KSI is Crying in My Insta DMs
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Comon KSI...
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  • TheWorker

    I love how he talks like any of his fans actually like him

  • latest lives
    latest lives

    i only watch ur videos to laugh at you. your fans are 11 year old

  • DakFN

    Late but KSI doesnt get views, he gets radio hits.

    • DakFN

      And he gets views on jj olatunji kid


    This video is just "Retarded"

  • Elijah AJ
    Elijah AJ

    I am from UK 🇬🇧 and jake is the best SLtoosr


    LeTs SeE iF tHiS vIdEo GeTs 1o0k LiKeS.phhffff more like 100k dislikes lmao

  • Lucasform

    Jake's ego can take Thanos gauntlet off his arm omegalul

  • VETEX 14
    VETEX 14

    Jake Paul Get Ready For Your Fight In November 28.

  • Aneurin Davies
    Aneurin Davies

    i from wales i like jake more than ksi

    • Mohammad Rihan
      Mohammad Rihan

      coz ur a 5 yr old kid

  • Xavier Torres
    Xavier Torres


  • st4tik t0rCh
    st4tik t0rCh

    more dislike than likes wow



  • Troy Troy
    Troy Troy

    Jake Paul vs ksi

  • MZ Garreei
    MZ Garreei

    "I $mell $hit c0ntent

  • HUZAIFA Khalid
    HUZAIFA Khalid

    Jake paul doesn't know the power of jj's right hand Until he feels it


    82 k dislike 😂😂

  • Angry Hazard
    Angry Hazard


  • Sidra Zubair
    Sidra Zubair

    No one like you jake paul

  • Aemilliano Avalos
    Aemilliano Avalos

    CJ Paul free KSI KSI is a little he's a little freaking is freaking bouquet I love you Jake Paul and nobody else says that except for me my name is beau avalos

  • Dietprada04

    jake paul: all uk influencers are liars also jake paul: i wrote back from london ( literally shows on one of the streams of the song designer wrote it and some other dude ... jake paul wasn't even on the writers list) 😂👌

  • HackTrixz

    You are the biggest melt on the Internet hahahahahaha

  • Shabzi

    Pake jaul: All it took was 1 punch to knock him to the ground Also pake: *gets hit once and starts bleeding immensely*

  • Shavon Branch
    Shavon Branch

    I’m 10 tho

  • Elimz

    Jake Paul vlogs boxing camp

    • Elimz


  • OwenTheGamerTV

    he finally has more dislikes let's go

  • Smiley face
    Smiley face

    no one: no one ever: Jake Paul: Makes a video with the legit same exact thumbnail as one of the shitty ImJayStation videos

  • Supreme Chilzz
    Supreme Chilzz

    Bro this man was a fanboy of KSI 😂😂😂

  • Amaharic movies clip
    Amaharic movies clip

    jake makes; a diss track on joe weller joe weller ; dances to it

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Your nose is gonna be busted when you KSI. YOU WILL STILL LOSE

  • ogfik

    19:19 boi show how many dislikes it got lmaooo

  • Alf Playz
    Alf Playz

    his 23rd birthday lol he made a song called 23'

  • S Bwacha
    S Bwacha

    Jake Paul : *shows that Kai has 1000 uploads* Jake Paul a second later : Ksi has like 3000 uploads

  • S Bwacha
    S Bwacha

    Jake....you’re sad

  • Daniel Sam
    Daniel Sam

    I think this man has made more people’s brain hurt than coronavirus cases

  • Bodhi Zach
    Bodhi Zach

    Dislikes lookin good

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    Shut up 🤐

  • GodHimself

    All these cringe ass KSI minions in here are embarrassing

  • Nima Labrosse
    Nima Labrosse

    Jake Paul is the most delusional person I know

  • Cullen Luke Chua
    Cullen Luke Chua


  • Akima Neal
    Akima Neal

    Is that His real dad do

  • Ilovegames K
    Ilovegames K

    LoL u laugh at Deji just fight ksi u gonna get fucked

  • drkpulse Clapz
    drkpulse Clapz

    Jake did joe dirty

  • Rxnik

    Damm he wasn’t wrong though

  • Cumber FT tf
    Cumber FT tf

    Whatever happend to edfluance lmfaoo

  • Aqeeb A. Choudhury
    Aqeeb A. Choudhury


  • Aurang Zaib
    Aurang Zaib

    U asked about 100k likes what about 100k dislikes

  • Ghalib Sohail
    Ghalib Sohail

    You're calling us liars? You lied about the marriage with Erika and Tana for views! Also, if you have an audience under 16 Years, why bring Riley Reid and Lana Rhoades into your videos?!

  • Swag Penguin
    Swag Penguin

    im so excited for when all the ksi fans are gonna cry when jake wins

  • Yamato no Orochi
    Yamato no Orochi

    He calls UK people liars an entire country liars

  • Yamato no Orochi
    Yamato no Orochi

    According to jake Paul triple 800 is 1200

  • Pankaj Thakkar
    Pankaj Thakkar

    I don't care what anyone says Jake has to be one of the best entertainers ever!!!

  • Monkey With A Bike
    Monkey With A Bike

    Description says comon Instead of common

    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa

      He can’t even spell common

    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa


    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa

      He dropped out of school that’s why mate

  • john bro
    john bro


  • LN2909 Nugent
    LN2909 Nugent

    Shut up jake

  • Chris da kid
    Chris da kid

    because nobody gives af about jake paul

  • Thug for Memes
    Thug for Memes

    Who is watching cus you are bord and in covid

  • GokuPlayzYT

    Lmao this has more dislikes than his likes

  • Quyeem Joyner
    Quyeem Joyner


  • Hedges Maddux
    Hedges Maddux


  • Toni Nedeljkovic
    Toni Nedeljkovic

    1:38 Yea,you are right

    • sless_10


  • Enaree Owens
    Enaree Owens

    The like button numbers 🤨


    Shut up

  • JJ Gaming
    JJ Gaming

    KSI is gonna beat your ass no offence

  • 2⃣1⃣ Cabbage
    2⃣1⃣ Cabbage

    Talking about beating Joe Weller when Joe didn't train for months and just arrived at LA 🙄 What this Jake nigga thinks🤮

  • The D Wooolde 20M
    The D Wooolde 20M

    I love u so much bro

  • sTx - Fishyy
    sTx - Fishyy


  • ツSolarr

    I was thinking about calling an ambulance before KSI destroys you but then i realised you can suffer instead

  • Jacob Chambers
    Jacob Chambers

    More dislikes than likes nice one 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Santellana
    Anthony Santellana

    Deji barley trained dude and it still took you to the 5th round

  • Status- Prune
    Status- Prune

    Christ JJ needs to shut this crackhead up Lol the Uk are liars 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Lambert
    Aaron Lambert

    I was cheering for KSI Jake Paul is going to win

  • Ignacio_The_Gamer14 Rivera
    Ignacio_The_Gamer14 Rivera

    Didnt u fight already fight gib

    • Status- Prune
      Status- Prune

      Ignacio_The_Gamer14 Rivera check this date this video was made

  • Wolf Luca11
    Wolf Luca11


  • Demboey

    I don’t think u can handle KSI style he’s to wild and crazy for a person with your experience to handle

  • AM Mercurio
    AM Mercurio

    Cause he didn’t pay for Gucci mane

  • Stéphane 06
    Stéphane 06

    I don't like Jake, but why are u hating this guy fucked gib up like he said he would lmao.

  • calboi47 gaming
    calboi47 gaming

    Ksi has more subs so hes the better than you

  • calboi47 gaming
    calboi47 gaming

    0:40 he doesn't live woth his parents u idiot

  • calboi47 gaming
    calboi47 gaming

    Ksi would beat the heck outta you if he had a fight

  • unreal4 yt
    unreal4 yt

    Without the uk u would be a effing Russian

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez

    how does this man have fans

  • isaac_garcia951

    Bro jake cares so much abt numbers

  • Power Ginger
    Power Ginger

    Jake has 20 mill 12-16 subs and JJ has 10 mill 85-95 subs

    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa

      That’s his second channel mate 😂😂😂😂😂 u are honestly a clown

  • Troy Lee
    Troy Lee

    About 2 mil views ksi averaging like 10 mil views smh why yall comparing clout box

  • Jesse Thompson
    Jesse Thompson

    1:15 to 1:34 is all a fact

    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa

      NanoXtreme and he did the fight just for fun mate

    • Viktor Korpa
      Viktor Korpa

      He didn’t destroy Deji didn’t even train and it took him the 5 round and u fought joe weller who didn’t train for whole 2 years wow so delusional

    • NanoXtreme

      @ツSolarr stfu fortnite kid

    • ツSolarr

      Stfu salty fan

  • k6geyama

    Awww Jakey is scared? HAH HOPE YOU LOSE

  • The Fan
    The Fan

    Deji would beat the shit out of him if deji just fucking trained well


    Can we look at the amount of dislikes

  • Atlantis Tin.
    Atlantis Tin.

    ksi is allot stronger than gib sooo i mean my dude.....youre gonna get fucked up

  • Sprays Gaming
    Sprays Gaming

    He called it

  • Mxv101

    Do people find this funny

  • Amelie Piffkó
    Amelie Piffkó

    nosebleeed gang me tooo

  • Shreya Ballay
    Shreya Ballay

    Who here when he won

  • Haris Mir
    Haris Mir

    Bru 🤣you are saying UK is a lie

  • Josiah Sosa
    Josiah Sosa

    Bro u barely beat deji no ones giving u credit cause he had no camp and barely trained and still fucked u up

    • Fryle The Unknown
      Fryle The Unknown

      Deji couldn't fight m8 either ways he won plus he has gotten alot better, unless ksi takes the fight seriously he would get dropped

  • big dean
    big dean

    it’s been 6 months and he hasn’t got the 100k likes he asked for

  • l o f i - s o u n d s
    l o f i - s o u n d s

    Jake Paul:Lets get 100k likes *gets more dislikes than likes

  • KN383

    Pause at 0:34 KSI : " If you think you can beat Gib, -than- then your clearly delusional This has aged well

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User

    There all liers ..?says a Paul

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy


i won.
4,1 mio.
2,3 mio.