The Witch - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 21
This is not your ordinary Minecraft witch.
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  • Alan Becker
    Alan Becker

    DJ always has the best commentary for these videos:

    • sonic Гребенщеков
      sonic Гребенщеков

      Alan, why don't you patch it up with apparently stickmen, but with Steve from Minecraft, Mario was like a character, Pokemon were like characters Why not Steve?

    • grookey gamer123
      grookey gamer123

      Do stick figures vs pillage rade or them going to villages or phantoms

    • Naw


    • MC WESIN
      MC WESIN

      @Karrunesh Kumar SOU MC DA UMA FORÇA LA IRMÃOS

    • Ian Smith
      Ian Smith

      Are you on your channel

  • Gypsy Alpha 1
    Gypsy Alpha 1

    One of the pig's potion effects was Techno Power!!!

  • TheBeastAnimations

    11:10 only true fans remember when the pig drank a lot of potions

  • Aron K Sajan
    Aron K Sajan

    Who is the purple guy?

  • Ruby Faura
    Ruby Faura

    Techno power!!!!

  • Niccolo Coliat
    Niccolo Coliat

    The ultimate killing machine

  • TimeForceStealth

    If you read the pigs buffs on the last colom it says techno power

  • kimetsu no yaiba
    kimetsu no yaiba

    One Punch Pig xD 11:38

  • Tracey Newsome
    Tracey Newsome

    That pig really knows martial arts

  • Tyler Sauverwald
    Tyler Sauverwald

    everybody gangsta till a pig goes anime style on a witch

  • robina david
    robina david

    Did anybody see the "techno power" on effects

  • Tyler Sauverwald
    Tyler Sauverwald

    how does a plant fight sorry for arguing but this is an insane animation you could do one with the squad in it

  • kitties and bots gemini
    kitties and bots gemini

    how did purple survive

  • Rafly 2240
    Rafly 2240

    Your animations the best 👍👍

  • Fritz Baked
    Fritz Baked

    9:04 piston is smarter than me lmao

  • Zoe Wang
    Zoe Wang

    A pig who turns into techno

  • Loran

    Pig : Levitate and slow falling effect Also pig : Going in the portal more quickly than the witch

  • akib razin
    akib razin

    Pig has made badge:how do we get here?

  • RainbowBlox

    That pig at end is making me laughing !!

  • Zachary Nases
    Zachary Nases

    a potion for the pig named techno power

  • Tofu

    Did anyone notice how it said Techno Power as one of the effects that the pig drank?

  • Darryl Yeo
    Darryl Yeo

    Ninjaaaaaaaaa...... pig!!!!!!!!!

  • Everton gamer anony ;-;
    Everton gamer anony ;-;

    11:27 humor 10/10 mano o que é essa animação mano

  • Newsack Stream
    Newsack Stream

    When your friend mains the funniest fighter* 11:17

  • Santiago Osorio Iglesias
    Santiago Osorio Iglesias

    Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 22

  • Everton gamer anony ;-;
    Everton gamer anony ;-;

    7:48 pppppppppfff mano o que é isso mano o que é isso kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Manu viana :3
      Manu viana :3

      BRASILEIRO ,nunca achei outro nos comentários

  • Cassia

    Pig: **drinks potion** Alan Becker: and i took that personally

  • Everton gamer anony ;-;
    Everton gamer anony ;-;

    4:46 puuuurrrfffffffsss kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk watafuke wtf kskskskskskskks hahahahahahahha like :)

  • mayathebee77

    The pig is tecno

  • ZeeKitsune

    Technoblade: They found my past?!

  • 웨비서클 TV
    웨비서클 TV

    11:10 Episode 4 reference lol

  • matilde mora
    matilde mora


  • Elysse Dela Cruz
    Elysse Dela Cruz

    Pig: My Muscles: *I COULD NEVER*


    This Is fantastic

  • yZoe

    4:57 *swordfish.*

  • Gabriel Lee
    Gabriel Lee

    Your the only person I can think of to make a Minecraft which super cool

  • Paul Wilking
    Paul Wilking

    What do you guys want Becker to do for the next episode? Comment which one. If this video gets a ton of likes maybe Becker might see what we want. There are only three options. Fighting in Bedwars Discovering Netherite Playing Pixelmon

  • LittleYasin 1
    LittleYasin 1

    Oh Yeah I remember when that pig had potions!

  • Alice Lin
    Alice Lin

    Im love you vidéo

  • AnthonyTheVyonderGuy2001 Gamer12
    AnthonyTheVyonderGuy2001 Gamer12


  • Arhaan 2762
    Arhaan 2762


  • ???BILL CIPHER¿¿¿
    ???BILL CIPHER¿¿¿

    *HUG TIME* 0:31

  • ???BILL CIPHER¿¿¿
    ???BILL CIPHER¿¿¿

    Bill Cipher me against your stick figures they won't have a chance 2 live against me😏

  • Hiroyuki Sotaru
    Hiroyuki Sotaru


  • Logan Franks
    Logan Franks

    11:15 techno power 🤣🤣🤣

  • Maria Frías
    Maria Frías

    Que buenos videos (:😄

  • totore

    OMGGG the end is soo epic!

  • Jozey Animations
    Jozey Animations

    Can we just appreciate the choreograph fight scenes its just choreographed so well I love your work Alan 😄✔

  • Zxyryl Rosairo
    Zxyryl Rosairo

    That pig legit became technoblade

  • sebastián aceves
    sebastián aceves

    when will the next episode be that they are epic

  • sambo robles
    sambo robles

    The pig got techno power😂

  • Thebunnybehindtheslaughter

    Ultra pig

  • Bruno José
    Bruno José

    Pig pucho mam

  • swag monke
    swag monke

    i like how the pig goes insane after he drinks several potions LMAOO

  • elvisito YT
    elvisito YT

    The two part

  • Alberta Ficeli
    Alberta Ficeli

    pig ultra istict

  • M Samuel
    M Samuel

    Pig beats goku

  • Gene Hollingsworth
    Gene Hollingsworth

    Wow it has gone so far!

  • Benjacraft

    Animation vs sonic

  • KE FE
    KE FE

    The pig poderoso

  • hakerfoxyKevin 3313
    hakerfoxyKevin 3313

    The God pig is back

  • Kingsley's World
    Kingsley's World

    What Editing sofeware u use

  • Ambro Ludrick
    Ambro Ludrick

    Ngl the animation is clean I like it

  • DoggoOOF

    Anime but it’s Minecraft

  • DoggoOOF

    Anime but it’s Minecraft be like

  • scorchedflame64 66
    scorchedflame64 66

    Super pig for the win!!!

  • Ásafe Silva
    Ásafe Silva

    11:08 - *Ultra Instinct pig returns*

  • ZimShardgamz333

    hey do you know friday night funkin'????

  • Sleeviato

    11:16 is nobody gonna talk about the TechnoPower effect?

  • vajid mohes
    vajid mohes

    O f***** :O I got f******* by a pig

  • Alex Braun
    Alex Braun

    а можно снять такойже ролик только в игре красаут

  • topproip yutode
    topproip yutode

    Я тут 1 русскиц

  • Rosalie Baluyut
    Rosalie Baluyut

    I like this animation

  • Nicholas Yoo
    Nicholas Yoo

    The end like lol

  • nadil hacker
    nadil hacker

    Please Ep 22

  • Sanela Osmicevic
    Sanela Osmicevic

    LAMA¿?? SALMON?????

  • B2ivan

    11:15 thecno power lol

  • The Reactor
    The Reactor

    The pig going GOD MODE had to be my fav part

  • mr. Igroman
    mr. Igroman

    Super pig will save us all!!!

  • Aijok Ro'bin
    Aijok Ro'bin

    Where is subtitles?

  • mundo de gui gamer FF G
    mundo de gui gamer FF G

    Fas mais alan

  • mundo de gui gamer FF G
    mundo de gui gamer FF G

    Ficou muito bom melhor canal do mundo

  • Arshia _AAcool
    Arshia _AAcool

    I loved it

  • Jayden Walsh
    Jayden Walsh

    The pig acts like a dog XD

  • Renan Animate
    Renan Animate

    What program do you use to animate?

  • Lilies Istiqomah
    Lilies Istiqomah


  • Roma 2.0
    Roma 2.0

    11:41 GAME!!


    11:12 THE CHOSEN PIG

  • The Musical Master
    The Musical Master

    Alt. Title: Super OP pig goes crazy pt. 2

  • Yusuf Eymen
    Yusuf Eymen

    Where is the pig 9:51

  • Myquyen Pham
    Myquyen Pham


  • Trakmas

    11:14 *TECHNO POWER* (On the bottom right)

  • Mathew Ramirez
    Mathew Ramirez

    How do u do this it’s amazing

  • Darkamode_Gaming

    Techno power

  • J Bourbon
    J Bourbon

    9:44 Blue: Alright witch, it's time for you to fight a REAL potions master!

  • leninvanga

    Drawing drawing !!!!

  • GamingWithAlexW6Z

    Fun fact: your reading this bcoz it said "Fun Fact"

  • Sievert Gaming
    Sievert Gaming

    did people see a tehno effect when the pig drank the potion

  • Queen Ann Querubin
    Queen Ann Querubin

    Please episode 22

  • I play smite Lol
    I play smite Lol

    He has a history of making pigs op