Love, Lies & Lust - What Really Happened With Jodi Arias? | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian
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Hi friends happy Monday! Another highly requested video for you, dont worry I have some lesser known stories coming as well. This eyeshadow look was definitely not my favorite, I swear in person it looked so good, but looking back I'm likeeeeee, no. hahaha. Oh well, they cant all be winners. Anywho, thank you for hanging out with me today - I would love to hear your thoughts down below. I hope you have a good rest of your week and hope to be seeing you very soon!!!!
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Bailey Sarian
Thank you Courtney Sabol and Ali Zagame for helping me put together todays story!

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  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian

    Domestic abuse against men can take the form of physical violence, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse. Whatever your circumstances, you can find help and break free from an abusive relationship. Please dont ever feel embarrassed about the situation you may be in. To find local help please visit :

    • Debbie Debonair
      Debbie Debonair

      I love your videos! They are super interesting and you are so pretty! I love watching you do your makeup! Gives me some great tips .

    • Courtney Truscott
      Courtney Truscott

      We need to talk more about domestic abuse against men, we talk about it when it comes to women but not enough when it comes to men. We even have women shelters and the walk in her shoes, but nothing for male victims.

    • Crispi Garcia
      Crispi Garcia


    • Jennifer King
      Jennifer King


    • Ioanna G
      Ioanna G

      I'd love it if you concerned yourself with Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard. I know you might not want to do such a high-profile, recent and as-of-yet-unresolved case, but I feel like a video from you, always well-researched and so well-articulated, would solidly and finally debunk a lot of her idiotic arguments that some people still believe...

  • Jolie Sally
    Jolie Sally

    Lol his blog post. It’s like if Carrie Bradshaw was a mormon man with terrible grammar.

  • Sabriena Plotke
    Sabriena Plotke

    Close to the end of the video you look like the actress Rachel Weisz. I think it was the eyeshadow. Soooo cool.

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    Meggy :3

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    tanya Camberos

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    Chloé Chan

    Bailey your theme song is from the simple life.

  • willyoufollowhim

    This is totally something my Mormon Sunday school teachers would use as an example of why to not date non-Mormons.

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    Andrea DeJarnette

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  • Andrea DeJarnette
    Andrea DeJarnette

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    Paul Warner Powell

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    jodie walker

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    Samantha Griffin

    Okayyy Travis a woman led you into temptation? Find an original line bro.

  • Maya Kimberly
    Maya Kimberly

    How did travis’s friends not hear any of this going on!?

  • Alexis Marston
    Alexis Marston


  • daja foster
    daja foster

    You should make these into podcast


    MLMs are really sad. You don’t make any money off of selling products like you should, you make money off of signing people under you. That’s not even where actual money comes from either. It comes from books and speaking sessions you sell to the people on your down line... who, might I add, are likely already broke from trying to keep up with their sales goals by buying their own products.

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    timestamp 33:10

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    Aileen Reyes

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    nobama no way

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    Jodie Parker

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  • Gabriella Garcia
    Gabriella Garcia

    How did the housemate /flatmate not hear or smell anything?

  • vamparellas Sharon
    vamparellas Sharon

    She is definitely a sociopath. She wanted him because she knew that if she couldn't have him no one would in her mind. Sick and narcissistic. Glad she got this much time.

  • Angela Humes
    Angela Humes

    Can you please do a video on the case of Kenneka Jenkins

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    Lily Snider

    I'm Mormon too! I love hearing about my church from Bailey! Also I didn't even know Mesa, AZ was Mormon based lol. Thanks for all your videos Bailey!

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    Stephanie Oliver

    Watching while in surgery waiting area for my husband. When you referred to "LSD singles night" laughed out loud so hard like 10 ppl looking at me like I'm nuts. 🤣

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    Hi Bailey! There’s apparently a documentary on Discovery+ about Jodi’s side of the story and it seems they’re painting Travis as abusive from the trailers I’ve seen. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that, if you would want to do an update. ☺️

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  • Katlin Coleman
    Katlin Coleman

    So if any of you are interested, the full court case is available on David Lohr SLtoos channel. While it is very upsetting to hear her talk so awfully about Travis, it's worth the watch to see the prosecutor (who's now problematic 🙄) absolutely tear into this witch. I watched it live and ironically restarted it while I'm working a few weeks ago.

  • Charlie Eshay
    Charlie Eshay

    I can just imagine Bailey being a detective.

  • sweet lullaby
    sweet lullaby

    6:57 Jodi kinda looks like Catriona Gray in that pic

  • Abrielle Lara
    Abrielle Lara

    Jodi is literally down the street from me in the prison by my house and my uncle saw her while he was doing construction at that prison and she smiled at him and he told me he got the chills when she smiled...

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    Jo Di Ellado Paala


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    i'm only 5 minutes into the story and she sounds like she has BPD. i've been diagnosed for 6 years and idk...her perspective of things feels very bpd-like

    • Ebonnie Taylor
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  • It’s HappyTabby
    It’s HappyTabby

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      Katie Szostek

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    Tracilyn Hidalgo

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    Dear Conner

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    Shelby Garcia

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    april graham-tash

    I love you girl, but over the last 3 weeks: Jodi Arias, Scott Peterson, &Casey Anthony??? These have cases have all been covered over, &over, &over again, and to me are "over done"... Sorry - just being honest 💔

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    Tracey Mattos

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    Danielle Dodson

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  • Bella

    My dad worked with her for 2 years and she used to feed me when I was a little girl . My dad has never told me the full story and clicked this story not knowing this was the girl that my dad would tell me about. Now I find it crazy.

  • Elle S
    Elle S

    There’s a special on her on discovery plus that shows Travis as an abuser. I didn’t see it yet. So I’m curious how that’ll be. This girl is crazyyyy

    • Devon Hicks
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  • Elizabeth Cruz
    Elizabeth Cruz

    Hi, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. The last I knew of Jody she was at perryville prison in Goodyear, AZ. this was a couple years back but I used to have a buddy that worked at perryville and he told me that no male guards were allowed to go near her at the time because she was doing whatever she could do to get pregnant. Chick is nuts

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