our first fight as a couple... (EPISODE 10)
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our first fight as a couple... (EPISODE 10)
This episode on Team 10 Uncut Tana and I have our first fight and we also start to set up for the best party LA has ever seen....

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  • SinPrince

    disliking every video of yours

  • tanisha samuels
    tanisha samuels


  • lukecon

    Probably all a set-up.

  • Kimberly Granados
    Kimberly Granados


  • David Moore
    David Moore


  • Bryley Knight
    Bryley Knight

    Love it lol ✌❤

  • travandcor tmx
    travandcor tmx

    I hat Tana

  • Princess consuela Banana hammock
    Princess consuela Banana hammock

    Does anyone else cringe when they swear around tydus? I think if i was trav and cor i wouldn’t want my kid around people like that. As much as i like Jake he’s changed loads since he got with tana & now julia. I miss old team 10 and jerika

  • Debbie Christman
    Debbie Christman

    Do more team ten on cut jakepaul if you see this This is how many people want more team ten on cut👎

  • Saleria Davis
    Saleria Davis

    Save your money 💵

  • Maddie James Jenkins
    Maddie James Jenkins

    The Jake Paulas are the most lit channel

  • Starskyy

    *I wonder what's going to happen to jake when he turns 40* probably full of stds and using drugs to be happy

    • Princess consuela Banana hammock
      Princess consuela Banana hammock

      I think he’s already half way there 🙄 probably be like Henry the 8th aswell and have gone through weddings like hot dinners

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Have fun Jake but be safe

  • Maaryah Whyte
    Maaryah Whyte


    • Maaryah Whyte
      Maaryah Whyte


  • Ethan's wwe channel!!!!
    Ethan's wwe channel!!!!

    How did you get the panda on top of your roof

  • layton


  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry

    that day was really.... just good job Armani..

  • Maritza Roman
    Maritza Roman

    Love it

  • Almais Almais
    Almais Almais

    Whats the intro music name??😂😂

  • Leonor Gomez
    Leonor Gomez

    do they actually like each other??

  • btalbert 508
    btalbert 508

    Luigi on a cross

  • Gino

    I’m still waiting for the next episode

  • Dior Garrett
    Dior Garrett

    Who heard mini jakepaul in the back like if you did

  • Yasmin Rushfirth
    Yasmin Rushfirth

    Jake Has The Best Life

  • TRX Spxde
    TRX Spxde

    How do I join team 10 like jit and quan did

  • Matthew Alaniz
    Matthew Alaniz

    awww man

  • lefteri

    It's been legit 2 monthes since the last team 10 uncut Like WTC

  • Kingtoine

    What happen to team 10 uncut

  • Hannah The Gamer
    Hannah The Gamer

    Wtf is that hairstyle Arie had in the car

  • Brandy Ellis
    Brandy Ellis

    Still waiting on tomorrow’s video one month later 🤨

  • Jazmine Campos
    Jazmine Campos

    Yes u are a a hole

  • Adilene Fdz
    Adilene Fdz

    30:11 yeah you do 🙄

  • MiHermosaCorazon

    It's actually CRAZY ironic that the thumbnail image they use for this video was actually taken earlier in the day before the legit FIGHT they got into at Tana's 21st birthday over Cole lol.

  • ThisLittleNewbie

    Where is the next episode??

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Sara's World vlogs are better, this is boring

  • Fatmir Kadiri
    Fatmir Kadiri

    erika costell

    • Fatmir Kadiri
      Fatmir Kadiri

      Donie waht

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Fatmir Kadiri what about her

  • Max Da Savage
    Max Da Savage

    I just watched Jake Paul again for the first time in like a year and holy shit. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen🤣 Jake Paul is the cringiest youtuber ever he tries to make it like a tv show and it makes me wanna throw up😂

  • Karyssa Tasker
    Karyssa Tasker

    still waiting for episode 11

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Karyssa Tasker vlogs are better

  • Nijhyar _ Ziad
    Nijhyar _ Ziad

    Where is asikaaa

  • alexis niles
    alexis niles

    are you taking a break from team 10 uncut?

    • alexis niles
      alexis niles

      🤷🏼‍♂️ just wondering bc it’s been a month 😂

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      alexis niles hopefuly they are

  • Katie Hays
    Katie Hays

    Anyone notice jakes address number leaked

  • Fundiswa Hlanjwa
    Fundiswa Hlanjwa

    My favourite couple 🔥🔥❤️ love y'all

  • Kibo X
    Kibo X

    Is the uncut series Cancelled?

    • Donnie Freidman
      Donnie Freidman

      Kibo X hope it is, vlogs are better, this is borin

  • Chelsjean CJS
    Chelsjean CJS

    I literally just fast forward until I see Tana and he has the nerve to say he was trying to get with other girls... k, you’re gross jake

  • Rebecca McCarty
    Rebecca McCarty

    Did anyone else wonder where Tydus and RyRy where during the party if their parents went?

  • Rebecca McCarty
    Rebecca McCarty

    Is there still going to be an episode 11 or are they just leaving us hanging?

  • Bri Anderson
    Bri Anderson

    Bruhhhhh when is the next video out!!!!

  • Kristen Hood
    Kristen Hood

    Sets up ropes for Lambo so no one sits on it. Discussion on bikes jumping cars: "But what happens if we just like ruin the cars on accident?" "Nah, it's fine."

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith

    Yoooo I've been waiting for 3 weeks for the next episode!😫😫😫😫😫

  • Daily Shoey
    Daily Shoey

    When is the next uncut coming out ?

  • Rhiannon Sharpe
    Rhiannon Sharpe

    That was hardly a fight.

  • Krilo

    Ur still a thing

  • Alondra’s World
    Alondra’s World

    I love how in some scenes Thor is just there sleeping❤️

  • Mayra Torres
    Mayra Torres

    Jake does Erica have a new boyfriend

  • Erik Hernandez
    Erik Hernandez

    23590 Parksouth St, Calabasas, CA 91302 jake literally put his address on here

  • maddy klaassen
    maddy klaassen

    Is this the party were girls were drugged and rushed to hospital? Glad you're using it to get money.

  • Laura Bell
    Laura Bell

    No content in almost a month? Uh oooh.

  • Sarah Touhey
    Sarah Touhey

    Where is episode 11

  • Tony Oniga
    Tony Oniga

    Did you forget about erika

  • chloe cummings
    chloe cummings

    Who else is happy that Kristen hasher has a new boyfriend

  • Chantel Tolbert
    Chantel Tolbert

    I hope you’ll be OK

  • lauren burke
    lauren burke

    Your vids are so cool

  • Courtney Winmar
    Courtney Winmar

    Don’t worry you’ll work it out

  • xserialchiller xx
    xserialchiller xx

    Team 10 uncut or Team 10 we will only show you what we want you to see

  • landon

    Whoever is reading this I know ur watchin this video on the bed

  • Ness

    I screammmmm every time I see "clout partner" under Tana's name

  • Erica Christy
    Erica Christy

    If you're wondering where the next episode is here's what Jake wrote on Twitter 😀 END CYBER BULLYING 2019 Jul 14 so we had a problem with the last episode of Team 10 uncut that was gonna be the season finale... moving to a solution now and working on season 2... sorry for the delay but i want it to be fire & for season 2 the episodes are gonna come out more frequently and in a row

  • NicoleErinVlogs

    When jake went to see peter Marco he was wearing the ap that Erika got him 👀

  • Anna Woodbury
    Anna Woodbury

    Thank god they fought they don't belong together

  • Dana

    I don't care how rich a guy is, dudes in diamonds are hella lame

  • Nicholas R
    Nicholas R

    when does the new episode come out

  • The Bigchuck show
    The Bigchuck show

    Let’s play truth or dare I dare you to twerk in the middle Cabela’s Wawa princess who is our you seen

  • The Bigchuck show
    The Bigchuck show

    Quick 24

  • Idc

    27:40 did anyone else think the girl in yellow was Tana at first...

  • Saul Villagomez
    Saul Villagomez

    When is the next team 10 uncut

  • Nikki Kay
    Nikki Kay

    Did I miss something or is this the most recent Team Ten Uncut video?

  • Idc

    14:00 would’ve been nice if you added sub titles for designer

  • Life with Yonna
    Life with Yonna

    When is the next video dropping ?????!!!!!😂‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Life with Yonna there was an issue with the one were waiting for he said on Twitter

  • Lynn Hut
    Lynn Hut

    Where is the team 10 uncut ?😂

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Lynn Hut something was “wrong” with the video. We all came to check 😂 so I checked his Twitter and he’s apparently working on a solution haha

  • Julian Maldonado
    Julian Maldonado

    Jake please stop this is a joke

  • Not Today Satan
    Not Today Satan

    And vitaly was there (:

  • Playz with D
    Playz with D

    Please like my comment down below⬇️

  • Kaylea Hightower
    Kaylea Hightower

    29:42 This is how many times Jake said LIKE 👇🏼

  • yo mawma
    yo mawma

    Omg he asked his neighbors and sent baskets of goodies! Awww that is so sweet!! I'm so glad we get to see this Jake, yes he can be wild but I get it now after Shane and seeing these behind the scenes... it's really nice

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      Michelle Glover he has to do that now. His old neighbors had the cops called on him and had him kicked out of the old house lol.

  • kayla vratney
    kayla vratney

    i guess they gave up on team 10uncut again

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      kayla vratney no I looked at Jakes twitter just before and he said something was wrong with the video and they’re working on season 2. But that was 8 days ago

  • snangebrain

    Idk I’m seeing a lot of cuts.

    • Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE
      Heavy Metal Kitten #HTD4LIFE

      AJFilms14 lmao. I think they mean uncut like more drama type of shit

  • kyler nickolson
    kyler nickolson

    You and erica should sit down and talk antenna as well you might think I'm crazy but would you please follow me on my Instagram at Marley. Boo girl ️ ❤️ cuz I don't have that many followers I love your videos so much you're so amazing and you and Ken are really happy together and I'm happy for you

  • xXEXOTICXx _659
    xXEXOTICXx _659

    Erika= like Tana=comment

  • Shelly Wilkinson
    Shelly Wilkinson

    He doesn’t care about subs counting them yes but never says he aporeciates them or thank you or love you all sick

  • Chloe_The_tiktoker r
    Chloe_The_tiktoker r

    Who see that guy with the colourful beard lol I forgot name tho he’s on tiktok

  • Nino Love
    Nino Love

    I think Montana is better than erika like if u agree

  • koen critzer
    koen critzer

    I can't believe they had a fight as a couple that must of been horrible.

  • Ellie Christian
    Ellie Christian

    Jake Paul

  • Alex

    Jana needs to break up I liked Jake better when he was single or with Erika

  • Playz with D
    Playz with D

    Jake can you do a video with Tana, pregnant for 24 hours plzzzzzzzz

    • Playz with D
      Playz with D

      Yes dooo it plzzzzzz

  • Chrissy Montague
    Chrissy Montague

    27:44 Tana

  • Kingjay

    Jake when episode 11 coming I've been waiting 😭😭😭💔

  • Madiou Diallo
    Madiou Diallo

    i am minmi jake like tydus

  • Paityn Mongold
    Paityn Mongold

    Thats actually fucked up but the honesty raw. least he keep it straight up

  • SillyGoofBall XD
    SillyGoofBall XD

    Why? Just Why? and I shouldn't be saying anything because I'm still watching it

  • end

    Não entendo sobre o que é esse video e só vim por nada

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