3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a Day For 30 days, These Are The Results
3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a day for 30 days, These Are The Results
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200 push ups a day for 30 days, is it something you should do, does it actually work? And for who, only for beginners? Will it do nothing, or will it get you a lot stronger and build you massive muscles?
Well my brother did this 4 years ago, yes results, he was a starter back then and didn’t really work out after that until last year where I challenged him to transform his body in 90 days, and he did, but now I want to challenge him to do this again and see what happens...
But, he is not the only one I am challenging. In this video you'll 3 guys with a ll a different level of experience do 200 pushups a day for 30 days. A beginner, an intermediate and a professional!

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  • Browney

    They put in a lot of work! Scroll up and smash liek for the effort. Have you tried this challenge? 👀

    • Combine Nuke
      Combine Nuke

      Hi man could jou give me some hints I have bean worcking out for 10 mounth and I am still not noob

    • lily.

      I cant do 1 😊

    • Garrett Powell
      Garrett Powell

      smash liek

    • Nika Smits
      Nika Smits

      Wow jullie leven gewoon in Nederland sick man

    • Cannel X
      Cannel X

      Hallo browney ik heb je hulp nodig ik heb je bodyweight master en six pack secrets plan gekocht ik heb echt over gewicht en wil veranderen ben 18 en woon thuis dus ik heb 7 op 7 en 24 op 24 de tijd ik kan ongeveer 3 a 4 push ups in perfect form en 1 pull up in perfect form Ik drink aleen maar water en ben hier een week mee gestart als ik honger heb eet ik tomaat watermeloen ik eet momenteel gezonde musli en magere melk ls ontbijt en als middag eten kip file gebakken gezonde boter broccoli sla en gezonde rijst en als avond eten 3 eieren en dit elke dag het zelfde dit al voor een week en dit lukt goed en volg dit perfect maar work outs doe ik niet maar daar wil ik verandering in brengen door jou jou video’s hebben mij geïnspireerd het is begonnen met mijn verander van eten een hele week al maar work outs had ik gewoon geen zin in kun je me helpen met mijn body transformatie ik wil echt alles doen en tot het uiterst gaan ik neem ook elke dag vier pillen van xxl nutrition fat killer en heb push up grips twee rubberen banden 25 kg en 35 eb 2 dumbells 5 kg en een bar met in totaal 31 kg gewichten eraan kan Je me helpen alvast bedankt ik stuur een foto van mijn lichaam van vandaag en ik rook maar als het moet stop ik ik luister naar jou raad wil je me helpen alvast bedankt

  • MRvEska

    I think if u want to look better cause of this challenge u need to take restdays to let the muscles recover

  • Ben Gaiter
    Ben Gaiter

    I fucking love this video! Awesome, such good motivation

  • Jk Jko
    Jk Jko

    start off at 20 and go on from there 200 is too much

  • Abe Iwan 1183
    Abe Iwan 1183

    I feel like want to subscribe this hopeful channel

  • The Pruf
    The Pruf

    fun way to suicide

  • Bertram Pagaard
    Bertram Pagaard

    Who disliked this video?

  • julian bian
    julian bian

    We’re they working out as normal while doing this challenge?

  • aldik_dj

    Should’ve measured their biceps as well 👀

  • May Pach
    May Pach

    5:22 "ok one more" 😅

  • Nicolas Kiefer
    Nicolas Kiefer

    That challenge Dosen t make Andy Sense u Need time to Rest to improve Good

  • AkeemTheGreat

    I did 24 push ups in a row and then drink water wait 20 or 30bsec then I did 40reps then 70 and the last 100reps.

  • xMax PWRx
    xMax PWRx

    1st why isn't anybody touching the ground with their chest like a full push up should be done. 2nd. From a physiological point of view it's just Unnecessary and a way to high impact to Our joints and muscles. That's also the explanation why they didn't become better with that challenge. If they would have done it right in movement and with enough rest (24-48 Hours), 2 months time and good food, they would have gained better results.

  • Scott Cohen
    Scott Cohen

    Well done, boys! All of you

  • Merlin Roskill
    Merlin Roskill

    your the best Stan

  • VizeAkno 23
    VizeAkno 23

    The beginner had the best form at the start with his elbows in

  • KAMV _
    KAMV _

    ig the reason they didn’t make maaasssive gains is bc they didn’t have rest days to allow the muscles to regenerate

  • Nero X
    Nero X


  • Dylan Wise
    Dylan Wise

    ...just saying your chest has to hit the ground for a pushup to count

  • Joniel Cabrera
    Joniel Cabrera

    Nice bro Keep it up 🔥

  • Prince Rock
    Prince Rock

    I really need this type of training and motivation

  • douglas dietrich
    douglas dietrich

    yes the cat distraction for extra challenge :P


    Pro had pretty poor form when he started getting shorter times.


    can someone experienced let me know how many days in a row you *should* do 200 pushups before you take a rest day, because back-to-back for 30 days doesn't seem healthy.

  • Marincka Grijsen
    Marincka Grijsen

    Waarom praat niemand in de comments Nederlands terwijl je gewoon ziet dat ze Nederlands zijn😂

  • Sebastian Beck
    Sebastian Beck

    Do it with pull ups for 30 days

  • Fear

    8:05 did anyone hear something? 👀🦻👃

  • Giokillerpro gamer
    Giokillerpro gamer

    dude like this guys dont do anything when my dad was like 16 he can do 250push ups like nothing and he never used proteins so that means u guys suck

  • Moon Lambo
    Moon Lambo

    I did the 1 Guy Do 1 Pushup for 1 Day then go to McDonalds Challenge. Did I see results? Subscribe to find out.

  • Kenta Sasaki
    Kenta Sasaki

    Much respect to Sten!

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    Sarkhan the Dragon

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    Toons OF India

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  • Hungry Panda1243
    Hungry Panda1243

    bro you dont need to be upset when your a begginer you shouldnt expect much

  • Michael Allison
    Michael Allison

    I do 100 pushups a day and I can now do 75 pushups without stopping but I'm still skinny how can I get gains and btw I do other workouts as well

  • mr bigglesworth
    mr bigglesworth

    I just do 5 sets of 40 pushups do 2 sets of 100 situps and run for an hour which roughly would be around 6 or 6.5 miles for me

  • Syrup 2060
    Syrup 2060

    Bruh stan was my favorite in this entire challenge

  • jake maguire
    jake maguire

    well done for your hard work

  • jake maguire
    jake maguire


  • Junior Diaz
    Junior Diaz

    Now mix this with 200 sit ups a day and watch the gains

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    Lukas Keys

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    Heyy Daksh

    Arjen is real captain America 😁😂

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    Sam dunbar

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  • Cas.

    I can hear of their accents that they are Dutch hahaha and their cars have yellow license plates so it makes sence

  • ZiiTek

    Sten would've probably made 10+ more push ups if he did half push ups like Arjen... Respect 👍💪

  • MaxSup hidden
    MaxSup hidden

    This efforts diserve many like , so guys like this video 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jared W. Bailey
    Jared W. Bailey

    Gooooooo skinny guy!!! I'm rootin' for ya!!!

  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong

    Ngl this is unhealthy, to gain mass healthily, you need to balance workouts

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

    Totally loved it. It helps you to keep going. A 200 pushups each day for 30 days no cheat is quite a discipline.

  • snappinDrew

    The only one that did 200 push-ups is the first.. the others cheated 🖕 never fully extended.. all money should go to a real push up! They other two should learn how to do a push-up!

  • Nikolay Komissarenko
    Nikolay Komissarenko

    Next time do 200 pushups every other day 30 times

  • silverpop11

    Can we get the height

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    Anyone can do max reps with poor form 🙄👎sten is the only one doing them properly 👌

  • J.carlos Rivera
    J.carlos Rivera

    Me and a friend we used to challenge to do 500 push up a day.it work.

  • Minty XBL
    Minty XBL

    i'm 13 and i did 115 pushups in about 5-8 minutes and your telling me it takes him a whole hour to do 200? 😂😂😂

  • Levente Láng
    Levente Láng

    You have a video in your ads

  • Mitzi *
    Mitzi *

    They sound like the moose from brother bear

  • Abdullah wahid
    Abdullah wahid

    Hello , i am 13 years old ,I can do 51 push-ups in a row , is it good or should I do more push-ups

  • Yup Yup
    Yup Yup

    1.7 million views, crazy!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    started working out

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      should i do 500 push ups every day for 30 days? i have done 300 before so i cant imagen that being much harder. or is it? :D

  • Beer Man
    Beer Man

    Red, blue, doesn’t count.

    • Beer Man
      Beer Man

      Fucking the ground isn’t a pushup

  • tirasgod

    Meanwhile I can't even do 6 in a row. 😪

  • Esteban Ros
    Esteban Ros

    tipico: ves videos de ejercicios despues de comer tacos

  • HotterThanIce1

    What is the brand of the scale that measures body fat

  • Tuglfugl Fex
    Tuglfugl Fex

    I do this every day lol and stil nothing

  • Jessel Jones
    Jessel Jones

    Arjen is fit but as he gets higher in reps his form suffers greatly. I would not count many of his push ups. But this video did motivate me to continue building on my exercise routine.

  • lil idita
    lil idita

    It's not ok to workout when you're sore because your muscles won't grow as much as they could if you wouldn't work out while being sore...

  • KB H
    KB H

    A noob well never do 30 something the first try. So he not a noob

  • Anthony Cika
    Anthony Cika

    I genuinely like how encouraging everyone is to push just. one. more.

  • Gamer _Gavin29
    Gamer _Gavin29

    "It's getting harder and harder, I don't know why it's getting harder, maybe because *missile soreness*"

  • Alejandro Petrinjak
    Alejandro Petrinjak

    His haircut changed

  • Alex Kiefer
    Alex Kiefer

    Don’t ever do this, your muscles don’t have proper time to recover

  • Anthony Sama
    Anthony Sama

    Im average

  • Damondre Lockett
    Damondre Lockett

    Not t eery na be mean but this kid in my class did 136 in 2 min

  • silent5

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  • Ishka Don-ell
    Ishka Don-ell

    the bad push up form in this is making my shoulders hurt just watching

  • Marcus Jeremy Peit
    Marcus Jeremy Peit

    should i do 500 push ups every day for 30 days? i have done 300 before so i cant imagen that being much harder. or is it? :D

  • The Opera Triple Axel
    The Opera Triple Axel

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  • Meizind

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  • Chad Petzer
    Chad Petzer

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    Love björkefors

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    Robert Copp

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    Alter Andromeda

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    Kevin Houtveen

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  • sameer king
    sameer king

    I mean how could you do 200 push up in just 7 mints I can hardly do 25 to 30 push up and after that I take rest about 10 mints

  • itai Aalsvel
    itai Aalsvel

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  • Sepp Baneman
    Sepp Baneman

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  • Araccan

    34 pushups is "noob" i know he is light so its easier for him but still, I would consider less than 10 pushups being noob

  • I Know Im Smart
    I Know Im Smart

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  • Muff1n

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    Maria Esther Rivas

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    PPP Pugh

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  • Ant

    To me, a Push up is Chest to touch the Floor at the bottom of the stroke, and you do not even have the press up count until you are all the way up with your arms fully locked. Any deviation from this meant that the press up did not count, therefore you had to do more for trying to cheat! Are there any video's stipulating the clear and acceptable form, defining a PERFECT push up??

  • saviera

    whaaa you guys are from the netherlands groeten vanuit veghel