Jake Paul Face 2 Face With AnesonGib (Fight Day)
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  • Mr Benjacko
    Mr Benjacko

    Gib is so much nicer he deserved to win

  • Shahmir Ali
    Shahmir Ali

    This just looks like gibs trying to assure jake that he'll last 5 minutes in the ring but sadly he didn't even last 3

  • Shahmir Ali
    Shahmir Ali

    Safe to say gibs can't even trash talk

  • Local Ballers
    Local Ballers

    Gib was just panicking how could you watch this and think he’s gunna win

  • fhahhive jr
    fhahhive jr

    Who realise he had a fly on his head

  • Jim Willis
    Jim Willis

    Only good thing about this vid is the dank chick

  • Ab the Beaner
    Ab the Beaner

    Jake brings his belt everywhere that he got fighting a SLtoosr

  • You don’t know me
    You don’t know me

    Gib was break dancing

  • Gabo Gómez
    Gabo Gómez

    Anybody Know the Brand of Jake Pauls sunglasses?

  • altnn

    1:31 where did the other 1 go? 😳

  • IamAbner

    "I will bring on the pressure to you Jake..." *gets knocked out 3x*


    Ksi is gibs biggest yesmen lol


    Nate robinson even did better den gib😂😂😂

  • 21 Gayy
    21 Gayy

    5:20 everything he said there. Was true

  • Srkjarvis

    Well one thing is for sure looking back at this is that Jake couldn't get into Gib's head like Jake did to Nate, Gib did pretty well for talking on a big stage for the first time

  • Wtfam 00
    Wtfam 00

    The l’s that people took, that paid $19.99 just for jake to knock out gib at 50 sec

  • Keanu Cooper
    Keanu Cooper

    Who is the woman in the video?

  • Lewis Mitchell
    Lewis Mitchell

    I knew Jake had already won after this face to face

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    Bro Gib cannnnnnot fight 😂

  • Forsakēn

    I see lots of *(edited)* comments 🤣

  • Fungle Puss
    Fungle Puss

    I hope gib never fights again. Gave the most pathetic performance and wasted everyone's time.

  • Cheebo_Kyoka Logan
    Cheebo_Kyoka Logan

    Ffs gib why u gotta fail me like this

  • Cooper Fahey
    Cooper Fahey

    if gib was taller hed win

  • Ghalib Sohail
    Ghalib Sohail

    Jake Paul is a liar, a hypocrite, and arrogant on SLtoos and on Boxing! I wish I could box him...

  • Corey Parkes
    Corey Parkes

    Gib: Do you know how I fight, very high pressure, on demand. Also Gib: 🦀 7 months on this conversation aged like fine wine 😅

  • Elson Gocrazy
    Elson Gocrazy

    I love u Jake

  • Lucy Angela
    Lucy Angela

    Why wasn’t jake this talkative when he was face 2 face with Deji lmao..... 🐱

    • Lucy Angela
      Lucy Angela

      Harveer Bhinder yh ok 👌🏻

    • K G
      K G

      Because he dident know if he was gonna beat him and he was calm now he nows he will win and he did

  • Hacked gamer Boss
    Hacked gamer Boss

    Gib: speaks normal English Jake: WhaTs tHaTs BRoKen EnGLisg Also jake: You are stupid you are stupid. Aye aye your are stupid

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Deji fought better than Gib.

  • Mystro

    confidence gets you nowhere nowadays

    • 21 Gayy
      21 Gayy


  • Catus Brother of bro
    Catus Brother of bro

    Who is here after the fight

  • gamingwithtylermiller miller
    gamingwithtylermiller miller

    Gib was doing the crab

  • A P
    A P

    it pains me to say it but everything jake said was right... ffs gib now jj has to step in

  • I Don't Know What My Name Should Be
    I Don't Know What My Name Should Be

    Jake: What are you wearing? Gib: my 11 degree sponsor Jake's brain: I'm just gonna stop working now

  • Eisa Ahmed
    Eisa Ahmed

    This aged well

  • Mathews W D20CM109
    Mathews W D20CM109

    All this talk and the fight ended in the first round

  • Janicirra Stphens
    Janicirra Stphens

    Jake: Laughs: Drinks Water : Women: this is gEtTiNg iNtENse GuYs 💝💝💝💝💝😍😍😍😍😍 tubes to do fan here get

    • AKH2k2.4 06
      AKH2k2.4 06

      Don't steal a comment

  • TTV Isy
    TTV Isy

    Savage 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🤜🏻 come on Jake oooh 😯

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • lemon aye
    lemon aye

    gibs look lick an idiot

  • Sean Little
    Sean Little

    Jake said your are stupid 😂😂😂

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-

      @Dylan Jones ye

    • Dylan Jones
      Dylan Jones

      @Erick -_- did u edit ur comment because you didn't put a comma

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-

      You can't even spell, pleb

  • Sean Little
    Sean Little

    Lol Jake

  • Parker Lazarony
    Parker Lazarony

    Yo the beff is Real

  • Louis Dnd
    Louis Dnd

    Talking about the size of a nose ffs, that Jake Paul guy is a 10 year old in a 25 year old body

  • LPStreef

    Jake Paul is well you know a ****

  • Little lump Shaft
    Little lump Shaft

    What a spoiled white kid...first time knowing yhis guy but he is very immature

  • zway gaming
    zway gaming

    Do u fight on demand 😂😂😂😂👌

  • X_dijo _Yt
    X_dijo _Yt

    I betted that Jake Paul will win in the first round with a knockout. I betted $100 and I got $4000 because of it.

  • Mohak Tandon
    Mohak Tandon

    Gib was just all talk absolute shit Jake ate him up even at the face to the face

  • Sasa Sasa
    Sasa Sasa

    Jake paul is little rat and he think him self big thinks .

  • Canadian Blox!!!
    Canadian Blox!!!

    Jake: *breathes* Gib: *breathes* Woman: tHiS iS gEtTiNg iNtENsE gUYs

  • Natalee Barber
    Natalee Barber

    Ya from the beginning I new jake was going to fuck him up

  • gav gorman
    gav gorman


  • Adan Rosales
    Adan Rosales

    They look like kids

  • LiroZero Reacts
    LiroZero Reacts

    8:49 he was right actually

  • Zo Wattz
    Zo Wattz

    When two school boys start arguing

  • Jayden Reif
    Jayden Reif

    “You are stupid” -Jake Paul 2020

  • SG Siddharth
    SG Siddharth

    well now you know who losed

  • skulldabber69 ramoreb9li
    skulldabber69 ramoreb9li

    I’m dead 😂😂💀💀 Nobody nows about him anymore 😂😂💀

  • salvatore bonello
    salvatore bonello

    I have to give it to Jake.. He is a boss when it comes to this stuff. He is hilarious.

  • July Ramos
    July Ramos

    Admit it you are here cuz of quarantine 🏃🔥 8:40 lmaoo😂

  • AmDam

    Jake Paul doesn’t even know what sponsor is😂 3:30

  • A Rey
    A Rey

    11 degree regretted that sponsorship!💀😂 FK Gib!

  • Anthony The Man
    Anthony The Man

    I know jj is going to win

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub

    Anseon gib is a troll

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub


  • Virus_G545

    This aged well

  • BMX Night rider
    BMX Night rider

    But I’m watching it and gib is kind kinda

  • Gocha Go
    Gocha Go

    Honestly I just won’t to punch jake in the face just watching this and you know I clicked on every video and pressed dislike

  • Patrick Ballin
    Patrick Ballin

    This makes since now

  • Javier Lizardi
    Javier Lizardi

    Gib you know how i fight. Um is he really sure about that because you fight like a chicken gib

  • Alex Moffat
    Alex Moffat

    what are jakes sunglasses

  • zòex ML
    zòex ML

    I dont like jakes beard

  • Robert L
    Robert L

    This woman ruined this face to face.

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog

    He’s talking crap and then gets knocked out

  • David Andrade
    David Andrade

    Mayweather.i eat pizza Jake Paul.i eat dorritos

  • De Dinny Arumie
    De Dinny Arumie

    deji 2x stronger than gib

  • 808 HiTTa
    808 HiTTa

    I don’t like toxic Jake

  • Brady Wassel
    Brady Wassel

    Watch out GIBS big nose might be in your bed when you trying to sleep

  • Chemo bermudez
    Chemo bermudez

    Jake vs ksi

  • Emeraldstar716

    Stupid funny cringy and entertaining at the same time

  • Chloe Ngo
    Chloe Ngo

    when gib was all talk and it ended in 1 round...

  • Alphawolf &king
    Alphawolf &king

    Go back to the older lit video’s Jake

  • Kathleen Carroll
    Kathleen Carroll

    Jake: what is 11o 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mason, What happened In cuba?
    Mason, What happened In cuba?

    Both these individuals are cringe.

  • rafaela Santos
    rafaela Santos

    Os Brasileiros te odeia

  • C Eldreth
    C Eldreth

    He is slow but fast at knocking himmout

  • M.Ridwan Monisa
    M.Ridwan Monisa

    Pronuon nya kental banget jake paul denhan british inggris

  • MVC_ marine213
    MVC_ marine213


  • Jesse Antale
    Jesse Antale

    Imagine fighting someone 5 inches shorter and 25 pounds lighter with less experience and thinking that makes you a pro

  • The Pipebomb
    The Pipebomb

    Jake:*starts laughing* Gib:*doesn’t give a S**t Lady:thanks guys

  • AlphaFoxtrot

    Gib says he brings pressure The only pressure he brought is when he hits the floor

  • aston Broad
    aston Broad

    Jake:this is your 15 seconds of fame Gib after the fight: Jake YOUR WRONG ...it was my 155 seconds of fame

  • Hush Neon
    Hush Neon

    Make ur career turn into boxing

  • Sway too cool chris
    Sway too cool chris

    Gib is so funny

  • mary k
    mary k

    Jake predicted everything correctly😂

  • Lucia Gonzalez
    Lucia Gonzalez


  • -wockhardt-

    Well he did bust his nose but that ko begs to differ

  • Luca Santilli
    Luca Santilli


  • Teletubbie Squad
    Teletubbie Squad

    Jake won

  • MyFistUrFace

    Jake such a jerk😂😂