NELK got Rated R.
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  • Metadragon

    A big part of me wants Jake Paul to catch COVID.

  • DaSauce 65
    DaSauce 65

    Really teaching them kids good habits

  • PerisK4

    We want the song on 1:08 . Release it

  • NatureLover482

    How do innocent people who follow rules of wearing mask , keeping 6 feet distance , washing hands etc get corona and these people adopt ??? Where’s the logic in this bruh ??

  • Fly Time
    Fly Time

    *You got rated r*

  • Cristian Palummo
    Cristian Palummo

    How to get corona tutorial

  • Mochiii Bunz
    Mochiii Bunz

    I'm just waited for them to get corona so I can laugh.

  • Ciaran Orourke
    Ciaran Orourke

    She’s back with Jake an flitting with other guys

  • tyler ortiz
    tyler ortiz

    Tana sounds like she’s been ripping darts with the boys

  • Collin Fletcher
    Collin Fletcher

    Welcome to Florida bitches

  • Sara Armbrister
    Sara Armbrister

    Jake I am proud of you and tana yall are good people

  • Cinnamon Apple
    Cinnamon Apple

    Does this dude know that all of his Veiwers are 10

  • Josh Mouriski
    Josh Mouriski

    1:08 what’s the song?

  • J J
    J J

    This dude is throwing crazy fire 🔥

  • Lil Rosemary
    Lil Rosemary

    0:06 name of these sunglasses?


    What are you guys

  • FIFA Gaming
    FIFA Gaming

    When is the song coming out

  • Connor Atwell
    Connor Atwell

    "Has anyone every off roaded a royce", how the fuck havent you seen white iverson lol

  • My Virtual Bulldog Channel
    My Virtual Bulldog Channel

    Man this kid is very disturbed. Cant say i know who he is, but him trying to paint his persona is hard to watch. Such a front

  • Investing & the like
    Investing & the like

    everyone head to my channel and subbbyy and smash a like button and then comment a dare video and i will do it tomorrow night when i get drunk

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Oh boo hoo let me play a sad song on the smallest violin

  • Sebastian Sawala
    Sebastian Sawala

    Nelk had one sentence in the video. Clickbait

  • 2025-Nicole Powell
    2025-Nicole Powell

    Dude all you do is just show off like come on Jake 😒👎

  • *Mackenzie Rich*
    *Mackenzie Rich*

    Jake: this is my ex wife In the jet: white staines on the bed ( just a joke)

  • Regiane Utrera
    Regiane Utrera

    Você é cu

  • gamer legend
    gamer legend


  • Frank Gazzolo
    Frank Gazzolo

    It’s honestly kinda cringe to see you and the Nelk boys together u guys aren’t a vibe together

  • Robert Coskun
    Robert Coskun

    Love how the Fresh Outta London song he played here is better than the one he released

    • King Lee
      King Lee

      This is a different song

  • R B
    R B

    No Nelk boys what are you doing?£! You guys are my life and your hanging out with JP. That’s fucking low my guys

  • British Aquatics
    British Aquatics

    Go sub to apekid18

  • AveragePCgamer

    Good job putting people at risk of corona. I don't understand how stupid he is. I hope he sneezes three times and loses to ksi.

  • king Qasim Ali
    king Qasim Ali

    Sexy girl

  • Snwy VibeZ
    Snwy VibeZ

    The bee is like let me flex real quick

  • Fendi Fendi
    Fendi Fendi

    I thought jake was with another girl I’m confused

  • cool_7 000
    cool_7 000

    Jake Paul where is the music video come on

  • Jared Myers
    Jared Myers


  • shandrea Rosenberg
    shandrea Rosenberg

    loved the omega content


    How stupid u havaing party so stupid there pandemic u ex is ugly she need platic surgery

    • a n g e l pg3d
      a n g e l pg3d


  • Jess Sanders
    Jess Sanders

    People like these are ruining it for so many

  • Naomi and Yarelis
    Naomi and Yarelis

    the ✨𝓲𝓰𝓷𝓸𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮✨

  • HD Gaming
    HD Gaming

    Imagine being one of the highest paid SLtoosrs and saying my first shot gun ever 💀

  • Jay Fye
    Jay Fye

    Rich people i don't get them

  • Brandon Shriver
    Brandon Shriver

    Which is worse this manz or his brother?

  • Emma peel
    Emma peel

    Jake paul i might be going to prison...

  • Radiation Glazer
    Radiation Glazer


  • Alondra Ayala
    Alondra Ayala

    Jana for life I love them to much

  • Thatcher Ridings
    Thatcher Ridings

    He seems so down. I... I think I feel bad for him

    • Thatcher Ridings
      Thatcher Ridings

      I mean he doesn't even look like he's into the act anymore. He's literally sleeping on his yacht.

  • Hood Bros
    Hood Bros


  • LemonLikes Red Dead
    LemonLikes Red Dead


  • Redkid Amahit
    Redkid Amahit


  • Eni En
    Eni En

    When is the new song coming

  • Parth Singh
    Parth Singh

    Corona go

  • Parth Singh
    Parth Singh

    Where's social diatancing

  • Parth Singh
    Parth Singh

    Where's the mask

  • Flora Kalic
    Flora Kalic

    Nelk and Jake are the best youtubers

  • Saffron Audrey
    Saffron Audrey

    Jake:slowly turning into a vsco girl ...........

  • Craft x 18
    Craft x 18

    Jake Paul social distancing: Also Jake Paul:

  • Adam Hassan
    Adam Hassan

    So is Jake now with Tana again

  • Mike VS Mike
    Mike VS Mike

    I wanna know if you really paid the headbutt mans tho

  • Diego A
    Diego A

    Tana sounds like a man.

  • Omar Usman
    Omar Usman

    okay that song sounded nice ngl

  • Zach Hudson
    Zach Hudson

    Dude was on the lawn mower 5000

  • • ßunny •
    • ßunny •

    Oh wow...Just wow...What has Jake become to?.I want the old Jake back.I thought SLtoos was kid friendly. 😪😑🤦🏻‍♀️

  • omar cortes
    omar cortes

    Big problem because Julia

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper

    She has such a mans voice

  • Swastika Tamang
    Swastika Tamang

    I thought u had a gf

  • Kavil Wagh
    Kavil Wagh

    SpongeBob isn't gay

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda

    Julia rose: just stfu jake btw I love the way when calling random people it’s so funny

  • Nathan Lovascio
    Nathan Lovascio

    Music at0:33??

  • jed and andrei vlog
    jed and andrei vlog


  • Ayed Mouadh
    Ayed Mouadh

    i got click baited

  • Ralf Amanou
    Ralf Amanou

    J Cole off-roaded one

  • jungleboy57

    At least I am doing my part protecting myself and others at the same time.

  • Jk0f1 Music
    Jk0f1 Music

    Shouts out Tana.

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    Btw I'm joking dont come to columbus ohio there is alot going on

  • Jordan Curts
    Jordan Curts

    Jake always got jokes

  • Hunter Gary
    Hunter Gary

    Tbh this dude is crazy doing this in jordan 1 travis scott

  • Trap Town
    Trap Town

    What is the name of this iniminimani mo song ???

  • Tressel Webb
    Tressel Webb

    okay but whys that song kinda fire

  • Kimono Kakuda
    Kimono Kakuda

    69 k dislikes

  • Sprez

    "Were going to have a great time" Yeah getting sick

  • MommaGiaXx


  • Dragon City Home
    Dragon City Home

    this is so nice. you must work rally hard! let's be friends

  • Ms. Faye Ladion
    Ms. Faye Ladion

    Jake please shave!! I miss your good lookin

  • Joseph Campana
    Joseph Campana

    That TRX Thooooo

  • melmo1x


  • Christian Warren
    Christian Warren

    That lil snippet sounded like ysn flow no 🧢

  • Tony Fabela
    Tony Fabela

    Tana wants you Jake 😉

  • exOtikFPS

    3:30 Fools are wearing fully body armor but no helmets lol... so stupid!

  • Trizzy

    Full send, Nelk boys are the shit, this is their year.

  • Mexicano Para Siempre
    Mexicano Para Siempre

    This guy is a complete idiot that can get the virus, mess his life up str8 up

  • Payts Kicks
    Payts Kicks

    He shotgunned a white claw.

  • Evercut 25
    Evercut 25

    Jake is going to get back with tana

  • Rubenv 42
    Rubenv 42

    Minute 3:05 look at Armani’s 4 wheeler lmao


    Jake Paul lives in 2030

  • Kayden Sharbutt
    Kayden Sharbutt

    Whats that song called

  • Marquan Velasquez
    Marquan Velasquez

    why are the boys hanging with this clown

  • Mine Craft
    Mine Craft

    For some reason I want saxon and jakeeee together

  • Brian J.
    Brian J.

    Nelk in the video for 10 seconds and jake paul uses their name in the title. Sad

  • Christina King
    Christina King

    Here we go again....😂🙈