Trying NRG Clix's Setup In Arena! - Fortnite Battle Royale
In this video, I try out NRG Clix's full setup in arena. I made a similar video to this a while back using Mongraal's setup, so since all of you guys seemed to enjoy that video, I thought I should make a new one with Clix. What I did was I bought the Matrix Clix Keyboard with silver switches (red on outside black on inside), which is a 60% keyboard, and then I also bought the exclusive Clix mousepad from Matrix. I've had the Red Ninja Air58 for about 2 years now so that was the only thing I didn't need to get new. I unboxed each, talked about why Clix uses them, and then tried to get a win in arena with NRG Clix's setup! I also fought some pros along the way so definitely stick around and watch until the end for a surprise!
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