Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21
Trisha's channel - @blndsundoll4mj
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  • Valkyrie War
    Valkyrie War

    They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.

    • luisa r
      luisa r

      @Camryn I sure hope Hila, well let's just say, I sure hope Hila.

    • Genesis Andrade
      Genesis Andrade

      @San Pav Lyly mydeA

    • Gdffyu Ffyy
      Gdffyu Ffyy

      @Magicstar7777 m I’m mkkko O

    • Victoria Davis
      Victoria Davis

      Who is AB?

    • Hey its me
      Hey its me

      @Magicstar7777 their opinions are more important/controversial than David’s doing ?

  • Jai Meow
    Jai Meow

    I love how Trisha is always “with peace and love” ‘ing shit now 😂😂

  • Monica Hand
    Monica Hand

    You would hit the earth!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayde Goodrich
    Jayde Goodrich

    They way she says Zendaya is killing me😂😂

  • dũ tạ
    dũ tạ

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  • Expensive Taste
    Expensive Taste

    I feel like they make excuses for their boring dead relationship Hila already has depressing vibes

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck


  • Dr Shyho
    Dr Shyho


  • Zack Nelson
    Zack Nelson

    I love it when they say their done but there are like 30 min left of the podcast

  • Luca Siladji
    Luca Siladji

    I love how unnecessarily Trisha got defensive when she was talking about covid and social distancing w masks and stuff

  • Seneco

    My fave part is how they were going to end but it kept going. :)

  • oliviaawj

    I’m just hearing about these allegations now and that’s because I’m catching up with the podcast. What the fuuuuck! I always felt weird about David, there has always been something off about him and his videos. Idk if you’re not a 12-16 year old how can you NOT see it???

  • Ivan D. Bee
    Ivan D. Bee

    Loving that intro

  • Chelle Me’Chelle
    Chelle Me’Chelle

    Was David this person when Liza was in the picture?

  • Seneco

    Doberik has faked his way to success, has people that blindly love his fake persona, walked over people who would've cared to support his growth, shown little empathy or appreciation for inadequate behaviour which is teetering on illegal. I guess it just shows the power you have and what you can get away with when you're influential and manipulative.

  • My Name
    My Name

    OMG HE DID BLEACH HIS HAIR RECENTLY 🤣🤣 Typhical Ethan saying "I'm not gonna do it, that's crazy" and eventually do it anyway ahahaha

  • Isaiah King
    Isaiah King

    47:46 I love how she says "anything" not even anyone just ANYTHING ...except dr phill😭😭😂👍

  • Detox _
    Detox _

    My guy said he’s on the Ann frank diet😂

  • Logan Northrop
    Logan Northrop

    lmao h3 dissing david and siding with a psychopath. H3 a simp. I also dont understand how trisha has a problem with jason making out with a dude which he isnt into when she has a full blown OF

  • Kairi Perez
    Kairi Perez

    Omg Trisha has to tell us about Jeffree and Nate if she's allowed to. I really want to know what happened

  • EllahJane

    Lmao the Ariana and Rice situation is EMBARRASSING like what?¿? I doubt she even knows him hahaha

  • Keyli Garcia
    Keyli Garcia

    Ethan is me with the no touching 😂

  • Gideon Avery
    Gideon Avery

    Man why do white people always feel the need to compliment black people on being “articulate”.

  • Iman Joseph
    Iman Joseph

    Trisha breathe. Let him speak.

  • Listen Tome
    Listen Tome

    somehow im still surprised trisha doesnt know who anne frank is

  • michelle valentin
    michelle valentin

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  • Maddie

    yall gotta stop eating during the podcast its fucking gross

  • Ky Lee
    Ky Lee

    Nobody: Trisha: you know who wouldn’t do that Adam Sandler

  • Casey Lewis
    Casey Lewis

    what lipstick is trish wearing here?!

  • Bri McMillan
    Bri McMillan

    i love ethan so much i wish he could find a healthy sustainable way to lose weight and not starve😪it’s not gonna stay off if u do that bae, you have the rest of ur life to be skinny, take ur time losing weight

  • ELoouise

    David seemed so insecure about Jason and Trisha’s relationship because he wanted Jason’s attention all for himself.

  • Ella G
    Ella G

    About the “fatobic” comments toward Ethan. Yes Ethan what you are saying is fat shaming in a sense. Skinny people fly by, without being shamed, their health is automatically assumed to be good. No matter how unhealthy a lifestyle they live, being thin is always a positive. But unlike chubby people, you automatically assumed Trisha is out of shape non muscular, all bc of her weight. Judging these things purely on weight is in a sense fat shaming. I’m skinny, and can’t do a push up. But I would automatically be assumed to be “in shape” bc of my weight. It’s unfair the way society judges any people who have weight on them. Especially when weight gain can be the cause of medical issues.

  • Vim Evan
    Vim Evan

    Wait , what happened with Trisha and AB? I'm so confused. Something to do with David Dobrik?

  • chris bis
    chris bis

    I enjoy h3 podcast but I feel like it ha became the cancelling podcast. I wish there was original content like there used to be. Now it just feels like every video they try and get fellow youtubers cancelled. To me it seems so lazy and boring.

  • #mood

    not the foot shoulders on wiki feet?! 😂🤣😭

  • Jay S
    Jay S

    awwv its say yes to the dress

  • gotYOUR3s

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but the Jews aren’t fond of homosexuality either... And I’ll only briefly mention the incidents with gay men and groups of Muslim men.. and a roof...

  • Chad Cioffi
    Chad Cioffi

    16:55 for the foot soldiers bit

  • Emma Whitney
    Emma Whitney

    I mean this with SO much love but I think trisha would really benefit from ADHD meds

  • Haley Taggart
    Haley Taggart

    Who tf is AB?

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    trisha: "can we turn this podcast into a drama channel?" ethan: "go ahead am just eating my french fries" AM ROLLING asgadsgfsdaGDFHAGSFah

  • Muhammad hanzla
    Muhammad hanzla

    Anyone else love them but think it’s just a bit trash that they faked the Ben Shapiro thing

  • Laue

    okay but ethan being sad about post is so devastating

    • anna #
      anna #

      @eioshen boboi i think u replied to the wrong comment

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      DAVID REFUSED TO PAY SETH AFTER THAT TOO?! ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME. How and why is anyone supporting david and Jason anymore

  • Lily Litwinko
    Lily Litwinko

    They went from sponsor us gay burger to ew gay burger

  • Kaila Jade
    Kaila Jade

    Marilyn Manson is not yet proven guilty!

  • Casey Chase
    Casey Chase

    I love this poscast and their ~*growth*~❤️

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck

    Love to love you guys but please, enough with the food🙁

  • Simon Denischuck
    Simon Denischuck


  • Dev B
    Dev B

    Would love to be Trishas friend

  • Pinkie Pie
    Pinkie Pie

    proud to say ive never seen a david dobrik video

  • FOX miun
    FOX miun

    I loove how loyal trish was with all of her ex’s

    • FOX miun
      FOX miun

      She honestly has a good heart, papa pleas

  • Abbie Mueller
    Abbie Mueller

    I cant stop watching this podcast

  • nani marisol
    nani marisol

    “What’s ew about that your a sex worker” I lost it 😂

  • kaitlyn graham
    kaitlyn graham

    only interesting podcast

  • Nesreen Abdul aziz Salameh
    Nesreen Abdul aziz Salameh

    Where is yesterday's podcast???

  • Ale B
    Ale B

    Yes trishaaaa 💯

  • Kerrie Hill
    Kerrie Hill

    why does trisha never want her extensions to match😭

  • Tina

    DAVID REFUSED TO PAY SETH AFTER THAT TOO?! ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME. How and why is anyone supporting david and Jason anymore

  • Lyx

    Hila is 100% fatphobic

  • Zach G
    Zach G

    I find it kind of hypocritical for Trisha to dismiss the fact that AB was having a hard time with all the hate and death-threats and so on by saying "you put yourself online...don't be on camera or have a youtube channel", as if to say that if you can't handle whats to come then don't be online or public in that way. Isn't that just reversing the whole reason as to why you were mad at him by saying what he said in the first place? He could say the same thing about you and how he felt and his take when watching the vlog squad videos. At the end of the day, for Trisha, AB, or anyone at all, if you can't take it when people share their opinion about what they see in reference to you or what you have made public, then, as she said herself, don't be on the internet. That's straight from Trisha @ 8:00 mins. But ofc, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even those in this comment section who may disagree with me.

  • Meme REVultion
    Meme REVultion

    Seriously, SLtoos, you're recommending me more drama? *Sighs* I hope the new FNAF release could stop any kinds of drama in SLtoos due to its possible trend.

  • Radial Shaq
    Radial Shaq

    "You also don't know what gravity is so..." ::eternal pause:: "Mmmm. Yeah."

  • Simon

    1:53:09 who let one go?

  • bae rona
    bae rona

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  • Sachie Engelberg
    Sachie Engelberg

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  • Oasis Reverie
    Oasis Reverie

    Ethan and Trisha are so cute. Who would have thought they would be in laws one day?!

  • Kyatzu

    what if lizzy the girl in the sip podcast just using her time to expose the witches and go to h3 podcast to expose them

  • Lucas Lockard
    Lucas Lockard

    "Like hey were gonna be this fit couple" ethan: don't say that ,lmao

  • Laura

    Dude, I fucking love "with peace and love" lmao

  • drifty XD
    drifty XD


  • Brittany

    trish it’s not a lost cause! keep speaking out. i’m not on social media very often and am just learning about this now!

  • Ariel Birdwell
    Ariel Birdwell

    I'm glad Ethan is such a good friend to Trisha. She really needed it.

  • annika green
    annika green

    i am obsessed with the fact that trisha talks at the exact words per minute that i listen at 😭

  • Kelly Bergstedt
    Kelly Bergstedt

    Trisha talking about how she felt on the phone with Ethan and after he called her a friend..... that’s meeee

  • Kelly Bergstedt
    Kelly Bergstedt

    Wow. I had no idea about any of these sketchy pranks by Jason and David, and not to mention the serious gas lighting. I’m so happy Trisha got out of that toxic relationship with Jason. What a creep.

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt

    Like, like, like lol

  • Wez dud
    Wez dud

    With covid happpening, is really safe/responsible for you to be sharing food with another person? Just seems a bit scummy for you to talk about how serious covid is, then do this. Its weird why no ones commenting on this dawg, like c'mon....

  • HJ

    i would just like to say i love how pure ethan is when he calls their costumes/cosplay “dress up” it just reminds me of being a kid 💕

  • Bookish Natie
    Bookish Natie

    Can't wait to see a tag team of Ethan and Trisha going off on James.

  • itszsonasty j
    itszsonasty j

    The way they just continued after that ugly-ass sneeze without acknowledging it, lolol

  • Julesy Lane
    Julesy Lane

    I love u guys

  • Dixie Fogarty
    Dixie Fogarty

    This David Dobrick sounds like a real creep What a freak

  • Cris Power
    Cris Power

    Used to hate Trisha thought she was crazy, but like now I find her wise in a way and it super more attractive

    • Taylor New
      Taylor New

      @Michael Tompkins found david dobrik's burner account

    • Michael Tompkins
      Michael Tompkins

      Wise as in shes now engaged and into a brand new house and her full life ahead of her.. but spends her time on vlogsquad reddit all day and trying to ruin a 22 year olds life so she csn try and stay relevant, not tht make her own vlogs with fiance etc she thinks its wise years on to try and ruin a 22/23 year olds carear and u think thats wise lol? Very wise 🤔

    • Maia

      agreed I used to watch her when her and Jason dated then I thought she turned crazy after their break up but it was much deeper than what I thought and now I luv her

  • Joseph McDonald
    Joseph McDonald

    Ethan and Trish have genuine love for each other. Seeing them grow is seriously inspirational and shows the growth that people are capable of. I love the shit out of this podcast. Frenemies forever 🖤

  • Keighley Allred
    Keighley Allred

    Who is SA/essay?

    • Jazmine Williams
      Jazmine Williams

      Sexual abuse

  • Emily Good
    Emily Good

    I’m a lesbian and I thought the lesbian comment was very funny

  • Allisa HelenKeller
    Allisa HelenKeller

    >Ethan trying to hate on Zac Efron for being 5'8 "I, like, big boys. Itty bitty boys. Little 5'8 little piece of shit boys. 5'8 little mousy boys that live in the wall and crawl around for cheese"

  • Gianna Almonte
    Gianna Almonte

    people would probably believe Trisha if she wasn’t immature about situations

  • Gianna Almonte
    Gianna Almonte

    Why does she follow someone who is apart of her “trauma”...

  • Melissa Sayers
    Melissa Sayers

    David is super disgusting 🤢

  • Giudy Sss
    Giudy Sss

    Trisha do you mind speaking a lil bit slower ? 😂 English is not my first language lol

  • meowzy

    32:52-32:58 please😭🤚🏼 trisha: “oh she died in the attic?” ethan: “well, she was taken from the attic.” trisha: “by WHO? the nazis? _gaspppppppppppp_ “

  • Amsie

    I always thought there tagline was "they said it would never last" i thought that was said deliberately at the beginning of every episode @H3podcast

  • L Wo
    L Wo

    All that stuff with her refusing to acknowledge what AB went through, people can be wrong, stop being so arrogant. You're right, he wasn't there, but he is allowed to have opinions on things even if those opinions are malinformed, at least he admitted he was wrong (like ten times) and apologised. Get over yourself

  • Shauna Sunshine
    Shauna Sunshine

    My Guuuurl Trisha Reppin' the Bruins is my favorite thing I've seen her wear on Frienimes!! Well except for the Sadboy merch 😍😍

    • Shauna Sunshine
      Shauna Sunshine

      Loooove you Trish 😘😘

  • Pey hey
    Pey hey

    It is not okay to call people that don’t identify as lesbian, a lesbian. It makes that a derogatory term that can effect the lesbian community negatively.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    Ethan: “You’re pretty sharp though! You also don’t know what gravity is... so there’s that” Trisha: “Mmm.. right...”

  • Gloris Flores
    Gloris Flores

    Trasha is so annoying. So sad that Ethan is listening to this disgusting trash you will be sorry Ethan. And Moses must be so proud of his soon to be wife. Oh and I'm sure her future mother in law just can't wait to meet her.

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      This is my first time hearing/seeing all of this. I don’t think ur crazy trish. Keep speaking truth ❤️

  • Alayna Bowen
    Alayna Bowen

    did it bother anyone else that the food sat there getting cold

  • krystal ordaz
    krystal ordaz

    Bruh like what hasn’t Trisha done 😭 she be putting make up on dead people too

236 tis.
236 tis.