I Confronted Lil Xan For Cheating On Tana..
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I Confronted Lil Xan For Cheating On Tana..
This was interesting...
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  • adrian Ramirez
    adrian Ramirez

    Why does Luna look like lil xan but with no face tats

  • Vivian Martinez
    Vivian Martinez

    lil xan all high hes

  • Kingly

    So did this song never drop lol I’ve been trying to find it

  • Leeland Pone
    Leeland Pone

    If he confronting tanas ex then tana should confront his ex's

  • Janique Du preez
    Janique Du preez

    Didn't he dei in 2018

  • Liv’s Vids
    Liv’s Vids

    Did she give u herpes

  • Hypefour_24

    Ye lil xan probably can’t rember tana xdddd

  • Kobinho

    Lil Xan is defenatly on drugs

  • Anxiously Grae.J.
    Anxiously Grae.J.

    Hey homie JP u got jiz on ur chin

  • Harry Clark
    Harry Clark

    He looks like a batty boy

  • Mamie Harris
    Mamie Harris

    Boy what do you need to already work at Disney Channel

  • BBC mxsty.
    BBC mxsty.

    who here in 2020

  • Noah Justus mekiana
    Noah Justus mekiana

    I miss the old Team10

  • Marco Ramirez
    Marco Ramirez

    7:41 Who sees dirty Dom in the pool table

  • Lil DSky
    Lil DSky

    Wow lil xan did that wtf

  • Brenden Hess
    Brenden Hess

    Blood shark baby

  • tori burns
    tori burns

    most annoying youtuber

  • Michelle Lyons
    Michelle Lyons



    There are kids in Africa

  • Marco

    Jake actin hella gay

  • Peyton Hamilton
    Peyton Hamilton

    Is cole gay

  • Manrose

    Is that James Charles??

  • Dx Raze
    Dx Raze

    Who remembers good morning pamsters

  • Jesse Berman
    Jesse Berman


  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson

    You dont think cheating is cool ??!! Didnt you cheat on tana???

  • tanner 4357
    tanner 4357


  • SoLo Phillys Finest
    SoLo Phillys Finest

    Dude Lil Xan needs to get off the drugs forreal, he looks like a 10yr old somebody held down and wrote shit all over his face and shoved a bunch of drugs and alcohol down his throat sad yo!!

  • Jacob Cooper
    Jacob Cooper

    Does anyone really think lil Xan could be a loving and faithful soul mate 😂 bitch knew he would cheat from day one and so did he

  • Andrew Bridgewater
    Andrew Bridgewater

    Hey Jake Paul is that white dude gay especially since he looks like Snow White up in here you know the one with white hair

  • REDRUM4356

    did anyone else see tanas extentions???????

  • Alex Reay
    Alex Reay

    Song in 1:34?

  • Hailey's Fortnite
    Hailey's Fortnite

    That dude is high af

  • Gauge Jackson
    Gauge Jackson

    Jake can me and my friend join the team 10

  • Brain cowling
    Brain cowling

    WHO IS HANNAH? 3:27 - 3:30

  • josephm922 The Gamer
    josephm922 The Gamer

    6:55 just no

  • Simone Ahr
    Simone Ahr

    6:54 Its literally giving zan a reason to say stuff about hoe dejwg

  • Bryce Terrell
    Bryce Terrell

    Great start to the vid lol

  • speare

    jake talks like he knows everything

  • Billy Dow
    Billy Dow

    A mansion full of idiots

  • Kikilo

    Noone cares

  • gorams csu
    gorams csu

    I'm shocked things didn't work out.

  • kendi brown
    kendi brown

    tana we can see your extentions in your hair

  • Tha1kid Marquese
    Tha1kid Marquese

    i love the fact that jake opens his arms to the lgbt

  • Kaan Asici
    Kaan Asici

    THE SONG IS Jerry Purpdrank - Extra / THIS COMMENT WILL BE VIRAL

  • Cory Gaming
    Cory Gaming

    Well they gone now and broke up so the fight did to

  • Care Bear101
    Care Bear101

    Hey Jake Paul I’m just playing GTA five so could you friend request me OK thanks bye


    Jake Paul still a thing weird 🤔

  • Bruh moment 86
    Bruh moment 86

    Imagine being a simp. 10 year olds go ahead attack me

  • Alesi Sovarzo
    Alesi Sovarzo

    I Love you Jake

    • Alesi Sovarzo
      Alesi Sovarzo

      I Love you Jake

  • Kaydin Raymond
    Kaydin Raymond

    Jake and lil xan

  • gg tt
    gg tt

    T yet

  • lilpump

    Lil xan hi

  • XXPanda Squad
    XXPanda Squad

    With out the tattoos

  • XXPanda Squad
    XXPanda Squad

    Lil can looks like Killy

  • Baseball&football Training
    Baseball&football Training

    That was my bday

  • MrThreescoops

    The combined IQs of every single person involved with this video wouldn't even reach double digits.What a colossal bunch of losers.

  • Richard AdrianHenderson
    Richard AdrianHenderson

    lil xan looks 5"8 and high asfk

  • Alfonso Tapia
    Alfonso Tapia

    Whats funny is jake paul thinks having lil xan in a vid gonn make him lok cool or get him clout

  • Alexa Meyers
    Alexa Meyers

    Lil Xan is like stupid high

  • Grace Ruppe
    Grace Ruppe

    He is high

  • Monke Oprah
    Monke Oprah

    What song is that at 7:20

  • Wilky Wonka
    Wilky Wonka

    8:26 doesn't know the lyrics

  • FaZe_GG Mora
    FaZe_GG Mora

    Jake needs a babysitter

  • Oisin And trigger
    Oisin And trigger

    Good huband

  • Labib Alam
    Labib Alam

    killy confronted lil xan

  • Ace

    Is anyone realizing that it took Lil xan 9 months to drop his music video

  • More Savage
    More Savage

    I am a triplet

  • Jason Foster
    Jason Foster

    When lil xan young dumb and something else I new he was crazy

  • jimmy jones
    jimmy jones

    What a cringey existence yall have.

  • Vorasi

    Is that Jake Paul’s sissy boyfriend?

  • Andrew Rupkus
    Andrew Rupkus

    Jake looks like sloth from the Goonies! Baby ruth

  • Taryn

    Shameful behavior and life.. when u all face God, this will be so regretful and humiliating. Laugh now, Cry later Or get saved.

  • Daniel Redondo-Quinones
    Daniel Redondo-Quinones

    U and tanas ship name should be take because tana and jake just add the t from tana and put it in jake it spells take

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong

    I’m soo confused... this is just spoiled rich kids with adhd

  • Unknown Muhy
    Unknown Muhy

    6:17 i laughed my ass off -w-

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra

    Hi jake

  • hazzahelldogga_



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  • Alex junior
    Alex junior

    But yet your cheating on her

  • Asu Mi
    Asu Mi

    I'd cheat on tana, just saying

  • best devil
    best devil

    Him forgot to put him

  • best devil
    best devil

    And she was I saw her flirting and then she started kissing him and she didn't notice me but I walked out and noked him the f*** out

  • best devil
    best devil

    My girl is cheating on me and I'm only 10

  • DoJMusic

    So the twins are replacing Martinez twins. I see how it is

  • Haley Lynch
    Haley Lynch

    He was on sum more than that😭💀

  • Pubg Is sad
    Pubg Is sad


  • Ice SM
    Ice SM

    I can back and don't even know who anyone is except jake

  • Crazy gamer 1
    Crazy gamer 1

    Is cole James carls

  • Bridgette Oses
    Bridgette Oses

    cole is really gay

  • randy walker
    randy walker

    I like bloody nose by , little zan

    • randy walker
      randy walker

      I love bloody nose by little nas xanna

  • Gucci Supreme
    Gucci Supreme

    Is that James Charles

  • Marley Perry
    Marley Perry

    5:32 jake paul you know if you bought that you would have made a whole video about it

  • The county’s Finest
    The county’s Finest

    So you confronted the chillest guy on the planet and made a SLtoos video about it tryna look cool?? Awwww ffs jake 🤦‍♂️

  • Malviez

    3:17 I swear she twerked with her back

  • Jasonlilmason

    Jake paul isjay lenos spn

  • Elizabeth Vaughn
    Elizabeth Vaughn

    7:45 ...

  • Nom

    Lil xan didnt deserve that

  • Tristan Stanton
    Tristan Stanton

    Jakes talking about cheating pshh

  • xolilmiss chief
    xolilmiss chief

    9:24 When you just did a line and wiped all the foundation off the tip of your nose 😂😂 😂

  • ________

    Whats that song called @ 7:17