact-check any more posts that seemed to be spreading like wildfire. Well wouldn’t you know it didn’t take me long to find some dangerously misleading or downright ridiculous health “tips”. I had to fact check things like using onions to cure the cold, baking soda to remove grease from your hair, drinking cow’s urine to fight COVID-19, putting cabbage in your bra to battle mastitis, using toothpaste as a skin cream, and the proper way to hold your phone, drive, and wear your backpack to school.
I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • chikarayume92

    Honestly I have no problems with people believing in crystals and the kind of "witchy" stuff that gained popularity again, but please realize that these things work more on a mental level, for example boosting confidence and other things. Please do not use such things to heal or cure real injuries or illnesses. The same goes for natural medicine, chamomile tea helps soothing your throat if you have an infection there and it helps your body healing that new tongue piercing. However there are injuries and illnesses that can only be treated by going to a doctor and getting prescribed medication or getting an operation. Please always use common sense with these kind of treatments.

  • Hussna Abassi
    Hussna Abassi

    I am dying 😂😂😂 throughout the entire video. His angry 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melanie Moore
    Melanie Moore


  • Trenise Veal
    Trenise Veal

    Who also notice how Dr Mike got a haircut and shaved his beard for this special occasion


    I can't trust any of these, they could've been made by Jacksfilms

  • Maria Scears
    Maria Scears

    But the cabbage thing is true....

  • Irene Gml
    Irene Gml

    He read about the onion and suddenly his Russian side came out!!

  • Jeana Cote
    Jeana Cote

    I love this... Wash yourself! Then you won't stink 😂😂

  • captainrobots

    Bronchitis isn't fun I had it for a week before diagnosis and had it for another week that's 2 weeks coughing all the time That S*** makes you tired.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Guys you might think I'm weird but I've actually found a way to 100% clean your body with only natural methods Don't tell this to anyone. The method is. to have a liver Note: This method might be ineffective if you drink alcohol.

  • Darbelis Ozoria
    Darbelis Ozoria

    Hahaha I love the sarcasm in this video😂😂🙌🏽

  • AkMStories

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    Mark Fowler

    Why you so angry? And why are your eyes so red? You okay bro?

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    Adam Barkit

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    Aini Nasuha

    dr mike, you should try 5 minute craft health tips! It would be funny too😂 like this one

  • jian

    Nice hair cut Doctor Mike

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    Saima Begum

    literally cutting onions right now. i can confirm they are not a deodorant

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    Priya Dhankar

    9:00 Incredible Indian Proud to be indians 🤣🤣

  • darya shakiba
    darya shakiba



    You shouldn't hold your fart because it all travels back to brain and from there all the shitty ideas come from - My dad

  • athul Biju
    athul Biju

    Come to India mike You will all sorts of craziest stiff like this normalised here

  • King of Dragons ivrig
    King of Dragons ivrig

    I’m pretty sure the onion thing was made by those essential oil idiots.

  • MyLifeisgood

    He's probably most funniest video ever

  • Knight of the New Jerusalem
    Knight of the New Jerusalem

    Note to self: if I ever meet Dr. Mike, never bring up onions. ;)

  • Steven Pillco
    Steven Pillco

    Says that holding your phone close to you will strain your eyes and I still do it

  • Jason Benson
    Jason Benson

    Does he have eye makeup on no shade just wondering

  • Pan Dequeso
    Pan Dequeso

    well... now I know why I have scoliosis

  • Riley Rock
    Riley Rock

    I can tell you were tired this whole video

  • Emma Forbes
    Emma Forbes

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  • Michal Wojciul
    Michal Wojciul

    Fun fact - I use pine essential oil in my bedroom almost every day. I find it is the best placebo I have ever tried. Prove to me that I am wrong.

  • Laryssa Panteloukas
    Laryssa Panteloukas


  • Sanjay Karthik
    Sanjay Karthik

    Hey Dr.Mike if an okay medicine already exists for a terminal condition then is it a good idea to participate in a drug trial of a fairly better drug as there is a good chance you can be on the placebo

  • Kasper Månefröjd
    Kasper Månefröjd

    Love how he gets so upset on these incredibly stupid 'facts'

  • Fascia McClelland
    Fascia McClelland

    This video had me crying I was laughing so hard🤣

  • Bat Brat Mandy
    Bat Brat Mandy

    I use to look for these types of ads because I wanted to have a laugh. They are very funny and people are actually so uneducated they believe them. Something is wrong with people. I went to school and learned science. I am a big nerd. I was a yoga therapist and nutritionist for fifteen years. Also, hot tea and honey can help asthma alongside using an inhaler. It can release the mucus. I use it every time I have an asthma attack. Steam can help too.

  • Manvi Tandon
    Manvi Tandon

    Desi people when the BJP CM post comes. Ah sir! This is nothing. You should come to India and hear the claims our people make :))

  • Did you say that
    Did you say that

    I heard that as patchy tears and left wondering what the hell was that about

  • Liana Zaman
    Liana Zaman

    When I saw the cabbage one, it reminded me of a food medical joke," An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If one is not enough, throw another one." (Disclaimer: only for joke purposes, please do not actually do that)


    😂😂wow The energy

  • Happy Haziq
    Happy Haziq

    "people always put their phone too close to their face" Me: *realised *put phone farther away

  • KayKay2513

    The cabbage one bugs me!!! You need warmth to get rid of it. Cold makes it stop.

  • Lizzy Johnson
    Lizzy Johnson

    Peppermint for a mild headache, honey for a sore throat, HOSPITAL FOR BRONCHITIS

  • So Pheaktra Lucifer
    So Pheaktra Lucifer

    The guy who came up with the cabbage advice seriously had some fetish there

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan

    As for back packs on high school I did not have enough time to get to my locker between classes so I would just carry all of my books for the day. That was about 50 lbs all day.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan

    I would think the cabbage leaf would just warm up right away from your body heat. They aren't that thick.

  • Yon Cabrera
    Yon Cabrera

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  • Your favorite Oompa Loompa
    Your favorite Oompa Loompa

    he looks like he has orange eye shadow on. It's pretty

  • K K
    K K

    Why are you so angry 😂😂 and yes it’s a normal practice for people to drink cow urine in India because cow is considered a holy animal. They actually sell cow urine in bottles for a lot of money so I’m sure the BJP politician will have tried it, not sure if it cured him of covid or not

  • Shai Phawa
    Shai Phawa

    I'm from India and that part about BJP leader claiming Cows urine can clear virus is extremely hilarious , love it how Dr Mike response to it😂 Note- don't mixed religion with medicine. Not good..

  • Rachael Denison
    Rachael Denison


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    Uzma Hashmi

    I am an Indian and I just want to die after watching this 😭

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    Debbie Cottrell

    I love your passion about these things! I share it.

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    Hitch Mercedes

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    purple nurple

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    Karl Stewart

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    Llaley Mendoza

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  • Stéfanie L
    Stéfanie L

    Did the cabbage thing before for helping my pain. The cold helps for only a couple seconds and after you smell boiled cabbage 🤣. The cold helps, not the cabbage. And be careful, baby doesnt like smell/taste of cabbage on your nipple.

  • Caleb Govender
    Caleb Govender

    Weird how there's literally a pandemic going around and folks have time to drink cow wizz....damn🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • William Bell
    William Bell

    Dang it, you misquoted the ad about body cleansing with an onion slice. It didn't say that would "cleanse the body 100 percent"; it merely said it's "100% natural." DISINFORMATION ALERT!!!

  • wil fri
    wil fri

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    Rohith Rao

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    Eden Suk

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    Sharan Bandyopadhyay

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    The Consultant

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    Savannah Games

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  • lucas mason
    lucas mason

    Thank you Dr okosun on SLtoos for curing me completely from herpes after using his herbal medication,, God bless you and your family Dr okosun, I truly appreciate 😍

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    Meghal Kaneria

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    Andrea Hofstra

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    Amanda Escalera

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  • Night mare
    Night mare

    So, there was actually a case in my country (austria) where a guy had pain in his arm, so he injected his own sperm into his arms. After he got an infection he went to the hospital. The doctors actually looked if this method got recommended on the internet, but they didn‘t find anything. Peope nowadays are really creative if it comes to health.

  • Stephanie Allen
    Stephanie Allen

    Many students come in with scoliosis because of this DONT EXPOSE ME HUMAN

  • Bonkii

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    Fiene van Dijk

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  • Aybike

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    albrit johnson

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  • Mizuho Shadzuky
    Mizuho Shadzuky

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    kashifa rehan

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