Luka Doncic Put Up His Own Dunk Contest While He Was Mic’d Up😂 | “I Hit My Head On The Rim Man”
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  • Gozilla

    Dude plays basketball for fun and happens to be good at it. He fits perfectly to Dallas and fills Dirk´s shoes in every way.

  • Night Power
    Night Power

    "socer" oh ne USA corupted him..fu xD

  • Edo Truman
    Edo Truman

    Athletic level: 20 Fundamentals level: max

  • This is for you love
    This is for you love

    Kobe 👎

  • Δημήτρης Κλεισιάρης
    Δημήτρης Κλεισιάρης

    Is it me or he sounds like Antetokoumpo?

    • Sejuani SupportONLY
      Sejuani SupportONLY

      It's the "balkan english accent"

  • Ben TheG
    Ben TheG

    What a bitch, he said soccer for football, and he grew up in europe...

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice

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  • Nuby29

    I actually thought he hit his head and had to replay; dude's a troll

  • Lymbe06

    Hahaha what a lier.

  • g3nji

    Idk why people make a big deal out of someone dunking when they are 6'7.

  • godisbollocks

    He sounded like Tony Montana. "I hit my head on the rim, mang."

    • Val Vodeb
      Val Vodeb

      U try saying something in Slovenian

  • cool294

    Luka Doncic is one stupid person

  • Deion Smith
    Deion Smith

    Look a ...Don Chick!!!

  • johnny horowitz
    johnny horowitz

    not even close it was the net

    • Val Vodeb
      Val Vodeb

      He was joking. Couldn't u tell. We all know he can't jump that high

    • johnny horowitz
      johnny horowitz

      @lepi22222 he is white really could not see that now that you mention it It was a prank

    • lepi22222

      @johnny horowitz you are really slow lol, ITS FREAGIN OBVIOUS THAT HE CANT JUMP THAT HIGH lmao, thats the whole joke of "I hit my head at the rim" ...he is white and they constantly keep saying how he cant jump at all smh

    • Positive Vibes
      Positive Vibes

      @johnny horowitz true, his head was no where near the rim.

    • Quinn Denver
      Quinn Denver

      @johnny horowitz true

  • Adam

    Luka’s sarcastic af 😂 I love it!

  • Sir Shlade
    Sir Shlade

    lmao homies head barely scraped the net 😂 thissss guuuuy 😂

    • yogi

      @Heal4me honestly from the looks of it he hit his head with the ball lol

    • 20dieux

      @Heal4me i think it was just a joke

    • Sir Shlade
      Sir Shlade

      @Heal4me actually, his head was nowhere near the rim nor the rim to his head

    • Heal4me

      actually he pulled the rim hown, so he didnt hit his head on the rim, he hit the rim into his head

  • The Egocentric Predicament
    The Egocentric Predicament

    I hit my head with the ring mang sounds like scarface

    • Val Vodeb
      Val Vodeb

      @ᴋɪɴɢᴊᴀsᴋᴏ pozabil sem dodat emoji ki se smeji. Zato se je narobe slišal

    • ᴋɪɴɢᴊᴀsᴋᴏ

      @Val Vodeb pa dobro ni treba vse dobesedno jemat haha

    • Val Vodeb
      Val Vodeb

      U try to say something in Slovenian

  • Charles Sears
    Charles Sears

    Great White

  • tasos moulios
    tasos moulios

    They keep giving him techs because he is not the regular black guy that NBA loves. These hypocrites fight for Black Lives but in reality, they only fight for Black lives and not for equality

    • We Dem Goyz
      We Dem Goyz

      @Rage Against The Hygiene really is it weird place? LOL they have political sign in every arena they play bball, dont play yourself this is race war designed by gews

    • BlackSun

      fck these black youtube guidelines deleting my comments. if blacks could say anything bad to other people why cant we? all lives matter!

    • Paul Kotsu
      Paul Kotsu

      relax dude, is this video really relevant to the weird politics of the nba

    • Rage Against The Hygiene
      Rage Against The Hygiene

      ​@Dhaka Dhaka huh??? Nothing to do with that. I was just saying luka likes to argue with refs and thats why he gets a lot of calls but lebron argues even more and rarely gets the T. I would never say Luka's skill isn't at least mostly acknowledged. I do think people are sleeping on him just a little because he isn't on a contending team but almost everyone agrees he is first team all-NBA. So I'm not sure what you're saying...

    • Dhaka Dhaka
      Dhaka Dhaka

      @Rage Against The Hygiene Bro the MVP is literally another Euro white guy. What are you saying

  • seb Renzozo
    seb Renzozo

    What ide give to be 22, 6`8, 240lbs again and be a kid.

    • Antheon TheGreat
      Antheon TheGreat

      @High Duck LeBron is 6'7 3/4 at the most bearfoot. more like 6'7 1/ noob

    • High Duck
      High Duck

      ​@Antheon TheGreat if lebron grew to 6'9 why is everyone else just 6'6. yoaming durant and chris paul werent documented at they true heights

    • seb Renzozo
      seb Renzozo

      Who gives a fck. I posted it cause he us having fun like a kid and im like 5`6 so 6"6 is the same as 6"8

    • Antheon TheGreat
      Antheon TheGreat

      @Sean ezekiel first of all 6'6 is a litte bit over 198cm...second of all, you are a dumbass. keep believing lukica is 6'8, lmaooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂bye,bye

    • Sean ezekiel
      Sean ezekiel

      @Antheon TheGreat 6`8 not 6'6, he is taller and bigger then most guards. 6'6 is 196 cm, luka is 201 without shoes. all the NBA player height measured with shoes on. so, yeah, he is 6'8

  • Jesus Aguliar
    Jesus Aguliar

    Lol, i actually went back to see when he hit his head

    • Hehahoo21 Basketball Soccer Football
      Hehahoo21 Basketball Soccer Football

      Me too 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • fly 321
    fly 321

    he looks so slow and he cant even jump lolll

  • amjan

    He has about 30cm less jumping ability than LeBron James at his age! Imagine how much better his skills have to be.

    • amjan

      @8Ball Ballers Woah, dont go overboard. Nikola Jokić, Chris Paul, James Harden exist.

    • 8Ball Ballers
      8Ball Ballers

      right, nobody in league is close to Luka with skills, footwork, basketball iq and court vision.

  • L A
    L A

    2 tousen tunny 2

    • L A
      L A

      @Val Vodeb lmao touche

    • Val Vodeb
      Val Vodeb

      U try to say something in Slovenian

    • Gytis Stankevičius
      Gytis Stankevičius

      that's aint easy to pronunce for him haha

  • Leonard Mulrooney
    Leonard Mulrooney

    Just having fun out there. Not too full of himself.

  • Alexander Acosta
    Alexander Acosta

    Dwade: that's 49

    • Irving Gomez
      Irving Gomez

      lol 💯💯💯

  • Tony Bravo
    Tony Bravo

    Luka is just amazing 🦸‍♂️💪

  • saiful46

    Luka should be in the next John Wick movie

    • Goran Krstev
      Goran Krstev

      Boban's younger brother comes for revenge :))

  • Rufat Imanli
    Rufat Imanli


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