Story time! In today's video, get ready with me and get ready for a juicy story time. Enjoy!! Thank you Bubble for sponsoring this video, your skincare is ready for a glow up see more of me, follow my social medias below!!
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  • Haya Ibrahim
    Haya Ibrahim

    Dixie and Noah are so cute

  • _gabby_winner_

    I have never seen a man do skincare. Props to ya Noah.

  • Valentina Villa
    Valentina Villa

    I think hes a boy version of Emma Chamberlain (THIS IS WHAT I THINK)

  • Valentinaisabel Fonseca
    Valentinaisabel Fonseca

    Make longer vids:) plssss

  • Hailey Boulden
    Hailey Boulden

    You should do a night routine with you and dixie since you stay there a lot!! But I love that Noah stays at Dixie's and I love that even with all the hate that Dixie gets she always seems to not let it get to her as much now that she is with Noah! YAYYYYYYY

  • Ryders. Sunkin
    Ryders. Sunkin

    This is lil………NOAH BECK

  • Angelika Cifuentes
    Angelika Cifuentes

    Do a Q and A

  • V Foster6
    V Foster6

    If you agree with making cookies Like this ⬇️

  • V Foster6
    V Foster6

    Omg you guys should make cookies and see what happens 🧐👀

  • horse girl
    horse girl

    noah why do you have 700 pairs of fucking shoes.

  • Natalie Rangel
    Natalie Rangel

    it’s the Spanish song in the back playing for me😭😭😂 **49 seconds!!

  • Drew Madison
    Drew Madison

    noah!!!!!!!! let the dog out!!!!!

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller

    just so y’all know, dixie has serious camera anxiety. i doubt she acts the same off camera. in case anyone’s feeling like leaving some bullshit on here.

  • Voiq

    Hey Noah I wanted to say Hi and see if I can have one of your shoes you had in your SLtoos video and just wanted to see because I have only 3 and you probably won’t see this but thank you for everything, you brighten my day each morning and night and god bless you and your friends & family🙏👑

  • Keylannievlogs Li
    Keylannievlogs Li

    I love your videos I can’t miss any of them

  • Allen Keil
    Allen Keil

    Yeah should do a mukbang

  • PEYTON Clement
    PEYTON Clement


  • Chelsea Ramos
    Chelsea Ramos

    that was a rly good vlog, it had nice content but it was also chill. Very nice!

  • Corine Watson
    Corine Watson

    ''The elephant''

  • Jemma Nguyen
    Jemma Nguyen

    Ummm the shoes

  • R A Y S A
    R A Y S A

    He’s literally half Bryce hall and half larray lol

  • Addison Richardson
    Addison Richardson

    Am I the only that wants the Noah, Blake, and Bryce to have there gf over and do a who knows there boyfriend better or who knows there gf better. I just really want to see that

  • Summer Lauzon
    Summer Lauzon

    why do i feel like larry edited this😭😂😂

  • Michelle Olivar
    Michelle Olivar

    You guys cooking would be fun to see 😁

  • Michelle Olivar
    Michelle Olivar

    He honestly looks good with glasses ✨✨

  • Lacey Lyons
    Lacey Lyons


  • Just Joss
    Just Joss

    You and Dixie need to make a couple’s channel 🥰

  • Shelina Begum
    Shelina Begum

    2:47 the shoes noah the shoes wooow 😳😲🧐

  • Isabella Rohena
    Isabella Rohena

    Yall should pull an all nighter

  • Imaan Nadeem
    Imaan Nadeem

    Do more vlogs with Dixie

  • Cara Jolly
    Cara Jolly

    I like your brown hair more but you and Dixie thooo

  • Ayesha Taj
    Ayesha Taj

    Nice glasses

  • Rouba Hallab
    Rouba Hallab

    I think dice roll = I think noah beck ( why does everyone make fun of your neck )

  • Jennifer Ellis
    Jennifer Ellis

    Why so many shoes

  • Raya Staykova
    Raya Staykova

    Your SO cute! I just want to see you guys together more on the blog, nothing specific. Love you!

  • Deena Foudeh
    Deena Foudeh

    Do cooking plz

  • Keithani The midget
    Keithani The midget

    Not y’all being a whole romance story 😩

  • AhnayaPlayz Roblox
    AhnayaPlayz Roblox

    I love how everyone is talking abt his shoes 😭😂

  • jess dawn marie
    jess dawn marie

    he looks EXTRA cute through out this entire video & i am very much here for it🤤😍❤️

  • Jhanvi Srivastava
    Jhanvi Srivastava

    Am I the only one slowly falling for Noah

  • alanna grady
    alanna grady

    U should get a fluffy headband to hold ur hair back when u do ur skin routine :)

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson

    Is she bipolar

  • Bissan Ibrahim
    Bissan Ibrahim

    Noah why do you have 197238337738219108263738201828291929 pairs of shoes

  • Arturo Reyes
    Arturo Reyes

    She gonna end braking his little heart Noah slow it down

  • AAA Printing
    AAA Printing

    OK so she said that ur harassing me! But at first right when u said I think its the end of the vlog, after that she said, wait I want to be in it...! Thats weird.

  • Iara MAY
    Iara MAY

    Noah: sooo this is what i came up with, very just casual Me: casual with his 10,000 shoes that cover up half his bedroomfloor, really?

  • Ashley Contreras
    Ashley Contreras

    10 types of kissers

  • jaesha perez
    jaesha perez

    You guys should do a cake challenge

  • TiTi Vlogss
    TiTi Vlogss

    Bruh get a house for your shoes 😂

  • Vincent Hobbs
    Vincent Hobbs


  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham


  • Lillian

    What exactly is an f boy? A really attractive guy that we judge because he's attractive and knows it? I guess. But I try not to judge people like that anymore.

  • Mitsuki Mitsuki
    Mitsuki Mitsuki

    Cook off

  • Littleraeʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ


  • Addison Davila
    Addison Davila

    you dont need a glow up

  • Lexi Bacon
    Lexi Bacon

    Noah, you are one of the most humble, and grateful people on the internet. It’s so refreshing watching you online bc it reminds me that gratitude does still exist in “the scene.” So, thanks for being you!

  • Criana_OMGXD

    I think larray and noah are identical twins tbh 😐😐😐

  • Criana_OMGXD

    I think larray and noah are identical twins tbh 😐😐😐

  • jkjakjkjkj

    dude u and bryce messed up big time

  • Best nrl Clips
    Best nrl Clips

    Icier after this video 🤰🤰

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    bruh this was the cutest story ever peroidt.

  • tan er fox fan
    tan er fox fan

    Kiss and break up

  • tan er fox fan
    tan er fox fan

    You have so MENY SHOES

  • Kenzi Frasure
    Kenzi Frasure

    omg i think your room is the one chris brown painted for tygas son

  • Jaci mw
    Jaci mw

    Did he say "watch this I grunted she is in our bed throwing a little fit "?

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Is anyone shocked how much shoes he had

  • Shalom Ojalvo-Connell
    Shalom Ojalvo-Connell

    cutest couple yet (like if you agree)!!

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

    In Modern Living Room Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • karis bard
    karis bard

    Is anyone gonna talk about how many shoes he has!

  • braceface _ sihamä
    braceface _ sihamä

    Cooking and Clean

  • John Rhine
    John Rhine

    And people think he ain’t gay 🙄😑🤭🤫

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor

    Los Angeles Azules killed me lol

  • Yadira Arnold
    Yadira Arnold

    + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be . For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are ."

  • SR - 05SM 817426 Larkspur PS
    SR - 05SM 817426 Larkspur PS


  • Andrea Plays
    Andrea Plays

    Noah: she was enjoying that I was uncomfortable Me: 👁👄👁 Noah’s Heart:😵 Me:🥴

  • Katelyn M ,
    Katelyn M ,


  • Luciana Fuentes
    Luciana Fuentes

    noah: you don't mind when I come over and play x box dixie: no I don't mind but you could help noah: with what? dixie: THE DoGGey!!!!!!!!!!! At 6:35 seconds

  • Sun Kissed
    Sun Kissed

    I have blue lights and I like how they look:3

  • Makayla Fuqua
    Makayla Fuqua

    I thought I was gonna get Jake Paul vibes and I’m soooooooo glad I didn’t😂 I could definitely enjoy watching his vlogs

  • Saule Orlovaite
    Saule Orlovaite

    Is anyone shocked how much shoes he had

  • Summer Timbol
    Summer Timbol


  • Nono’s Life
    Nono’s Life

    UhHh tHat wAs lIke...sO cUte😗✌🏼

  • avani

    Your mommy did edit this stupid

  • zion harrison
    zion harrison

    am i the only one who's seeing them shoes in the back?!!

  • zion harrison
    zion harrison


  • Olivia Karubas
    Olivia Karubas

    I want you guys to play roblox

  • Jaudi

    The shoes oh my that’s a lot I have maybe 5 pairs of shoes then you see him 🤭😳

  • Izxy

    I'm disturbed how many shoes I see-

  • Chinemerem Chinedu
    Chinemerem Chinedu

    I am your biggest fan❤️

  • Marika Bazaleli
    Marika Bazaleli


  • Tatum Quinn 29
    Tatum Quinn 29

    Noah: cute, cute, cute Me: I feel like that when he’s going to haunt me in my sleep😹

  • Layla Carrick
    Layla Carrick

    Why do you have so many shoes

  • Bella Anderson
    Bella Anderson

    OMG he has so many shoes and I only have 4

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf

    I like the way Dixie blushes around Noah! MY GOD DAMN HEART IS GONE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    • Gamer Wolf
      Gamer Wolf

      Noah’s emoji history be like ❤️💚🖤🤍💙🧡💛💜🤎💞💖💘💓💝💗💕

  • Benjamin Rodriguez
    Benjamin Rodriguez

    Ok but I like these vlogs so much like the style the vibe everything

  • anthony sampedro
    anthony sampedro

    Cooking to

  • anthony sampedro
    anthony sampedro

    I want to see you guys 😽

  • Emma Zamora
    Emma Zamora

    Pls do more videos w dixie

  • meckenzie Leal
    meckenzie Leal

    Are we not going to take about the 1000 shoes he has

  • mxkey 19
    mxkey 19

    0:46 all my Hispanic out here😆

  • Edits by Payton
    Edits by Payton

    I literally love this video so much