I Spent $100,000 in 56 Minutes
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I Spent $100,000 in 56 Minutes
I have never done this before...
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  • jasmine chrysler
    jasmine chrysler

    This makes me SICKKKKK, i was listening to music and this stuff literally popped up, THIS GIRL SAID "OMG MY LIFE IS A DISASTER I NEEDA GO BUY MORE I PHONES" STFU PEOPLE ARE DYING I AM SO DONE 😭😭

  • ZJTime

    who got the money

  • Lujhan Gutierrez
    Lujhan Gutierrez

    😭 please be me I want to put my I want to give my cousin some bee book fornite because he has 100 V bucks he wants on your skin when the new update for though you can you please give it to me

  • Bray Warner
    Bray Warner

    I need that 10k

  • Jordan Watson
    Jordan Watson


  • Diane Connelly
    Diane Connelly

    I’d give the 10k to a charity

  • Adiba Sheikh yosof
    Adiba Sheikh yosof

    I really need the money because my dad died and my mum doesn't have any more money to the pay the house off please

    • Adiba Sheikh yosof
      Adiba Sheikh yosof

      @Juan Gonzalez really

    • Juan Gonzalez
      Juan Gonzalez

      Sorry for your loss but he already gave the money away man... this was posted a year ago

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    cause i cant use Instagram

  • 2kshamar


  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    can i just have 5000$ pleas

  • Mark Gregory
    Mark Gregory

    strange video

  • Cesar Marmolejo
    Cesar Marmolejo

    bro i followed evry single person they followed and literally like 5 mins later... i get nudes.. like is that included too? ( this is when this video came out)

  • romeo santoro
    romeo santoro


  • xImagined hamood
    xImagined hamood

    12:33 who is she

  • WeesterCZ

    Dej odběr

  • SinPrince

    disliking every video of yours


    This is life🤑

  • john johnston
    john johnston

    If I showed my dad the first 2 minutes of this video, he d prolly call me a fuckin goof.

  • Syed Shah
    Syed Shah

    Me beast destroyed you

  • Rose Velazquez
    Rose Velazquez

    I really need money so please be me and love you jake paul

  • triouww

    now 1million?

  • Liam Carrier
    Liam Carrier

    he dou be runing tho

  • Hector Colares
    Hector Colares

    I doubt you donate me 1.000.000 dollars to my account in Brazil

  • shut up malfoy
    shut up malfoy

    Jesus Christ died for our sins

  • Xzavier Howard
    Xzavier Howard

    I put my money on jake

  • karter tyler
    karter tyler

    i cant have istagram

  • Maphuti Julius
    Maphuti Julius

    its my dream to have a ps4 and 2 controlers

  • andre montes
    andre montes

    8:22 “feels good to be a gangster “ then acts like loid from fucken dumb and dumber dropping the ps4 / xboxs

  • Silas Bum
    Silas Bum


  • JakePaul fan yo boi
    JakePaul fan yo boi


  • JakePaul fan yo boi
    JakePaul fan yo boi


  • Gavin Peterson
    Gavin Peterson


  • InvokerWiggle

    Dear Jake Paul from 2019,i wanna let u know that your gonna beat up Conor Mcgregor 2021.

  • Haedyn R Desedare
    Haedyn R Desedare


  • Alex Game
    Alex Game


  • AntEyeGames

    no one cares jake

  • Kingvonfrmdao OTF 300
    Kingvonfrmdao OTF 300

    Watching bc I miss old jake

  • Felix Rindal
    Felix Rindal

    Hi lol

  • Nina Payer
    Nina Payer


  • Evan Robinson
    Evan Robinson

    3:52 poor kid wanted money

  • matthew ryder
    matthew ryder

    Who else name is on his Lamborghini mine is

  • Juanita Barragan
    Juanita Barragan


  • Melody Olson
    Melody Olson


  • Tyler Tanksley
    Tyler Tanksley


  • Javan Jackson
    Javan Jackson

    I like I follow for. 2 years

  • rich kid in car dealership tycoon
    rich kid in car dealership tycoon

    Bro jake paul pikt the best thing like alwis

  • rich kid in car dealership tycoon
    rich kid in car dealership tycoon

    Can i have the 50000 dausen dallers plz

  • Shadow Killer
    Shadow Killer

    this challenge is actually really easy just buy a Lamborghini

    • Hashem Alhasan
      Hashem Alhasan

      I am a car expert a lambo is at least $450,000-$540,000

    • Yuvraj Singh
      Yuvraj Singh

      Lamborghini is like 200000

    • Jesus Shuttleworth
      Jesus Shuttleworth

      First of all it takes hours to buy a car, second a Lamborghini is more than double that

    • Ica Syed Azlaniii
      Ica Syed Azlaniii

      Lamborghini cost more than that bruh

  • Mingo Kennedy
    Mingo Kennedy

    Is it still to late to enter the giveaway?😔😂

    • Josef Heive
      Josef Heive

      hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL

  • Chalky

    Who’s here after he beat Nate Robinson

  • julian Southworth
    julian Southworth


  • julian Southworth
    julian Southworth


  • Tru Dyer
    Tru Dyer


  • Shrimpysam 23
    Shrimpysam 23

    This was filmed like a year ago no 🧢

  • x Han x
    x Han x


  • Jorge Aviles
    Jorge Aviles

    Hi yes

  • Bo Robinson
    Bo Robinson

    i wot oen to pleez jake.

  • Sandra Martin
    Sandra Martin

    Skip song

  • Arrun Lloyd
    Arrun Lloyd

    I followed everyone

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson


  • Nate Riley
    Nate Riley


  • WaveBeast

    this was two days before my birthday. Do you still have a nintendo switch

  • Easton Humphrey
    Easton Humphrey

    I want some money

  • Ethan Correa
    Ethan Correa

    Can I get the Rolex

    • Ethan Correa
      Ethan Correa

      Oki need a Rolex

    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      It’s over

  • Brody D
    Brody D


  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos

    I finish jake

  • Logan Ziemer
    Logan Ziemer


  • Lynn Nelson
    Lynn Nelson

    I watch all you videos

    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      Did we ask

  • Lorenzo Coleman
    Lorenzo Coleman

    this king von on lorenzo stuff o block

  • Kayden Willis
    Kayden Willis

    50 000

  • Carson Kessell
    Carson Kessell

    i love it i would eat 100 nugets for the phone

  • megan page
    megan page

    Can you please give me the I did all the things and I'm poor right now and I watch a video since day one please

    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      It’s over

  • e h
    e h

    Imagine being so rich you have trouble spending money

  • e h
    e h

    How is it hard to spend money how are they struggling

  • haimish perkins
    haimish perkins

    i wish i could spend $100,000 in 56 minutes

  • Vilma Rodriguez
    Vilma Rodriguez

    I meant you and the team

  • Vilma Rodriguez
    Vilma Rodriguez

    I followed yoy

  • Vilma Rodriguez
    Vilma Rodriguez

    Give me that money

  • Tyler Tanksley
    Tyler Tanksley


  • Jessica Pender
    Jessica Pender

    I spent 1000,000 dollars

  • Lyric Ramos
    Lyric Ramos


  • African Man
    African Man

    Tfue got the same thumbnail

  • Andrew Poole
    Andrew Poole

    i want that nitendo

    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      It’s over

  • miyadry

    A this pop . 45678890224533222170077&&546645321 Drew EST

  • Ryan Maloney
    Ryan Maloney


    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      It’s over

  • alexb

    i sent 2,000,000 dollars on fortnite

  • Patrick Corpuz
    Patrick Corpuz

    I'm ashamed that Jakey is in the same mall as me. FML

  • Leraysha Tait
    Leraysha Tait


  • Charlie Leventry
    Charlie Leventry

    I’m broke

  • Samuel Kay
    Samuel Kay

    Jake Paul spent $50,000 in less then a hour Mr. beast spent $24 million to his fans

  • Cheryleen Hajric
    Cheryleen Hajric


  • Zulma Pardo
    Zulma Pardo

    weird flex but ok sis

    • Kaylea Gunderson
      Kaylea Gunderson

      1 min ago

  • Alessandra Watkin
    Alessandra Watkin

    Matheus Watkins

  • Max Davis
    Max Davis

    If you give me $10,000.00 I would stay overnight with you

  • Alpha doge
    Alpha doge

    I am going to pretend like mr. Beast for 15 minutes and 38 seconds

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    Jake just literally spend like most of the money on like throwing it in the air and giving it to people and he got 1 thing out of all of that money 💰🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Alvin’s Life vlogs.
    Alvin’s Life vlogs.

    I find it funny how Hermini was out here spending thousands of dollars at Best Buy just Best Buy on like 12 ps4s and when they came out dropping everything thing 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • heaven Katz
    heaven Katz

    I want the ps4

    • heaven Katz
      heaven Katz

      I’m a fan love you so much

  • Ginoman123

    One way to wast 50,000 dollars

  • Chicken Tenders
    Chicken Tenders

    3:40 he literally just threw money at him-