Doctor Reacts To WILD Shark Tank Medical Pitches
Shark Tank is one of my favorite shows on TV, and over the years I’ve noticed people pitching various medical products. Today I pulled together all the health pitches from Shark Tank US and Australia and decided to play a shark myself. I donned my best suit, got out my check book, and evaluated these pitches on their medical validity. Honestly, there were some solid products! The synthetic bodies from Syndaver Labs piqued my interest, as did the Simple Sugars Exfoliating Scrub and Throat Scope tongue depressor, which I’ve actually used in real life. Other pitches though, like “ion-canceling watches” or miracle cures for the flu AND common cold… nuh uh, Dr. VarSHARKsi is out. Props to my man Mark Cuban for keeping it real and calling out those scams! Any pitches I missed? Let me know in the comments!
Saving a man’s life on an airplane:
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • Nina Aghakhani
    Nina Aghakhani

    This is honestly the funniest Dr Mike video to date lol

  • CH

    Can you give us your teeth cleaning/whitening routine? Teeth are pearly white 🦷 😬

  • L'incroyable Procrastinateur
    L'incroyable Procrastinateur

    No, that IS NOT allowed in Australia!!! Also, Aussie shark tank SEEM nicer but they actually work together to subtly edge the presenters into inescapable traps and then destroy them utterly.


    love the suit

  • Radha Patel
    Radha Patel

    I can't swallow pills ._.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    This is the type of guy who read the whole terms and conditions and click “I disagree”

  • Gabi Phillis
    Gabi Phillis

    Marks calling them out because he has basketball to go manage and watch. The sellers scams, no scams for mark

  • Trevor Penner
    Trevor Penner

    I feel like you look like Gotham Chess's older brother, you guys should collab somehow.

  • Jo Justobvious
    Jo Justobvious

    10:06 Greatest comeback of all time

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      I Love when Dr.Mike talks RUSSIAN

  • Vache

    Nice Tom Ford suite Doc

  • Just Phoenixx
    Just Phoenixx

    6:13 you know what else has layers? Ogres have layers

  • Torren James
    Torren James

    Ew ew ew ew ew the moving body

  • M0rdacious

    There have been sugar scrubs forever

  • Dare Wolf
    Dare Wolf

    Exuma is a chronic condition. You cant "cure" it. If you treat your skin for it you can prevent a brake out of it but it's not gone. If you stop your skin care its gonna bounce right back. Also I dont know of any products that can do with except for prescription medication.

  • Rowen F.
    Rowen F.

    A lot of "negative ion" things are radioactive

  • Tlhongbotho Nkile
    Tlhongbotho Nkile

    "yo what if it moves"

  • Allende Coraliz
    Allende Coraliz

    I LOVE his Russian accent for some reason 😂😂

  • Alicia RB
    Alicia RB

    you should also see Dragon's Den Canada and Dragon's Den British version :D

  • M Kelly
    M Kelly

    I have Achalasia, I’d love to be able take something other than a pill. But I get the vitamin market is a bit crazy.

  • Heheh


    • Heheh

      wth why did i comment this lmaooo

  • Natalia Soto Vásquez
    Natalia Soto Vásquez

    I love when they say things like "bombarded by molecules" or "from natural origins" excuse me marketing people can you stop? 😂

  • Uquo Mama
    Uquo Mama

    That russian accent just makes him even hotter, Ik I'm a simp

  • Nembly

    "It's clinically proven." [sample size: 4 people]

  • Timon Strydom
    Timon Strydom

    I Love when Dr.Mike talks RUSSIAN

  • Emma Schrader
    Emma Schrader

    So I’m curious do you not recommend vitamins for the average person? I had a biology professor in college, and I remember he going off about how much he hates vitamins for a full day. I’m curious about a doctors view on it.

  • Sierra Marshall
    Sierra Marshall

    I can't swallow pills unless its advil.

  • • Aaahhhwhy •
    • Aaahhhwhy •

    Negative ion stuff are sometimes radioactive so pls don’t buy those things

  • Justin Opossum
    Justin Opossum

    second dude looks like he’s just skinned a human before coming to the show

  • Mile0

    0:12 amog us

  • Prutha Deshmukh
    Prutha Deshmukh

    Why do you change thumbnails after a couple of days? To get more views?

  • Alexander Chavez
    Alexander Chavez

    Well at 9:12.... ITS A SCAMM

  • hatchettwit

    I have some spray vitamins, I do like them. They absorb a lot better sublingual. But it's not 150 oranges worth lol

  • Elizah Gomez
    Elizah Gomez

    We are waiting for reaction to Hospital Playlist 🥺

  • Anna Baggett
    Anna Baggett

    Some sugar scrubs hurt some don't, depending on how much sugar is in the formula. For example when I buy products they're more gentle but when I make it myself it's much more rough

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Me irl: mildly color blind Mike: talks about purple suit Me: oh- that’s purple?

  • Orion sowle
    Orion sowle

    Hello DR I am a massage therapist first of all a sugar scrub is mainly a granulated sugar with lotion of your choice and And a combination of essential oils Second of all emphysema is a SKIN DISSORDER meaning in my training you don't touch it bc it could spread PLZ tell me if I have some misleading info

  • Warhammer 40k Knights Templar
    Warhammer 40k Knights Templar

    Pretty shure negative ion products are actually filled with radioactive elements go watch thought emporium

  • The Gr0nch
    The Gr0nch

    They intentionally use low efficiency lights that make extra heat so the guests sweat intensely. It really sells the show to make someone sweat that hard, but it's a pretty shitty tactic.

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      2:00 AM still awake i can't stop

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    The ahead temple phytochemically hand because fat booly blink until a ritzy chair. frequent, whispering trouble

  • Shanti Abdumumin
    Shanti Abdumumin

    The first Australians said that the product got rid of cold and flu SYMPTOMS in 2 days; she didn't say it would eliminate the VIRUS.

  • Eduardo Castelao
    Eduardo Castelao

    0:24 In Africa, every 60 seconds, 1 minute passes.

  • Tonje

    Hahah.. I just love this! All of the comments🤣🤣🤣 need more of this Shark Tank😍😍🤣🤣

  • Tonje

    Oooh. This show..! I want to see it. Dont know how.. Im from Norway😳🙄😋

  • Meme Squad
    Meme Squad

    me I sometimes forget he is russian His accent Not todai bish

  • Kieran

    "Negative ion Technology" *Whispers to self* don't say radiation don't say radiation don't say radiation...

  • Valerie Kasagawa
    Valerie Kasagawa

    We have a Jelly here in Japan for people who has difficulty swallowing pills😊

  • Colin Erskine
    Colin Erskine

    I am almost 40 years old and still cannot swallow pills. I know it's probably a mind thing but every medicine I get is either liquid or chewable.

  • Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer
    Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer

    Vitamin BS

  • Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer
    Jacob Wyatt-Smeltzer

    Only 40% cant swallow pills

  • Faisal Kamel
    Faisal Kamel

    The lamentable software conspicuously appreciate because church proximately seal worth a mixed puffin. messy, determined sea

  • Annabelle Camp
    Annabelle Camp

    Vitamin BS 🤣

  • kaitlin benkert
    kaitlin benkert

    My sister couldn't swallow a pill till she was 20 and her husband said he wouldn't marry her if she didn't learn.

  • JacketBoy Animations
    JacketBoy Animations

    2:00 AM still awake i can't stop

  • Richard Dorenbos
    Richard Dorenbos

    Every peace of clothing looks like cake if your suit is worth 476 Gorgilion dollars.

  • BDawes Vlogs2607
    BDawes Vlogs2607

    Thank you for the building example, it helped me understand haha

  • Recovery.Chii

    Wow. This was so mean spirited. Felt like you were trying so hard to get a laugh that you forgot these are actual people you're making fun of.

  • David Labella
    David Labella

    Most if not all of those “Negative ion” things are blasted with ionizing radiation and that can hurt your DNA 🧬 so *NEVER BUY ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS*

  • AnnaW Swe
    AnnaW Swe

    "Vitamin BS" ^^,

  • urbanshadow777

    Those negative ion devices contain radioactive materials and can be extremely dangerous if they break open.

  • Michelle Metcalfe
    Michelle Metcalfe

    In Canada it's not shark tank it's "dragons den"

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    “Did my guy seriously just forgot what’s in his own miracle potion” Had me laughing for a good 10 minutes straight .

  • Jake Man
    Jake Man

    4:11 doesn’t a lot of vitamin c give you kidney stones?

  • Katie Hudson
    Katie Hudson

    Please do video about Autism.

  • Ashley Morgan
    Ashley Morgan

    Mark Cuban is actually really intelligent too! But I snorted outloud 😂

  • Franklin Allen
    Franklin Allen

    There is actually no medical evidence that vitamin C supports the immune system. Every legit study on vitamin C and immunity has determined that it is no more effective than a placebo. Vitamin C is only really needed to prevent scurvy and you can get that benefit by eating a single serving of literally anything with vitamin C about once a week.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      oh goddddddddddddddd... I laughed till my stomach started aching. lol! PS: I am graduate biomedical student with background in biotechnology so this is

  • Isaiah Whitten
    Isaiah Whitten


  • Vishesh Tiku
    Vishesh Tiku

    Image spraying Concentrated B12 or C in your mouth. You'll have horrible taste for like a million years 😂.

  • I'm a dude
    I'm a dude

    “Imagine you’re building the building”

  • Aurora Pullar
    Aurora Pullar

    These videos are great! Can you review the medical scenes of Macgyver? Specifically, the 2016 reboot.

  • Matthew Julius
    Matthew Julius

    The Aussie shark who wanted to read the science report is a legit vet. And in the full thing they roasted the presenters.

  • Alozie Chibueze
    Alozie Chibueze

    Gotta respect your thinking process to critically question immediately. You don't learn that neither does anyone teaches you how to think like that. Good job!

  • Barcode Pictures
    Barcode Pictures

    By the way, the dose of vitamin B12 needed everyday is so small, that one gram will last you over 6,000 years.

  • Ruth

    YOU SAVED SOMEONE ON A PLANE... Dr.Mike is basically Meredith Grey at this point

  • timtomnec

    First world tung depressor...

  • jessi again
    jessi again

    100 million Americans can’t swallow pills? Is this number including infants and fetuses??

  • jake latimore
    jake latimore

    Doctor Mike I've been watching you for almost a decade. I know your youtube wasn't around for that long but don't question. I love watching you and everything you do. I have dreams doing emergency CPR on me. And pretending to still be unconscious just to watch you try saving me longer.

  • Comrade Garrett
    Comrade Garrett

    4:38 listen Mike I'm a fabricator and you would not believe how often management gives me all the materials at once and expects me to finish it instantly because I have everything all at once

  • Cynthia Montgomery
    Cynthia Montgomery

    Plenty of people do crush pills. That means from your end Dr. Mike ... they just took the script and ran.

  • Shivakshi Gupta
    Shivakshi Gupta

    oh goddddddddddddddd... I laughed till my stomach started aching. lol! PS: I am graduate biomedical student with background in biotechnology so this is

  • Alya

    Shark tank Aus > Shark tank us

  • Katya Hoopes
    Katya Hoopes

    I'm just here for the purple suit

  • Bobby Reynolds
    Bobby Reynolds

    Maybe i could make a doctor react to request and that is once upon a time life?

  • Jason Zinda
    Jason Zinda

    fun fact, a lot of those "negative ion" devices have some sort of radioactive substance in them and usually quickly get banned from sale in the US

  • Leggir

    ColdFX is a legit product @Costco claiming to dramatically reduce the time of Colds and Flu. All it is, is Ginseng. I've never found any difference.

  • Evski1990 !
    Evski1990 !

    Hey it’s Wizard Dr. Harold Potter! 😂

  • Марта Ј
    Марта Ј

    Nowadays sugar scrubs or any other scrub are known to cause skin irritation due to being coarse and actually making microscopic tears in the skin that allow infection and bacteria to get in. I don't know about psoriasis but people with normal skin or other milder skin conditions will benefit much more from using AHAs and BHAs for exfoliation. Not to mention that you can make your own sugar scrub at home and it would cost you less than a dollar...

  • Lindahl

    Wouldn’t it be very easy to overdose on vitamin-C if it is that consented? (I have no idea what the regular concentration is, only that it is possible to overdose)

  • Haylee Ramsey
    Haylee Ramsey

    When I was younger I couldn’t swallow pills, it was a mental thing, I had to take them with peanut butter. But now that I’ve gotten older I can.

  • Aeron Ruth
    Aeron Ruth

    The first thing anybody should have said about those watches is that they’re *ugly*. Nobody would wear those

  • Dr.Crog

    Vitamin C the Vitamin of the future


    Swallow pills are intentionally made not to provide full dose and this guy says it only provides 20-25% percent. Was it a scam?

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Dr. Mike: do you really need 114 oranges? Me who's in the math problem: well what do you know? You're just a doctor!

  • Katelyn Janssen
    Katelyn Janssen

    I take a pill

  • Lauren Disney
    Lauren Disney

    It's almost adorable that Dr. Mike has no idea what a sugar scrub is. My man, I see that PO box and I'm going to drop you a box with a few quality, handcrafted salt and sugar scrubs in it.

  • Mallory Armstrong
    Mallory Armstrong

    Do you really need 114 oranges worth of vitamin c😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Damaris ‘Mari’
    Damaris ‘Mari’

    Dr.Shark do do do do Dr.Shark do do do 😅

  • nawfal safaa
    nawfal safaa

    The vitamin c thingie should be called kidney stone sprey

    • Syndie Ouellet
      Syndie Ouellet

      Hum maybe you're confusing with calcium causing kidney stones?

  • EnchantedOcelot

    Dr mike, sugar scrub is like a soap with sugar and stuff added in for exfoliating

  • G Man’s Jewels
    G Man’s Jewels

    My moms a pediatric nurse, and they were covered with influenza every flu season. However, once COVID started, they have had COVID cases, but haven’t had a single case of flu...


    I lie on my belly but head to the side is tha a good thing or should I sleep on my back