Behind the scenes of "Fresh Outta London"
I had to stop Bryce from doing this...
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  • OfficialJoncenamomshoe 19
    OfficialJoncenamomshoe 19

    Jake Paul when he fights KSI JAKE gonna be fresh outta the ring

  • Mekai Thompson
    Mekai Thompson

    That guy with the blue hair looks like XXX

  • Miss bbsis Begay
    Miss bbsis Begay

    4:05 sounds like nicki kinda and Ariana at the same time

  • Gavin Goddard
    Gavin Goddard

    jake haw you git sooooooooooo🤑oooooooooooooooooooooo rich

  • Seyit- DJ
    Seyit- DJ

    They were at the gta beach

  • arbazii dude
    arbazii dude

    He only fought 3 people and he thinks he can beat Conor megreger who fought 100s of people 😶

  • lxvnderwxters -
    lxvnderwxters -

    Im so haply my mum didn't waste money on his merch 4 years ago

  • Ben prezza
    Ben prezza


  • Mongezi Magwaza
    Mongezi Magwaza

    Jake's is lit

  • Earl Vallenos
    Earl Vallenos

    lucky jake bcuz you got all the girls

  • Leif Holm
    Leif Holm


  • SergeantSwag

    This is incredibly gai

  • William Ascura
    William Ascura

    Jakes new music video has hollywood camera that cost 250k dollors

  • isaiah smith
    isaiah smith

    I want that flannel 😂

  • Jaime Ribeiro
    Jaime Ribeiro


  • Ayden Aleman
    Ayden Aleman

    Your a birch jake

  • Big Cringe
    Big Cringe

    Notice how he didnt include his ghostwriter?

  • Jack ado
    Jack ado

    Wheres the ghost ritter

  • RedWing

    Doesn’t show us him writing the song because he didn’t write it

  • Carlo Mauricio
    Carlo Mauricio

    Strip club dj man lemme see it

  • Gabbycrafts GC
    Gabbycrafts GC


  • Lois Hads
    Lois Hads

    Anyone else just find him cringy or is it just me

  • TrentDaBestBro


  • Cheryl McAllister
    Cheryl McAllister

    zzzz has come in the only time you

  • Ashley Moore
    Ashley Moore

    Hey Jake how are you send me a rash till 523 Wolflin St., Mount Vernon Indiana

  • kieran mulgrew
    kieran mulgrew

    Shave 5he beard

  • loggie ruff
    loggie ruff

    i supposed to show the writer in the behind the scenes

  • Dopefiend Willy
    Dopefiend Willy

    What happen to “everyday bro “

  • Sklr Harry
    Sklr Harry

    Didn’t even write the song 😂😭

  • Stormz Sosa
    Stormz Sosa


  • exquisitedotcom

    I feel like I can make the same music video with my iPhone 😹. Eh but it must be nice to be rich ey

  • Juven Darmawan
    Juven Darmawan

    damn jake song be like more views than ksi but the likes are simillar to the dislike 😂

  • Donavan-Ivan Barwa élève
    Donavan-Ivan Barwa élève

    It’s corona virus so

  • Guy In Mask
    Guy In Mask

    Jake Paul: *releases a video* Everyone: *scrolls down to comments*

  • Sky Forgers
    Sky Forgers

    Just came to ask what the insta is for the chick with the sweatpants on the bed

  • Claudia Aguilar
    Claudia Aguilar


  • Christopher c:
    Christopher c:


  • Christopher c:
    Christopher c:


  • IMELDA Casimiro
    IMELDA Casimiro

    Oh omg thats fire

  • XxPanda_gamingxX

    Hey jake I like your videos

  • Jacob Ruiz
    Jacob Ruiz


  • Kalil Dantas
    Kalil Dantas


  • Anti Engineer Gaming
    Anti Engineer Gaming

    The song is lit, you just gotta admit who wrote it. Easy.

  • Mohammad hassanzada
    Mohammad hassanzada

    All of your are songs are the best and i love them all

  • Alex Saunders
    Alex Saunders

    Ksi is better than Jake at everything they both do. For example: SLtoos, boxing, music, charity events, acting... ext. Jake is nowhere near as successful as ksi... so stfu Jakepaulers

  • ashley hall
    ashley hall

    i love the song no cap ksi is crap im a kid i will box ksi

  • Filip Mairich
    Filip Mairich

    0:30 song pleease🤙

    • Arif

      Now you know that song bro??

  • LiLo

    U know he took out all the people that say they ain’t like it out to make people think everyone liked it

  • Jessica Monaee
    Jessica Monaee

    When you and KSI going at it

  • PlayoEZ

    0:15 anyone knows the song ?

    • PlayoEZ

      @Arif no sry its literally unsearchable i tried so hard

    • Arif

      Now you know that song bro?

    • Arif


  • Troy Fleming
    Troy Fleming

    64 song

  • Frankie Carrillo
    Frankie Carrillo

    It’s written by desiigner you know that

  • Marvin Romero Lima
    Marvin Romero Lima


  • Micheal Sheets
    Micheal Sheets

    Jake i am always listening to it on Spotify

  • Tywon Gregory
    Tywon Gregory

    beethoven moonlight sonata

  • Tyler Raven
    Tyler Raven

    i liked your past music but fresh out of londen and 23 are next level congrads on all the views (and beating ksi)

  • Nickilas Sams Jr
    Nickilas Sams Jr

    I just noticed how they played the song in this Video before it even came out

  • Wallie and Natalie blogs
    Wallie and Natalie blogs


  • Emilio Garcia
    Emilio Garcia


  • slick rhymes
    slick rhymes

    Damn jake paul music videos has the most dislikes on the whole of SLtoos

  • Rachel friedman
    Rachel friedman

    Fight JOSH from JATIE VLOGS!!!

  • Rachel friedman
    Rachel friedman

    Fight JOSH from JATIE VLOGS!!!

  • Rachel friedman
    Rachel friedman

    Fight JOSH from JATIE VLOGS!!!

  • Rachel friedman
    Rachel friedman

    Fight JOSH from JATIE VLOGS!!!

  • igvcigcigccbhngskmodv6heygsons

    Behind the scenes of behind the scenes :D

  • gaming with will
    gaming with will

    Were is Apollo

  • T

    how is he an "ex-youtuber"????

  • Juice Box TV
    Juice Box TV

    Who remembers vlog belts?

  • Unkxwn13xd

    Jake Paul: *Edits out people who trashed his song*

  • Code Nylox
    Code Nylox

    H E C H A N G E D T H E T I T L E 👀

  • StarplatueeV2

    he forgot to add his ghost righter lol

  • matthew kelly
    matthew kelly

    Gib is

  • 天ぷら

    Goddaaaaamn this man is depressed

  • Gerald Reginald-Ukwuoma
    Gerald Reginald-Ukwuoma

    LOL how on earth is the like and dislike difference way lower than the actual vid. lol yall are crazy

  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez


  • Krystal Marie
    Krystal Marie

    Pretty stoked to be in this video! (:

  • Brandon McNeil
    Brandon McNeil


  • Dragon Boy
    Dragon Boy

    If anyone wondering what is the lit song in the video it's Come Up On My Side feat. Armani White

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    I bet everyone got coronavirus.

  • what are those
    what are those

    6 feet has left the chat 😏😐👀👀👀😨😂

  • Gris Valdes
    Gris Valdes


  • Gris Valdes
    Gris Valdes

    yow or sow fum

  • Mr. Frazzy
    Mr. Frazzy

    Douse anyone here even like jake paul😂😂 like man I came here to laugh at jake fans but they have all just turned on him lmao WANKA

  • Super Rhino Bros
    Super Rhino Bros

    I’m excited for Jake Paul’s new song 23

  • GøøB

    Rotten inside America

  • Rachael Hall
    Rachael Hall


  • Tsmsleek20 fox
    Tsmsleek20 fox

    we all know ur rich but do something good for 1s like ur brother ur mom do vlog with them

  • Amirah Jackson
    Amirah Jackson

    Stop cousin🤬

  • kurfuflefunke

    I love how the top 30 comments are just talking about corona virus

  • MarTkle


  • ben phillips fan
    ben phillips fan

    Me 4:21

  • Julius Batali
    Julius Batali

    2:02 Jake Paul's ghost writer playing pool in the background.

    • Edthegamer123 4
      Edthegamer123 4

      Lmao 😂

  • Prankster

    you forgot the part that you didnt write your song


    I love fresh outta London and both its everyday bros

  • Melinda Garcia
    Melinda Garcia

    He didn't even make it. Why is he acting like he made it.

  • Michael M
    Michael M

    4:44, was that a Subaru Sti or a just Wrx

  • Mr.Chill’s Life
    Mr.Chill’s Life

    Behind the scenes of "Fresh Outta London"

  • waseem baker
    waseem baker

    my uncle sed he wunt to bot you

  • gaming shark
    gaming shark


  • Cheap Ship
    Cheap Ship

    Damn, so they got so hyped for “their” music that they had to get public reactions on the beach. It’s also funny how the random people were also in disbelief that Jake actually made the song But the song is 🔥