Queen Blunder or a Genius Move? || Giri vs Tari || Tata Steel (2021)
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Anish Giri vs Aryan Tari
Tata Steel Chess (2021), rd 1, Jan-16
Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence (C65)
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 Bc5 5. Bxc6 dxc6 6. O-O Bg4 7. h3 Bh5 8. g4 Nxg4 9. hxg4 Bxg4 10. Be3 Be7 11. Kg2 f5 12. Qe1 Bxf3+ 13. Kxf3 f4 14. Bd2 g5 15. Bc3 Bf6 16. Nd2 Qe7 17. Rh1 h5 18. Ke2 g4 19. f3 g3 20. Kf1 h4 21. Rh3 a5 22. a4 b6 23. Kg2 c5 24. Qb1 Kf7 25. b3 Rad8 26. Nc4 Kg6 27. Qb2 Rh5 28. Rah1 Rdh8 29. Qa1 Kg7 30. Bb2 Kg6 31. Qb1 Rd8 32. Qe1 Kg7 33. Qa1 Rdh8 34. Na3 Kg6 35. Nb5 Bg7 36. Nc3 Qd8 37. Ne2 R8h7 38. Qe1 Qd6 39. Qc3 c6 40. Qc4 Rh8 41. Ba3 Qf6 42. Qa6 Rb8 43. Bc1 Bh6 44. Qa7 Qd8 45. Bb2 Qc8 46. Qe7 Bf8 47. Nxf4+
The official drawing of lots took place in the Tata Steel Chess Tournament playing hall in Wijk aan Zee. The results of the drawing of lots are officially approved by the arbitration. Based on the drawing of lots the playing schedule for the 13 rounds has been made.
Already in the first round, there will be some exciting games. World Champion Magnus Carlsen will play against top talent Alireza Firouzja and Harikrisna Pentala will face Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. Defending champion Fabiano Caruana will meet the Dutch Grand Master Jorden van Foreest.
The games will start on the 16th of January at 14:00 (CET). Chess enthusiasts can follow the games via our international live stream.
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  • Hatif Musfafi
    Hatif Musfafi

    There was no queen trap !! Q

  • Chris Cuizon
    Chris Cuizon

    Rook A8 by black is bad move, the white queen can escape..how could you make a mistake

  • Chris Cuizon
    Chris Cuizon

    Queen b6 by white and the white queen can escape.. you made ba wrong assumption...

  • Adrian Valdez
    Adrian Valdez

    Those subtitles are annoying

  • Dylan Weitzel
    Dylan Weitzel

    Just saw a commercial with agadmators voice in it, let’s go!

  • Moayad Isaa
    Moayad Isaa

    Justice for ali riza

  • Nishant Gogri
    Nishant Gogri

    Beautiful game

  • Danny 1O1
    Danny 1O1

    There was an escape that giri knew I guess

  • Danny 1O1
    Danny 1O1

    Queen can take b6 pawn if rook tries to capture by a8

  • daniel Kelly
    daniel Kelly

    hey agadmator, what do you be pulling on whenever you say "sorry about that..." haha

  • lgmnow kondo
    lgmnow kondo

    beautiful game!

  • Irrelevant Username
    Irrelevant Username

    Yes!!! One of those positions that gets closed, and where one move will break the whole thing open into many losing possibilities for the opponent.

  • Dharma Patel
    Dharma Patel

    12:29 - Why can't Giri take the pawn on B6?

  • talchemy

    Always feels good when you find the winning move a GM finds

  • Shawn Pravin
    Shawn Pravin

    At 12:32 after ra8 qb6 wins a pawn but instead of ra8, rh7 traps the queen

  • Nachiket Gupte
    Nachiket Gupte

    Giri: You fell right into my genjutsu!

  • Geoffroy MB
    Geoffroy MB

    Such a complete yet concise analysis... no wonder this channel is so successful.

  • Baljinder singh
    Baljinder singh

    12:35, queen on b6 is a better move or not?

  • Anton Heinsbroek
    Anton Heinsbroek

    @12:43 After Ra8, white queen can capture pawn on b6? (more room than indicated by agadmator?).

  • Dimsiasios !
    Dimsiasios !

    I am editing this, queen captures b6 does not work because queen gets trapped sorry

  • June non-liberal lapine
    June non-liberal lapine

    Amazing game. Noice twist.

  • Krishna Birla
    Krishna Birla

    Queen isn’t trapped at 12:43 just capture pawn.

  • Maruthasalamoorthi Viswanathan
    Maruthasalamoorthi Viswanathan

    Really nice game

  • vatte vineeth
    vatte vineeth

    2:55 How about Bxf3 instead of qxd1 ? That way black gains more material (please correct me if I am wrong)

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna

    12:30 white queen can take that pawn on B6

  • Plywoodcar Johnson
    Plywoodcar Johnson

    Tari is the next Jobava?

  • Musical Quotes
    Musical Quotes

    After bishop b8 what if tari plays queen d6? It defends the rook and also pawn at e5. Is this playable. Please answer.

  • badmandede

    Giri = Sōsuke Aizen: " when have i not been using my Zanpakutō" lol

  • Milo James
    Milo James

    My misunderstanding of this game always decreases a little when I watch these videos.

  • T. Bishop
    T. Bishop

    Queen is not trapped ... Qxb6 since it's not defended

  • Debasish Ray Chawdhuri
    Debasish Ray Chawdhuri

    12:36 If Ra8, then Qxb6 seems okay for white.

  • Radek Nejeschleba
    Radek Nejeschleba

    Why are you allways adjusting volume? :D Or what does that "sorry bout dat" mean? :D

  • Black Chameleon
    Black Chameleon

    "Black will lose eventually with this move, but it's interesting to play" - Agadmator 2021

  • TheDool0ne

    What an amazing game. Defending well and using the material for a winning attack. Tari probably never plays that sacrifice again.

  • Car Bomb
    Car Bomb

    This is now one of my favorite games of all time. Giri really channeled his inner Petrosian here. Untouchable position from start to finish.

  • Qalidurut

    Giri's games are so much fun to watch

  • ask

    Capture capture capture capture capture capture capture ......wow

  • Yadasampati

    12:33 Give up the queen? Why not win a pawn instead with Qxb6?

  • Yadasampati

    11:33 How about Qd6?

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil

    6:00 Why didn't Tari sac the g pawn with g2 which forces Kxg2? That would create an open file for Black to occupy with his Rook with Rg8+ or 0-0-0 followed by Rag8+

  • Misteribel

    0:07 'the other Norwegian'? Anish Giri is Dutch (born Russian).

  • Πεισίστρατος Βαραντεφίδης
    Πεισίστρατος Βαραντεφίδης

    we really like this style of videos where you analyze more deeply than usual and we see tha magic of the game!! Keep it up Antonio

  • mdeva21

    What is this 'sorry about that' issue?

  • reading rainbow
    reading rainbow

    Shouldve known better than to attempt a move like that against someone like Giri.

  • Mark Sapir
    Mark Sapir

    What is the name of little dog in the background?

  • adeternitamn

    Ra8 instead of Qc8 wins the game on the spot, as white has no counter play to it. Huge misplay by Tari, he managed to grab defeat from the jaws of victory with this one.

  • Kishore Kumar
    Kishore Kumar

    Insted of tari bishop f8 if he plays rook to b7 what will happen

  • Irizu Harbinger
    Irizu Harbinger

    12:38 Do I really have to give up the queen as white? what about Qa7xb6?

  • gamewizl

    Nice nickname - 'The Other Norwegian' - he should get that on shirts.

  • Nadif Noka
    Nadif Noka

    Would you cover more Petrosian's game? I like his style.

  • Aslarn Blackfyre
    Aslarn Blackfyre

    The sour butane histopathologically fix because india intermittently satisfy along a grandiose rail. uptight, careful drawer

  • Zena Nakazato
    Zena Nakazato

    *after 1st move* Giri: I propose Draw!

  • Nemesis

    g4 by Tari, Looks very scary... And now f3 by Giri Hell of a rhyme that was💥😂

  • denizsan35

    Giri: draw in 5

  • retro dunk
    retro dunk

    Anish played Tari like an Atari.

  • Anuran Ghosh
    Anuran Ghosh

    Great video

  • Melvin Memoria
    Melvin Memoria


  • rafani fischer
    rafani fischer

    Reminds me of Reshevsky. He builds a solid wall and then breaks through via de a or h files.

  • nyztan0

    Anish is excellent

  • Umut Kaya
    Umut Kaya

    Giri immortal???

  • Dan Shved
    Dan Shved

    It was -Barzini- white all along.

  • IMposure

    The “sorry about that” on this video was extremely convincing 😂

  • Roboglob - Brawl Stars
    Roboglob - Brawl Stars

    nobody else notices his pun in "always check" ""check""

  • Nicholas O'Neal
    Nicholas O'Neal

    Clearly a Botez gambit

  • SuedeStonn

    @12:40 Qxb6 is available?

  • GeneralArmorus

    12:29 what do you do here? - start gobbling up those pawns, no?

  • GeneralArmorus

    Anish Giri and the other Norwegian xD

  • Mohammed Mudassir Shaikh
    Mohammed Mudassir Shaikh

    Agad: position is complete madness Me in my head: position is complete Magnus :D

  • Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still
    Certainly NOT the best pianist, but still

    I love such games, even though I always blunder terribly while trying to wiggle my way to the opponent's terrain

  • Rafael Peña
    Rafael Peña

    This is a very weird draw

  • Lord Chanka
    Lord Chanka

    You could take the pawn on e6, yes? Not saying it would work out nearly as well, but just that it’s available

  • Richard Hunter
    Richard Hunter

    One of my rules of thumb is that if a sacrifice seems dubious, then it is. That certainly was the case here anyway.

  • Jalil Diaz De La Pena
    Jalil Diaz De La Pena

    12:28 why couldn't queen just take the pawn b7?

  • chenf983able

    12:27, he could capture the pawn

  • Murigi Wilson Mungai
    Murigi Wilson Mungai

    I usually get into such position as in 7:46 then i don't know what next

  • Seung Nam
    Seung Nam

    12:30 "None of the squares are available for the white Queen" ??? Isn't Qxb6 available? Am I missing something?

    • Alex Supertramp
      Alex Supertramp

      You're right, but for the time being the once so strong queen along the 7th rank is now stuck on b6 and won't get out of there - all of the squares around it are covered. Might as well get yourself the initiative with a nice queen sac then or rather just avoid it.

  • Oleg Yamleq
    Oleg Yamleq

    I have watched about 20 agadmator videos, and he always reaches down and goes "Sorry about that". Why?

  • dzugaszwili

    What's going on with "umm, sorry about that" when agadmator starts almost every single video?

    • merzouk amine
      merzouk amine

      Been a follower for 3 years i always thought he was scratching his leg😅 but recently i understood that he reduce the volume of captures captures 😂😂😂

  • Taras N
    Taras N

    what does he keep apologizing for after the first move?

  • Christopher Kidd
    Christopher Kidd

    At 12:26, after Ra8, couldn't the white queen escape with Qxb6?

  • Neeraj412

    Tari shouldn't have resigned, Anish wanted to offer a draw.

  • Vishruth's Guitar Channel
    Vishruth's Guitar Channel

    And when you say the queen is captured. Is not Queen takes on b6 a valid move?

  • Aleksandar Ivković
    Aleksandar Ivković

    Can you turn of that text pleas its so anoying.

  • Vishruth's Guitar Channel
    Vishruth's Guitar Channel

    Can you do a video on Magnus Carlsen against Aryan Tari. I watched the match and tried to guess a few of the next moves. I want to know how you feel about it. (1/2-1/2)

  • Fortunalux

    Mr Hoodie Giri

  • zambot264

    Amazing game. Made me feel something


    Title doesn’t match as there was no queen sacrifice.

    • Anshul Sengupta 9B roll no- 27
      Anshul Sengupta 9B roll no- 27

      Well he said in the video in analysis of losing the queen by anish

  • Харе Кришна
    Харе Кришна

    12:31 Qb6???

  • Martin Wright
    Martin Wright

    Giri tari. Tari giri

  • 805atnora Fertsera
    805atnora Fertsera

    Amazing game

  • Light

    Wow this game :O if giri keeps this form he can really beat everyone

    • Ni-ki Not Niki
      Ni-ki Not Niki

      He's like this most of the time lol watch his games theyre so beautiful to watch. He's a theorist and strategist

  • ssmb

    Anish was looking for a draw but Aryan resigned

  • Mike Casabona
    Mike Casabona

    The berserk cardboard nearly muddle because reduction scilly change as a imported link. old, friendly lawyer

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    At 6:08 why wouldn’t you play bishop to H4? The queen defends it and you can make some nasty discoveries by pushing g2. Even if you move the queen to 2nd rank you can still push the sacrificial pawn and have bishop to g3.

  • ConicalRamirez

    Why not Qxb6 when he said there is no square for the queen

  • J P
    J P

    11:30 German words are everywhere 😂

  • Darmok at Tanagra
    Darmok at Tanagra

    Queen was never blundered and always had escape squares - clean up your analysis versus just making up shit.

  • sarthak agarwal
    sarthak agarwal

    At 12:40 you can cut the pawn.

  • Michał Michalski
    Michał Michalski

    What’s up with #2992 in every description?

  • Muhammed Shaker
    Muhammed Shaker

    Wow what agame I feel like a new learner of chess