Up In Flames An Unsolved Mystery - What Happened To Nanette Krentel? Mystery & Makeup| Bailey Sarian
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Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you had a great Easter holiday and if you don't celebrate Easter hope you had a good week. Today I wanted to talk about an unsolved case that has been heavy on thy noggin. It's just a little too weird if you ask me. I smell a cover-up, but that's just my opinion and I would love to hear yours.
Hope you have a great rest of the week ahead, and I will be here for you next week, with another unsolved story? If you're into that idea.
Love and appreciate you guys so much, and I'll be seeing you very soon!!
x o
Bailey Sarian
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  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian

    *clarification : The cousin was out of town for a National Guard drill during the incident. *clarification 2 : I mentioned Bryan sent a letter to Nanette 2 months before her death, that was incorrect. He sent the letter in 2016, she mentioned in an email to a friend the letter Bryan had sent, 2 months before her death. Plz excuse my mix up.

    • Sakina Hinds
      Sakina Hinds

      @yvonne chavez same thing I said

    • J. R.
      J. R.

      If the cousin was out of town, then how did he call and tell him his house was on fire?

    • Nicole Chase
      Nicole Chase

      @Gaynor Gregory 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh okay.

    • Rose K
      Rose K

      @Gaynor Gregory where was it mentioned that he returned?

    • Gaynor Gregory
      Gaynor Gregory

      @Laura Wedding well if she did this as a podcast, she would lose what makes her unique, which is the make-up aspect. There are already True Crime podcasts.

  • Karl C.
    Karl C.

    I'm just wondering, how many men watch Bailey? And what's your take on her doing makeup while chatting? Not being sexist or anything, but I want to know what your thoughts are. I personally love it, like I'm waiting for my girlfriend to be done prepping for our date, but she's sharing a story while doing so.

  • Diann Jessop
    Diann Jessop

    Love these story's.....I look forward to new ones

  • Lila DeLine
    Lila DeLine

    I think the brother and the son worked together.

  • Joyce Courts
    Joyce Courts

    Bailey, Anyways is not a word, it’s anyway. A verb is never plural.

  • Gucci Coochie
    Gucci Coochie

    Tbh I think Steve told Brian about everything he had to do for the fire...Since Brian’s anklet thingy wasn’t working, Steve could have killed her that morning while leaving and Brian could’ve came to make the fire later on. It could’ve been a deal Steve made so that Brian would spare his life and seriously the chief could’ve been covering it up for Steve since it would cause a negative image for the entire fire station...just a theory of mine🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Shanea Cramer
    Shanea Cramer

    You should do a video on BTK!

  • Dianna Jarrin
    Dianna Jarrin

    I think either the husband & brother were in on it together OR the husband got the idea to do it himself after the brother sent the letter to Nanette from prison & figured the brother would be the perfect scapegoat. RIP Nanette💕

  • Hope Tirendi
    Hope Tirendi

    He could have had some kind of timer to start the fire. Kills her the night before then goes to work as usual. Love your work Bailey and your hair looks better dark. Just my opinion!😁

  • Dawnelle Lewis
    Dawnelle Lewis

    That make up is poppin

  • Amy Guidry
    Amy Guidry

    Welcome to Louisiana 😂

  • Erica McMasters
    Erica McMasters

    What if someone else did it knowing he was the fire chief to frame him

  • Maddi Vacsi
    Maddi Vacsi

    I love you

  • OhDestiny

    Am I the only one heart broken because the dog clearly laid by Nanette after the was shot and didn’t even try to escape 🥺

  • denise mckillip
    denise mckillip

    Did Steve and Nanette own the same caliber gun as the bullet that killed her?

  • Jenna Louise-Rodriguez
    Jenna Louise-Rodriguez

    What about the Mistress??

    • Jenna Louise-Rodriguez
      Jenna Louise-Rodriguez

      Like Steve killed her and the Mistress set the fire...more or less lit the match

  • yourmypeace

    I’d love to see how you did your hair 😍

  • Patsy Shuster
    Patsy Shuster

    I love your videos

  • Dr. Angelique Trigueros of Fabulously Paleo
    Dr. Angelique Trigueros of Fabulously Paleo

    😱Whoa you look like Khloe Kardashian after your makeup was done!

  • Mblaze Kay
    Mblaze Kay

    I don’t think Steve was involved. I think he loved her and thought she would work through his infidelity. All his behavior finding out about the fire and his concern for her seemed real

  • Mblaze Kay
    Mblaze Kay

    There are 2 types of gun owners: they have one gun or 30 lol

  • Fatimah Rahman
    Fatimah Rahman

    You are an awesome storyteller! I’m late because I couldn’t leave the video! 🤣

  • loudon rebel
    loudon rebel

    Show us some soles!

  • Paige Tregurtha
    Paige Tregurtha

    The WHOLE TIME I was thinking, what if Steve or Bryan had killed her the night before, and paid someone off to set the house on fire later? E.g. the mystery man with the red shirt..? Who had been scoping her house out before..? They could have also told mystery man where the DVR was 👀

  • Sham God
    Sham God

    The rural breath distinctly love because van pivotally cheer per a cheap fall. shy, handsome dress

  • Tanya Taylor
    Tanya Taylor

    I refuse to watch/listen to unsolved crime stories and have been fake lured in many a times, wasting hours of my precious time (life lol) but this is the third unsolved I have watched of yours and find them intriguing. At least you are straight up about it being unsolved at the beginning x❤️

  • Haimon Welch
    Haimon Welch

    i think it was brian

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball

    The incompetent lamb climatologically fail because lock originally drip throughout a jobless thomas. ashamed, economic plastic

  • Ruby Fonseca
    Ruby Fonseca

    ok but she looks like an elf in this vid

  • Peeps Ahoyy
    Peeps Ahoyy

    Definitely killed her and had his brother set the fire 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ but like Okae they mad sus Oops- *in my opinion*

  • Federico Ariel Morduchowicz
    Federico Ariel Morduchowicz

    20:00 I thought Assange was not in the US...

  • Margaret Gase
    Margaret Gase

    Polygraph tests are not used as evidence in the court room anymore because people can easily lie and not show any signs of them lying

  • Devin Gorham
    Devin Gorham

    The illustrious bean evocatively post because trousers consecutively dislike anenst a righteous jogging. wide-eyed, quiet surgeon

  • XxXSweet&SourCandy GirlXxX
    XxXSweet&SourCandy GirlXxX

    I believe they should treat any suspicious homicide up front don't let anyone near the crime scene.noone can be trusted that is veryyyy scary.

  • Anai Woods
    Anai Woods

    The whole time I was thinking it was the cousin

  • amy nicole89
    amy nicole89

    Me: *living in Louisiana and my dad was also a fire chief until 2015* 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Shelby Adgerson
    Shelby Adgerson

    Okay, boom. I think that the fire chief and the police chief are in cahoots. Also, what kind of jail doesn’t read the mail? That kind of letter would’ve never made it out of the jail in the first place usually the read the letters coming in and going out!

  • Jennifer Cartwright
    Jennifer Cartwright

    Love your stories and just so you know, the colors you used in this video are gorgeous on you.

  • abby white
    abby white

    This was definitely at the least a 2 person job idk of Steve did it or not but he was definitely in on it

  • Lisa Back
    Lisa Back

    I love listening and watching you put ur makeup on. You have always been my #1 favorite on crime stories and your makeup stays looking hott

  • maria ingram
    maria ingram

    Well presented. I think the case is solved. I hope someone comes forward to justice can be done.

  • RAW Bath and Beauty
    RAW Bath and Beauty

    Love the hair girl!!

  • RAW Bath and Beauty
    RAW Bath and Beauty

    Now ain’t that something!!!

  • Clairey Bobs
    Clairey Bobs

    I reckon he's protecting his son

  • Pixie McCann
    Pixie McCann

    They genuinely all sound guilty to me

  • JeanM90

    With him being apart of the fire department, he would know better then to use gasoline to set a fire. There are other ways to set a fire...

  • Andie LeRae
    Andie LeRae

    Where was the kid at the time

  • Memorabilia & More
    Memorabilia & More

    Steve and the cousin in cohoots

  • IT'S TAY
    IT'S TAY

    This looookkk 😍😍😍

  • Mariane Nunes
    Mariane Nunes

    Steve might have covered it up for his son. Since he doesn’t seem to really care about Nanete.

  • RowansWolves

    can you do a hair tutorial? please!!!!

  • Theory 7
    Theory 7

    Being “at work” the next day means nothing!!! chris watts was at work EARLY the same day so as to dispose of his beautiful wife and daughters.🤬🤬🤬

  • Theory 7
    Theory 7

    Being “at work” the next day means nothing!!! chris watts was at work EARLY the same day so as to dispose of his beautiful wife and daughters.🤬🤬🤬

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    There are things related to this case and possible scenarios I really want to Google that I don't want in my search history right now.

  • Sadie Love
    Sadie Love

    I wonder if the were all in it together & I love your eye makeup & you’re awesome

  • sonia boo
    sonia boo

    The husband and the son were likely guilty and the sheriff drop the ball and he was probably in on it too...

  • Felicia Bergeron
    Felicia Bergeron

    I would love your take on Diane Downes!

  • Phrog

    0:00 me everyday

  • Kinda Good Girl Kinda Hood
    Kinda Good Girl Kinda Hood


  • Amelia Crain
    Amelia Crain

    Where was the mistress????? There could’ve been 2 or 3 people involved. Maybe Steve killed Lanette, the mistress went to the McDonald’s the next day to clear Steve, and Bryan doused the fire

  • ADKQ7653

    As the fire chief Steve would know that when a body is found they do an autopsy. He would know that gasoline is easily detectable! Instead, I think the son, Justin, and brother, Bryan) teamed up and planned out the crime. Both disliked Nanette, the brother was staying with the Mom (who Steve had installed cameras in her house!) so I’m POSITIVE the Moms house also would have DVR so they would definitely know to look for that and destroy the box. Both events happened at different times so they could both establish an alibi. Maybe one killed her earlier and one came back later and set the fire. I also think that after 22 years of marriage to find out your significant other is having an affair may not be a show stopper for everyone. Nanette could have been trying to “work past” it. 22 years is a long time and not easy to just separate yourself from.

  • Gaby Mendoza
    Gaby Mendoza

    I think the husband killed her the night before and the police might be friends with him 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Aline Delannoye
    Aline Delannoye

    It looks like you have an elf ear because of that pink hair clip 🧝‍♀️😅 love your channel ❤️

  • Nikki Damian
    Nikki Damian

    Where was the woman that Steve was cheating on Nanette with? She works at a fire department and should knows how to start one and cover up stuff correctly 👀

  • M jones
    M jones

    You pretty

  • Haley H
    Haley H

    it could’ve been steve and his brother who did it. they both have strong motivations to - steve and the divorce and the brother with the letter. maybe steve killed her the night before, set up a whole thing for the house to be burned and the brother set the house on fire and the camera footage was tampered with

  • Cristina Dornan
    Cristina Dornan

    I remember this case. I am from New Orleans and the second the story broke A LOT of people were like... How? Oh wait, it’s Louisiana. Someone’s palm is getting greased.

  • laura gee
    laura gee

    OR someone killed her and lit the fire knowing Steve would have to discover his wife’s body .. Mabey someone had a vendetta against Steve .. Mabey the woman who he was having an affair with/her husband????

  • Ashley Fox
    Ashley Fox

    Bailey Sarian, you should be an investigator.

  • Macie Graf
    Macie Graf

    Steve just has pull in a small louisiana town bc hes the fire chief & i can guarantee you they all covering it up together

  • Ann Marie McCann
    Ann Marie McCann

    I 100% believe that the husband did it.

  • Camila Polanco
    Camila Polanco

    Does anyone know if she done a story on the Menéndez brothers and if not can you plssssss

  • Connie Rich
    Connie Rich

    Is anyone else wondering why the reward sign regarding Nanette's death is only for $5K? Whatttt??

  • Candace Estrada
    Candace Estrada

    Hiiii!! Sorry I’m playing catch up!! But so GLAD I have your channel !! Love love love you and missed you!!

  • Amber Perry
    Amber Perry

    Not trying to say I agree with it being a fire caused by a candle at all, however I accidentally burned my apartment building down with a candle when I was 15, ended up totaling in 30,000$ worth of damage in the end

  • Katy McHale
    Katy McHale

    I just love you. You’re so brilliant!

  • Jeff Woods
    Jeff Woods

    Has anyone thought about the ex-wife???

  • Susan Angel
    Susan Angel

    That wasn't a fire but an incineration!. I think the husband and his brother was in on it . what about the cousin ?

  • Emilie Iggiotti
    Emilie Iggiotti

    Great video and also this makeup is flawless!!

  • Michelle Sha
    Michelle Sha

    A house in the middle of no-where on 100 acres of land full of trees- Bailey: "It looks really scary." Me: Life goals

  • Heather Elizabeth
    Heather Elizabeth

    This look is AMAZING!!! I love the eyeshadow!!

  • Kristen Kelly
    Kristen Kelly

    What about the mistress? Any confirmation on her whereabouts the night before and morning of?

  • Sara Miles
    Sara Miles

    It looks like you have an elf ear haha love you Bailey

  • Sakina Hinds
    Sakina Hinds


  • Amber D.
    Amber D.

    I smell a cover up on this one.

  • candy gal
    candy gal

    Whenever I watch your videos, I feel like we’re on FaceTime lol

  • Gabby Perez
    Gabby Perez

    No ones gonna say the cousin... that’s the closest to the house?


    Okay but steve, bryan and cousin collab 🧐🧐🧐

  • Eliana Pizano
    Eliana Pizano

    Am I the only one who watches Bailey while they paint, fold, do their nails etc?

  • Teri Grimm
    Teri Grimm

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  • Tamara Perras
    Tamara Perras

    Best story teller!!

  • Emily Manush
    Emily Manush

    The brother and husband probably worked together. The husband killed her the night before. The brother probably started the fire the next day, or he could have paid off someone he was in jail with to do it if they prove the video at his house wasn’t tampered with.

  • marie murphy
    marie murphy

    What if it could have been the person that he was cheating with? Cause wasn't it a coworker he was cheating with? Which would mean also I fire person right?

  • Tehya Knight
    Tehya Knight

    Ok side note this look is for you!

  • Violet V
    Violet V

    Just wondering if the search cameras from the gas stations🤔🤔🤔they needed a lot of gasoline for that fire where did they get it🤔 who bought it🤔

  • Stefani Coetsee
    Stefani Coetsee

    I think it might either be the mistress, cause she was never quistioned, nor looked at for an aliby

  • Janae Chavez
    Janae Chavez

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  • Alessandra Corleone
    Alessandra Corleone

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    Emma Cabiran

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