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how 2 vent #amongus
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  • Jacob Lauzon
    Jacob Lauzon

    Wut doing

  • Billibob

    Dude, this is some insane ninja shit

  • Lightning X / Brawl Stars
    Lightning X / Brawl Stars

    The rarest thing on Earth Corpse being crewmate

  • Demeter Tomasina
    Demeter Tomasina

    Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

  • Garrett Kenmir
    Garrett Kenmir

    His voice tho it seems like a voice changer

  • Jackson Robinson
    Jackson Robinson

    no one: corpse: now enjoy these clips of me killing my friends

  • MinniM .
    MinniM .

    Corpse: **Kills Muselk with everyone around** Me: TF?! That was amazing!

  • Isabella Sridhar
    Isabella Sridhar

    Is voice is just so deep and nice. I love it. And I love your vids. you have 100 IQ

  • Riley Lindy
    Riley Lindy

    Idk i imagine he looks like L from death note. The Anime tho not the movie

  • Reggie SpAkLeS
    Reggie SpAkLeS

    Girls be like: no no no no no no listen

  • Big_b_brain

    His voice would be perfect for a fnaf game

  • Tamika Sharie
    Tamika Sharie

    How in the fuck did he get away with that Pewds kill in Admin, wtf? 😂😂

  • FWN_ Gaming
    FWN_ Gaming

    I love how Lazar didn’t say anything for the first 5 mins Then his first word is just MATE 33:41

  • Candy Corn
    Candy Corn

    And I love you corpse.YOUR THE BEST CORPSE

  • Candy Corn
    Candy Corn

    I want that deep voice. how did you get it?

    • what IS MY NAME?
      what IS MY NAME?

      he has something called GOTD (something like that) it's basically throat cancer and it hurts if he strains his voice too much, his voice will get deeper and deeper over the years

  • Kaitlyn Stewart
    Kaitlyn Stewart

    He needs to go into acting just for his voice

  • Smiley Bryce
    Smiley Bryce

    Corpse I love u and ur voice for some reason ur voice is so calming!!!!!!

  • Mike Star
    Mike Star

    Poki was doing her makeup during a dead body report

  • Mr. DeadlyMike
    Mr. DeadlyMike

    Corpse it's me Gamer Dude here. I couldnt report the body. Sorry you left. Hope you see this buddy.

  • Kevin Sass
    Kevin Sass

    the oath has been furfilled

  • Twisted

    Hold shit

  • Zyah Simon
    Zyah Simon

    i just love how he can just kill someone in front of someone and NOT be sus im always sus

  • Earth Worm
    Earth Worm

    no one: the bass in my headphones whenever corpse speaks: 💃🕺💃🕺

  • A. Moonflower
    A. Moonflower

    this game is really teaching people how to lie when committing a crime lmao!!!! Corpse would get away with so much shit. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Cindy Love
    Cindy Love

    I like among us

  • Drew Perry
    Drew Perry

    I want to know how many girls have asked this man how his voice is the like the devil

  • V’s Papprika
    V’s Papprika

    teach me your ways Corpse, they were all godly kills each round!

  • Lizi's Life
    Lizi's Life

    Dude you sound a little scary you sound dead

  • sufyaan Taki
    sufyaan Taki

    You sound dyslexic

  • sufyaan Taki
    sufyaan Taki

    Yor voice is so scary

  • Santiago Vazquez
    Santiago Vazquez

    0:50 "I'm doing download early" Realizing it was actually Divert Power

  • Not-Mimïꨄ

    Corpse is so brave with the kills 😂

  • •Agirl Gacha•
    •Agirl Gacha•

    Jacksepticeye : i love you corpse! Sykkunno : what! i do not agree i protected him and anything so his my best friend

  • Malcolm Arnold
    Malcolm Arnold

    I’m really digging that northern shelf Borderlands 2 ambient music👌

  • AA DASH227
    AA DASH227

    I want corpse voice now!

    • what IS MY NAME?
      what IS MY NAME?

      no you dont, he has something called GOTD (something like that) it's basically throat cancer and it hurts if he strains his voice too much, his voice will get deeper and deeper over the years

  • Liam Mccann
    Liam Mccann

    Your little bro kail is my friend

  • umm. no
    umm. no

    The length of these videos and literally how easy they are to watch really help me through the night when my insomnia at its worst. Helpd me finally get to sleep

  • Drax12 562
    Drax12 562

    hey corpse could you make the face cams on the side so i can see the voting

  • CL Tricks
    CL Tricks

    The 14 year old girls who wants his hands 🤨

  • hitoshi shinsou
    hitoshi shinsou

    i feel bad they always blame toast

  • Clink NICORTeam
    Clink NICORTeam

    i dont know why but his voice sounds smoothing lol

  • leo catalan
    leo catalan

    Gavin magnus

  • leo catalan
    leo catalan

    Sup how are you gys

  • Christina Johnston
    Christina Johnston

    Corpse is awesome! My cousin suggested you to me an i love it! Your voice is also really soothing too. And i really like your profile pic too! But i also really like the creepy and gore things. And i think it matches the voice heard nicely!

  • Cadence S
    Cadence S

    Normal people: I like guys and girls Me: *I love corpse voice does that count*



  • kabbuj babye
    kabbuj babye



    when your channel goes from scary things to among us

  • Alicia

    the disrespect tho


    i love how you casually say "heres some clips of me killing my friends" 😂

  • poTaeto Gguk
    poTaeto Gguk

    wtf his voice 😖

  • Mr. Conservatarian
    Mr. Conservatarian

    yo that guy James eyebrows are on fleek

  • Mimineko101

    I l o v e u j a c k Bro same 😇

  • brandon cook
    brandon cook

    nice vid

  • Ava

    Moral of the story .... vote corpse everytime 🤣

  • Neythan Reyes
    Neythan Reyes

    (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ among us is bad ♥

  • 389 Ultimate
    389 Ultimate

    i loveeee and adoreeeee your voice

  • rubs

    why the hell is james licking his lips everytime he hears corpse voice

  • Jeanice Smothers
    Jeanice Smothers

    Everyone: seriously discussing Poki: fixing✨ eye liner✨

  • Edwxrrdd

    You must one of the Anti christ supporters becuz you put 666 in your titles

  • Death Lust
    Death Lust

    Corpse's Impostor plays are actually OP

  • Zara Mann
    Zara Mann

    Corpse's laugh tho omg i love it

  • Gabriel Kilgore
    Gabriel Kilgore

    This is my alt

  • Splashy

    Why tf is boyinaband here


    Corpse: I love you jack.

  • Kylie Henderson
    Kylie Henderson

    lemme just give you a hug real fast

  • Prism Heart
    Prism Heart

    Corpse I recently found you through the lillypichu x CORPSE song and then got really into your music and then started to love your gameplay vids. I didn't come from pewds but I do watch him as well and the intro was super wholesome and I've seen your video explaining your medical stuff and I'm so happy for you to have found a massive wave of support and love and we are all here for you~ Now keep killing your friends >;3c

  • joker jk
    joker jk

    ='D i love the being when you said "anyways here's clips of me killing my friends" ="D that's so funny.

  • Beep Bøøp
    Beep Bøøp

    I just realized- thats jacks first comment! Wholesome~🤗


    y is ur voice so low

  • Lensss

    I feel like James knew all along that it was Corpse lol

  • Satan

    Me hearing the first part of the video: Aww, Pewdiepie commented probably.. Jack: "I love you Corspe" Me: _GOD DANGIT_

  • Eleanor Cooke
    Eleanor Cooke

    Can we just appreciate the effort Corpse goes to to edit all the other streams in so we can know what the others see? Great job man!

  • Koolxaid


  • Pusheen Playz
    Pusheen Playz

    Petition to make corpse the next actor for batman

  • XxSad_vibesXx .-.
    XxSad_vibesXx .-.

    Who wants to hear corpses voice on helium ♡・ᴗ・♡

  • Caspar Wenck
    Caspar Wenck

    40:28 I'm unsubscribing

  • Gaming With Rich Kids
    Gaming With Rich Kids

    More Among Us !

  • HuGi BuGi
    HuGi BuGi

    Corpse faking diwerted power and say : faking download 😂❤️

  • Declan Tureski
    Declan Tureski

    Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

  • Bryan Gonzalez
    Bryan Gonzalez

    I just realized said 666 IQ

  • Ariana Milczyn
    Ariana Milczyn

    everyone: talking over each other Corpse talks: everyone goes silent

  • Deki Ven
    Deki Ven

    CORPSE= Numero Uno best Among Us SLtoosr in the world

  • B I R D B I R D S
    B I R D B I R D S

    Everyone: Its corpse Corpse: no its not... Everyone: ok thats legit

  • Unicorn Zari
    Unicorn Zari

    He should do a face reveal

  • Audrey Yost
    Audrey Yost

    That intro tho, “I love you jack ❤️ and now here’s clips of me killing my friends”

  • baba tastick
    baba tastick

    Corpse:gets imposter. Me: gets an ad about 2 people starting intensely at the camera

  • Yo face
    Yo face

    Fr why is everyone corpse plays with so attractive? My bisexuality cant take it!

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes

    You should play with Mr.Fruit!!

  • Noah Coghlan
    Noah Coghlan

    I love jack wait so does that mean he loves m because I’m Irish?

  • Frost

    First report corps could have said: I came from medbay to do lights and then someone reported

  • TRGoldenDragonYT

    I wish I had your voice

  • Tony Atrasz
    Tony Atrasz

    Love your voice!!!

  • lyndseyheyliger

    Bro why is ur voice soooooo deep

  • Jacob Medina
    Jacob Medina

    Yo you know ju or evan

    • Jacob Medina
      Jacob Medina


  • chocolatenam

    Toast was right. That was such a ninja kill done by Corpse that made the crews lose their buttons.

  • [ᴘᴏᴄᴋʏ]

    The fact that I heard my sister saying “daddy” while watching your videos is traumatic- she’s 7

  • Sonia Lopez
    Sonia Lopez

    Dead by daylight, just once please 🥺

  • Purple Moon
    Purple Moon

    Babe live I'm a corpse cat Mew. 🙂

  • Commander Hippo
    Commander Hippo

    Sorry, but.., It’s spelled ‘Impostor’ not ‘imposter’.