We Found A Hidden Trap Door Inside The Studio...
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The LAPD case is now gone, but it still leaves behind so many questions about those stairs in the Red Base warehouse, especially considering the wires that are still dangling from the bottom of it. Matthias and Woods take the time to fully investigate the stairs, looking over each of them one-at-a-time. In doing so, they make a discovery that answers quite a few questions concerning the Stalker's last break-in but when they delve deeper, possibly one of the most important puzzle pieces finally finds a home.
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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:46 - Where Do The Wires Lead? -
With the LAPD case gone from the stairs, the team starts to investigate the wires that are still snaking under the stairs, speculating on where they go and WHAT they might go to, if anything.
03:30 - 'Scope It Up -
After grabbing the endoscope from up in the vault (with a resolution when it comes to the dreaded window), Matt and Woods use the device to try and look under the stairs from a safe distance and see if there's anything there.
06:24 - Someone Squatting In Hi5?? -
The camera does spot something interesting in the form of drink ware underneath the stairs and it motivates the two to try and move the LEGOs to see if there's another entrance to the stairs.
09:42 - A Trap Door Has Been Found -
After tearing apart the stairs with a crowbar, Matt finally intends to do the same with the top step but indeed finds that there's more to it than that.
11:05 - Existential Dread -
Both Matt and Woods try to wrap their heads around this new reveal, questioning everything about it as well as what it means concerning the situation they feel trapped in.
13:52 - Down The Hole -
Curiosity finally breaks through the fear for a moment and the team starts to peek down into the hidden room, trying to get a gauge of what's underneath those stairs that they can recognize.
15:44 - A Deep Dive -
Matthias finally takes the leap of faith and starts to descend down the creaky ladder into the hidden space, to get a closer look at what they're dealing with.
18:20 - The Biggest Reveal...-
Sitting on the dusty desk, the team makes a breakthrough with the next big find, and better yet, finally know where a piece of the puzzle goes that they've been clueless about for so long.
19:06 - NEXT TIME -
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  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    Is it faked??

  • Damián Dudek
    Damián Dudek

    is this real??

  • Darci Jackson
    Darci Jackson

    Is it just me who thought that the denim was someone’s legs? Yeah? Ok 👌 👍

  • crzyat

    Is this truth story or what?

  • mom mom mom channel
    mom mom mom channel


  • Zoe Gabriel
    Zoe Gabriel

    I think that syphus could of been living down there without them knowing

  • CD Outdoors
    CD Outdoors

    Did anyone else notice what looks to be a screen behind matt, time stamp is 18:51

  • joshua jay shurtz introvert131
    joshua jay shurtz introvert131

    Does it go further back, under the upper set of stairs that that awesome camera guy is standing on?

  • Miyamoto D. Guts
    Miyamoto D. Guts

    If Team Edge was still at the units they would use that for another hide and seek video

  • N1ghtf1y14

    imagine if u looked down there and saw a skeleton of a lab scientist wearing a lab coat and glasses sitting at the desk

    • Lynette Pacheco
      Lynette Pacheco

      *sciencetale intensifies*

  • Radical Mary
    Radical Mary

    Apple 2 computers were discontinued in 1993, so that means that trap door area has been there at least since 1993 maybe even before that...

  • Jsdopeornope

    16:39 Anyone else notice the pair of glasses on the floor

  • lanii J
    lanii J

    The liquid in the beaker is what he spilled on the file ...


    It’s so tight Ohhh ohhhh stoppppp!!!!!

  • Jaycelyn Sammons
    Jaycelyn Sammons

    Where is Samantha?


    did anyone note the glass on the ground

  • Saleh Ezmirly
    Saleh Ezmirly

    I feel that it might be wood's doing all of this

  • NeFaRiOuS

    Harry Potters Room Under The Stairs

  • Gaming oni
    Gaming oni

    Matt: we gonna go in there Woods: haha (oh hes being serious)

  • sad weeb
    sad weeb

    One day Matthias would talk about this events to his grandchildren and they would probably not believe him

  • Jason eastin
    Jason eastin


    • Vapor Scorpion
      Vapor Scorpion

      It’s not real

  • Kit

    Matt is totally acting finding that trap door, I know what his panto face looks like 🤦‍♀️ don’t treat your audience like we’re dummies, explain the huge gap that was made in the wood for the trapdoor hinges that wasn’t there in previous videos. Even if it’s ‘I found this off camera and made this trap door’. Again, not dummies.

  • Brayden Sean Dfg vlogs
    Brayden Sean Dfg vlogs

    guys do you think he was probably living down there wile you where in the studio.

  • Brooklyn Benoit
    Brooklyn Benoit

    17:23 the microscope is new its clean bright whiteand looks hardly touched

  • Brooklyn Benoit
    Brooklyn Benoit

    about the thermous thing, its very common to put bottles,cans,bottle caps in the walls when you're about to finish buildong at a time mark the year to say when you started and finished the building

  • Temple Beardshaw
    Temple Beardshaw

    Sorry but ... drug lab?????..!!!.?!?!

  • D4RK_VIB3Z_999

    Lol can anyone search up hi5 studios and they can go to the studios lol prolly not

  • Pickles Raptor
    Pickles Raptor

    Hope you guys are ok 👌

  • James DeMattico
    James DeMattico

    15:56 Matt lookin' like "I don't know if I should really be doing this"

  • Candy girl
    Candy girl

    And some of y’all are over here saying it’s scripted like they just found this in the bottom of the stairs but it is kinda like a Netflix show

    • Candy girl
      Candy girl

      @The Elite Truth true

    • The Elite Truth
      The Elite Truth

      @Candy girl it is a good series

    • Candy girl
      Candy girl

      @The Elite Truth oma gosh I really thought it wasn’t

    • The Elite Truth
      The Elite Truth

      I mean, it is scripted

  • ryan rempel
    ryan rempel

    nice lil gag

  • Aidaninsask

    This Was Posted On My Birthday.... WHY WAS IT POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY!?😩😩😩

  • im maditillman
    im maditillman

    Guys we have to let Matthias know there was a key hanging on the desk

  • im maditillman
    im maditillman

    4:23 I can’t be the only one thinking that was hair

  • Lost Hooman
    Lost Hooman

    first time waching it?! AMAZING?!

  • Mramber212

    Go to the police

  • Pamela

    Doesn’t the world map/sphere whatever that is inside the stairs look exactly like the one Kevin had in his office. I’ve seen that in a previous video

  • Bee Tackett
    Bee Tackett

    Wait yo I forgot the dude thats with Matt anf the camera man or girl idk did.. It not look like he hid a knife because he is mad sus because I hear the sound of a knife being put in its case as well as he seems very sus he even says "we put the Legos there there is nothing there" witch is true but he could have hid something and painted over it as he seems not to surprised but acts lile it but does not seem like it he also seems weird... He gives me mad vibes as he seems so calm but how did he know it was chemicals when they did not know what it was and he also said.... "I think i know what's under that" very sus

  • young lord dagger dick
    young lord dagger dick

    Is that one of the armor x phone oh no I useing it is it Link to all of this if so I ganna frow this so far away and matthias reply when u can

  • Salty Pringle
    Salty Pringle

    it's Kevlar the cloth is kevlar

  • Kelsey Scott
    Kelsey Scott

    I know I am late but what if the stuff in the beakers is Syphus blood after he injected himself with the chemicals to see what it does to him.

  • Mya Hudson
    Mya Hudson

    Mercury Labs???

  • Xenia Malakoff
    Xenia Malakoff

    Imagine if Syphus was in the stairs and just said BOO when they opened the door

  • Annette Helmuth
    Annette Helmuth

    Can we please let Matt know there is a Chanel that is called syphus the leader 1 and there is videos and they are trying to help him etc.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Mat: "I have hit the ground" Me: The Eagle Has Landed

  • The golden Pineapple 26
    The golden Pineapple 26

    I’m watching late at night and a fire alarm went off it was terrifying (there is no fire alarms battery’s need to be changed)

  • Marie Golem
    Marie Golem

    Also No-one: Woods: whoo dUsTy

  • Marie Golem
    Marie Golem

    Matthias laughing about finding a trap door in his office work place

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni


  • Wolfs pup Playz
    Wolfs pup Playz

    Dude the clothe is for the fire from yesterday it was all planned

  • Dan victor De vera
    Dan victor De vera

    7:06 matt said he freaked out i freaked out too


    Can you imagine just going about your daily business and there is just someone sat under your stairs listening and watching you!!! Ewwwwww.

  • Cole0024

    Yo woods kinda look like Baker Mayfield

  • NinjaPixieLily Hi
    NinjaPixieLily Hi

    If you go back to when they opened the lapd case there’s 600 and 700 also said along with 863 and 015

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Fun fact: when it feels like it was only 2 minutes you know it was interesting

  • Steve Man
    Steve Man

    What I would be taking in their :pistol :ammo

  • Minty Coco
    Minty Coco

    Mat: it feels like serendipitous(I used captions CC to spell it) Me: english please

  • Harper Kelly
    Harper Kelly

    I am so Scared

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Why is there a pad lock on the tap for from the inside of that makes sence

  • Neutral High
    Neutral High

    Wait wait the undercover cop is “John Doe” right? What if “ John Doe” is D?? Since many people use there last names first letter as an indication so what if “ John Doe” is just trying to gain the trust of Matthias just so he could get more information of what Syphus should do next?? And what if the liquid in the beakers I think is the solution to the acid like substance? I mean why wouldn’t it the microscope and the liquid? I could be wrong and I hope I am

  • Cayden Mecum
    Cayden Mecum

    thares a key on the desck

  • Rita valdez
    Rita valdez

    For the Volt you should put book shelves and like put all the stuff so you can find everything when you have time

  • Shawn Black
    Shawn Black

    this feels like a hoarer movie. i think that's how you spell hoarer

  • Kalalilly Kal
    Kalalilly Kal

    Don’t touch if he was there finger prints of him and the last tenants

  • Kalalilly Kal
    Kalalilly Kal

    Seriously hire a security team even temporary and have them go through, or you could probably hire some retired cops/cia/military personnel to go through like,Bro just have ppl thoroughly go through the bases so you aren’t running Into that kind of stuff. What if there was someone down there??? U guys woulda been in deep trouble like be careful please


    matt there is a key weher is the desk in 17:23 when you look when you look on the chair ouy will see it.. just little think..

  • Bijal Smith
    Bijal Smith

    You know Matt’s nervous when he starts to quote star wars

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    Imagine 1 month later when the series is over Matthias just says: PRANKED lol

  • Grace Alexandrea
    Grace Alexandrea

    Did they look in the drawers of the desk?

  • Sophia Gaming
    Sophia Gaming

    What if who ever built the base put that there and is the criminal

  • Assault Destroyer
    Assault Destroyer

    wheres sam

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    No one: Matt: While going down it’s like the star wars line😂😂

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Imagine 1 month later when the series is over Matthias just says: PRANKED lol

  • dino nuggets for life
    dino nuggets for life

    Harry Potters room

  • Shaunna Nicholson
    Shaunna Nicholson

    Why is there a pad lock on the tap for from the inside of that makes sence

  • chase axtman
    chase axtman

    The room with the table and cloth looks like a work place Where someone tested chemicals the case burning and the floor and Syphus was working here and he made to chemical that burned the case and floor and the vials are the starting chemicalsz

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      There is the wlan cable running below to something that they forgot?

  • Lucas FraZier
    Lucas FraZier

    I’m telling you man. Bill Nye did his work down there

  • Megan Leonard
    Megan Leonard

    There was like a doll or something underneath the desk🙀it gave me chills seeing it

  • Lolimadude :b
    Lolimadude :b


  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa

    The vaccine for the virus always stayed under those stairs after all those years XD

  • Nola's got noodle arms
    Nola's got noodle arms

    Thrilling Chilling Willing To watch (but that doesn't rhyme)

  • Cory Grgic
    Cory Grgic

    I'm guessing the cloth is for if you left the case there the acid would catch it on fire and burn the building on fire

  • Pierce Smith
    Pierce Smith

    it also maybe abadond idk

    • hoiy vinosa
      hoiy vinosa

      skin cells, small hair folicals ect, theres always SOMETHING, off all the stuff that was sent to you......seriously, WEAR. FREAKING. GLOVES. &. MASKS!!!!!

  • Pierce Smith
    Pierce Smith

    if this is here i think he would live there but im not sure he could be out there and about to come back its not safe to have that you should brake it and get rid of it for your safty just sumthing i recumand

  • peter shaw
    peter shaw

    The syphus logo is also on the vial in the gun safe could it be connected to the Pegasus experiments

  • MattVega

    Why is a storage under the stairs weird? Every two story house has the same thing.

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    Imagine 1 month later when the series is over Matthias just says: PRANKED lol

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith

    Isnt that the blindspot to the cameras too? Or the old security camera set up?

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith

    That staircase has been pretty sus for.. since the first early key series videos. Even as a new tenant i would have had that thing inspected or redone because i personally dont trust it. (Now im gonna watch the video)

  • Stay Happy
    Stay Happy

    I am getting intruder vibes

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      Mat: "I have hit the ground" Me: The Eagle Has Landed

  • EvareNeko

    There is the wlan cable running below to something that they forgot?

  • Agurl’s World
    Agurl’s World

    Syphus looking at this like: you served me well thermos... you served me very well 🥺

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    The vaccine for the virus always stayed under those stairs after all those years XD

  • Vikki Vikstar Cole
    Vikki Vikstar Cole

    What about the key hanging from the desk around 17mins in?

  • Abraham Lopez
    Abraham Lopez

    Matt: it's so tight Me: *chuckles* that's what he said-

  • Callie W
    Callie W

    I don’t think the person you’ve seen is Syphus I think it’s his son saying everything is so old

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      says he doesn’t know why he had woods’ fob to cover up the story? What if...?

  • Beasty 90
    Beasty 90

    just curious but was that place ever upgrade to a warehouse like it is now? cause it could be steps that were used to go into a BIG basement, or it could be the way out for the builders to get out after theyve finished inside? seriously though, whats the construction history of that building? x

  • Beasty 90
    Beasty 90

    matt.....why havent any of you WORN FREAKING GLOVES & MASKS?????? you can try & hire a private detective to get finger prints or gentic stuff, such as trace amounts of dried skin cells, small hair folicals ect, theres always SOMETHING, off all the stuff that was sent to you......seriously, WEAR. FREAKING. GLOVES. &. MASKS!!!!!

  • Boss Be4r
    Boss Be4r

    Ok ok im a gamer my channels small i wanna go pro if we can get 100 subs on my channel would be great but dont sub if u dont like the content

  • sniperlif3

    Matthias is Han Solo with his vest.

  • Benny Lai
    Benny Lai

    Remember when they were reviewing video a decent amount of videos back, where the guy showed up for a good amount of time, the guy went upstairs and didn’t show back for a good 40 min, that’s where he must have been hiding

  • Marshall Minnich
    Marshall Minnich

    Where is Hanna? I haven’t seen her in a long time. I’ve missed her.

  • Alley

    There are handprints in the dust, maybe try getting fingerprints from those? At least, you know relatively how big those hands are now. Not to mention, they're recent because there isn't any more dust on top of them. So those have to be Syphus' hands.

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