Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy) by V
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  • Anzalna Anzu
    Anzalna Anzu

    Let's stream snow flower while we can Army!

  • renata martin donato
    renata martin donato

    i love u sm


    Fall in love I just fallin wooow this is amazing

  • Raghad Army
    Raghad Army

    Snow flower♡︎~

  • Vante Kim
    Vante Kim

    Sweet night & Snow flower is one of the best song. The way you expresses your feeling by writing a song. No one can do that. Thank you Kim Taehyung for creating this magical song that brings me peace when my mind and heart is desperately in need. You make me so proud Taehyung. I'll always support and hype your hard work and music. You deserved better!!

  • أنا إنسان
    أنا إنسان

    We miss you taehyung We love you

  • Nana

    Did you see the snow ? 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  • Aziza Sh
    Aziza Sh

    I miss you Taehyung

  • Ghost

    The fact that Taehyung arranged everything for this song himself (with peakboy) without any help from bighit. Be it producing, writing, composing and even the recording studio, I am so proud. 🥺🥺

  • Parjanya J. C.
    Parjanya J. C.

    Nice song SNOW FLOWER

  • Sunny Side Up
    Sunny Side Up

    love it

  • 석멜


  • 석멜

    나는 당신을 영원히 사랑합니다 :')

  • You and Me
    You and Me

    Love yourself Relay2949

  • Наталья Мирошниченко
    Наталья Мирошниченко


  • Наталья Мирошниченко
    Наталья Мирошниченко

    i purple Kim Taehyung

  • jgdgh hfdh
    jgdgh hfdh

    listening to this everyday bc i miss u :(

  • Allen Raymundo
    Allen Raymundo


  • Allen Raymundo
    Allen Raymundo


  • ana lee
    ana lee

    if Im listening to this song I will imagine taehyung being a cold mafia and hes fall in love with y/n lol

  • T race
    T race

    I don’t hear a “dark carol” I hear a lovely jazzy romantic song

  • Ridha Aulia V
    Ridha Aulia V

    All of Taehyung's songs are just my type ✨

    • ana lee
      ana lee


  • Mari Gam
    Mari Gam

    I miss you Taehyung :"(

  • kira

    such a beautiful melodious song

  • Gaby M
    Gaby M

    A new Christmas day March 7, 2021🎄

  • Prisca Septianti
    Prisca Septianti

    i miss taehyung 💜 hope he's doing well. 🥰

  • Taís Aparecida
    Taís Aparecida

    Cura a onde dói 💜

  • sannie581

    Love you Kim Taehyung 💜💜💜💜💜

  • fateme alvand
    fateme alvand


  • Its SusH
    Its SusH

    His soulful voice makes my heart feels better!....,

  • ishi yadav
    ishi yadav

    Coz we r falling~~

  • Maria Asad
    Maria Asad


  • Rana Salameh
    Rana Salameh

    Fall in love ~ I’m just falling

  • Rana Salameh
    Rana Salameh

    Did u see the snow ❄️ like your eyes 😭

  • Rana Salameh
    Rana Salameh

    This song is calming like a nice summer breeze

  • ROSE S
    ROSE S

    no matter how much i praise this beautiful song, it won´t give it what it deserves . I love everyting about it, the lyrics, the melody, their voices, just perfect

  • ROSE S
    ROSE S

    I really really love this song taehyung is so talented omg

  • Kayden 101
    Kayden 101

    If anyone is sad, just think. You could have been born at anytime, AND YOU WHERE BORN IN THE SAME TIME LINE AS TAEHYUNG, WE ARE SO LUCKY

  • Gagandeep Saluja
    Gagandeep Saluja

    Why this song is not available on spotify Please make it available there please


      You can listen to it in sound cloud

  • ythfg a
    ythfg a

    Lest go 30M

  • Kimtae Bear
    Kimtae Bear

    Did you see the snow 🎶

  • Kimtae Bear
    Kimtae Bear

    Thank you Taehyung for this song 💜

  • Kimtae Bear
    Kimtae Bear

    We love you taetae 💜

  • Kimtae Bear
    Kimtae Bear

    I'm so in love with this song

  • Tanvi


  • Merate Fox
    Merate Fox

    25, 274, 624

  • ishita joshi
    ishita joshi

    His voice💜💜💜

  • nor 29 Al-Harbi
    nor 29 Al-Harbi

    You know I can't resist that beautiful voice. 😭👂

  • Kimtiger Taetae
    Kimtiger Taetae

    Ahhha love it love ittttttttt this song vibe so beautiful n cheerful

  • Prod V
    Prod V

    This song is so addictiv⁦eಥ‿ಥ⁩

  • nor 29 Al-Harbi
    nor 29 Al-Harbi

    I only believe in Taehyung💜😭⚘

  • Tanya Koch
    Tanya Koch

    Комментарий для продвижения видео в топ, спасибо Ким Тэхен

  • kim luvir
    kim luvir

    better song of world 🥺

  • ddmrv75

    Almost spring time, and still stuck on this christmas song !! Tae's voice soft power !!!!

  • Nur Arisahanani
    Nur Arisahanani

    We are now entering the Missing Taehyung zone time

  • max chung
    max chung

    Tae baby~~

  • 앵가위바위푸

    내 겨울을 줘서 고마워요. 이만 마침표를 찍을게. 고마웠어:).

  • Skylark

    "You make me wanna be better man"

  • Skylark

    Snow Bear Taehyungie

  • Heal

    Love yourself Relay2943

  • ivy mm
    ivy mm

    I'm stuck with this song every time I open YT but who cares? I love this and I love him..

  • kren jimenez
    kren jimenez


  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran


  • ailyn -
    ailyn -


  • Alicia Alleluia Stenli
    Alicia Alleluia Stenli


  • oya oya
    oya oya


  • BTS Fandom
    BTS Fandom

    This world is nothing without you Teahyung ♥️💜

  • W aad
    W aad

    Miss u

  • kim تاي
    kim تاي

    الاغنيه صارت ادماني ಥ‿ಥ

  • Nattarin Kamanam
    Nattarin Kamanam


  • Paula Camelo
    Paula Camelo

    This is Mr. Kim Taehyung -- CGV, perfectly chiseled face, ethereal visuals, Visual Representative of Kpop, the Face of Kpop, boxy smile, sexy body, buff arms and hopefully abs too, deep unique voice, multi-talented --- songwriting, lyric writing, acting, dancing, writing poem, painting, album producer, visual director, MV director (winter bear), painter, saxophonist... he could master all with excellence. Genius mind (he is considered the 2nd most intelligent member after RM), creative (he created Tata which is widely popular now), great at mind games, playing basketball, jet skiing, diving, billiards, horse-riding, tennis (he only learned it for a few hours and could play it with both hands like a pro). Idol of Idols (idols of many Kpop idol fan boys), stage genius, the Gesture Textbook.... Kind, caring, loving, cute, adorable, animal lovers, great dog lover, dad of Yeontan, a great son, a social butterfly, great brother to BTS, love Army deeply, romantic, sentimental, funny, humorous, humble, polite (he's voted by the K-media as one of the most polite Kpop idols). Creator of I Purple You. Tae, I purple you too. We all purple you!

  • tete kim
    tete kim

    The world is so much better with this voice

  • Paula Camelo
    Paula Camelo

    Tae is such a talented singer-songwriter. His voice is like velvet that caresses your wounded hearts. His voice could go exceptionally high and dive exceptionally low and is full of emotions. Can't wait to hear his songs in his coming mixtape

  • HYQ ppxqq
    HYQ ppxqq

    Keep streaming his songs & watch BE-Log V on bangtantv youtube, make it trending 🔥

  • 겨울곰

    아름다운 사람

  • ishi yadav
    ishi yadav

    A best voaclist, best performer, best human - Kim Taehyung

  • Agnes Lekiwona
    Agnes Lekiwona


  • Varshita Chettri
    Varshita Chettri

    My bias oppa😍😢💜

  • R nana
    R nana

    literally 1 of my top 5 fav Christmas song

  • Virtual Tour Korea
    Virtual Tour Korea

    Happy *_9200th_* day, Taehyung. This world is a far better place with you in it. 🌎🎊🌠💫👍

  • Như Yến
    Như Yến

    Anh yêuuuu ahhhhh 😚😚

  • Như Yến
    Như Yến

    OMG iu anhhhhhhhhh 😍😍

  • 그냥 들어 봐말 하지마
    그냥 들어 봐말 하지마

    I love the way you said "I love you!" It's so cool! I will never forget this!

  • Peace Love
    Peace Love

    Love yourself Relay2939

  • Aneesa Habib
    Aneesa Habib

    My comfort person

  • Amor Fati
    Amor Fati

    the "Christmas" song that I've been listening to every day ever since it was released

  • jeane808misc


  • Soni Lee-mbo
    Soni Lee-mbo


  • Phyo Nandar Htun
    Phyo Nandar Htun

    Snow flower

  • pragya sinha
    pragya sinha

    We'll never forget what BTS or how special they made us, Armys, feel😌 I Purple You!

  • Milaaabs


  • BTS Army Forever
    BTS Army Forever

    His voice is so deep I love his voice so much💜 People who love Kim Taehyung 👇🏻👇🏻

  • jeane808misc


  • Adrianapaola Meca Roman
    Adrianapaola Meca Roman

    La voz de este ser maravilloso me tranquiliza demasiado. No puedo explicar con palabras todo lo que siento por ti. Te deseo lo más bonito de este planeta

  • kimtannie

    I don't care if i'm listening to this song even if it's not Christmas

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga

    Hermoso, hermoso, hermoso

  • มาลิณี เงาะสนาม
    มาลิณี เงาะสนาม


  • 7ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ⟭⟬
    7ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ⟭⟬


  • Alina Kanda
    Alina Kanda

    What an incredible song perfect for any time of year

  • Beautiful Bangtan Kings
    Beautiful Bangtan Kings

    I imagine myself to be that purple flower. Thank you V!

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