WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM? with Hailey Rhode Bieber | Guest Kendall Jenner plays "Never Have I Ever"
Wild conversations. Different guests. Same bathroom. Join me on the premiere episode of Who’s in My Bathroom? with special guest and my best friend: Kendall Jenner. Things get quirky and we go deep in the most unexpected (yet least surprising) place in the house - my bathroom.

  • geomax hank
    geomax hank


  • Dijon Mustard
    Dijon Mustard


  • Neha Pattar
    Neha Pattar

    That 2 sec slow-mo when Kendall said 'we are not crazy' staring into the camera actually gave psycho-girlfriend vibe 🤣...not sure if anyone else noticed it too.

  • Vinci

    11:29 hailey is so cute 😂

  • wirehyperspace

    if your in the bathroom you got to be smoking some marijuana or some good hashish

  • Joao Lima
    Joao Lima

    "I have NEVAH" lol 😂

  • Leila Cham
    Leila Cham

    Kendall: We’re not crazy 😀😏

  • vampirkaxd5

    Hailey being herself finally, showing some personality! Not only talking about Justin and their love. I am waiting for more vids in bathroom

  • Scorpio Goddess Aphrodite
    Scorpio Goddess Aphrodite

    So I’ve been proposed to more than Kendall Jenner LMAO rings, proposals so many I don’t even know the number. I’m not surprised she’s not wife material and I’m only 22 lol

  • johan sutta
    johan sutta

    no entendi nada pero la tuya por si acaso

  • sanita ellie
    sanita ellie

    She has a SLtoos channel?

  • Eduarda Cancelier
    Eduarda Cancelier

    just wanna to see gigi and bella there with hailey😭

  • grace. c
    grace. c

    Ah i love their friendship

  • Inara Ishigova
    Inara Ishigova

    Best friends is when only two of you understand the joke😂

  • Baby T
    Baby T

    justin didn’t give her, her own space. just the bathroom😫😭

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    Keer Zeng


  • A.R.S. one
    A.R.S. one

    В чём смысл издевательства?

  • Feliz Royale
    Feliz Royale

    hailey is soo freaking cute

  • Rumes Akter
    Rumes Akter

    Hailey : 9:59 "I have nevah" lmao Kendal : 10:03 "I HAVE NEVAHHHH" even dramatic lmao

  • Kolbi Canady
    Kolbi Canady

    I love Hailey and kendall and love how hailey is being herself and having fun love this good job Hailey

  • Zayden Garrett
    Zayden Garrett

    justin: who are you talking too in there babe? hailey & kendall: where filming a vide! Justin: is that? nevermind... justin again: she's eating in the bathroom.

  • Umaamah Sakhawat
    Umaamah Sakhawat

    : D

  • Jamie Salkind
    Jamie Salkind

    this feels so awkward


    Just had Annie's Mac amazon delivered yesterday for the first time and here you are making it in your bathroom with Kendall. What are the chances???

  • Yara Gummie
    Yara Gummie

    butter the water?!! bahaha😂

  • serafina

    her bathroom is bigger than my room

  • Kady mot
    Kady mot

    Bestttttt videooo!!

  • Casey Wiggin
    Casey Wiggin

    Great episode

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    Erika aparecida

    as invejosas 🇧🇷🤣

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    Akhrie Zhimo


  • Monika Medok
    Monika Medok

    Gosh... I am so obsessed with Kendall and this is my favorite episode ever.

  • It's Neysh
    It's Neysh

    I love these two😍💕

  • Kayze 143
    Kayze 143

    Why are they cooking in the bathroom and not in the kitchen? WTH

  • Alandria

    just real quick! i think Hailey smiling with her eyes is the *cutest* thing 💙

  • lexssentials

    I’m really curious how that macaroni and cheese came out

  • Brandon Sewell
    Brandon Sewell

    Bathroom the size of my room smh

  • BraidedLady

    it sounds like there are at least 30 ppl in the bathroom

  • To Kyo
    To Kyo

    The pregnant part was hilarious!!!🤣😂🤣😂

  • Jenny Iuhania
    Jenny Iuhania

    love halley

  • Marinara Baptista
    Marinara Baptista

    I love you

  • Kristy L Swank
    Kristy L Swank

    Omg i really enjoyed this laughed with 🤣🤣🤣🤣 i have Nevahhhh

  • Angie Vigo
    Angie Vigo

    Why is this my friends and I smoking, eating and talking in the bathroom together

  • SA S
    SA S

    I thought Hailey was a Christian now 🤣

  • Chris Ly
    Chris Ly

    It's kind of weird watching.. nothing interesting.. I'm out. lol

  • J W
    J W

    Is it weird that I wanna get married, not to have a marriage, but to wear a dress?

  • En Esprit Et En Vérité
    En Esprit Et En Vérité


  • metosshella

    Kendalls tolerant with alcohol is toooo low omfg. Hahahahha

  • metosshella

    Y in the bathroom ew. You poop there, and you hv d appetite to eat?? Sis Y? 😳 😰


    wow u guys are awesome !

  • Faunillan Kimberly
    Faunillan Kimberly

    Mylovesss Kendall 😍😍😍


    Awhh I love their friendship

  • Duda Rodrigues
    Duda Rodrigues

    Hailey is so cute😄

  • Agnieszka Olszewska
    Agnieszka Olszewska

    Hailey:lets put a little bit of that. Meanwhile puts all of it

  • Medya Dhira
    Medya Dhira

    Next guest: kylie jenner

  • dana lauder
    dana lauder

    This would be great fun if they didnt use hailey baldman

  • Raewfang Choochert
    Raewfang Choochert

    I Want you to do the dressing style.😀😀

  • Charlie's not my name
    Charlie's not my name

    This whole video is a mood

  • Catia Lima
    Catia Lima

    Make a video in portuguese please!❤ 💙💚💛

  • Sunnyjorjayt789. Love
    Sunnyjorjayt789. Love

    Hayley is pretty

  • Eliz Rosa
    Eliz Rosa

    This is not funny at all, she’s trying too hard

  • Samantha Hoover
    Samantha Hoover

    kendall always ends up crying

  • anonymous. maj
    anonymous. maj

    When Kendall said:"It would be so nice to be married but I'm not" "A dress would be so nice" Damn I feel her!

    • anonymous. maj
      anonymous. maj

      @Mercedes Marks :

    • Mercedes Marks
      Mercedes Marks

      Yall trippen marriage is not a fairytale trust me i been married a few times lol

  • anonymous. maj
    anonymous. maj

    When the pregnant thingy was asked and they both lift up trehe shots......... I was like "hold-up, hold-upp. w-waitttt what? "

  • Annelie Room, van
    Annelie Room, van

    when my bathroom isn't even big enough for 2 people to brush their teeth comfortably

  • kamryn shumate
    kamryn shumate

    are you really siblings if they havent pulled a knife on you

  • Angie Schubert
    Angie Schubert

    We need hailey bieber asmr time plz, her voice is soooo soothing

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    I always loved Kendall’s chill vibe 💗 Hailey is chill too

  • Desi Paz
    Desi Paz

    Two talentless people

  • Hamdi Bile
    Hamdi Bile

    if you have this big bathroom that has a kitchen inside you know you've successeded life 😪

  • Melissa collier
    Melissa collier

    I get the idea now. Like yeah we do have the most girl time getting ready together in the bathroom. I could never see myself eating in a bathroom cause of a toilet. But I guess toilets are in closed in their bathrooms

  • Victoria Umez
    Victoria Umez

    Lmao. I really enjoyed this. You can feel their genuine love for each other.

  • Ur not a blink If you hate one of them
    Ur not a blink If you hate one of them

    12:20 I still have lice 😭

  • M C
    M C

    No puedo creer que KJ haya hecho un Tequila 🤬

  • marissa


  • Teagan Novak
    Teagan Novak

    I wanted to hate this... and can say with complete honesty... I actually enjoyed it.

  • Ruksaar Shaikh
    Ruksaar Shaikh

    Hailey smile 😁 is so cuuuuuuuuuuute 😘😘😍😍

  • vadim voltr
    vadim voltr

    this "bathroom" is bigger than my room :D

  • Virginia Lewis
    Virginia Lewis

    Butter the water first??

  • Junelou Hilot
    Junelou Hilot

    Kendall looks like Rhian Ramos

  • Tire Oyeneye
    Tire Oyeneye

    Did u guys see the drew ovem mittens?

  • Kattie

    I always butter the water for my Mac n Cheese, can't believe Kendall knew that.

  • ashley bongarzone
    ashley bongarzone

    Kendall high as a kite

  • Andee

    WAIT why does kendall always looks like shes high 😂😂😂😂

  • Rizzy Vibesss
    Rizzy Vibesss

    This video was low key dope! Hailey, I’m new to your channel and I really enjoy your vids🗣💕Keep doing your thing:)

  • Tink Ie
    Tink Ie

    Nooooooowa dont open bottles with ur beautiful teeth... uggggg

  • Tink Ie
    Tink Ie

    Hailey, im much older but you are such a sweet person . Dont ever change. I think bak in the single days when yu felt like yu would never find some one yu never knew ur self worth. The wait was worth it.. good luk with ur channel

  • Travela Diaries
    Travela Diaries

    Love you both. 🥺

  • C M
    C M

    Cooking and eating in a bathroom grosses me out

  • Cindy Henriquez
    Cindy Henriquez

    I don't get the married question can someone explain

  • Jennifer Valdez
    Jennifer Valdez

    I butter and salt my water before putting the noodles in....im with Kenny on this one Hailey 😋

  • Ingrid Brown
    Ingrid Brown

    😂😂😂😂😂 this is the best!

  • Cre8tive Mojo
    Cre8tive Mojo


  • Michy

    Hailey is so sweet, i don’t get why people are so rude

  • Divya Pawar
    Divya Pawar

    Is Justin bieber rude to u Hailey😬😭💥

  • Linda Fortaney
    Linda Fortaney


  • Bliss Ventura
    Bliss Ventura

    Bro Hailey got a really nice side profile

  • Duda Rodrigues
    Duda Rodrigues

    Hailey is so beautiful😍

  • Miss Antonella Levens
    Miss Antonella Levens

    even when i don't like Hailey this was the best video i've ever seen of her 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂