How To Beat Every Trap In "HOSTEL"
You’ve been kidnapped by criminals, and locked in a room with a human monster who wants to hurt you in the worst ways possible. No one’s coming to your rescue, and you’ll have to outsmart everyone if you want to survive. When you’re trapped underground and being hurt , what do you do?
Thank you for watching Hostel explained and review of how to beat.
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    Have a damn good day

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      have a good day as well sir

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    • Stefan Godard
      Stefan Godard

      @TheRat Superior yes

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      Jowan Wang

      Thank you and you too

  • M. Vonel
    M. Vonel

    Damn, I didn't know you would talk about Slovakia. Also yes everything that happens in the movie is just a normal Tuesday.

  • SeamyBoi

    The end of the movie is very different from what I remember?🤔 Im pretty sure I remember him killing the guy in the bathroom?

  • allan moore
    allan moore

    Wtf?!? Thats not the ending i saw. Paxton cuts off the dudes fingers and kills him in the bathroom stall

  • morah g
    morah g

    Dang this dude did a lot of things right in my opinion

  • 03_Danish Arsyad
    03_Danish Arsyad

    At the end there , thats what we call fight fire with fire

  • Ramille Anthony Martinez
    Ramille Anthony Martinez

    Is there a Hostel Part 2?

  • Brad88ford

    Moral of the story? Never trust a big butt and a smile!

  • Sitti2300

    If you're friends are missing and local police isn't helping you, just to go your nearest consulate or embassy. Secure your own safety first, then help your friends. Don't even attempt to take law into your own hands all by yourself.

  • Matthew Harper
    Matthew Harper

    i couldnt survive impossible

  • Matthew Harper
    Matthew Harper

    how i would beeat it is i would die (:

  • Alfie Pople
    Alfie Pople

    I'm going to get demonitized for saying this but I support,Human trafficking

    • Alfie Pople
      Alfie Pople

      Here comes the replies saying wtf you monster

  • Dieckman Tenir
    Dieckman Tenir

    The Asian woman got it worse, and I'm not sure if that was a stereotype? 🚉

  • Vertex V
    Vertex V

    who is litterally binging his content

  • Dieckman Tenir
    Dieckman Tenir

    For starters know how to read and speak the same language?

  • Aküma

    The last scene didn't make sense to me at first because kidnapping his daughter doesn't make any sense. But then I realised that her father is a torture enthousiast and a killer so it is probably a good idea.

  • Sean Kula
    Sean Kula

    The ending where he kills the businessman is better because he cuts his fingers off and kills him after

  • workshaw11

    Noticed the thumbnail change

  • Jimmy_slim_ Jim
    Jimmy_slim_ Jim

    I remember seeing this movie on SyFy but the ending of the movie isn’t like this one. It involves the guy chopping off the creepy guys fingers then killing him in a bathroom

  • Zykd MC
    Zykd MC

    Honestly though, this is a pretty idiotic portrayal of Slovakia. Not even Lunix IX looks as sketchy as some of the places shown in this movie.

  • Bue Hae
    Bue Hae

    16:09 what movie is that

  • jordan hart
    jordan hart

    Fuckin moron who posted this video is an alternate ending lol.

  • James Jo
    James Jo


  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens

    1:38 .... Talking like that isn't going to get you laid mate

  • Invis Snowyy
    Invis Snowyy

    i would of just left the country its sad but no thank you i aint dying

  • The Media
    The Media

    First step to survive. Don't go to Eastern Europe.

  • The Media
    The Media

    My hands are so tiny that I can slip them out of handcuffs without dislocating my thumbs

  • Fulcrum

    In the end, just walk up to the man, put him at gun-point, and hand him over to the police.

  • Aliquet

    How to beat every trap in "HOSTEL": stay at home, play videogames

  • Bemmie Bemmerich
    Bemmie Bemmerich

    The ending? What? I have never seen this. Paxton follows the man into the washroom and cuts his fingers off. I am so confused.

  • dovalord2145

    @ 4:30 the wemen of brazil are like this

    • dovalord2145

      Soz 4:10

  • Christina Ham
    Christina Ham

    Wait. The hostel i watched ended with him killing the man in the bathroom. And his child wasn't in the hostel i watched. It the dutch/European version different then?

  • feliksrubiks RBLX
    feliksrubiks RBLX

    9:06 no this wouldn’t work because there is no chains on joshes hand cuffs no he can’t use that breaking method


    Off to Finland

  • Dorian Finklea
    Dorian Finklea

    Takes dudes daughter make have her learn everything from America then send her back to her dad without telling him that's his daughter

  • Le Potter
    Le Potter

    When he said denmark a t 4th place i froze :0

  • based god
    based god

    I feel like after my fingers got cut off then I wouldnt even try to really escape, I would go into "take everybody down with me" mode. Just kill as many people in that building before i die

  • Ful Crum
    Ful Crum

    Your the sensible guy in horror movies I already know

  • scaccu

    6:15 that is the logo of the jacket's brand, "Napapijri", it's not a custom patch.

  • Wo sind Die Affen
    Wo sind Die Affen

    What ? Didn‘t he kill the businessman?

  • Saidee James
    Saidee James

    Not gonna lie i don't think he should have took it out on the kid she didn't do anything, then again i don't think the bussiness man would be a good father so i would live the country with her change her name and identity and put her up for adoption so if they find the little girl they will kill the person who adopted her.

  • ThePureNewb

    Leave karl out of this you monster

  • WasAwarrioR

    The kidnapping of the girl was the original ending but got cut and replaced with paxton killing the guy in the bathroom due to negative fan reaction of the kidnapping ending.

  • deadshot 090
    deadshot 090

    Wait this is the alternative ending in the normal one he just kills the guy, i think its way more satisfying than kidnapping an innocent child

  • Andrea Torres
    Andrea Torres

    you should make a video of surviving with basic knowledge because who tf know how to escape from police handcuffs and what type of metal it is

  • Adelaide Pearson
    Adelaide Pearson

    I was a stick on the ground in that movie I saw other people there, who were you?

  • wurstbrotmitbutter

    Wow this a garbage Channel

  • invaze.

    YOOO lets goo i live in Bratislava :D

    • invaze.

      its a main city of Slovakia

  • Instant Replays
    Instant Replays

    An American explaining how to survive 3rd world country..... bruh.....

  • IAmAgainst

    Seems like a gory Eurotrip..

  • Duwayne Pher
    Duwayne Pher

    Moral of the story: simping gets you killed

  • Piard Phony Junior
    Piard Phony Junior

    3:06 also half the time gullible don't ask how I know

  • Martin Bendixen
    Martin Bendixen

    I com from Danmark

  • Edvin M
    Edvin M

    ok if it was any other person then taht guy it wuldnt work 90% wuld just have given up or fainted

  • deadman inc
    deadman inc

    I like the main protagonist here, beat the enemy and take a revenge is a satisfying aspect to watch...i hate seeing the dumb protagonist that waiting for their death and not taking revenge/fight whenever possible. What kind of dumbass are they 🤣

  • K. R
    K. R

    Idk why but why did hi sey Hostel like that its kinda scary

  • Echxツ

    denmark train

  • Omnipotent Lenny
    Omnipotent Lenny

    Damn, he escaped and then got his daughter. Dude a G

  • Doge E
    Doge E

    Where are my slovak fellas ?

  • Zyhpxal

    2:09 Filipinos: -_-

  • acidbath32

    i like the ending where he cuts the dudes fingers off and drowns him in the toilet vs this one

  • aquel deahi
    aquel deahi

    Am I the only one who doesn't feel bad for the business man?Maybe I'm a monster but I would feel sorry for him if he killed the daughter.Finally,on a horror movie,REVENGE.

  • Moved


  • FuhyFelax Gaming
    FuhyFelax Gaming

    The crucial way to beat this is the fact you are a tourist, being an American citizen this guy the second his friend went missing should’ve contacted people in the US so that the US government could deal with it because he’s a citizen of their country, I might be off base with that but I think it’s highly unlikely that your own government would’ve let you die

  • Ninja Baiano
    Ninja Baiano

    My dude not only teached us how to escape, but also the place with the highest chance of getting laid. 🤣

  • DerpyDuckling

    "And he decides to take revenge" Me: "poor girl. She just needed to go pee" *He takes her away* Me: "WHAT THE ACTUAL FRICK?!? THERE WAS NO REASON TO DO THAT. JUST KILL HIM"

    • Aküma

      I also thought that but given the fact that her father is a murderer who tortures his victims and is involved in human trafficking business, it may be better for her to be rehomed.

  • Subhash Verma
    Subhash Verma

    12:20 u aren't a good friend

  • Colton Van nooijen
    Colton Van nooijen

    Why is it all gray some times

  • Night Lad
    Night Lad

    Lewis Litt was there to investigate

  • Dragonborn26

    Are you paxton?

  • Anthony O
    Anthony O

    The ending of the movie be like: kill my friends? Well uh, kid your dad is a weirdo. Trust me I think you will like me more 👍

  • tiffistrash

    How to beat hostel: don’t be misogynistic and u would’ve never been so naive to believe that middle aged man talking abt how the girls were “easy” like ew dude LMAOAOAO

  • Stormy_Boi

    He really was like "no u"

  • another story.
    another story.

    you just had to include the high scene from the wolf of wall street didn't you

  • Prettylilangelxx

    That’s not the ending I know he’s meant to follow him into the bathroom n kills him

  • Patrick Hauotmann
    Patrick Hauotmann

    How to beat hostel Step 1. know everything that's gonna happen in advance

  • Louis

    g I remembered the ending differently didn’t think he was gonna kidnapped his daughter

  • Space V
    Space V

    rip japanese girl

  • Space V
    Space V

    me being from denmark hearing 4.4 sexual partners pr year... made me feel better about myself

  • Owen M
    Owen M

    When I watched the movie, the ending was different

  • YSN Dagger
    YSN Dagger


  • Wienerburg


  • Yellow Flame
    Yellow Flame

    Wasn’t that the alternate ending though? The other ending where he goes to the men’s room instead and kills the business man seems to be the canon one since that seems to be the one the sequel follows up on

  • Jesus is Lord
    Jesus is Lord

    Rah the film doesn't end like that the business man get killed in toilet

  • alec !!
    alec !!

    i feel like he shoudnt have taken the kid like, what did she do too deserve that :/ its not her fault its her scumbag father

  • that hamster
    that hamster

    amsterdam is not an country btw

  • _yeet_ Central_214_
    _yeet_ Central_214_

    4.4 sexual partners ? What we got someone with 1 arm and no legs

  • Trey Green
    Trey Green

    I could have swore he cuts the man's throat at the end and didn't take the girl that's weird

  • Sessie Jeelman
    Sessie Jeelman

    I saw the version where he cuts the businessman's fingers off and slits his throat lol. Wayyy more satisfying than some innocent girl getting kidnapped.

  • Tecqnize

    the ending i saw was that the business man got a couple of hes fingers cut off then almost drowned in the toilet bowl and then finally got hes throat slit while he saw hes own reflection in the flush button.

  • Macc Jackson
    Macc Jackson

    This is an alternate ending. The normal one is paxton killing the guy in the station toilets. That is also referenced at the start of the second film.

  • boo

    why tf is nobody talking about the end?? like okay it’s good that he took revenge but like he is also like a normal person so..what’s next?? what is he gonna do if he kidnapped that kid?? kill her ?

  • Rex!

    We don't think you are all rich! 90% of people in the EU or England think oh it's a American (stupid gun holding poor twat!)

  • Yoana Cortes Avalos
    Yoana Cortes Avalos


  • Kalani Moya
    Kalani Moya

    This man really told people how to escape from handcuffs LOL

  • Gino Felino
    Gino Felino

    Wait I watched this on Netflix some time ago and the ending was different. The buisness man didnt have a daughter and Paxton killed him in the toilet

  • Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans
    Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans

    Human trafficking is some scary evil sh*t... I think alot of tourists don't realise the dangers they can face even in more popular tourist destinations, there was a series called scam city (I think 🤔) with each episode it centered on different tourist destinations and the sorts of scams and dangers that go on there! I only saw a little but it was highly interesting. Also I want cinema summary to be my friend, yes he'd probably use me as bait in a horror movie, n I'm sure he's make me feel dumb but I'll take the knowledge lessons please, seriously brilliant content!!+ 👍🏼✊🏼👊🏻

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke

    Bruh i didnt know you acted for a movie or is that your twin?

  • Icy_blue


  • The Diamond plays
    The Diamond plays

    How to beat Hostel: Don't be that much desperate(you know what I mean don't you)

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