Reviewing Memes With KSI
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  • Ismail Abdelrazek
    Ismail Abdelrazek



    F in the chat

  • Pain


  • OkWill

    Why is Ksi Phoenix in a nutshell and his voice is the same

  • SliceNDize

    The most fun i had on YT ever, all in this video!

  • Akash Mathew Thomas
    Akash Mathew Thomas

    Kinda stewpid innit

  • Kaitlyn Hughes
    Kaitlyn Hughes


  • Ethan Choate
    Ethan Choate

    Hey pewds at *8:52* someone Mentioned your channel on the Radio at 103.3 just to let you know :)

  • Jessica Janus
    Jessica Janus

    180M subscribers that's insane

  • Jessica Janus
    Jessica Janus


  • Rangers boy 1872
    Rangers boy 1872

    What a video!

  • lrader77

    Is it bad that I know that the intro is from coco melon?

  • No You
    No You

    Bri-ish people nee to stOp tOlking like dat.

  • My Size 180 Creme Egg
    My Size 180 Creme Egg

    just wanna say i’m british and ksi is wrong, dunno means don’t know it’s a way of saying someone/something is unknown to the public kinda. i’ll link the urban dictionary definition if i can find one.

    • My Size 180 Creme Egg
      My Size 180 Creme Egg

      Dunno The original definition is slowly being replaced by the grime definition. Dunno or Dunn'no is referenced after or during a saying of which the general public are assumed to not knowing - hence hightening your reputation on the mere basis that you know something others dont. It is also known as a "big up" or shout out.. "Big up wiley, dunno" "Dunno the youth... dunno the youth" (pronounced - Dun'No) "Dunno... Ice Kid" (pronounced - Dun'No) "I went to see batman the other day" was it good? "yeh dunno" (pronounced - Dun'No) (i.e. you sa

  • Ludo_

    2:24 Steve Carrel : That's what she said!

  • Switch Stop
    Switch Stop

    KSI don't talk to Pewdiepie he said the N word punch him across face

  • Switch Stop
    Switch Stop

    I wish pewdiepie could be more hands on like me.beast

  • A s t r o
    A s t r o

    I like how pewds asks “is that accurate?” After every bri ish meme lmao

  • Trinity ツ
    Trinity ツ

    Who knows La Sirena69

  • XxSavage_Xx120 2
    XxSavage_Xx120 2

    Ksi is pweidemie are very shy to eachother

  • YouTube Alternate Battles
    YouTube Alternate Battles

    11:30 - KSI sees the Bandicam watermark

  • Bunny Feng
    Bunny Feng

    JJ being depressed about the British memes is oddly hilarious.

  • SatyaM _55
    SatyaM _55

    Damn the like to dislike ratio

  • ahaha brr
    ahaha brr

    JJ's trying to sound British when he reads the memes when he's British lmao

  • Bzerk

    Damn flute so good it sound like piano

  • Random Shell
    Random Shell

    This video should be titled "KSI not understanding British memes for 31 min straight"

  • Michael Waite
    Michael Waite

    It says at least I don't get shot maths because of school shooting

  • Dina Kate
    Dina Kate

    Wanted to get my eardrums busted, guess pewds saved the day with the nice piano edit lol 😂😂😂😂💔

  • Dina Kate
    Dina Kate

    Not KSI coming for Felix after he was exposed of having bandicam 😂😂😂💔

  • mr millionaire
    mr millionaire

    Pewdipie your a cool humman, i like youre face

  • Sedorikku

    What subreddit was the bri'sh meme is?

  • Mohammed abbas
    Mohammed abbas

    What an epic video


    Hmm notice how it’s “English” not “Americanish” hmm strange

  • Ahmed Naoman
    Ahmed Naoman

    Can watch this over nd over

  • SLASH :v
    SLASH :v


  • Arry Opes
    Arry Opes


  • Aman Husain
    Aman Husain

    shot in maths*

  • Abhimanyu Jha
    Abhimanyu Jha

    PewDiePie also laughs at JJ's laugh

  • Mythikal

    11:30 Greatest Anime Betrayal of All Time.

  • Mike the Goo
    Mike the Goo

    The shawt meme translated "At least I don't get shot at maths class when I'm doing my work"

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator

    More vids with KSI please...

  • Soul the Coolest
    Soul the Coolest

    Help me beat pewdiepie pls

  • Señor Tilapia
    Señor Tilapia

    i think they have chemistry

  • Luan S.
    Luan S.

    Felix and KSI not knowing Lesotho is a country SMH

  • Baki Hanma
    Baki Hanma

    As ksi says next meme a FUXKING smule add pops up

  • Austin Hunt
    Austin Hunt

    Let’s get you back in first in sub count and pass up t series

  • Pjonesmusic1

    lol ksi didnt get the school shooting dark humor or that cookies are used on websites not currency smh...

  • BeanZ :P
    BeanZ :P


  • Michelle V
    Michelle V

    Just a couple dudes bein bros

  • Dancing Panda
    Dancing Panda


  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley

    KSI do be simpin

  • Corbxnn EU
    Corbxnn EU


  • Rebel Records
    Rebel Records

    One playing a recorder, another an alphoonde or whatever start playing ,an arp

  • Genocide Panther900
    Genocide Panther900

    Pewdiepie's mustache should be a meme

  • TraeMan

    The most popular, most successful, the biggest SLtoosr in the world, uses bandicam

  • Erin GU
    Erin GU

    i have pewdiepie's gamer chair @pewdiepie

  • James


  • Travis Larson
    Travis Larson

    At least I don’t get shot in math class when I’m doing my schoolwork

  • Gustav Norberg
    Gustav Norberg


  • Simply Brian
    Simply Brian

    I use bandicam

  • Fishy plays Adopt me and other games
    Fishy plays Adopt me and other games

    Wheres logan paul

  • conner woods
    conner woods

    shawt maybe shit


    Does anyone notice the kinemaster watermark in the intro top right corner 😂

  • Scott Fanning
    Scott Fanning

    I thought it meant when it says that a website uses cookies

  • caiden vicuna
    caiden vicuna

    me knowing i grew up in chile witch is a place in south america


    Omg pewds used flipaclip and kinemaster to make intro 😮

  • josh


  • J Winfield
    J Winfield

    You might as well use FRAPS

  • Ethan Mooneyham Show
    Ethan Mooneyham Show

    Confusing Ksi is one of the most entertaining things, I must say

  • Kian Defano (Student)
    Kian Defano (Student)

    His mustache is a meme

  • superboy shourab
    superboy shourab

    Pewdiepie Intro: Made with Kinmeaster Kinemaster; what big youtube using my app!!

  • Be The One NN
    Be The One NN


  • TheNoddy

    My jawline hurts from laughing

  • Tahjair Christian
    Tahjair Christian

    Hold up raatid is patwa

  • Pablo Velilla
    Pablo Velilla

    14:54 Juan

  • Maria Rosario Silverio
    Maria Rosario Silverio

    Remember 4 years ago they are both beefing now they are friends

  • Halfcaster

    Okay I've been gone a while, tf is up with the stache?

  • Juan Ignacio Christen
    Juan Ignacio Christen

    its my name lul

  • Broncs and Bovines
    Broncs and Bovines

    Juan was the best one!

  • Kingston Smalls
    Kingston Smalls

    Hi Can you do a cocomelon parody

  • parrot godz
    parrot godz

    Bri'ish people be like Youchube

  • Will Stanfield
    Will Stanfield

    Pewdiepie Joseph stalin

  • ziggydred

    7:31 I’m British and where did microcrisps come from? LMAO Edited: also 15:33 LMFAO

  • Noah Rowan
    Noah Rowan

    ghbyt.ytgh6fr my head banging on my keyboard

  • Mohamad Saeed
    Mohamad Saeed

    So nobodys gonna talk about pewds ✨LEGENDARY✨ moustache

  • Nikola Zelić
    Nikola Zelić

    colab we all want, KSI and PewDiePie playing minecraft, for at least 10 episodes.

  • Ashton Engle
    Ashton Engle

    🔫 💀 🥧

  • Hanif Ikhmal
    Hanif Ikhmal

    i need part 2

  • Mohamed Hussen
    Mohamed Hussen

    Watch promise never land

  • Mohamed Hussen
    Mohamed Hussen

    I'm watching demon slayer

  • Talha Siddiqui
    Talha Siddiqui

    I'm in a hole. I don't feel like doing anything; eating, working, cleaning, waking up, nothing. Please help

  • Danny 1.0
    Danny 1.0


  • Ther3al 1B
    Ther3al 1B

    It seems like the fighting champ is more cultural in the world of anime than we thought. Edit : and memes

  • Jaxson and Nic
    Jaxson and Nic

    Evryone is gonna hate me I have anime

  • Ubead Sk
    Ubead Sk

    And the legends say KSI is still laughing..◉‿◉

    • Jaxson and Nic
      Jaxson and Nic


  • Dr Bones
    Dr Bones

    Where’s our KSI/Pewdiepie Anime podcast?


    И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

  • vocasou

    These 2 are my favourite youtubers and KSI deserves better than what he gets

  • Babushka Bingus
    Babushka Bingus


  • Fite R DieSly
    Fite R DieSly

    Why does pews have a stalin mustache lmao