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  • Sarina Sitto
    Sarina Sitto

    haha this is so so funny


    Brent was sitting when lexi asked pierson his shoulder was looking and Brent have white hood and the shoulder was white

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    nilay sasturkar

    If this was a while ago ... This would have been a cute double date 😉

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    I thought it was billie alish

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    At first the blue hair got me I thought it was Nicole from the Crainacts

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    sorry this is my moms name my name is izec but just call me peppa pig

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    Kekolu Harrington

    truth or dare alexa

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    Lexi is evil and I like your videos and Brent is a 10/10 brother

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    love from florida

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    no not really with brent

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    i did

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    i y a h p o t

    what the hell brent why im done are you playing pierson i thought shes your crush i love your couple im done

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    Joy Moiyallah

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  • Gaming time With aine!
    Gaming time With aine!


  • Richael Beed
    Richael Beed

    and she kept saying they totally didnt notice

  • Richael Beed
    Richael Beed

    it was also really funny when she acted like a ghost

  • Richael Beed
    Richael Beed

    the part where she was walking him like a dog was so funny lol

  • Richael Beed
    Richael Beed

    yes i do think they are a good match

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    To the 99.1% of people reading this i hope you have an awesome day :)

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    You are cute lexy

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    Ben and Alexa were best couple

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    Sad Brent 6:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Me over here wishing for friends like this

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    I love this video Lexi good job

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    tell Ben that you love him please i am a fan of you please

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    Shaima R.F

    if u surprise me with jeremy i would cry with happinessss .......... i wish I could meet at least one of ur frnds lexi .......

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    "Brent got this super hot chick and I get Jeremy!?!" - Pierson 2021

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    Chanel Chanel


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    jt sulyma

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    jt sulyma

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  • jt sulyma
    jt sulyma

    by dream girl lexi hensler

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    Happy cookie

    Lexi intro: hi guys (clap) to my SLtoos channel

  • AlienFromOuterSpace

    Yeah!! They go together. But I would rather have brierson than being with kalley.

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    FaZe Khal7

    Braylee! OR Brierson!

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    Aisling Vickers

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    yes they are a good match

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    Mohamed Abdelkarim

    I was just kidding Alexi Elsa's actually kidding me I was just kidding

  • Mohamed Abdelkarim
    Mohamed Abdelkarim

    I like to see I know who it is okay but I'm going to tell you but do not tell them okay dear and know who this but I think I know so I think it is Charlie the Malia she's so popular she's so popular always on tiktok she's so popular like braids not that much popular

  • Bella Cookie
    Bella Cookie

    Their ship name is baylie

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    Alina Ehsan

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    thesanya weerasekara

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    Faraz Gameplay

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  • Milagros Lopez
    Milagros Lopez

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    Naba Game’s

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    amazingSNIPER A

    That girl is ???? not who I thought it was

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    Goodboy Halo

    Brent+Lexi are brelixy

  • Priya Darshini
    Priya Darshini

    The way Lexi ships Pierson every time.. Reminds me of someone shipping me and her brother(especially that sister in law) 🙂

    • Priya Darshini
      Priya Darshini

      @Swadhiti Sulagna aau kie kariba 😂

    • Swadhiti Sulagna
      Swadhiti Sulagna

      @Priya Darshini kichi nuhe.. kichi karani tame

    • Priya Darshini
      Priya Darshini

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    • Swadhiti Sulagna
      Swadhiti Sulagna

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    • Priya Darshini
      Priya Darshini

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    Sama Albozyarah

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    nafisa nashal

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