Trade Update! ⚖️ Scamming prevention & more trading slots! 👩🏿‍⚖️ Adopt Me! on Roblox
(Read me!!) Please remember that just because those trading improvements were made, it doesn’t mean that scamming won’t exist in the game anymore. The best way we can protect you from getting scammed is to make sure you are as informed as possible, so please keep up with our official social media channels, where we share information about safety! You can also read this Scamming Prevention article we’ve published on our Support website to make sure you can protect yourself from scammers:
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  • PlayAdoptMe

    Make sure to check out our Scamming and Hacking help articles to protect yourself from exploiters!!

    • t5t

      Kebin0509 scam

    • Beata Fijalkowska
      Beata Fijalkowska

      Adopt me some times you get pets then after a day the oet is gone

    • Justie Supa ThICC ADEM lanky
      Justie Supa ThICC ADEM lanky

      Tysm for all your hard work

    • Bacon General
      Bacon General

      I just got Scammed 🤦🏻

    • Lucero Sanchez
      Lucero Sanchez


  • Layken Stevens
    Layken Stevens

    :P I am making a neon snow cat

  • Jaylen Shurn
    Jaylen Shurn


  • Sugar Cookies
    Sugar Cookies


  • Jacob Penanajera
    Jacob Penanajera


  • Jacob Penanajera
    Jacob Penanajera

    adopt me


    este video es orible


      que asco🤮

  • Jayson Alontaga
    Jayson Alontaga

    Well it maybe something is missing when you get scammed in trust trade Maybe... he will ban you first And that is going to be terrible

  • PlayEviePlayLOL

    Is it ok if we do are name like role play name cos I do

  • •leafGIRL_YT•

    I gave my password to my only super cute, protective, so kind friend U know why!!? Cuz she made my acc🤣🤣

  • •leafGIRL_YT•

    This way of trading Is not gonna maka me scammed cuz my NFR uni scammed 😭

  • Michael Julien Aventura
    Michael Julien Aventura

    Hey adopt me I lost my fr skele rex fr king bed r golden penguin my fr t rex my cerberus and my snow owl and one t rex and my robo dog..

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl

    Thanks for this update no one will get scamed 👍

  • Devrone Montecer
    Devrone Montecer

    And got scammed

  • Devrone Montecer
    Devrone Montecer

    I trust trade

  • toucj

    My scammer friend be like:👁👄👁

  • Prabhnoor khipal
    Prabhnoor khipal

    thaku for this update cuz my bro got scamed but he reported the scamer ....i wonder can we get our pets back after reporting cuz my bro dint got...D=

  • jichu x
    jichu x

    aw man now i cant scam

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    PlayAdoptMe pls give me Legendary Frost Dragon and Evil uni pls fly and ride pls i really wanted this

  • Satheesh Varrathan
    Satheesh Varrathan

    everyone: Thanks for this update! Scammeras : UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

  • Emma's Funhouse
    Emma's Funhouse

    Me: Gives friend egg after being scammed Later me: Cries because best friend get dream pet Me also:Thinks I will never get unicorn Me as well: Wondering why I can’t have a unicorn Me asking adopt me to help my username is yechoson

  • gamingtv

    $20 bucks for lemonade!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • colorfull life with maria
    colorfull life with maria

    i wish scaming wasnt a thing cuz i got scamed a year ago and its rlly sad lol

  • KH Yizuku
    KH Yizuku

    For some reason the trade history just never loads

  • Nur Fadzillah Binti Mohd Shariff
    Nur Fadzillah Binti Mohd Shariff

    Why i cant see my trade history?

  • Clairen Hanrin
    Clairen Hanrin

    I got scam my FR dragon so 2 people tricked me and the first person said Trading neon unicorn for FR bee only and i traded my FR Dragon for the FR bee then..when i said to the gurl i had the bee....they left the gonna report but all i want is my pet back im very thankful for the update 😭🙂

  • de ponyhoeve v
    de ponyhoeve v

    But adoptme me and my besty we cant trade anymore it says laws in your country dont Allah you to trade but i did nothing what do i do?


    They got first scammer and second scammer also Newfissy my fr Cerberus got scam. 😭

    • TEOH LEE VEN Moe
      TEOH LEE VEN Moe

      And I already report

  • Tammy Channel
    Tammy Channel

    TYSM Adopt Me this is the *BEST* update ever but I got hacked a long time ago so can I see the past trade history? Pls

  • Eileigh-Grace Madden
    Eileigh-Grace Madden

    I have a question can we tell people actually know I got cousins and family are people we love

  • Alec K
    Alec K

    I only scam people if they scam me or my friends

  • ༒ninjagirl squad༒
    ༒ninjagirl squad༒

    Tysm your the best game I will never scam at all I’ll make sure nobody scams if they do I’ll report them when I do a trade history with them

  • Dark fearless
    Dark fearless

    My friend got scammed and he was rlly sad but ty for this update

  • ChocolateSwirls 101
    ChocolateSwirls 101

    I have a question.... What if we are roleplaying as the scammer?

  • Lolly Jolly Holly
    Lolly Jolly Holly

    Love you adopt me

  • Mary Lou Therese U. Entrampas
    Mary Lou Therese U. Entrampas

    the dislikes on this are the one who scams

  • Netherland ball jacob
    Netherland ball jacob

    Its a useless update for 6m, 17m 86m,51m

  • Blue Stack
    Blue Stack

    This update was add after 2 days i got scammed with my neon owl :((


    TYSM TO add this nobody can scam me 😁

  • King Bee
    King Bee

    some one stole my pet

  • TheDarkMan645

    Only scummy scammers dislike.

  • Kartika I
    Kartika I

    But... I see a scammer said "Give me a pet or you will get hacked" I said "scammer" then I got kicked because of same account launch on same device. It means I got hacked for real. Super sad User: dipdipleader Please report him

  • Alex Ivander M. Garcia
    Alex Ivander M. Garcia

    PlayAdoptMe: DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD! Me: **Asks Friend Password** Friend: **Gives Password** My friend actually gave her Password (I just upgraded not hack ;-;)

  • RoaryTheSnoaringDino Roblox
    RoaryTheSnoaringDino Roblox

    @PlayAdoptMe i have a video where there is a scammer that tried to scam me and scammed someone else bc someone in the same server got scammed by that girl. Please ban her

  • Autumn leaves
    Autumn leaves

    My account might get lost cuz i was doing an honesty test but they said i was a scanmer but i dodnt do anything

  • Clips Clipzz
    Clips Clipzz

    I did it but it still hasn’t gave me back my frost furry I reported this 1 week ago

  • Addy G
    Addy G

    Hello I recorded a trade along time ago because I got scammed please look at my report thank you very much

  • Jenny O'Brien
    Jenny O'Brien

    One's i got scamd on my robox in a different game it sai

  • Icecinder

    Ive trust traded before but it was like I traded a dog She took the dog She gave ne cat I took the cat We traded them lmao

  • Rafa Simancas
    Rafa Simancas

    Hola adop me puedes darme un unicornio por favor lo necesito para hacer un video

  • DR.Voygex. Co
    DR.Voygex. Co

    Pokemon have a advanced, less scammy trading mechanic than adopt me, i will get pokemon sword

  • Typical plains Plains
    Typical plains Plains

    Well I got scammed for my frost fury and snow owl and penguin and bee and monky her username is sella0124 adopt me if you see this take those pets away from here and give them to me because she scammed me

  • 당신의 충실한 뚜벅이 럭포터
    당신의 충실한 뚜벅이 럭포터

    But sad fact, Nobody got any ban though I reported29 of them I am Korean so I can only Trade with giving items to each ohter And this causes lot of scammers and makes more scammers

  • Maazin Marka
    Maazin Marka

    Your game is most popular in roblox

  • Maazin Marka
    Maazin Marka

    There is still scammers but most times they don’t trust scammers🤩

  • Magda Ahmed
    Magda Ahmed

    I'm so thankful for this update thank you so much I'm so happy.

  • Anna Polisci
    Anna Polisci

    one time i got scammed when i gave someone 100 cash in adopt me and they said they would give me a robo dog but they left the sever

  • Adam Elkaddouri
    Adam Elkaddouri

    Pls come trade back

  • Laura Ambriziene
    Laura Ambriziene

    I got scammed before this update

  • no name
    no name

    Is trading 2 ultra rare pet and a train for legendary pet okay?


    My robo dog fr


    I got scam

  • Emi Deck
    Emi Deck

    Someone scammed me with the "pet shop" scam. I only had 300 bucks and thats how much they said to pay :(

  • GoldenCallum

    You should be able to disable your trade so you cant trade anyone or no one can trade you.

  • Desi Marshall Gonzales
    Desi Marshall Gonzales

    And I got scammed before in the game I gave the person all my pets and cars and good items

  • Desi Marshall Gonzales
    Desi Marshall Gonzales

    I have a friend that is like my sis I always tell her what I have to do and when I have to go I even told her my name but she does nothing she is just like me that's the reason why she and I am just like her, we wish we could see each other is real life :(

  • Christine Nettleton
    Christine Nettleton

    Can you put a roku egg

    • Christine Nettleton
      Christine Nettleton

      Rocky egg

  • Ryma Sady
    Ryma Sady

    Ryma Sady They do nothing when you get scammed. It’s so annoying. I just got scammed for a pink egg by Chevy_2278 he said he was the biggest scammer ever. I have reported many people and they seem to do nothing about it. And if they even do how are you going to get your pet back? So I hope you fix that and do something about it because it is getting very annoying. My roblox user account is Baskets2234, if you want to talk to me privately. :(

  • OxeanWorldx

    If you were not aware there is a new scam were the scammer says 'BUN BUN BUN BUN and something like give me all your pets or i will hack you' I would like you to be aware of this new varient.

  • Aaliyah Raine
    Aaliyah Raine

    Bro I got scammed for my neon fly ride golden dragon

  • Roro geams
    Roro geams

    I got scamed for my snow owl for shadow dragon..💔

  • Aurelius Wolf
    Aurelius Wolf

    Thx for this my sister always get scammed


    Its amazing because this is literally how i got scammed by my ibf

  • Herma Aijtink
    Herma Aijtink


  • Anshaal Raees
    Anshaal Raees

    I got scammed of my t rex and ginger cat idc of ginger cuz i can get nack it feom star rewards but i reported her and u didnt banned her

  • Scott Chronicles
    Scott Chronicles

    i got scammed with ,my dream pet

  • Yu Yi Chew
    Yu Yi Chew

    But some also preat to be poor and say give me pets i gave them a otter and they left

  • Francesca Holmes
    Francesca Holmes

    Hey I have a request to make my dream come true... Could you please bring back the jungle egg that would make my dream come true thank you keep up the good work don't stop :D

  • Nutaila Al-Hashmi
    Nutaila Al-Hashmi

    thanks bc somone toled me give me your passwored i toled her no enthen she reported me and now i cant have my password so i learnt my lesson now i dont have my acc back NOO

  • gacha gamer
    gacha gamer

    Hey adop me can I have a request can the jungle egg be back ? 😃

  • Victor manuel sanchez
    Victor manuel sanchez

    Adopt me i got scam today can you help me plss

  • Andrew Aldefolla
    Andrew Aldefolla

    Getting scammed is the best you should get scammed

    • Adrianna Borelli
      Adrianna Borelli

      Are you a scammer????

  • dk damla
    dk damla

    Tank you adopt me but I'm dutch i don't understand all😂😅💜

  • InotTony Xd
    InotTony Xd

    Adopt me I just got hacked and I lost all my staff and pets I lost mega neon giraffe mega neon owl mega neon parrot mega neon crow mega neon evil unicorn mega neon kangaroo mega neon albino monkey and many neons can you do something ? :

  • Duru Carson
    Duru Carson

    Am Turkish😊

  • xXMilkyXx

    Can I have my neon kangaroo back? I got hacked by rei_shop

  • xXMilkyXx


  • Habeeba Sayeed
    Habeeba Sayeed


  • ThePeriodicDuskit LIVE and VIDS
    ThePeriodicDuskit LIVE and VIDS

    You NEED to make this system better. I’ve reported many other scams that have happened to me. Many of them you didn’t even talk about.. Get a better report system.

  • Katia Mizzi
    Katia Mizzi

    Adopt me someone scammed me with two dodos

  • santosh pathare
    santosh pathare

    Nothing has took place all are getting scammed day by day pls look after it

  • Christuff Ladaga
    Christuff Ladaga

    Adopt me when somones scams can they will be banned for 1 year plsss

  • The wonder Dino Sometimes with friends
    The wonder Dino Sometimes with friends

    I still get scammed but luckily I can report the trades and two step verification doesn’t work

  • Duck

    Please reply if you have a mega albino monkey or normal flamingo

  • Eliteplayz_yt

    I got scammed in the update like bruh

  • Kayrapro8 Playz !
    Kayrapro8 Playz !

    When we can trade, I miss trade😭🖐

  • ProJoshKeh

    If I Get An Cebrus I Will Never Trade It And I Didnt Like that I Said I Was Trading My Doggo


    Can i have question? Where's Anna's brother?

  • Eat with Nawaf
    Eat with Nawaf

    I lost my neon frost dragon I cried literally why bc I logged in and saw I have an extra swan but I didn’t have a swan adopt me can you pls help me😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢


    One time I got scam from my pets I love it is a bad dragon and a Unicorn even evil Unicorn 😭😭😭

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