Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020
This Christmas, give something only you can give.
Be it in person, over an awkward video call, or just a quick message, making time for the ones you love is what makes Christmas truly the most special time of year, no matter how you do it.
Wherever you are, we hope you have a good one.
Merry Christmas

  • Phil NZ
    Phil NZ

    Once did something like it, was in Moosonee on James Bay Ontario, friends I was staying with convinced me to head home to the Niagara region on Christmas eve, road a train to where my car was in Cochrane, drove 8-9 hours through snow storms to arrive at 3am Christmas morning to wake the family with a HoHOHO, Christmas started early that Christmas day.

  • Daniel Galvão
    Daniel Galvão

    Tem uma 😭lágrima no meu olho

  • Loving you right
    Loving you right

    Sarsi Commercial Join the CONVERSATION

  • Heni Jahan
    Heni Jahan

    that was perfect


    onions there are so many onions 😭

  • Ruben Godoy Islas
    Ruben Godoy Islas

    Es lo mas hermoso que pude hacer diow

  • dictionaryofwords

    Lot of money going into selling brown sugar gravy

  • Patricia Bondor
    Patricia Bondor

    Daddy's are hero's

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    From the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” commercial of the 70’s, Coke has touched me with messages of peace, joy, friendship, family and love.

  • Ilyas

    *Русскоязычные вы здесь? 😅*

  • Snowypotato

    Way better than Pepsi.

  • Сергей Сергеев
    Сергей Сергеев

    Самый лучший ролик, это старый, там где из камина выезжает машина, помню еще с конца 90-х. Сейчас по ТВ показывают с фурами, но они немного другая, все таки нет той ностальгии. Но все равно смотрю, до конца )).

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      I didn’t know Santa owns a Coca Cola Van!

  • Skinny Hartey
    Skinny Hartey


  • Morsh Chavez
    Morsh Chavez

    Gracias Coca-Cola

  • Kool Khloe ツ
    Kool Khloe ツ

    Lets talk about how pepsi has 875k subs...

  • loucos ou loucura
    loucos ou loucura

    Mano chorei vendo sapoha

  • Maggie McGrath
    Maggie McGrath


  • Brian Kirabo
    Brian Kirabo

    Wow this great I love it

  • Chris Crossont
    Chris Crossont

    Nice but this does not make me want to drink a Coca-Cola. Shouldn't an advertisement make me want to use the product? Shouldn't you tell me it's qualities and what it can do for me?

  • Mr Fiticoツ
    Mr Fiticoツ

    *Русский тут )*

  • Stephen T
    Stephen T

    It's that time of year again. Thank you for reminding what is precious and important in life. Stay Safe All. Merry Christmas Santa.

  • Gracelina Gracinha
    Gracelina Gracinha

    Pego pesado;-; quase xorei

  • John Fagerholm
    John Fagerholm

    So you're telling me that the guy didn't notice Santa was driving the Coca-Cola truck?

  • troy johan Pilay
    troy johan Pilay

    Who loves there fathers and mothers

  • Márcio Lima
    Márcio Lima


  • Sagnik Biswas
    Sagnik Biswas

    The background score.. Can someone let me know where I can get it? Or it an original score for the advertisement only?

  • Peep Playz
    Peep Playz

    I didn’t know Santa owns a Coca Cola Van!

  • Vicente Garrido velasco
    Vicente Garrido velasco

    Todos los años coca cola me sorprende con su creatividad , pero este año se han superado . Tengo 58 años y todavía me gusta beberme mi coca cola

  • Vee Tee
    Vee Tee

    Omggggggggg 😭 Tears of joy 😍

  • Set Jafet Amaro Martinez
    Set Jafet Amaro Martinez

    Did The father lost his job? 😢

  • Jenny Garcia
    Jenny Garcia

    i have never ever cry so much this brought memories of my dad.................

  • Rafael Barbosa
    Rafael Barbosa

    *INTERSTELLAR but with Santa Claus*

  • Franchesca Maria Hilario Mejia
    Franchesca Maria Hilario Mejia


  • Help Center
    Help Center

    Emocionante 👏👏👏, não consigo acreditar na inveja das pessoas que deram deslike ... Parabéns Coca Cola, a melhor sem dúvidas...

  • Brill220

    In childhood, I've believed in Santa Claus, when I became an adult I've believed in Jesus Christ but not anymore. Now I know it's all legend. Now I believe in Coca-Cola.

  • advi 2412
    advi 2412

    Реклама тупая, я не вижу тут связи с Coca-Cola, это больше похоже на трейлер к фильму, но не как не реклама товара

  • Anyratac

    I missed the truck

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    I'm kinda worried about him not getting paid for his leave. Technically AWOL. Christmas coming up an all.

  • Frank Baird
    Frank Baird

    this is all the dems who mailed their votes

  • MR Grote
    MR Grote

    Me and my Mom: We never Cry at that Spots 2:31 mins later.... We Cry like Waterfalls How much Cost this Spot? This had to become an Oscar.

  • Tanya Fox
    Tanya Fox

    Сюжет конечно полная дичь, но снято круто)

  • Iryna Korol'
    Iryna Korol'

    I'm cry😭

  • vadim nikolaev
    vadim nikolaev

    ладно, куплю бутылочку

  • Antonio Corbo
    Antonio Corbo

    This Christmas, give something only you can give. TEACHER Antonio Corbo

  • Karen Kimbrell
    Karen Kimbrell

    That's the stupidest commercial I've ever seen. Even as a fantasy it's stupid. Bah humbug. Pepsi is better.

  • Victor nemesis
    Victor nemesis

    Deberían de hacer otra vez anuncios con los osos polares estaban chidos!! 😍

  • Zoilo Sahinos Ponce
    Zoilo Sahinos Ponce


  • Ashwin Jeeva
    Ashwin Jeeva


  • ziggyferret

    From the “I’d like to teach the world to sing” commercial of the 70’s, Coke has touched me with messages of peace, joy, friendship, family and love.

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman

    Smell of J williams. Anyway 👍

  • Malayalam Christian Status Videos
    Malayalam Christian Status Videos

    യാ മോനേ.. ഇജ്ജാതി 😘😘

  • slanis

    This has bigger budget than some movies.

  • Cintia Barbosa
    Cintia Barbosa

    Perfeito!!!! 😍👏🏽 🎄

  • 咲

    His workplace reminds me of TENET😂

  • Bogdan TOP
    Bogdan TOP

    Где та привидущая реклама верните её пожалуйста

  • Rodrigo Villalba
    Rodrigo Villalba

    Song name?

  • AshaBrandi Earley
    AshaBrandi Earley


  • Sullu Veni
    Sullu Veni


  • epfrisco

    thank you coca cola for bringing back some form of the caravan and most important of all, santa!!! you guys truly make the holidays special...

  • KiCkJr

    Forever known as Colin the coach ;) have to whip them into shape for the TF2 tournament after all...

  • Michael Hubert Lamla
    Michael Hubert Lamla

    Thank you, Coca-Cola!


    This is an awesome commercial! I literally got choked up at the end of it.

  • Roberto Yetlanezi Mendoza Zamudio
    Roberto Yetlanezi Mendoza Zamudio

    Esta muy bonito el anuncio

  • Gustavo Lira
    Gustavo Lira

    Hi everyone from México, love You,don't You listen yo your politians,anymore

  • Gustavo Lira
    Gustavo Lira

    For real coke You need to back to the 70

  • Cinthia Milena Guapi Cango
    Cinthia Milena Guapi Cango

    aww llore con este anuncio.. que sabor que marca unicaa ...

  • ololRainoa Serrano
    ololRainoa Serrano

    Umides saludo agradecido de la vida.por ciempre coco la excente

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran

    He seems oblivious to the massive search and rescue operation that he triggered.

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh Tran

    This is a more of a John Lewis ad than the actual John Lewis ad this year.

  • Adriana Kaline Farias
    Adriana Kaline Farias

    O importante é estarmos pertinho de quem amamos.

  • Tony Worrall
    Tony Worrall


  • mekanikaldolly

    Lol Coca Cola commercials are cheesy and extra af 🙄

  • Keith Walsh
    Keith Walsh

    Hope she doesn't mind her daddy being unemployed for leaving his job.

  • Cira Martins
    Cira Martins


  • Radel Vishnevski
    Radel Vishnevski

    Coca cola as always, shoot their commercial a year ahead, making this commecial unappriciated due to today's reality.

  • Sjajko PN
    Sjajko PN

    How idiot s can dislike this video..... 😠😠😠

  • Hani Nurlina
    Hani Nurlina

    I love this. The video+description. Bravo! 👏

  • Ars Nova
    Ars Nova

    If you thought this was sweet, wait till you see RC commercial

  • 鈴木遥河

    Старая лучше😔

  • AdriasSoap

    This is so wholesome. It's puts the degenerate Pepsi commercial to shame.

  • W4tch0ut

    The Rekt trainer sure got far xD

  • Life Forms Open Space
    Life Forms Open Space


    • Аскар 543
      Аскар 543


  • Renos Play
    Renos Play

    Hijos de su madre... Siempre sacando comerciales que me hacen llorar..


    Saludos de JOACIN MONTOYA inventor de escritura global y codigos Montoya... ,,. .

  • Anya Shevlyakova
    Anya Shevlyakova

    I never thought I would cry because of Coca-Cola ads...

  • Tom Kitto
    Tom Kitto

    Getting this letter to Santa just sums up 2020. It's a struggle, but we'll get there.

  • Denver Caseja
    Denver Caseja

    Why there's no christmas light in the trucks of Coca-Cola in the Philippines? And also why are the trucks here are open trailers unlike in the ads?

  • Lara crafat
    Lara crafat

    Since when does Coca-Cola have onions as an ingredient?

  • Liora

    Верните пожалуйста старую рекламу!!!

    • V3Chs

      эта лучше.

  • Валерия Свидерская
    Валерия Свидерская


  • Nur Amin
    Nur Amin

    Whatever it is, it is all beautiful. The dad is cute, the girl too, and the Santa 😍

  • Антон Александрович
    Антон Александрович

    2 минутная реклама драмматичнее чем некоторые наши фильмы целиком🤧

    • V3Chs


  • Cassie

    Wouldn’t It of been easier to mail it in the post box! Or am I just a cynic...

  • Rio Playz
    Rio Playz

    My teacher showed my class this

  • Malcolm Hollis
    Malcolm Hollis

    Fun Fact this commercial was directed by none other than Taika Waititi

  • AsFewFalseThingsAsPossible

    1.39 It's The Edge !

  • Leonard Jennings
    Leonard Jennings

    Visual representation of trying to get a PS5

    • Cassie

      i applaud Coca-Cola for making this wholesome ad, thank you very much guys

  • MravacKid

    So silly and predictable, but still so wholesome... :)

    • Mppl Pvu Uif Xjoepx
      Mppl Pvu Uif Xjoepx

      how i feel

  • Лизаветка Буянитъ
    Лизаветка Буянитъ

    Кто ставит дизлайки на это?

  • Sam Esq
    Sam Esq

    Кажется это лучшая реклама в химической индустрии!