I Won’t Lose - Jake Paul Vs Nate Robinson (Episode 1)
I Won’t Lose gives viewers a look inside our lives during boxing camp as Nate and I train and prepare for battle on November 28th
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  • Kasper Nielsen
    Kasper Nielsen

    jake paul is the winner

  • Colten Guerra
    Colten Guerra

    Why doesnt he fight a real fighter i mean Ksi didnt know how to fight but i mean nates first fight at 36 bruh. He already getting on in years boxers retire at 40-43 at latest

  • legend21 big A
    legend21 big A



    Wow Nate is super behind from jakes skill, he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s like a little goat going against a rhino 🦏

  • Jefferson Romano
    Jefferson Romano

    Are we gonna talk about a 20 something fighting a 36 year old retired NBA star 😂

  • Donavan Robles
    Donavan Robles

    Jake paul

  • conner ballard
    conner ballard

    Who else watch the episodes backwards

  • Lagi Yafa
    Lagi Yafa


  • シiiicjplayz

    My ears are bleeding id that good?

  • Twilla Perry
    Twilla Perry

    To be honest Nate look like he scared we finna watch someone to get knock the fuck out

  • Kevin Price
    Kevin Price

    Seems more humble, yet he still lies about his height lol. He’s maybe a inch taller than nate

  • Drayden

    idk what it is but I feel like people in these comments are forgetting boxing isn’t all about experience. It’s about being a natural athlete, having heart and just being the dog that wants it in the ring. Nate has that. Jake just doesn’t and that’s plain and simple. Nate was in the nba.. jake did vine and and does SLtoos.

  • TPL

    I'm rooting for Jake but Nate looking tough

  • TTV bagel
    TTV bagel

    Imagine Nate knocks him out 😂

  • Brody Curran
    Brody Curran

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my name is cora

  • toni muji
    toni muji

    Now bring in the hipnotist and turn him into mike

  • Constantly hungry
    Constantly hungry

    if you Want to be a good boxer ..you have to get big punch too

  • Carmen Romero
    Carmen Romero

    Dick jak

  • Rico not me
    Rico not me

    Who thinks jake Paul will win make sure to look at comments :)

    • Rico not me
      Rico not me

      Nope he going to lose

  • Chompa

    I can hear Anthony Joshua laughing

  • Oscar Gaytan
    Oscar Gaytan

    I'm 5'9 and I'm 11

  • Nicko Bahmanpour
    Nicko Bahmanpour

    "I sparred twenty ppl here in vegas"...*plays one 5 seconds highlight of one punch to one guys face* how about the other 19 sparring partners.....lol jakes pathetic

  • Josh Ford
    Josh Ford

    Just a knock off can’t lose🤣

  • HV_SYTH3 R
    HV_SYTH3 R



    Jake is just too scared to get best by ksi so he gets someone else what a 🐱

  • s hennessy
    s hennessy

    Nate somehow simultaneously looks 17 and also 40..

  • Michelle

    I haven’t been getting any notifications!! Wtf

  • Nicholaus Wurzburger
    Nicholaus Wurzburger

    I hope Nate knocks Jake out

  • Dan

    I wonder how jake paul 10 year old fans would react to when he somehow loses to nate😂

  • heath

    Why does Jake only fight people with little boxing experience who are smaller than him?

    • heath

      @BiggBoi Tv hmm it’s almost as if I knew that 🤫

    • BiggBoi Tv
      BiggBoi Tv

      So that he can win... it’s pretty simple 😂

  • Rhennier Tendencia
    Rhennier Tendencia

    If there's any chance Jake Paul winning then ksi would just shut him down

    • Kevin Price
      Kevin Price

      Please stop

  • julian3

    Jake paul has never fought anyone over 6 foot and ever after he fights ksi that wont be changed cuz jj is 5”11 Ksi still gonna fuck him up tho

  • Vuribo

    Dude sparring dudes of the streets doesn't make them sparring partners

  • Vuribo

    Jake has the experience, the size, the reach Nate is going to get beat up Punches feel very fast if you aren't used to it Nate is an elite athlete though

  • Dirty_m0uf 2x
    Dirty_m0uf 2x

    Nate trains with the Mexican cartel?

  • Sewkee

    Oh my Jake is an idiot he's gonna get fucked up Jake you bleed from Deji I wanna see Jake loose and feel pain

    • zach was
      zach was

      Have you ever even been in a fight some peoples noses bleed by just a light tap

    • Rhennier Tendencia
      Rhennier Tendencia

      Jake naturally bleed from his nose Everytime and it shows in his wrestling fights

  • Fermented Salmon
    Fermented Salmon

    I now feel ashamed to be a Landscaper 😂

  • Bobby Bawl
    Bobby Bawl

    How much can we pay this dude to loose the fight to boost our views. Jake Paul

  • Jackson55 Brown
    Jackson55 Brown

    U just stole ksi tittle can’t loose

  • Brandon Chavez
    Brandon Chavez

    i want him to lose sooo bad. but i know he won’t cuz it’s fuckin nate robinson. 🤣 i would kill to see jake lose to him though


    Nate is wayyyyy more of an athlete hence I’m saying mate is winning

  • Yeye Clapz
    Yeye Clapz

    Jake paul isnt a real boxer just stick to your cringy vlogs

  • longerme gaming
    longerme gaming


  • Holly Alexander
    Holly Alexander

    I went boxing today

  • Jeandre Bekker
    Jeandre Bekker

    For me being a KSI fan is it sad to say that jake paul is going to fuck nate up But thats when babatunde is gonna come in😂😂

  • BeaTrix

    One thing I would love to see is Jake paul's ego getting destroyed.

  • Rahib Varieties
    Rahib Varieties

    Imagine jake paul vs adam saleh,adam is gonna win :3

  • Jaden The Great
    Jaden The Great

    Nate bro.. we are worried for you.

  • Jaden The Great
    Jaden The Great

    Oh no bro he's fucking 36 bro he is fucked...

  • Uriel Arenas
    Uriel Arenas

    Now worries babatunde will destroy jake and he will finally get the wotah he deserves

  • miniboss718

    Funny how he’s making this now... little dig at Ksi I recon

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    What the fook is the world coming to you got jokers pretending they can box and these muppets are training them just for money Making the sport of boxing look like a joke

  • MMA Fan
    MMA Fan

    What a fucking joke and a disgrace to all professional fighters

  • Lance Isme
    Lance Isme

    It’s it me or Jake paul smoke 💨 now

  • QuasiKing

    im only subscribed so that I can instantly dislike all of your videos.

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man

    I really want him to loose

  • Owen Thomas
    Owen Thomas

    Baaaabyyy jake, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo

  • Zig Man
    Zig Man

    Nate about to get that ass beat

  • Greggthomson Thomson
    Greggthomson Thomson

    I like how jake put loads of Robinson footage of training and nearly nothing of I see what you doing jake using this to spy i see u

  • EricaLynn-13 1987
    EricaLynn-13 1987

    Jake is so cringe 😬 I just cant

  • EricaLynn-13 1987
    EricaLynn-13 1987

    Let’s all just pray to the gods that bye wins this and Jake has to be served his humble pie and cry like the bitch he is

  • Jamie

    No matter what Jake will lose in the end when he fights ksi

  • HomerSimpson Plays
    HomerSimpson Plays

    Whoever he fights he so disrespectful to the person

  • Loui P
    Loui P

    Stop trying to be Conner mcgregor

  • Will Ingold
    Will Ingold


  • Lexthern

    Subs last 30 days -100k daily sub average -3k

  • IBH

    Jake thought nicknaming himself the problem child was cool. Wow.


    Jj should support jake bcuz they're both team youtube and he dosn't even know nate..

  • Esteban Carpentier
    Esteban Carpentier

    U gonna lose u always do

  • Thumper2x

    We want jake vs ksi who tf asked for Nate Robinson

  • Muazzamali Mitmug
    Muazzamali Mitmug

    What if nate wins the fight??? What ever happens im gonna go with jake

  • BooJitSu

    ughghhhhhhh....seeing this gym takes me back to my youth boxing days. I love those home grown gyms that have so much life and passion bleeding from the walls

  • Δημητρης Παπαχρηστου
    Δημητρης Παπαχρηστου

    now he is just coping ksi’s cant lose

  • Z TYPE
    Z TYPE

    Nate Robinson looks like a mix between 50 Cent and Michael.B Jordan

  • Rudi Cignetti
    Rudi Cignetti

    When this dude fights someone who has experience and actually in his weight division he get fucked

  • Rudi Cignetti
    Rudi Cignetti

    Jake doesn't know what fucking pants are

    • zach was
      zach was

      What are you talking about when I'm working outbid always take my pants off you get hot

  • Rudi Cignetti
    Rudi Cignetti

    When I watch this nigga he's always got someone knew smh 🤦

  • Freshkiddtony

    Draw change my mind

  • Jax And Jasper Next door
    Jax And Jasper Next door

    Where is your blog camera in your arm..

    • zach was
      zach was


  • David Molina
    David Molina

    Jake I follow you on Instagram

  • Lucas

    Jake has just basically copied JJ’s title🤣

  • Dragon Art
    Dragon Art

    this guy jake is delusional lol!! even if he wins!! he never will fight real competition like KSI!!! ksi would kill him!!!

  • Jesse Mattison
    Jesse Mattison

    do you know mike tyson ? are you going to fight him ?

  • Lil-Dead


  • AriesFN

    This give me creed vibes

  • AriesFN

    This give me creed vibes

  • Andy

    I want jake to win

  • Andrew Arreola
    Andrew Arreola

    Nates juice shirt fire

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni


  • Abdifatah Sg
    Abdifatah Sg

    Let’s go Jake 👊🏽

  • Jahaziel Ramos
    Jahaziel Ramos

    Jake pual u can do it ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Raheem

      pual hahaha

  • Lauchlin Cridland
    Lauchlin Cridland

    Well I hope you won’t lose to an old retired ball player 😂😂😂

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      I’ve met Jake Paul before he’s going to win watch

  • Aryan Khattak
    Aryan Khattak

    Jake beat his fucking ass

  • Ali Senpai
    Ali Senpai

    You can see jake is surrounded with yes men ... he only fought a koala and a crab and now thinks he is proffesional 😂 bruh you will end up like fousey Tube ... face shield

  • Soujdan Abdullah
    Soujdan Abdullah

    Boy how much did he paid u ?🥥🥥🥥🥥

  • Tenne Ng
    Tenne Ng

    I hope jake the joker lose 😂 what is he even thinking stupid kiddo

  • FaZe _ LaMigra
    FaZe _ LaMigra

    Didn’t even know he was still boxing🤣

  • Robbie Thomas
    Robbie Thomas

    Lol why is he talking like he's been training for this his whole life lol . I'm on a different level now.

  • jacob vlogs
    jacob vlogs

    no you will lose

  • Zerpexz

    0:57 children vs men lmao