Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to try out a full face using only the WORST RATED makeup products! Most of them lived up to their awful ratings but a few of them surprised me! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Cryptic Bitch
    Cryptic Bitch

    ngl, that yellow was pigmented. it was pretty

  • kari perez
    kari perez

    Well, I know what products NOT to use now. 😐

  • Marco Tiraferri
    Marco Tiraferri

    You are amazing James’s !

  • Owais Ahmed
    Owais Ahmed

    this video showed us that is who is doing makeup matters alot i mean the skill games strong

  • Teo Stroe
    Teo Stroe

    it s not that the formula is bad... it s just that it s not good ‐ can you even learn how to talk? lmao

  • Callme Jessica
    Callme Jessica

    Also James you look good in anything even the worst rated makeup

  • Callme Jessica
    Callme Jessica

    Please be careful that there is not bad gradients that Could hurt you

  • Melissa Blondeau
    Melissa Blondeau

    The worst product i own is the buety runnway eye shadow pallete

  • Ava Scotland
    Ava Scotland


  • Larna Bonilla
    Larna Bonilla

    ken do mi mi pacp

  • Cloud Gamerz
    Cloud Gamerz

    ily don't listen to the haters!

  • Giselle Vega
    Giselle Vega

    james i liked you taking a picture on ur iphone and showing it up close would you consider doing it more often ?

  • gamer and a lot more than that
    gamer and a lot more than that

    How do you watch that. I watched like the first 3min and hated it.

  • gamer and a lot more than that
    gamer and a lot more than that

    This sucks

  • aaliajasmine and sarahsyed
    aaliajasmine and sarahsyed

    One Question is James trans gender??

    • Lovely Gracie
      Lovely Gracie

      @aaliajasmine and sarahsyed he identifies as the gender he was born meaning he identifies as a guy

    • aaliajasmine and sarahsyed
      aaliajasmine and sarahsyed

      @brady what is the meaning of that?

    • brady

      No, he is a cisgender man

  • FOOD TO SOOTHE Zoe Gleeson
    FOOD TO SOOTHE Zoe Gleeson

    you have just ruined these companies

  • FOOD TO SOOTHE Zoe Gleeson
    FOOD TO SOOTHE Zoe Gleeson

    i'm just saying there will be worst makeup out there

  • javeed javeed
    javeed javeed

    😍😍😍😘 Im big fan

  • Bel and Aaron Frausto
    Bel and Aaron Frausto

    Did he just say his phone number?

  • Daisuke Ono........
    Daisuke Ono........

    give me like because im kind

  • UwUSaM

    Our relationship with james charles is bittersweet.

  • Arni

    James Charles : you guys love seeing me fail you guys love seeing me struggle Me: you make us seem like monsters

  • Penelope Dragotta
    Penelope Dragotta

    his scream with the concealer 😂

  • NotMrBlack

    Your a boy tho

    • Audrey E Leveridge
      Audrey E Leveridge

      Who says boys can’t wear makeup? I hate James but still, he can still wear makeup

  • Together Forever
    Together Forever

    OMG! That water cream is amazing! Just got it and love it!

  • Lauren Rodriguez
    Lauren Rodriguez

    Can you pleaseeeee do a water proof makeup look including lashes

  • diksha malhotra
    diksha malhotra

    Update:- James finnally faced some repercussions

  • Wolfy Ray
    Wolfy Ray


  • Wolfy Ray
    Wolfy Ray

    Omg I’m actually getting my nails done

  • Lisa's gaming World
    Lisa's gaming World


  • Cassandra Fanning
    Cassandra Fanning

    ur the best!!!!!!!

  • Bashooora **
    Bashooora **

    I don't like man doing makeup

    • Audrey E Leveridge
      Audrey E Leveridge

      That’s rude, educate yourself

    • v̷e̷r̷o̷n̷i̷c̷a̷

      that’s tuff

  • 13_Zainab Kamran
    13_Zainab Kamran

    He still look soo good in the worst rated makeup also💞

    • 13_Zainab Kamran
      13_Zainab Kamran


  • 13_Zainab Kamran
    13_Zainab Kamran

    James! You look pretty in every makeup look❤I love the way you talk love you💙

  • Vivienne Vardanyan
    Vivienne Vardanyan

    *laugh* I use these.... **throws away**

    • James Bazeley
      James Bazeley


  • Ruben pelayo
    Ruben pelayo

    Save ralhp Save rahlp

  • Lin Ying
    Lin Ying


  • Chomiczeq ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
    Chomiczeq ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    Jest tu polska ?

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Love the vids keep it up! 😘😘😘

  • Antonella Molina
    Antonella Molina

    Eras mi idolo

  • Shaylagh Donovan
    Shaylagh Donovan

    3:59 tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Isla_x_lamoo

    Awww how nice a bird has builded a nest on his head

    • Lovely Gracie
      Lovely Gracie


  • Isla_x_lamoo

    He gonna be doing his makeup with his cell mates soon it’s gonna go from hi sisters to hi cellmates

    • Teo Stroe
      Teo Stroe

      omg what he do

    • Catherine Barton
      Catherine Barton


  • sasha알렉산드라

    Я которая пришла послушать его голос после просмотра Джеймс Чарльз на русском😳 wow

    • sasha알렉산드라

      @I'm good boy оооооо привет я думала никто не ответит

    • I'm good boy
      I'm good boy

      Оооо, русский человек, привет😅

  • Olivier Orston
    Olivier Orston

    If only there was a way to pick up less product so you don't have to TAP IT OFF THE BRUSH ALL THE DAMN TIME. Sidenote: If you're gonna make your friends participate so much in your video, how about putting them on camera?...

  • Annie Miller
    Annie Miller

    On the camera it looks good

  • Abbygail Normand
    Abbygail Normand

    Does anyone else thinks he doesn't need makeup at all like I want your skin 😭

  • Cade Hutchison
    Cade Hutchison

    you talk way to much

  • Damien Shortt
    Damien Shortt

    When flashback Mary’s skin is the same colour of ur dogs

  • Danielle Whitwood
    Danielle Whitwood

    I’m wondering what the thumbs down are for??? He is my idol

  • Avaya Misty
    Avaya Misty

    I love your videos

  • Avaya Misty
    Avaya Misty

    You should put all your makeup on without blending until the end

  • Weird Kid
    Weird Kid

    Can you please try a five minute craft make up tutorial

  • Wave.142

    Ok lemme explain the eyeshadow 🐵 we have green grass at the bottom it’s a rainy day oh wait the sun is coming : James eye shadow


    Hi sisters

  • isabella Shoufler
    isabella Shoufler

    You are the best person ever

  • Cece Ward
    Cece Ward

    Bars test on animals 💅🏽😑

    • Cece Ward
      Cece Ward


  • Sophia Jensen
    Sophia Jensen

    When James looks good with make up that makes him look like he has a black eye me:‼️what?!

  • xXDesaraplayzXx

    I love it when he suffers

  • Selena Champion
    Selena Champion

    You are soooooooooooo beautiful with makeup and with out makeup but I think you like better with out makeup

  • Jes Leigh
    Jes Leigh

    Omg I'm a fan

  • Maximus 66
    Maximus 66

    Look at the state of u mate

  • PresleyPlays Roblox
    PresleyPlays Roblox

    i can’t with the yellow eyeshadow hehe

  • Colt Facey
    Colt Facey


    • Nabor Guerrero
      Nabor Guerrero

      He says, hey, sisters and all his videos

  • Malia

    James I bought your palette and I LOVE it

  • Azka Nadeem
    Azka Nadeem

    How is he still rocking the look with the worst makeup?

  • Typical Youtuber
    Typical Youtuber

    2:51 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Typical Youtuber
    Typical Youtuber

    Sister? Am i a sister now?

  • Rosexx Cookiexx
    Rosexx Cookiexx

    Me:To be honest the makeup looks on point Iphone Camera:🤠im about to ruin your life

  • Marina

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  • Gabe Man
    Gabe Man

    hi sisters 📮

  • Sebastian Trantalis
    Sebastian Trantalis

    worst-rated person doing worst-rated makeup

  • Luke The Londener
    Luke The Londener

    He is SUCH A FREAK and a complete WEIRDO

  • Javeria farooq
    Javeria farooq


  • Srijita Banerjee
    Srijita Banerjee

    He looks good in this toooo. This ain't fair. 😭💕

  • Princess J. Lynn
    Princess J. Lynn

    Number one, victory Royale. Yeah, fortnite we bout to get down, get down 10 kills on the board right now, just wiped out tomato town, my friend just got down,

  • The real deal
    The real deal

    Non habeo hanc I dont have this (latin go brrr) also huc, hanc, hoc (this) is hard to memorize lol

  • Kelly McIntosh
    Kelly McIntosh

    Hi am 8 years old and I watch your videos and I love make up I want to be as good as you as make up when I’m older

  • Roberto Andrade
    Roberto Andrade

    I love uuu

  • Malak Kamal
    Malak Kamal

    Are you a girl??? Don't put make up

    • miss gurl Lena
      miss gurl Lena

      let him be him

  • dhathrikachinmai rayabharapu
    dhathrikachinmai rayabharapu

    'Love seeing strugle'

  • Jon Swan
    Jon Swan



    James is very good looking and cute guy in my opinion . Any makeup would look good on him .

  • sumita shukla
    sumita shukla

    This is not bad people in India where I live here people do makeup like this

  • Jeremy Bagenda
    Jeremy Bagenda

    HE WAS 15😐

    • jnaland

      he doesn't care

    • jnaland

      we don't care

  • Ash The Star
    Ash The Star

    James: Huh this is from a good brand it won't be bad! James: Its bad! (everytime tho-) Also he still be looking fine with all that bad makeup on!

  • Kyrija Schlitt
    Kyrija Schlitt

    Elf primer omg- omggg it’s so bad


    Can u try do makeup with a filter on

  • Kawail Squad
    Kawail Squad


  • Ayabulela Maphumulo
    Ayabulela Maphumulo

    Here I am watching this and seeing nothing wrong with the products because I know nothing about good quality make up coz I use the cheap ones all the time👀🙊🙊

  • Kimberley Woods
    Kimberley Woods


  • Carla Coronado
    Carla Coronado

    Just watching because no ads lmao

  • horsey girl party Girl
    horsey girl party Girl

    James Charles videos I like your videos

  • Ellie Olofsson
    Ellie Olofsson

    I miss bald James

  • española official
    española official

    Aqui casual viendolo para irme familizando con el inglés :v

  • Lucas Pereira
    Lucas Pereira

    🇧🇷's makeup

  • Ava Gamosh
    Ava Gamosh

    I have the contour kit James used 😳

  • Nessa Montgomery
    Nessa Montgomery

    i hate u, but, your makeup pallete is fire

  • Hey It’s Sabina
    Hey It’s Sabina

    NuMBer OnE ViCTory RoYale

  • Anonymous

    I did in fact not enjoy it.

    • Seoyeon Park
      Seoyeon Park